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Chapter 488: Establishing One’s Might

The grayish-black palm did not possess an overly soul-stirring momentum. Only people with keen senses would be able to vaguely sense just how unusual and powerful the undulations hidden within the grayish-black were.

The gazes of everyone in the great hall expectedly carried a gloating expression when they saw that Lin Dong actually had the guts to face Shi Xuan head on. Most of the people present were Nirvana stage experts. This group did not lack experts who had already undergone a Nirvana Tribulation, hence, they were able to tell with their eyes alone that Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was merely half-step-to Nirvana. Although Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was not weak, he was merely a Heaven Symbol Master and could not even be considered a one seal Heaven Symbol Master. His current ability was not match for Shi Xuan.

Of course, there were naturally some people with good eyesight amongst these people. This, along with the numerous trump cards that Lin Dong had displayed, caused them to be afraid of underestimating him. No one knew whether this this fellow, who appeared to be full of trump cards, would have a hidden strength that they were unaware of.

While many different thoughts were flowing within the great hall, the gray coloured palm had already collided with the explosive attack by Shi Xuan.

The expected loud bang when the collision occurred did not appear. At that instant, an extremely strange and powerful devouring strength erupted from the grayish-black palm. Under this devouring strength, a significant amount of Shi Xuan’s wild and violent Yuan Power attack suddenly disappeared. Instead, the light that was flowing on the grayish-black palm become increasingly bright.


Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold as a low cry suddenly unleashed from his throat.


With the diminishment, Shi Xuan’s seemingly frantic and violent attack was swiftly weakening in an extremely strange manner. After which, it completely disintegrated as the palm whizzed past.

The Yuan Power attack disintegrated by the grayish black coloured palm did not disappear as a result. Its strength was not the least bit reduced as it pressed onto Shi Xuan’s body in a lightning like manner while a shock surfaced in the latter’s eyes.

A low and deep sound was emitted from Shi Xuan’s body. After which, his body appeared to have received a heavy blow as it miserable shot out. He staggered and hurriedly stepped in the empty air in an attempt to stabilize his body. However, he did not succeed and ended up colliding on a rock pillar. An enormous force directly caused numerous tiny and densely packed crack lines to directly spread on the rock pillar.


Shi Xuan immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as his body collided onto the rock pillar. There appeared to be some remanent thread of grayish black air faintly present within the crimson colour that was spat out.

The interior of the hall was once again silent when Shi Xuan spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. All the private conversations suddenly ceased. This time around, those gazes that were thrown towards Lin Dong had finally become incomparably solemn.

If it was said that the appearance of Little Flame and the Blood Soul Puppet had caused the experts present to stop adopting an underestimating attitude towards Little Flame, this time around, the actual strength that Lin Dong had displayed had caused them to withdraw the superiority that they had when looking at a low rank empire.

“This little fellow… is really strange!”

The eyes of the red arm large man from the Prehistoric Empire started at Lin Dong in an extremely unusual manner as he muttered softly. Beside him, the lady in a purple black dress also slowly nodded her head. Being able actually able to injury Shi Xuan who had already stepped into the one Yuan Nirvana stage with the strength of someone at half-step-to Nirvana and Heaven Symbol Master strength was definitely not something an ordinary person could do.

Shi Xuan finally staggered to his feet in the completely silent room. His face was filled with a rich shock. Clearly, he had yet to recover from the scene earlier. During their last fight, Lin Dong had to rely on the Ancient Secret Key in his hand to flee even after using all his strength. Shi Xuan was totally unable to imagine that Lin Dong had become this strong after just having not met the latter for a short month or so!

“Impossible!” Shi Xuan’s face suddenly became distorted. He was really unable to believe that he, a genius from the Devil Cliff Empire, would actually be defeated by a nameless member of the younger generation who had come from a low rank empire.


However, just as Shi Xuan’s furiously prepared to attack again in order to preserve his reputation, he suddenly began coughing violently. A trace of blood was coughed out of his mouth, while a grayish-black air was vaguely present in it.

“Shi Xuan!”

At this moment, Shi Kun, who was having an intense fight with Little Flame had also discovered the unexpected development on the other side. His expression immediately changed as he hurried fred himself from Little Flame. He appeared beside Shi Xuan in a flash.

“Don’t touch me. There’s something strange with this brat’s Yuan Power!” Shi Xuan stopped Shi Kun’s hand that was being extended over as his body shook a little. At this body, threads of grayish-black vapor were randomly circulating within his body. These strange energy was just like a kind of poison. It would repeatedly erode away the Yuan Power in his body wherever it passed and turned the interior of his body into a complete mess.

Shi Kun’s eyes also shrunk slightly when he saw this situation. He threw a punch across the air and powerful Yuan Power flowed into Shi Xuan’s body. A moment later, a shocked expression also surfaced in his eyes. Those strange grayish-black vapor were unexpectedly difficult to deal with. Even with his strength, he would need to use an extremely great amount of effort before he could completely scatter these grayish-black vapor.

Shi Xuan’s weary expression only improved after the last thread of grayish-black vapor within his body scattered. However, it was obvious that he was quite seriously wounded. The gaze which he used to look at Lin Dong again no longer contain any underestimation. Instead, it was filled with a dense fear.

The experts from the Devil Cliff Empire in the great hall had already been chased by the Blood Soul Puppet until they were in an extremely miserable situation. All of them carried injuries as they hid behind Shi Kun. Their gazes contained a slight fear as they looked at Lin Dong. This was especially the case for Lei She’s group that had once exchanged blows with Lin Dong. They had clearly seen the scene of how the Lin Dong had injured Shi Xuan earlier…

Currently, their hearts appeared to be exactly the same as Shi Xuan. This was especially the case for Chen Mu. When he met Lin Dong for the first time, the latter was not even worthy of his direct sight. However, their current position seemed to have been reversed.

Everyone in this messy great hall looked at the miserable Devil Cliff Empire. Although they maintained a calm expression on the surface, a great storm had already brewed within their hearts. All of them understood that if the matter here was to spread, it was likely that Lin Dong’s name would become extremely well known even in this north-western region. After all, Lin Dong was the first one in such a long time who was able to force the people from the Devil Cliff Empire until such an extent…


Little Flame once again stood behind Lin Dong. The black coloured metal rod in his hand was heavily smashed on the ground. His forceful strength caused the ground to shake slightly. That Blood Soul Puppet had also rushed back. It stood on the other side of Little Flame. Both the puppet and Little Flame looked like two fierce and vicious strong beings as they stood beside Lin Dong.

The aura of just these mere two people and one puppet standing in this great hall was sufficient to cause the powerful Devil Cliff Empire to have difficulty dealing with.

At this moment, no one dared to reveal even a little underestimation. Those experts who were preparing to snatch the Ancient Secret Key in Lin Dong’s hands earlier quietly withdrew a little. What a joke. Even the Devil Cliff Empire was forced until such a miserable state. Who would dare to attempt something that would lead to an unfortunate ending?

“The Devil Cliff Empire is merely so.”

Lin Dong’ eyes were as quiet as a deep pit as they slowly swept across Shi Kun group. His faint voice, however, caused everyone’s heart to leap. This was the first time that they had witnessed someone who dared to speak to the Devil Cliff Empire in such a manner. However, no one dared to voice any objection to this…

“Brat, do you really think I can’t do anything to you?” Shi Kun’s eyes was incomparably nefariously cold as he spoke sternly.

“Why don’t you try!”

The corner of Lin Dong’s mouth was lifted. A rich killing intent spread out faintly. This caused some people to quietly inhale a breath of cold air. They seemed to have finally understood that Lin Dong was actually planning to finish off the Devil Cliff Empire.

Indeed, Lin Dong’s heart was filled with killing intent towards this Devil Cliff Empire which had found quite a lot of trouble with him. The strength that he currently possessed was already sufficient to contend against this originally powerful high rank empire. The brothers Shi Kun and Shi Xuan were all very vicious people. It was best to eliminate such an enemy as soon as possible if one had the chance to do so.

“You!” Shi Kun’s eyes turned cold. He was just about to attack in anger when he saw Little Flame behind Lin Dong slowly raising the metal rod in his hand. Immediately, he forcefully suppressed the fury in his heart. It seemed that they did not have much of an upper hand in this situation that they were facing.

“*Cough*, this friend, the matter between all of you is but some misunderstanding. Why is there a need to turn it until such an extent? In a couple of days time, the Ancient Treasure Trove will be opened. If any accident occurs at this time, everyone might be unable to enter the Ancient Treasure Trove. From the way I see it, why don’t all of you take a step back. What do you say?” At this moment, the red arm man finally stepped forward and smilingly said to Little Flame.

“There are many powerful empires who had come because of the Ancient Treasure Trove this time around. Even we have difficulty dealing with some of them. If we wish to gain something from within the Ancient Treasure Trove, cooperating might be battle than being in conflict.” The purple black woman slowly said.

Lin Dong’s gaze calmly swept over them. He knew that these were the leaders from the Prehistoric Empire and the Death Valley Empire. They were also the owners of another two Secret Keys. Hearing the meaning of their words, it was clear that they were not in a team with the Devil Cliff Empire but they were also unwilling to see Shi Kun being injured because of him.

“I like to be alone. There is no need for any cooperation. However, since the two of you have opened your mouth, I will temporarily put this matter aside. But if the Devil Cliff Empire does any foolish thing, I cannot guarantee that I will not act to snatch that Ancient Secret Key in their hands.”

Little Flame did not trust these high rank empires even a little. He knew that if it was not because he had displayed his trump card and strength earlier, it was likely that these people would not help speak for him even if he was killed by Shi Kun’s group.

Yet, looking at the current situation, the Prehistoric Empire and the Death Valley Empire would clearly stop him from finishing off the Devil Cliff Empire. Lin Dong was also unable to fight against three high rank empires. In that case, it was just as well that he take the opportunity and withdraw. After entering this Ancient Treasure Trove, he would still possess quite a lot of opportunities to finish off this trouble known as the Devil Cliff Empire.

Additionally, the current him also did not have the absolute confidence in finishing off Shi Kun’s group. The red armed man and the purple black woman sighed in relief. However, they also felt somewhat regretful. They knew that their act of standing idly by the side earlier had caused Lin Dong to have little favourable impression of them.

“Goodbye. I will come once again when the Ancient Treasure Trove is about to open.”

Lin Dong glanced at the extremely green face of Shi Kun. He did not plan to stay for long. After cupping his hands towards the red arm man and the purple black woman, he turned around. His footsteps paused for a moment just when he was about to exit the main door. Turning his head, he looked at some of the experts in the great hall who were planning on snatching the Ancient Secret Key in his hands.

“On a side note, I will like to ask if the current me possess the qualification to hold this fourth Ancient Secret Key?”

No one replied. However, Lin Dong had already obtained an answer from the dodging gazes of these people. This big fight with the Devil Cliff Empire had clearly completely eliminated the sinister thoughts of these people…

Regardless of where one was, strength would always be able to override everything.

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