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Chapter 446 Trump Card

“Good, how bold of you!”

Clearly, the black shadow’s facial expression was extremely gloomy at this point in time. While both of his eyes were filled with an unconcealable killing intent, the black shadow stared perversely at Lin Dong and said, “Lad, do you really think that you are qualified to act so brazenly in front of me just because you manage to ward off a Nirvana stage practitioner?”

From his words, it was apparent that he had witnessed the confrontation between Lin Dong and Hua Yun outside of the Thunder Granite Valley. However, he could not help but sneer at this sight. Given Lin Dong’s capabilities, he would not last more than ten rounds in a life or death battle with a Nirvana stage practitioner.

Lin Dong did not try to retort the black shadow’s words but merely smiled. At the same time, he did not show any signs of handling over the Tree Veins Symbol obediently. Undoubtedly, Lin Dong’s actions further ashened the black shadow’s facial expression.

Upon seeing this scene, Mo Tei and the rest’s faces turned pale. Even though they had witnessed how Lin Dong fared in his confrontation with Hua Yun outside of the Thunder Granite Valley, that was merely a wager. Right now, they were in a different situation. It was clear that this black shadow was not a benevolent individual. If Lin Dong did not hand over the Tree Veins Symbol, he would not let the matter rest.

Compared to Mo Tei and his counterparts’ pale faces, even though Mo Ling and the other rest’s hearts were racing, they still believed in Lin Dong. From the day they stepped into the ancient battlefield, Lin Dong had performed numerous miracles for them. It was as if the number of trump cards up his sleeves were endless.

The atmosphere in the spacious stone chamber froze and tensed up. Indistinctly, there was a chilling aura dissipating throughout the temple, causing one’s face to be unnerved.

“Lad, you have lost your final opportunity to beg for my forgiveness.”

The tensed atmosphere continued for a moment before the black shadow slowly opened his mouth. Upon hearing these words, Mo Tei and the rest were shocked. Apparently, this Nirvana stage practitioner was getting impatient.


With an icy-cold glare, the black shadow took a step forward. Immediately, a surge of Yuan Power swept forward and speckles of golden light gushed under his skin. Without showing any signs of executing any martial arts, he jolted his body and became a fuzzy lustre and blasted a thunderbolt-like punch towards Lin Dong.

The air exploded under the power of his punch. Nirvana stage practitioners possessed the real Nirvana Golden Body, which was their most powerful weapon. Even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner would not dare to resist such a powerful individual.

It was clear that the black shadow did not intend to hold back his attack. The sonic boom from his punch was sharp and tricky and it was aimed directly at the vital point of Lin Dong’s chest. If his punch landed on its target, it would definitely blast a bloody hole in the target’s body.


Seeing how ruthless the black shadow launched his attacks, Lin Dong’s eyes froze as well, yet he did not retreat immediately. With a twitch of his body, speckles of golden light erupted beneath Lin Dong’s skin too. Even though this golden radiance was not as condensed as the black shadow’s, it gave off an indestructible feel.

As the golden radiance surged under Lin Dong’s skin, tremendous energy was emitting from his entire body as well. At once, Lin Dong’s eyes blazed with fiery flames. And with a slight hesitation, under the astonished gazes from Mo Tei and the rest, a golden-radiated punch was released and collided head on with the black shadow’s punch.


A low and piercing boom resounded through the stone temple. A brutal wave of energy ripple then swept across the temple and turned the some of the surrounding elixirs into dust.

Thud! Thud!

Lin Dong’s figure was thrown back violently, and at the same time, tiny explosions could be heard coming continuously from his body. Clearly, his body had been invaded by an extremely powerful force.

Such terrifying power was enough to crush a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner’s body. However, even though Lin Dong’s body was thrown back by the attack, he did not show any signs of being seriously injured. Instead, under such a powerful attack, the golden glow on his body became increasingly brilliant.


Finally, Lin Dong’s body slammed viciously onto a huge pillar. Immediately, numerous cracks extended throughout the thick and solid pillar. It was at this moment that Lin Dong could finally stabilize his body thoroughly.


Upon seeing Lin Dong did not show any signs of being seriously injured after taking such a powerful punch from the Nirvana stage practitioner, Mo Tei and the rest sucked in a deep breath of cold air while feeling puzzled at the same time.

“Nirvana Golden Body!?”

In the mid-air, the black shadow stared at the faintly discernable golden glow beneath Lin Dong’s skin too. Soon after, he came to a realization and sneered, “No wonder you are so arrogant, it seems that you have a Nirvana Golden Body-alike body transformation martial art. However, I can tell you that you are too gullible to believe you can contend against a Nirvana stage practitioner with your martial art alone!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, the entire body of the black shadow erupted with an extremely dazzling golden radiance. The intensity of such radiance was numerous times stronger than Lin Dong’s Lesser Nirvana Golden Body.

“Let’s see how many times your imitation Nirvana Golden Body can withstand my attacks!”

This time around, the black figure activated all the powers of his Nirvana Golden Body as he burst into an attack abruptly. A sombre look appeared on Lin Dong’s face as he looked at the increasingly magnifying golden radiance in his eyes. After the previous direct confrontation, he understood the prowess of a Nirvana stage practitioner. He could only make use of his Lesser Nirvana Golden Body to put up a slight resistance. Ultimately, he could not use it to contend against the black shadow. No matter what happened, his capabilities paled in comparison with a Nirvana stage practitioner’s.

The sight of a golden figure who was overwhelmed with mountain-like power was expanding rapidly in the eyes of Lin Dong. That kind of pressuring gale that accompanied the attack was creating numerous cracks on the floor around Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, quickly escape from there!” Mo Tei and the rest screeched till their hearts went up their throats when they saw what was going on. Clearly, the Nirvana stage practitioner had went all out on this attack and he was going to kill Lin Dong!

“Trying to escape?”

A piercing laughter came from within the golden radiance. As he looked at Lin Dong’s calm face and thought of how the face was going to be wrecked later on, a twisted blood-lust delight arose in his mind.


As the golden radiance streaked across the air, the black shadow’s fist, which seemed to be made of real gold, caused explosions in the air and blasted towards Lin Dong’s head. With this kind of speed and the short distance between the black shadow and Lin Dong, it was impossible to dodge the attack even with extreme speed.


The black shadow’s face became sinister and distorted. However, just as he was about to land his punch, he saw a mocking look flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes.


Without even having the chance to understand the mocking look behind Lin Dong’s eyes, a red glow suddenly streaked across the air. At this moment, a metallic-cold punch appeared and collided with the sonic boom from his punch with a loud rumble!

Terrifying energy ripples engulfed the place. Huge cracks and crevices erupted throughout the floor of the stone chamber. All the stone pillars exploded as the stone chamber showed signs of collapsing. Seeing what had happened, Mo Tei and the rest retreated without any hesitation. They then looked at the stone chamber, which was currently engulfed in clouds of dust, with a deathly white face. No matter how powerful Lin Dong was, he was bound to die under such a powerful attack!

“Bang bang bang!”

Just when their faces turned deathly white, a figure shot out from the clouds of dust abruptly with both his feet planted deeply on the ground, creating two deep trails on the floor. Tremendous energy was seeping from the figure’s body, creating explosions in the air in the process.


Finally, this figure slammed fiercely onto the wall of the temple. As his body gave way, he spat out a mouthful of blood.


Mo Tei and the rest then fixated their gazes on this figure. What they saw petrified their bodies. Their eyes were popped out as if they had seen a ghost.

That was because the sorry figure who was shot out from the clouds of dust and spat out a mouthful of blood was the mysterious Nirvana stage practitioner!

Mo Tei and the rest’s minds seemed to be in the state of stupefaction as they stared blankly at this sight.

Even the black shadow himself raised his head in disbelief as he wiped off the blood stain on his mouth and glared rigidly into the clouds of dust.

Thud thud.

This situation continued for a short moment before the rustling sound of footsteps came through the clouds of dust. They then turned their heads stiffly and saw a figure walking slowly out of the clouds of dust. The calm face on the figure remained unwavering.

Mo Tei and the rest’s gazes rested upon Lin Dong’s calm face. At this moment, they suddenly discovered that there was a tall figure standing behind Lin Dong like a loyal bodyguard.

As they shifted their gazes to that tall figure, they discovered that its entire body appeared to be blazing with flames. They could not clearly see its features but could vaguely sense a powerful energy coming from it. This put their minds in a state of shock. After a while, mutterings that contained traces of extreme shock and astonishment began to come out from their mouths

“Nirv…. Nirvana stage practitioner….”

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