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Chapter 441 A Wager

The air outside of the Thunder Granite Valley seemingly froze, while their stares seemed to have an infectious impact as everyone simultaneously turned to stare at a young man at the back of the Yang City group.

Most men from Yang City were aware of the large battle that occured last night. The fact that Lin Dong, who was merely at peak Manifestation stage, could actually kill a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner caused them to be stunned. However, for the current predicament that they are in, just having the ability to kill a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner is not enough.

Therefore, when Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi cast their attention towards Lin Dong, several people grumbled in their heart. They did not doubt that Lin Dong was powerful. However, in their opinion, he was far from able to match up against a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner.

Nearby, hovering in mid-air, Hua Yun and Wu Mo also glanced peculiarly at that young man, before they promptly furrowed their brows. Both of them must have also realized that Lin Dong was merely at peak Manifestation stage and they did not understand what Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi were doing. Could it be that they actually wanted that peak Manifestation practitioner to help them out?

“What are they doing…” Hua Yun’s eyes narrowed while he muttered to himself with a tinge of mockery.

Standing beside him, Wu Yun furrowed his brows. For no particular reason, he thought that young man felt a little familiar. However, he could not explain why.

On a concealed mountain peak surrounding the Thunder Granite Valley, an alluring figure emerged. Her lazy and beautiful eyes were focused on the situation outside of Thunder Granite Valley, before she promptly turned to glance at young man and softly said: “This is somewhat interesting…”

Standing amidst the men from Yang City, the main character Lin Dong was evidently slightly puzzled by this sudden development as well. When he saw countless pairs of eyes focusing on him, he involuntarily furrowed his brows. Following which, he lifted his head and stared at Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi.

“Brother Lin Dong, all of us are from Yang City. If we choose to cooperate now, we may be able to reap some benefits.” When he saw Lin Dong staring at him, Liu Yuan laughed bitterly in his heart. His previous action had been completely instinctive. After all, he always felt that Lin Dong had concealed his real strength. Therefore, when he was at his wits end, he involuntarily turned to look at him. However, after he recovered his senses, he finally realized the predicament they were in. Against two high-grade empires, even if Lin Dong was truly skilled, could he possibly salvage this situation?

Of course, though he laughed bitterly, since he had already turned around, Liu Yuan could only ask him for help.

When Ling Zhi heard Liu Yuan’s request, his expression turned slightly peculiar. After all, did he really believe that Lin Dong could force those two empires to back off?

Lin Dong was silent as he stared that white and black men, who were exerting an enormous pressure on them. He was a little surprised by the strength of the factions that were attracted to the Thunder Granite Valley. After all, the pressure caused by two high-grade empires were a little too much for him to bear. Furthermore, he was keenly aware that if those two empires targeted him, he would be in deep trouble.

He was also aware that those two empires must be after the mysterious ancient key. Therefore, even if he did not speak up now, during the fight for the mysterious ancient key later on, he will surely clash with them as well.

Therefore, if the men from Yang City were intimidated by these two high-grade empires now, he would have to face those two men by himself during the fight for the mysterious ancient key and it would be extremely challenging.

Hence, if he could help the men from Yang City enter the Thunder Granite Valley, even if all they could do is create some chaos and distract those two high grade empires, it would be helpful for Lin Dong.

Just as Lin Dong descended into silence, surrounding him, Mo Tei and the rest stared peculiarly at him. Unknowingly, Lin Dong had became an influential figure amongst the Yang City men. In fact, his influence could even rival someone like Liu Yuan.

Countless pairs of eyes stared right at Lin Dong. None of them wanted to leave empty handed. However, under the pressure from those high-grade empires, they had no other choice. Therefore, many of them were just like desperate gamblers, as they staked their last hopes on Lin Dong. They were hoping to witness another miracle like they did last night…

The tense atmosphere lasted for several minutes, before Lin Dong’s gently furrowed brows slowly relaxed. Then, his feet tapped against his tiger’s back, before his figure flashed forth and he emerged right in front.

Lin Dong’s actions undoubtedly caused a commotion amongst the men from Yang City. Most of them had a fairly complex expression on their faces. Though they were hoping for a miracle, their rational minds told them that even if Lin Dong stepped in, nothing could change this harsh reality…

“The two of you, do you trust me?” Lin Dong tilted his head and looked Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi, before he suddenly asked.

When they heard his words, the Liu Yuan duo were slightly stunned. Promptly, they glanced at each other before they cautiously asked: “So, what are you planning to do?”

“Let’s gamble. I have a fifty percent chance of winning.” Lin Dong’s voice was calm but he did not elaborate.

“Fifty percent chance…” Though they did not know what Lin Dong planned to gamble on, to the Liu Yuan duo, these odds were pretty good. After all, if they continued to badger them, should these two high-grade empires really attack them, they would probably crumble.

“Since we have gotten this far, if brother Lin Dong wants to, please give it a go!” Liu Yuan was a silent for a moment, before he finally gritted his teeth and said. It was not a wise decision to continue dragging this on. Else, once nightfall arrives, all of them would hardly be able to escape.

Standing aside, Ling Zhi could only nod his head.

When he saw the both of them nod their heads, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. Then, under the crowd’s stares, he took a step forward before his eyes turned towards that two figures hovering in mid-air. Though they were quite a distance away, he could still sense the pressurizing aura emitted from their bodies. It seems like the Nirvana stage truly lives up to its name.

“The two of you are extremely renowned figures. It is not impossible for our Yang City men to turn around and leave. However, I would like to propose a wager with you.” Lin Dong’s steady voice slowly echoed out in mid-air.

“It seems like you do not have the qualifications to gamble with us…” Hua Yun gently smiled as he said.

“Two high-grade empires allied together is indeed extremely powerful. However, trust me, a desperate dog can jump over a wall while a desperate rabbit will bite back. We have travelled painstakingly to reach this area. If you really want to use force, perhaps you may succeed, however you will surely pay a hefty price as well. Since the Thunder Granite Valley has attracted the likes of you, who knows if there are other powerful empires hidden within. If you suffer losses now, it may not bode well for you.” Lin Dong’s voice was still calm, almost as if he did not sense the pressurizing aura emerging from Hua Yun’s body.

When they heard his words, Hua Yuan and Wu Mo’s eyes narrowed. Then, their eyes swept across the mountain ranges that surrounded Thunder Granite Valley. Just like what Lin Dong had said, they were most afraid that there was another predator lurking behind. In this world, nobody wanted to be the prey. Therefore, Hua Yun and the rest, were not interested as well.

“Talk about this wager.” Hua Yun glanced at Wu Mo. A tinge of excitement had finally lit up in his eyes, as he asked casually.

When he heard them relenting, a small smile emerged on Lin Dong’s face. Promptly, he waved his sleeves, before a shockwind emerged. Then, it carved out an approximately ten meter circle on the ground.

“It is not a complex wager. Out of the two of you, one of you will stand in the circle and take one blow from me. If you are blown out of the circle, I win. Else, it’s’ your victory.”

Lin Dong clapped his hands while he spoke casually. However, the commotion he caused could only be described by an avalanche. That was because, after he spoke, several gasps immediately sounded out amongst the Yang City men, while everyone stared at him in shock. It seems like all of them were shocked out of their wits.

One could only imagine just how ridiculous and stupid it was, for a mere peak Manifestation practitioner to challenge a Nirvana stage practitioner to take one attack from him and stay within the circle.

Though they were certain that Lin Dong was powerful, however… it was simply too much. Those were genuine Nirvana stage practitioner! In fact, even men like Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi had to combine forces in order to fight against them!

Amidst the commotion, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi were similarly stunned. When they heard Lin Dong’s suggestion, the first thought that came to their mind was: Is this guy for real?

Ling Zhi’s eyes darkened while his expression turned grim. As he stared at Liu Yuan, for a moment, he was at a loss for words.

“Since he has already brought it up, let’s see how it goes first.” At that point, Liu Yuan steeled himself as he said. After all, he was the one who roped in Lin Dong and therefore he could only pray for a miracle now.

“Haha, interesting.” Hovering in mid-air, the Hua Yun duo were stunned for a moment, before they recovered their sense. Then, their eyes somewhat mockingly glanced at Lin Dong, before they involuntarily laughed while they shook their heads. This wager must seem simply ridiculous to them.

“Alright, so out of the two of you, have you decided who it is going to be?”

However, Lin Dong ignored their mocking glances, as he stared right at the Hua Yun duo and softly asked.

“Let me handle it…”

Hua Yun had a mocking expression on his face, while he turned to look at Wu Mo. When he saw the latter wave his hands, he slowly walked out. However, he did not walk into the circle. Instead, he hovered above it in mid-air, with his hands behind his back. His calm voice was filled with an unconcealable pride.

“There is no need for me to enter the circle. I will stand right here. If you attack is able to move me, your men from Yang City is free to enter the Thunder Granite Valley!”

“However, if you fail to do so, take your men and leave immediately. Else, our two empires will be forced to adopt drastic measures. I hope all of you know what is best for you!”

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