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Chapter 504: Deterrent Force

Swish! Swish!

Countless pairs of eyes immediately focused on the two figures that had suddenly appeared above the floating island. Everyone was extremely surprised that there was actually someone who dared to intervene in the matters of these four high rank empires.

At the same time, the Mo Ling trio recognised Lin Dong. Immediately, gratitude surged in their eyes. However, the three of them promptly became clear-headed again as their excitement vanished, anxiety taking its place. They knew that Lin Dong’s reputation was quite stunning recently and even the Devil Cliff Empire could not handle him. However, any of these four high rank empires was just as strong as the Devil Cliff Empire. Therefore, if they were to join forces, even Lin Dong would be endangered.

“You are Lin Dong?”

While the Mo Ling trio’s expressions were in flux, from among the four high ranked empires, a man clothed in green also recognised Lin Dong’s face. Immediately, the look on his face underwent an abrupt change as he asked in a low voice.

“Oh? The Lin Dong who dared to challenge the Devil Cliff Empire? He doesn’t seem like anything special.” Another high ranked empire leader coldly chuckled as he glanced at Lin Dong.

The remaining two high rank empire leaders did not laugh like the former. Instead, their expressions turned solemn, causing the one who had coldly chuckled earlier to be startled. Immediately, his expression became a little ugly as he sneered, “Lin Dong, don’t think that you are a bigshot just because the Devil Cliff Empire cannot handle you. This is not a matter where you can interfere. If you withdraw now, I am willing to let bygones be bygones!”

“These sect seals have been obtained by my three friends here due to fate. Therefore, they ought to enjoy the inheritance within. Aren’t your actions a little too overbearing?” Lin Dong ignored the one who had laughed as he spoke out in an indifferent tone.

Upon hearing this, the expressions of the green clothed man and the other two changed, while the one who had laughed earlier, abruptly flew into a rage as he shouted, “Brat, you better not cause trouble for yourself! By offending the Devil Cliff Empire, you have already became a homeless stray. I heard that Shi Kun has already broken through to the two Yuan Nirvana Stage. If he is aware of your whereabouts, it is likely that you will not even be able to keep your pathetic little life. Yet, you still dare to act so arrogantly here?”

When they heard this, the faces of the green clothed man trio twitched a little. Their expressions were a little strange as they looked towards the one who had spoken.

Lin Dong was similarly startled by these words. Soon after, chuckled as he shook his head. It seemed that this fellow was still not aware that Shi Kun had been crippled by him. No wonder his expression was so strange compared to the trio beside him.

“Brother Lin Dong, we do not want these sect seals. Give it to them. Let’s go!” Mo Ling immediately cried out, an anxious expression flashing across his eyes as he watched this somewhat strange atmosphere.

They were likewise unaware of the shocking news that had occurred a short while ago. Therefore, they hurriedly tried to stop Lin Dong when they saw that he was about to challenge the four high rank empires. They were afraid that Lin Dong would be implicated because of them.

“Heh, it seems like your three friends are the sensible ones. Hand over the sect seals and get lost.” The person who had been sneering from the start was the leader of the Great Forest Empire, Qin Sen. His strength had already reached the peak of one Yuan Nirvana stage and he was someone who had the qualifications to attempt the second Nirvana Tribulation. Therefore, he did not give Lin Dong much respect when he spoke.

Strange looks flashed across the eyes of the other three high rank empire leaders but they did not speak out. They neither mocked Lin Dong nor stopped Qin Sen.

Lin Dong’s gaze quickly swept over them and immediately understood what they were plotting. These three fellows should have already gotten wind of the news that he had crippled Shi Kun, hence, they chose to keep their arrogance in check. However, they were also unwilling to give up on the sect seals so easily. Therefore, they allowed Qin Sen to provoke Lin Dong in order to get a grasp of the latter’s ability.

After all, though they had caught wind of that shocking news, there was still some disbelief in their hearts. Since Qin Sen had volunteered himself, they were naturally happy to observe the situation.

Lin Dong beckoned with his hand as the sect seals in front of the Mo Ling trio flew into his hand. When Qin Sen saw this sight, he sneer grew even wider, thinking that Lin Dong was going to voluntarily hand them over.

“The things are here. If you are able to take them away, they are yours.”

However, Lin Dong did not surrender the sect seals like Qin Sen had expected. Instead, Lin Dong gently tossed them out, allowing the sect seals to hover in front of him. After which, he stared at Qin Sen, a slight trace of mockery within his eyes.

“You dare to mock me?” Qin Sen’s expression immediately darkened when he saw this. One could faintly see the killing intent surging in his eyes.

The Mo Ling trio’s hearts skipped a beat. Now that the situation had developed to such a stage, it was pointless for them to yield. All they could do was sigh quietly. Since Lin Dong had already declared his position, they naturally had to follow.

“Brat, it seems like that little bit of fame has made you forget your status. Just as well. Today, I shall teach you how to behave!” Qin Sen’s eyes were filled with cold rage. His body moved as he shot out, powerful Yuan Power abruptly surging out from within his body. Evidently, he had pushed his one Yuan Nirvana Stage strength to its limit.

It must be said that Qin Sen was indeed rather strong. In fact, he was a whole level stronger than Shi Xuan. Before overcoming the second Nirvana Tribulation, even Shi Kun could only be said to be of equivalent strength to Qin Sen. No wonder he was not afraid of Lin Dong. However, Qin Sen was had yet to realise that the information he had was already completely outdated since a few short few days ago…


Qin Sen’s figure appeared in front of Lin Dong in the blink of an eye as a punch was thrown forward. Formidable Yuan Power condensed into a majestic lion that roared as it charged at Lin Dong.

Meanwhile, Qin Sen’s other hand grabbed at the air, with the intention of snatching away the three sect seals.

Qin Sen’s plan was quite wonderful. In his opinion, this full force punch of his was sufficient to force Lin Dong back. At that time, he would take the opportunity to snatch the sect seals before teaching Lin Dong a lesson.


However, reality is cruel at times. Lin Dong extended his hand in a simple manner in the face of Qin Sen’s full force punch. The former grabbed the Yuan Power lion, crushing it with his five fingers. Immediately, a ‘crack’ sound followed as the majestic and strong Yuan Power lion crumbled.

“With just this bit of skill, you actually dare to learn from others and throw your weight around. How embarrassing.”

Lin Dong shook his head after shattering Qin Sin’s fully powered attack with one swift motion. Before the latter could recover, Lin Dong’s hand fanned the air as a fierce violent wind swept out like a storm. Immediately, it slammed into Qin Sen’s face.


A clear and crisp sound rang out. After which, a mouthful of fresh blood and two teeth were spat out by Qin Sen. His body tumbled a couple of times in the air in front of the countless number of eyes that looked as though they had seen a ghost. Only then did he land miserably on the floating island.

The people who were only intending to watch the fun immediately straightened up, as their mouths were open ajar in shock. All of them were stunned. Clearly, they did not expect that Qin Sen… would actually be sent flying from a single slap by Lin Dong. After all, he was a one Yuan Nirvana expert!


The originally worried Mo Ling trio also involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Their eyes were somewhat shaken as they looked at Lin Dong’s figure. It had been only two to three months since they last saw him. However, Lin Dong’s strength seemed to have far exceeded their own. Moreover, he had reached a point where they even had to look up to him…

The green clothed man and the two others were also looking at this scene with a somewhat complicated and shocked expression. Following which, they turned to glance at Lin Dong, who was suspended in midair, before their hands involuntarily trembled. It seemed like the news that they had obtained was indeed true. Since he was able to reduce Qin Sen, who had reached the peak of a one Yuan Nirvana, into such a sorry state with just a slap, it would not be impossible for Lin Dong to defeat the two Yuan Nirvana Stage Shi Kun.

On the island, Qin Sen, whose entire face was covered with fresh blood, also revealed a disbelief in his eyes. He looked at Lin Dong in a miserable manner before looking at the green clothed man and the two others who had remained constantly remained silent. Finally, he seemed to have understood something as his expression immediately turned extremely ugly.

“Shi Kun has indeed stepped into two Yuan Nirvana Stage level as you mentioned. Furthermore, I have already encountered him. In the future, the Devil Cliff Empire will likely keep a lower profile. Therefore, you do not need to worry that I will be chased by them like a homeless stray.”

Lin Dong looked down at Qin Sen from a higher position. His tone was calm and completely without ripple. “My three friends are the first ones to obtain the sect seals. Reasonably speaking, all of you have no reason to snatch them. Do the three of you agree with what I have said?”

Lin Dong’s eyes finally turned towards the green clothed man and the two others who had remained quiet.

The faces of the three men twitched a little when they saw Lin Dong focusing on them. They immediately laughed dryly, nodded and said, “So these three are actually brother Ling Dong’s friend. In that case, we will naturally not say speak anymore.”

The hearts of the surrounding people were somewhat shocked when they saw that these three high rank empires summit in such a manner. After combining it with what Lin Dong had said earlier, a stunned expression flashed across their eyes.

Everyone was aware of the grudge between Lin Dong and the Devil Cliff Empire. If Shi Kun had stepped into two Yuan Nirvana Stage, he would definitely find trouble with Lin Dong. A life and death battle would surely erupt when both parties meet. However… Lin Dong was still so lively at this moment. Clearly, the one defeated was actually Shi Kun, who had stepped into two Yuan Nirvana Stage…

Quite a number of people secretly inhaled a cold breath of air in their hearts when they thought of this. No wonder these three high rank empires did not dare to say much. Shi Kun, who had stepped into the two Yuan Nirvana Stage, was also finished off by Lin Dong. Even if they were to attack together, it was likely that they would not gain any advantage against Lin Dong…

Some people quietly smacked their lips together. Their eyes were complicated as they swept over the three sect seals in midair. Finally, their eyes paused on Mo Ling and the two others and let out an emotional sigh. Nobody had expected that these three fellows, from a low rank empire, would actually have such a strong backer…

The atmosphere of the place stiffened. However, no one opposed Lin Dong. Seeing this, he smiled slightly. Just as he was about to take the three sect seals, his sweeping gaze suddenly coagulated. Following which, he slowly turned his head, only to see that there were many figures on the peak of a mountain behind this sect’s hall staring at this place with great interest.

Lin Dong’s eyes swept over the few figures. Finally, it paused on a familiar figure with some surprise. That bewitching exquisite face was actually the red dress lady whom he had met back at the Thunder Granite Valley

It seemed like she was called Mu Hongling.

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