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Chapter 462 Battle

Green extended to the limits of one’s vision above the lush woodlands. As a gentle breeze brushed past, green waves swept out with a crashing sound, a truly magnificent sight.

However, the atmosphere above the lush woodlands seemed to have frozen. Ten figures silently stood above the woodlands, their ice-cold eyes locked onto a figure in front of them. There was a playful and sadistic glow in their eyes, like those of a cat stalking a mouse.

“Hehe, from your words, it seems like you were deliberately waiting for us?”

One of the ten figures suddenly released an odd laughter while mockingly staring at Lin Dong. The words uttered by the former had almost caused them to lose control and break out into laughter. Looks like this period of hunting had caused this unlucky fellow to lose his mind.

Lin Dong smiled, his eyes slowly scanning the ten figures before pausing at Chen Mu and a figure behind him. With his sharp Mental Energy senses, he could perceive a faint dangerous sensation from that man’s body. This sensation was even more intense than Chen Mu’s…

“The Devil Cliff Empire is powerful indeed.” Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed a little but he did not panic at all. Evidently, he had long anticipated such a situation.

“Lin Dong, I have already told you, one should know his limits. You are entirely responsible for the predicament that you are in today! ” Chen Mu’s eyes coldly stared at Lin Dong with an unconcealable killing intent churning within them.

“Surrender the Mysterious Ancient Key and I will leave you with a whole corpse. No one has ever managed to survive after killing someone from our Devil Cliff Empire. You are no exception.” Chen Mu stretched out his palm and declared in an indifferent manner. His words gave no options for Lin Dong to talk himself out of this predicament. Evidently, they were bent on killing Lin Dong.

Lin Dong smiled as he gazed at Chen Mu before suddenly asking, “So, how many Nirvana Pills do you guys have?”

Nonetheless, it must be said that Lin Dong’s question was truly a loaded one. For a while, even Chen Mu was stunned. However, he seemed to understand that the hidden intention behind Lin Dong’s words were not friendly. Immediately, his expression turned grim.

“I am about to attack Nirvana stage and I require quite a bit of Nirvana Pills.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he said. Though he did not further elaborate, when he saw Chen Mu and the rest’s expressions change, he guessed that they have also understood what he meant.

“Haha, what an interesting kid. However, someone like you is destined to die young. I have one hundred and fifty thousand Nirvana Pills with me. If you believe that you are capable enough, you can try to take it.” The one who spoke this time around, was a man standing behind Chen Mu, with triangular pupils. His pupils gently shrunk as he stared at Lin Dong, while a fake smile hung on his smile. This was actually the first time he saw someone trying to target their Devil Cliff Empire.

“One hundred and fifty thousand. You are quite a fat sheep.” Lin Dong chuckled. However, when they saw him chuckle, the elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners immediately shook his head. All of them assumed that fellow had probably gone senile.

“Chen Mu, take care of the problem that you left behind. The rest of you will guard this area. I do not want to see any unforeseen accidents occur today.” That man with triangular pupils glanced at Lin Dong and it seemed like he was not interested in talking with a mentally unstable person. Immediately, he waved his hand as he casually said.

“Yes, Senior Lei She!”

When they heard his words, the other elite Devil Cliff Empire’s practitioner instantly responded. Following which, all of them dashed them, before they formed a defensive formation and trapped Lin Dong within. Thanks to their formation, it was very difficult for Lin Dong to escape.

Chen Mu sucked in a deep breath of air, before his expression instantly darkened. Then, he slowly walked forth, while his voice sounded out: “Lin Dong, you took me by surprise when you advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master. However, if you believe that is sufficient to allow you to fight with my Devil Cliff Empire, let me tell you this, you are simply too naive…”

“As the situation stands, even if you kneel down and surrender the Mysterious Ancient Key, you must pay a price for challenging and disrespecting my Devil Cliff Empire. Hence, you must die!”

Chen Mu suddenly gripped his palm, before a potent killing intent gushed out from his eyes. At the same time, his formidable Yuan Power shockwaves also flooded forth. Though they were both Nirvana stage practitioners, Chen Mu’s strength was evidently several times more powerful than Li Pan!


Savage Yuan Power shockwaves swept forth, as Chen Mu’s figure flashed. Following which, his figure suddenly surged, before a blurry figure emerged. However, his figure had already appeared behind Lin Dong just like a phantom. Then, Yuan Power lightning-quick concentrated on his palm, before he viciously slammed it against Lin Dong’s scalp without the slightest shred of mercy.


However, Chen Mu’s attack did not land on Lin Dong’s body. That was because while his attack was half an inch away from his scalp, a formidable Mental Energy gushed out and formed a barrier, which managed to deflect that attack.

When he saw that his attack had been stopped, Chen Mu was not surprised. Promptly, he flipped his palm, before Yuan Power gathered together just like a hurricane. Finally, he punched out.

“Mountain Breaking Seal!”

A savage knuckle seal viciously slammed against that Mental Energy barrier in a domineering fashion. Due to that punch, that barrier was directly blown apart.

However, the instant his knuckle seal tore apart that Mental Energy barrier, a cold glint suddenly appeared from below. However, it did not target the fist, but instead, it flew at a peculiar trajectory towards Chen Mu’s throat.


When he saw Lin Dong’s futile struggle, Chen Mu coldly snorted. Using the back of his palm, his formidable strength solemnly slammed against that cold glint, before he managed to blow it away.

When he saw his actions, Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed. With a flick of his mind, Devouring Force gushed out before it directly wrapped around his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. In this instance, his originally white bone spear suddenly transformed into an extremely dark color.


Chen Mu’s steel-like palms gripped on that enraged bone spear. However, that bone spear did not retreat as he had expected, instead a peculiar suction force erupted from that bone spear. Thanks to that suction force, all the Yuan Power wrapped around his body began to stealthily disappear.

This peculiar sight caused Chen Mu’s pupils to gently shrink. Instantly, he tried to escape that suction force, as he quickly retreated.

“It seems like those five hundred thousand Nirvana Pills are wasted on you.” When he saw Chen Mu suddenly retreat, Lin Dong laughed heartily. Promptly, a cold glow gushed into his eyes, while a formidable Mental Energy violently gushed out from his Niwana Palace. Immediately, storm clouds began to gather in the sky, while thunder and lightning cackled amidst the clouds.

Chen Mu’s expression was grim. When he saw that mysterious phenomenon that was occurring, he knew that Lin Dong was trying to use his Mental Energy to control the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth. Immediately, he quickly took a step forward, while his footsteps suddenly became peculiar. Evidently, this was a rather powerful martial arts.


His footsteps was peculiar. As Chen Mu’s body squirmed, he quickly appeared in front of Lin Dong. Following which, his arms were just like blades, as savage Yuan Power gathered on them. Faintly, an extremely formidable shockwave emerged from it.

“Extreme Giant Yuan Blade!”

Chen Mu’s eyes were cold as he violently swung his arm. Following which, all the air below his arms was seemingly torn apart, while a several meters wide ditch was directly torn in the lush woodlands beneath.

“In front of me, you don’t even have the time to activate the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth. Get ready to die!” Chen Mu grinned. His blade-like arms were extremely quick and vicious. Even Lin Dong could only see a formidable glint flash across his eyes, before that formidable blade wind, which could severely wound a Nirvana stage practitioner, landed on Lin Dong’s body.


The instant he made contact, a ripping noise did not sound out as he expected. Instead, a clear metallic noise sounded out. Following which, Chen Mu’s pupils violently shrunk when he saw that there was a peculiar black glow beneath Lin Dong’s skin. As that black glow gushed out, it actually transformed into a black vest on Lin Dong’s body. Moreover, the instant that formidable blade wind touched that black vest, it was just like tossing a rock into a sea, as it caused no impact at all.

However, what really caused Chen Mu’s expression to change, was an extremely powerful suction force that actually erupted from that black vest. Thanks to that suction force, all the Yuan Power in his body began to disappear quickly, while they continuously gushed into Lin Dong’s body.

“That kid is quite strange!”

This thought flashed across Chen Mu’s mind. Promptly, all the hair on his body stood up. However, just as he was about to quickly retreat, a cold smile appeared on Lin Dong’s face.


In the sky, lightning and thunder rumbled, before all the lightning bolts quickly gathered together. Instantly, they transformed into a giant lightning palm. However, this lightning was not silver in colour, but it was pitch-black instead. Faintly, a heart-palpitating sensation emerged.

“Devouring Lightning Palm!”

A deep roar sounded out in Lin Dong’s heart. Promptly, that black lightning palm suddenly swept forth. Following which, under the bewildered stares from the Devil Cliff Empire’s practitioners, it viciously slammed against Chen Mu, who had no time to flee.


Instantly, a black lightning glow swept forth in this lush woodlands. Standing nearby, Lei She’s expression slowly darkened as he stared at that lightning low…

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