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Chapter 490: Opening of the Secret Trove

The crowd within a fifty kilometre radius of the ancient hall swiftly increased in size as the time of the opening of the ancient secret trove approached. Regardless of where one stood within the city, one could see that the internal and external parts of the city was basically a black sea of humans. Countless number of soundwaves gathered together before charging towards the clouds. Even the white clouds tens of thousands of feet up in the air were shattered by it.

This grand scene caused even Lin Dong’s heart to feel a shock that he could not suppress. He would not be too surprised if these people were all ordinary individuals. However, these people were basically all geniuses that had came from various empires. The weakest amongst these people were at the Creation Stage. If all of these people were to gather together, even the world ‘terrifying’ does not do justice to this lineup..

Due to this scene, Lin Dong had once again personally experience the allure that this ancient treasure trove had. He could imagine that this treasure trove would be far more valuable than any other places he had experienced.

Even the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet in the Great Desolate Province of Great Yan Empire could not be compared with it. Of course, due to the passage of time, Lin Dong had no way of knowing whether the ancient experts in the Great Desolate Province or the owners of this ancient treasure trove were stronger. In any case, in the eyes of the current Lin Dong, both factions were extremely distant and great beings.

Ever since he exchanged blows with the Devil Cliff Empire in the great hall, Lin Dong’s group did not perform any other explosive moves. Instead, they quietly rested at their resting place, waiting for the day when the atmosphere in this place would burst apart.

Perhaps the effect of establishing his strength and authority that day was extremely notable. Hence, even though Lin Dong was able to detect that there were several factions eyeing their resting spot, trouble unexpectedly did not arise.

Time passed by one day after another amidst this quiet environment, until the morning of the sixth day arrived.

The morning sunlight of the sixth day tore through the cloud that covered the sky. When it shone on this ancient hall, everyone could clearly sense that countless number of aura had turned extremely restless at that instant.

The Yuan Power around had ended up being affected by this restlessness. It faintly seemed to boil.


Lin Dong, who had his eyes tightly shut in the room, opened them at this moment. He exhaled a cluster of white vapor before turning his head to look out of the window. Dense human figures had already flashed past the sky while being accompanied by waves of rushing wind sound.

“Is it finally time?”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Immediately, a fiery hot expression suddenly surged up his eyes. He suddenly stood up, pushed the door and walked out

Beyond the door was a large courtyard. At this moment, Little Flame muscular figure flickered vigorously in the courtyard. Perspiration scattered and the metal rod in his hand carried a low and deep air tearing sound. Each time it was waved, it would create numerous deep scars on the ground.

“Big brother.”

Little Flame’s muscular body stopped when Lin Dong exited the door. He kept his metal rod and gave Lin Dong a bored foolish smile.

“You are really a training manic.” Lin Dong smiled and shook his head as he looked at the perspiration filled Little Flame. He extended his hand and beckoned with it. The Heavy Prison Peak that was suspended in midair flew back. At the same time, the light circle covering around Little Flame also scattered.

Little Flame’s body suddenly straightened a little when this light scattered from it. The tensed muscles all over its body also quietly relaxed.

Little Flame’s training was clearly not an ordinary method. Instead, he borrowed the Gravity World that was emitted by the Heavy Prison Peak. The weight within it was many times what it was in the outside world. Originally, this was a combat method that Lin Dong used to deal with his opponent. However, it had currently become the training place of Little Flame. Nevertheless, it must be said that the effect was quite good. Still, it was likely that only the body of a beast like Little Flame was able to accomplish such a feat.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Dong waved his hand towards Little Flame. After which, he ceased speaking. His body moved and rushed towards the middle of the city. Little Flame carried a metal rod and followed closely behind.

The foolish expression on Little Flame completely disappeared when he exited the courtyard. Instead, a stern look took its place. A fierce aura was faintly emitted, appearing to deter any strangers from approaching.

At this moment, an uproar had clearly begun in this large city. Even the countless number of people outside of the city were rushing in at this moment. Within a short ten minutes, the entire city, its exterior and even its sky was occupied by densely packed human figures.

Everyone’s attention was concentrated towards the middle of the city. There was an extremely tall altar-like building at that location. Some strange runes were surrounding the building. There was a faint obscure energy ripple being scattered from it.

This place was the place where the ancient treasure trove would open!

Shua Shua!

Three figures suddenly rushed out in front of the countless number of gazes present. Finally, they landed above the altar. They were the Shi Kun and the other two who possessed the ancient secret key.

The originally noisy sky and land had suddenly became much quieter following the appearance of these three people. Numerous gazes stared at Shi Kun and the other two with a fervent expression, that was hot enough to scald a person. It was likely that if any one of them suddenly did something that would jeopardize the unlocking of the ancient secret trove to be opened, these people would likely immediately erupt in rage. After which, they would instantly rip apart Shi Kun’s group.

Shi Kun and the other two standing on the altar, looked at the countless number of gazes which were focusing intently on them. The skin on their heads had become somewhat numb in an instant. However, they did not immediately act. This was because they were still missing one person. Nonetheless, they did not need to wait for a long time. Approximately a few minutes later, a human figure once again rushed over from the distant. Finally, he landed on the altar in front of the focus of countless number of gazes.

“Is that Lin Dong? That person from a low grade empire who could actually reduce the Devil Cliff Empire into an extremely miserable state?”

This figure had just appeared when it caused waves of private conversations to erupt in the place. Clearly, Lin Dong’s name had spread during these few days.

Lin Dong’s figure landed on the altar. His gaze looked all around him before he frowned a little. In this kind of situation, a person like him who had obtained the Ancient Secret Key did not have the ability to control the situation. It was because one had to open at this moment regardless of whether one wanted to or not.

“No wonder the mysterious ancient keys landed in the hands of the Devil Cliff Empire and the others, despite the fact that they were not the strongest empire in the north-western region. Looks like it obtaining this thing is rather redundant.” Lin Dong quietly spoke.

Although Lin Dong was unable to clearly see into the surrounding dense human crowd around, he could guess that some truly strong fellows were definitely lurking amongst them.

“Haha, brother Lin Dong. Since everyone is here, let’s open the ancient treasure trove. I think that everyone here can wait no longer.” The red armed man from the Prehistoric Empire smilingly said to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smilingly nodded. After gathering some information during these few days, he was also aware that this red arm man in front of him was called Hong Zong. He is the leader of the Prehistoric Empire and his strength was similar to Shi Kun. Both of them possessed the strength to attack the second Nirvana Tribulation.

The woman from the Death Valley Empire standing beside them, was named You Qing. She was also at the same level. All of them had quite a strong reputation within the north-western region. They could be considered experts who became renown at an earlier time.

Beside Hong Zong’s and You Qing’s side, the dark solemn eyed Shi Kun focused his dark cold eyes onto Lin Dong the moment the latter appeared. His eyes contained a killing intent that could not be hidden. However, it was obvious that he did not dare to do anything at this moment. He clearly understood that anyone who dared to interfere with the opening of the Treasure Trove would likely be buried under the fury of the crowd. Faced with this locust like human crowd, even he did not dare to do anything that angered the crowd.

“Brat, I will not allow you to leave this Ancient Treasure Trove alive!” Shi Kun spoke in a sinister voice.

“I share the same thought too.” Lin Dong gently smiled.

“Let’s begin.”

Hong Zong hurriedly changed the topic when he heard these two people who did not meet eye to eye. After which, he extended his palm, before an mysterious ancient key appeared on it. A strange ripple was faintly spreading from it…

Lin Dong and the other two did not act slowly when Hong Zong took out the Ancient Secret Key in this manner. They also swiftly took out their Ancient Secret Key.


The four Ancient Secret Keys suddenly became red when they appeared at the same time. A light scattered from it before covering this altar.

The dim ancient runes suddenly brightened when the altar was covered. At the next instant, the runes escaped from the altar and were suspended in midair. Finally they gathered together.

A vast light pillar suddenly appeared as these ancient runes agglomerated together. After which, it directly shot towards the sky above the altar.


The light pillar violently collided onto that empty space. After which, everyone were filled with wild joy when they saw that the space at that spot had begun to form numerous intense ripples.

The fluctuating ripple became increasingly fast. At the end, light gathered before transforming into an enormous light door with an ancient aura permeating from it.


The runes flickered and the enormous ancient door was slowly opened amidst the creaking sound. Immediately, a scent similar to dust that had been sealed for countless number of years, drifted out from behind that enormous door.

The Ancient Treasure Trove was finally open!

At this moment, the entire city was in an uproar!

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