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Chapter 463 Lei She

A deafening earth-shattering noise suddenly sounded out above the lush woodlands, before a black lightning halo quickly swept forth at an alarming speed. Everywhere the lighting halo brushed past, the lush woodlands would quickly turned charred, an extremely shocking sight.


As that lightning halo spread forth, a hideous-looking figure suddenly shot out from within before he tore through the vast woodlands. Along the way, he directly tore a near hundred meter ditch and caused countless large trees to be directly blown away.

The figure that shot out finally managed to forcefully stabilize himself. After he stabilized his body, his body gently trembled, before wisps of black smoke arose from his back. In fact, even his aura seemed to have dimmed down. Evidently, he was severely wounded.

“Buzz Chii!”

While his body trembled, a deathly pale color emerged on his face, before he involuntarily vomited out a mouthful of freshblood. Following which, he was still in shock as he lifted his head. As he stared at that figure wearing a black vest, hovering above the woodlands, it was obvious that he did not expect that Lin Dong’s attack was actually this savage.

He knew that the latter had advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master. However, even though Heavenly Symbol Masters can control the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth, they should not be so powerful. Furthermore, the instant he was attacked, he could clearly feel that some of the Yuan Power inside his body had mysteriously disappeared and this undoubtedly caused his existing injuries to worsen.

As that widespread lightning glow gradually dissipated, the surrounding elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners stared at a hideous-looking Chen Mu, before their pupils suddenly shrunk. Promptly, all of them sucked in a breath of cold air. All of them were keenly aware of Chen Mu’s strength and they had never expected him to wound up in such a sorry state.

Therefore, when they turned to look at that surrounded young man, their eyes did not have a mocking tinge like before. This time around, if they were not seriously prepared, the outcome may once again exceed their expectations.

After both of them glanced at one another, all of them turned to look at that man with triangular pupils.

Under the attention from the crowd, that man named Lei She shifted his attention before he turned to look at Lin Dong. Following which, his coarse voice sounded out: “These days, there are many people who pretend to be pigs in order to eat tigers. I can’t figure out how a practitioner who recently advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master, can actually control such a powerful natural force…”

Lin Dong glanced at him before he casually said: “I am not pretending to be a pig to eat tigers. It is because your Devil Cliff Empire is too arrogant. Even though you guys are powerful, all of you hardly amount to anything compared to the ancient battlefield. In the future, you will encounter other similar incidents. Hence, there is no need to be this surprised.”

“Haha, that I must admit.” Lei Shen gently smiled. He was keenly aware that there were many other formidable empires in the ancient battlefield and some of them were even more powerful than them.

“In the ancient battlefield, there are many empires and powerful practitioners that our Devil Cliff Empire must be wary of. However, you are not one of them.”

Lin Dong ignored him as he lazily said: “You should be the next one making a move, right? I wonder how many Nirvana Pills you used when you attacked Nirvana stage?”

“Lin Dong, don’t be too arrogant. I haven’t lost yet!” Below him, another figure suddenly shot out, before a hideous-looking Chen Mu emerged and glared venomously at him. His deep growl obviously indicated that he still refused to believe that he had actually lost to Lin Dong. Previously, when he first met Lin Dong, the latter had to rely on his Blood Soul Puppet in order to fight against him. However, in less than two month’s time, the latter had actually managed to defeat him. This was undoubtedly a huge blow for Chen Mu.

Lin Dong casually glanced at Chen Mu. His previous attack was extremely powerful and that fellow is merely putting on a strong front. Therefore, if he really dared to attack him again, Lin Dong would not mind directly killing him.

“Chen Mu, you are no match for him.”

“Join Li Li and the rest and set up the formation. I will personally handle him.” Just as Chen Mu’s eyes turned blood-red, standing behind him, Lei She casually spoke.

When he heard Lei She’s words, Chen Mu tightly clenched his fist while he stared venomously at Lin Dong. However, in the end, he chose to obey his instructions. As his figure flashed, he dragged his heavily wounded body before he quickly backed off. Then, he joined the eight of them in order to set up a peculiar formation. Meanwhile, the person right in the middle of the formation was actually Lin Dong.

“Originally, we did not plan to use this formation. However, your performance is simply too surprising. Furthermore, I typically do not enjoy taking excessive risks. If we fail to accomplish anything after so many of us have came, we will not have the guts to return.” Lei She’s hands were behind his back. His pupils stared right at Lin Dong, while an icy-cold aura faintly emerged from his body.

“The number of Nirvana Pills used to attack Nirvana Stage only serves as a gauge among practitioners who have yet to pass through any Nirvana Tribulations. Unfortunately for you, I have attempted to attack a Nirvana Tribulation two months ago.”

When he heard his words, Lin Dong’s pupils suddenly shrunk, before he stared right at this man, called Lei She.

Nirvana Tribulation is the most important checkpoint for any Nirvana stage practitioners. Only when one survives a Nirvana Tribulation, can one add an additional title to his title: One Yuan.

The difference between One Yuan Nirvana Stage and ordinary Nirvana Stage is hardly insignificant. Nirvana stage has a total of nine stages. That was to say, each time one survived a Nirvana Tribulation, one’s strength would surge and they cannot be spoken in the same breath as those who haven’t.

Right now, Lin Dong had recently advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master. Furthermore, thanks to his Ancestral Devouring Symbol, he was able to activate the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth in order to defeat a powerful Nirvana stage practitioner like Chen Mu. However, if he encountered a practitioner who had survived a Nirvana Tribulation, he would likely falter…

Precisely because of this, when Lin Dong heard that Lei She had actually touched this Nirvana Tribulation, which caused most Nirvana stage practitioners to salivate and fear, his heart was in shock.

These Devil Cliff Empire practitioners are truly skilled!

After he gently sighed inside his heart, Lin Dong retracted his stare before he turned to Lei She and smiled and said: “However, I believe that you should have failed.”

A Nirvana Tribulation was just like a destructive flame for Nirvana stage practitioners. If one successfully survived through it, one would undergo a major metamorphosis just like one was reborn. However, if one failed to pass through, some lucky ones may still live, while most of them would directly lose their lives.

That is the reason why most Nirvana stage practitioners loved and feared the Nirvana Tribulation. It was the perfect way for them to strengthen themselves. However, in order to go through with it, one had to risk one’s life.

Lin Dong was clearly aware just how powerful a Nirvana stage practitioner became after surviving a Nirvana Tribulation. Standing in front of him, even though Lei She was quite powerful, he still seemed somewhat lacking.

When he heard Lin Dong’s words, Lei She’s eyes narrowed, while his expression turned slightly grim. It seems like Lin Dong’s words had hit where it hurt the most. After all, he was indeed unsuccessful when he tried to attack a Nirvana Tribulation. Nonetheless, he was fortunate enough to keep his life.

“Even though I did not successfully pass through, I have gained some benefits as well and it should be more than enough to take care of you.” Lei She was evidently irritated when he was forced to talk about this topic. In fact, even a cold glint slowly flowed in his triangular pupils.

“Chen Mu, it’s time to make a move.”

When they heard Lei She’s voice, a savage glint flashed across Chen Mu and the rest’s eyes. Following which, countless formidable Yuan Power glowing columns suddenly shot out, before all of them crisscrossed. Faintly, they formed into a glowing net that enveloped this entire domain.

“Today, you shall have nowhere to run!”

At a distance away, Lei She’s finger suddenly pointed at Lin Dong. Promptly, his expression turned grim, before he suddenly took a step forward. Following which, the air beneath suddenly exploded, before his figure disappeared in a peculiar fashion.

“He is really fast!”

Lin Dong’s pupils gently shrunk. Once Lei She made a move, it immediately showcased the difference between him and Chen Mu. In fact, even an endangered sensation arose in Lin Dong’s heart. Even though Lei She did not successfully survived a Nirvana Tribulation, he was still a man who had experienced it once before. Therefore, his strength naturally far exceeds that of any ordinary Nirvana stage practitioner.

As his Mental Energy slowly spread out, in the next instance, Lin Dong’s body suddenly sidestepped.


Just as his body sidestepped, a cold and venomous claw suddenly appeared behind his back before it brushed past his shoulder. That claw-like hand vibrated at a high frequency while it held an alarming killing force.

“A Heavenly Symbol Master indeed.” After his attack failed, standing behind Lin Dong, Lei She gently smiled. Promptly, he jerked his arm before his arm actually began to grow in a peculiar fashion. Following which, he waved his arm, before he solidly slammed his arm against Lin Dong’s chest.


A deep noise echoed out, while all the surrounding air was forcefully blown apart. In fact, even Lin Dong was forced to retreat several steps. As he sensed that painful sensation in his chest, his expression gradually turned solemn. It seems like Lei She was going to be a tricky foe.


When he saw that Lin Dong did not suffer much injuries even after he forcefully withstood his attack, Lei She gasped in shock. Even if this attack landed on a Nirvana stage practitioner who possessed Nirvana Golden Body, the latter would definitely be wounded. However, Lin Dong was able to seemingly ignore it.

“Is it because of that black vest?” Lei She’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at that peculiar black vest on Lin Dong’s body. Promptly, he licked his lips, while a bloodthirsty glint flashed across his eyes.

“I am curious to see how many attacks your black vest can withstand! Regardless of what tricks you have, the outcome will not change!”

Lei She grinned venomously. Promptly, his body suddenly shot out, before an alarming shockwave swivelled around his body.

Lin Dong glanced at a rapidly approaching Lei She, before he looked at that formation that was trapping him. Following which, a cold grin emerged on his face, before he softly said: “That may not be true.”

It is time to collect the net that they have laid down!

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