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Chapter 478 Making A Move

It was obvious that the current situation would not develop into a internecine like Lin Dong had hoped for. After all, the two high rank empires were well-prepared and had the means to restrain the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. If this continued, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger would likely be captured by them and if Lin Dong only revealed himself at that moment, the situation would become extremely troublesome.

Although he would not fear the two empires if he used every card he had, it would still be very troublesome and he would not emerge unscathed. In comparison, if he could join forces with the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger to beat back the two high rank empires, even if any special situation occurred in future, it would still be somewhat easier to deal with than facing two high rank empires alone.

Hence, when the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger fell into a disadvantageous situation, Lin Dong finally decided to make his move; temporarily aiding the former to contend against the two high rank empires.


Killing intent surged in Teng Hu’s eyes as the formidable Yuan Power spear in his hand suddenly shot out. He avoided hitting the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger’s vitals but he would still be gravely injured if hit.

As he gazed at the incoming sinister Yuan Power spear, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger’s eyes changed. He struggled madly but the mysterious chains firmly held him down through the combined efforts of Chen Mo and the Bestial Empire practitioners.


In that instant, a red light suddenly flashed out from the mountain valley. It flashed into the area at an astonishing speed, powerful aftershocks viciously tearing apart the air as it hacked at the chain.


Due to the formidable force, the Yuan Power chains instantly cracked. In the end, the powerful fist of the frantically struggling Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger viciously lashed out, destroying the chains with a single punch!


This sudden turn of events caused everyone’s expressions to change. Teng Hu and Chen Mo’s faces turned incomparably ugly as they cast their gazes towards the red figure that had appeared.

With a body that looked like it was made of fire, it silently stood in the air. Faintly, an extremely powerful aura spread out from its body, causing no one to dare underestimate it.

“May we inquire who you are? My Devil Tiger Empire and the Bestial Empire are currently doing something here, and we hope that you will not interfere!” Teng Hu’s expression was frosty as he stared at the red figure, his voice brimming with unconcealed rage. Their previous preparations had been ruined, hence, how could he not be angered. If it were not for his fear of the figure’s formidable aura, he would have immediately moved to kill the latter.

The red figure that had appeared was naturally the Blood Soul Puppet. Its apathetic gaze merely glanced at Teng Hu, not bothering to reply.

At this moment, the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger once again stood up and looked at the Blood Soul Puppet with some astonishment. As a Demonic Beast, he had keen senses and from what he could tell, the figure before them, that even he did not dare to underestimate, did not have any life force in its body at all.

“Brother Teng Hu, this is a Soul Puppet, not the original body. The master controlling the Soul Puppet must be close by!” Chen Mo icily looked at the Blood Soul Puppet and suddenly shouted in a low voice.

“Find that fellow! He can hide no longer!” Teng Hu’s eyes hardened as he sternly commanded.

“Hehe, there’s no need.” However, just as Teng Hu’s shout faded, a figure had already appeared. It was Lin Dong, except that he was currently wearing a bamboo hat on his head. One could tell that he was purposely hiding his face.

The instant Lin Dong’s figure was revealed, Teng Hu and the rest’s gazes shifted over. When they felt the undulations around Lin Dong’s body, they secretly sighed in relief. Fortunately, it was only a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner.

“My friend, your actions seem to be a little inappropriate right? As long as you stand by and do nothing, after this, I, Teng Hu, will surely invite you to be a valued guest at my Devil Tiger Empire. This is the Ancient Battle Field, having more friends is not a bad thing after all.” With killing intent churning in his eyes, Teng Hu laughed instead and spoke.

If Lin Dong was alone, Teng Hu would not even bother speaking and instead immediately take action, however, the current situation did not allow him to do so. Although Lin Dong’s half-step-to Nirvana strength was beneath Teng Hu’s notice, even he felt danger from the Soul Puppet. Hence, they did not dare to be careless.

“Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger, is what we discussed still valid?” Lin Dong ignored Teng Hu. The gaze under the bamboo hat turned towards the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger below and asked.

The red light in the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger’s eyes swirled as he violently nodded his head. His voice was full of ferocity as he spoke, “First tear these fools apart!”

“Bastard, how dare you not to give us face. Offending both of our high rank empires is equivalent to courting death!” Upon seeing this, Chen Mo’s expression instantly turned ice-cold, while Teng Hu’s expression also turned extremely dark.

“Brother Chen Mo, I’ll let you handle the Soul Puppet while I stop the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger. As for that fellow, he’s merely a half-step-to Nirvana, let the others deal with him. As long as he is killed, his control over the Soul Puppet will naturally be lost. Humph, foolish fellow. Since he believes that he can do as he pleases with a Soul Puppet as his guard, if we kill him, the Soul Puppet will become a great treasure!” Teng Hu deeply breathed in before viciously declaring.


In response, Chen Mu let out a sinister laugh as he stared at the Blood Soul Puppet with eyes full of greed.

“This old tiger will first tear you apart today!”

The Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger roared. The sole of his foot heavily stamped on the ground as he ferociously charged at Teng Hu. That bloodthirsty aura caused even Teng Hu’s face to twitch a little, not daring to be the slightest bit slow as he hastily pushed the Yuan Power in his body to the limit to face this foe.

When the Mighty Earthsplitting Tiger attacked, Chen Mo’s figure also moved to stand in front of the Blood Soul Puppet. He maliciously looked towards Lin Dong as he waved his hand and commanded, “Teng Lin, Chen Dong, lead the men and finish off this person!”


Two Nirvana practitioners swept down from the top of the mountain valley. Soon after, they appeared in a spot not far from Lin Dong wearing malicious smiles on their faces. With their strength, dealing with a mere half-step-to Nirvana practitioner was too easy.

“Kid, better open your eyes bigger in your next life. Some people cannot be offended by the likes of yourself!”

Lin Dong took one look at the nastily laughing duo and could not help but chuckle. Although these two fellows were Nirvana practitioners, they had clearly advanced recently. The undulations given off by their bodies were much weaker than the Devil Cliff Empire’s Lei She and Chen Mu, and were at most at Li Yan’s level.

Lin Dong did not conceal his sneer. Thus, it was naturally seen by the duo, immediately causing the corners of their eyes to twitch. They never would have imagined that a mere half-step-to Nirvana fellow would actually be so arrogant.

“Kill him!”

As one of Nirvana practitioner’s icy voice rang out, the Yuan Power around the duo abruptly surged. They were rather well coordinated as they simultaneously attacked Lin Dong, one from the left, the other from the right, like a pair of horns that were about to close in.

Although the two were somewhat furious due to Lin Dong’s arrogance, they were still quite cool-headed were not overly rash. They worked together and attacked, displaying a force that was rather formidable.

Upon seeing this, Chen Mo slightly nodded his head. With two Nirvana practitioners simultaneously attacking, even if that kid really had some skill, he would still find himself in a difficult situation.

“I’ll wait till the Chen Dong duo take care of that kid and loses control over the Soul Puppet. At that time, I can be the first to snatch it away. This object cannot fall into the Devil Tiger Empire’s hands.” Chen Mo slowly withdrew his gaze, before stopping at the Blood Soul Puppet. The greed in his eyes grew increasingly intense.

“Thud thud!”

While thoughts of greed were spinning about in Chen Mo’s heart, two low thuds suddenly sounded out nearby. When he heard these sounds, the corners of Chen Mo’s eyes raised a little. Was this fellow really so pathetic?

With mocking thoughts in his head, Chen Mo once again shifted his gaze and saw two sorry figures sliding on the ground before viciously slamming into a giant boulder. Immediately, the giant boulder exploded as the two spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Their faces were filled with astonishment.

As he watched the two who had spat out blood, Chen Mo’s mind froze for a moment before he abruptly raised his head, only to see the bamboo hat figure floating in the air nearby. Extremely powerful Mental Energy rippled around his body, instantly causing the surrounding air to show indications of boiling.

“Mental Energy? This kid is a Heaven Symbol Master!”

When he felt the powerful Mental Energy, Chen Mo’s expression finally turned grim. They were the ones who had miscalculated this time…

“It’s no good to be distracted now.” As if he felt Chen Mo’s gaze, Lin Dong softly chuckled. Soon after, a resplendent light erupted around the Soul Puppet’s body as it ferociously attacked Chen Mo.

Faced with the Blood Soul Puppet’s sudden barrage, Chen Mo slightly struggled for a time as he hastily retreated.


At this time, the two Nirvana practitioners that had been blown away by Lin Dong finally stabilized their bodies. They suppressed the shock in their hearts and exchanged a look. The Yuan Power in their bodies quickly gushed out as powerful martial arts were swiftly displayed at their hands. This time, they no longer dared to hold anything back and immediately pushed their power to the limit.

However, in response to the duo’s fully powered martial arts, Lin Dong faintly smiled. Even Lei She, a practitioner who had failed the Nirvana Tribulation had been dealt with by Lin Dong, what more the two Nirvana practitioners before him who were far from being able to compare to Chen Mu…

Boom boom!

Formidable Yuan Power finally took shape in the two Nirvana practitioners hands. The attacks ruthlessly charged towards Lin Dong with powerful momentum.

The two Nirvana practitioners maliciously stared at the figure in the air. Although this fellow was a Heaven Symbol Master, he should still have to temporarily back off from this attack!

However, what happened next caused the duo’s wishful thinking to crumble completely. In the face of the duo’s powerful martial arts, Lin Dong did not show any indications of dodging. He clenched his fist as a bolt of lightning descended from the sky, transforming into a black lightning palm that smashed into the martial arts.


A low thump instantly sounded out in the sky as the two Nirvana practitioner’s complexions immediately turned deathly white. The martial arts they were so proud of had been instantly destroyed upon contact with the black lightning palm…

It was only now that they finally understood. This fellow before them, who was merely a half-step-to Nirvana practitioner, was disguising himself as a pig to devour tigers!

Evidently, they had encountered a very, very hard metal board this time.

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