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WDQK Chapter 44: Success

“Thud thud.”

Lei Li somewhat haggardly stabilized his body as he lifted his head and stared in shock at Lin Dong, involuntarily letting out: “ You entered Earthly Yuan Stage too? How is that possible?!”

Lei Li disbelieving voice was like a peal of thunder as it sounded in the eardrums of everyone nearby, shocking them. Immediately, gasps echoed out in the forest ground.

“If you can advance to Earthly Yuan Stage, why can’t I do the same?” Lin Dong smiled as he saw Lei Li’s somewhat frightened and doubtful expression. It was like he had seen a ghost.


Lei Li’s face twitched as his body began to tremble uncontrollably. He had started his training three years ago and with the aid of the bountiful resources from the Lei Family, he finally managed to advance to Earthly Yuan Stage just two months before. However, what about Lin Dong? Based on his knowledge, the latter only started training approximately one year ago!

In just one year’s time, he had caught up to his three years of training!

How incredulous is that? That kind of progress was something Lei Li never ever heard of!


Lei Li expression constantly changed, eventually settling into a somewhat warped expression as he took two steps forward. He refused to believe that Lin Dong had truly advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage!

“Big Brother Lei Li, they are going to snatch the Fire Python Tiger cubs!” Just as Lei Li was struggling with the turmoil in his heart, the observant Xie Yingying suddenly panicked after she saw Wu Yun climbing onto the rocks.


After hearing her words, Lei Li immediately regained his wits. Seeing that Wu Yun had already climbed onto the rocks, rage filled his entire body as a thick Yuan Power immediately exploded from within. Faintly, hints of Yin Energy dotted his Yuan Power. It seems like he had managed to absorbed a little Yin Energy into his Yuan Power and successfully fuse them. However, the Yin Energy that he assimilated seemed to be of the ordinary Grade found between Heaven and Earth.

“Lin Dong, I don’t care how you managed to increase your strength, you still lack the qualifications to beat me!”

As Yuan Power surged within his body, Lei Li’s body felt full of strength as he enjoyed that refreshing power. When he attacked previously, he never expected that Lin Dong’s strength had advanced to such terrifying levels. Therefore, he was careless and ended up losing out. Now that he was fully prepared, even if Lin Dong had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, he would not easily lose out.

With a roar, Lei Li dashed out with both of his palms bent like eagle claws as he went for Lin Dong’s head.

“Yingying, stop Wu Yun!”

Just as he moved to attack Lin Dong, Lei Li once again shouted out.

At Lei Li’s shout, Xie Yingying nodded her head. However, right before she could make her move, Lin Dong broke away from Lei Li pursuit and appeared in front of her. With a simple palm attack, he instantly blew Xie Yingying back.

“All of you attack!”

After he saw Lin Dong purposefully avoid him and instead chose to tangle with Xie Yingying, Lei Li’s face turned blue as he shouted at the crew behind him that he had hastily assembled.

The crew behind him hesitated after they heard Lei Li’s roar. Several of them could only grit their teeth as they remembered the reward that Lei Li had promised them previously. However, just as they were about to make their move, arrows suddenly flew through the forest and hastily stopped them in their tracks.

While Lin Dong and Mu Lingsha restricted Lei Li and the rest, Wu Yun finally climbed onto the rocks. Taking out a piece of cloth from his chest, he wrapped the three Fire Python Tiger cubs within and swiftly jumped down. Following which he whistled a signal before immediately dashing into the woods and disappearing.


As he heard the whistle, Lin Dong was delighted. He quickly turned to Mu Lingsha’s current position and shouted.

“Swish swish!”

Hidden in the woods, Mu Lingsha lightly nodded as she fired off her remaining arrows before turning to flee.

“Haha, Lei Li. We’ll have our real match when we reach the stage later. However, right now, its time for me to split my spoils…”

After he saw Mu Lingsha’s successful escape and then Lei Li’s fuming expression, Lin Dong felt incredible carefree. He let out a hearty laugh as he stamped off the ground and immediately dashed off. Concurrently, he flung his arms at Lei Li and the rest, violently firing the rock shrapnels hidden within his sleeves to slow them down.

By the time Lei Li deflected those rocks projectiles, he could only see Lin Dong’s shadow escaping into the woods. Immediately, he exploded in anger. His furious roars could be heard resounding hatefully throughout the forest.

“Lin Dong, I swear I will kill you!”

As he ran in the dense forest, Lin Dong could hear the angry roars from behind him. However, he only casually smiled. Based on his current strength, he hardly feared Lei Li. Furthermore, he was also not worried about offending Lei and Xie Family. After all, they were already hostile towards the Lin Family. Therefore, why bother?

Lin Dong traversed through the woods like an agile monkey. Approximately ten minutes later, he stopped and scanned his surroundings before he finally sat down below a giant tree.

Soon after, he heard the rustling sounds of leaves from nearby. Next, Wu Yun and Mu Lingsha surfaced in front of Lin Dong.

“Haha, that was wonderful!”

Just as Wu Yun appeared, he involuntarily let out a hearty laugh. Then he looked at Lin Dong with admiration as he chuckled: “ Looks like we found the right person. Brother Lin Dong, your training progress is simply sick. In just four month’s time, you advanced from Tempered Body 8th Layer to Earthly Yuan Stage.”

“It’s just a fluke.” Lin Dong smiled as he casually replied.

“Let us split our spoils.”

Wu Yun carefully unwrapped the cloth bundle on his back and placed it on a nearby rock. Hidden within this cloth bundle were three tiny blood-stained Fire Python Tiger cubs. As they struggled to crawl around with their tiny bodies, they looked extremely cute. Even Mu Lingsha’s eyes lit up. Even though she was still young, it seems like the motherly instinct was something every female possessed.

“Brother Lin Dong, you’ve contributed the most. You should pick first.” Wu Yun smiled as he said. Standing beside him, Mu Lingsha also nodded her head. Evidently, she agreed as well.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong did not bother with any pleasantries as he extended his right palm to gently touch these three cubs. As they felt human contact, these three cubs immediately curled up their tiny bodies.

Lin Dong’s right palm hesitated for a while as it moved back and forth over the three cubs. Moments later, when his palm touched the tiny cub on the left, a glint flashed across his eyes. With a smile, he picked it up in his arms and said: “Here, let me have this one.”

“This one… Brother Lin Dong, this cub seems like the weakest among the three. I’m afraid it will be somewhat difficult to take care of it. Are you sure about this?” Upon witnessing Lin Dong’s choice, Wu Yun and Mu Lingsha were both stunned as they asked.

“It’s fine, I want it.”

Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head. Naturally, he had a reason for doing so. Just now when he was touching these three cubs with his right palm, he felt a slight vibration from the Stone Talisman embedded within his palm when he touched this tiny cub.

The Stone Talisman was usually extremely quiet, therefore whenever it makes a move, it must have encountered something extraordinary.

Lin Dong lowered his head to look at the tiny Fire Python Tiger cub, which had yet to even open its eyes. Based on his judgement, he could not tell why this little cub was special. Nonetheless, he chose to believe in the Stone Talisman.

“This fellow must be somehow different right?”

Lin Dong hugged the tiny cub as he muttered uncertainly to himself.

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