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Chapter 433 Vicious

Under numerous astonished stares, the bone spear in Lin Dong’s hand jerked, directly blowing apart the Demonic Beast’s head. Fresh blood spurted out, seemingly covering the sky before a flash of light shot out before steadily landing in Lin Dong’s hand.

What had landed in Lin Dong’s hand was a scarlet red fist-sized Demonic Crystal. Red light flowed within the Demonic Crystal while waves of vigorous Nirvana Qi spread outwards, its degree of richness caused even Lin Dong to be a little moved.

Compared to before, when Lin Dong had killed a peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts, the Nirvana Qi contained within this Demonic Crystal was practically on a different level.

If he could obtain a few more of these, he should be able to rapidly reach the peak Manifestation stage.

“Good stuff.”

A trace of delight flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. His hand tightened as Devouring Power gushed out, directly devouring the Nirvana Qi within the Demonic Crystal. As streams of Nirvana Qi flowed in his veins, Lin Dong immediately felt a burning sensation in his body. Meanwhile, the tiredness from the previous great battle vanished without a trace and the Yuan Power inside his body grew increasingly vigorous.

Just this single half-step-to Nirvana Demonic Beasts crystal was equivalent to several hundred Nirvana pills!

After killing the Demonic Beasts, Lin Dong’s figure moved, returning to the camp under the watch of several respectful gazes to once again defend the southern area, making sure the numerous Demonic Beasts would find it difficult to gain even a single inch.

The disturbance due to Lin Dong’s killing of the half-step-to Nirvana Demonic Beasts was not small. Some of the surrounding camps also sensed it, and several people were somewhat stunned by this scene. After all, even the half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners on their side were still stuck in battle with the Demonic Beasts, while Lin Dong had already taken the lead and killed the Demonic Beasts with his advanced Manifestation stage strength. This feat proved that he was not just a little better than them.

“Humph, he merely relied on the might of his Soul Treasure, or else, how could he possibly kill a half-step-to Nirvana Demonic Beasts with that kind of strength?” In the camp on the northern side, a figure coldly watched the returning Lin Dong while icily snorting. This person was Jin Mu.

“The Soul Treasure in that fellow’s hand is pretty powerful. I believe that it can be considered as top tier among Earthly Soul Treasures.” Standing beside that man, a blue-robed Hai Sha smiled as he said. He eerily stared at Lin Dong, while greed flowed in his eyes.

“This is a pretty good opportunity.” A vicious glint flitted across Jin Mu’s eyes as he scanned his surroundings. They had a fairly powerful line-up with five half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners plus other powerful practitioners as well. Therefore, they were hardly threatened by the demonic horde.

Outside of their campsite, there were five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast. However, these five Demonic Beast were held down by their men from the five empires and could not step foot into their camp.

“Hai Sha, is there anyway you can lure those five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts to their side? Lin Dong is performing well right? In that case, why don’t we send a few more beasts over to him.” A wicked smile emerged on Jin Mu’s face, while his eyes were glimmering sinisterly.

When he heard these words, Hai Sha gently furrowed his brows before he calmly said, “I do have a way, however…”

“As long as we can finish off that kid, I will let you study my Saint Light Empire’s ‘Saint Elephant Sky Crumbling Tackle’. How about it?” When he saw this situation, Jin Mu gently smiled as if he knew what Hai Sha was thinking about.

“I am fairly interested in that kid’s Soul Treasure as well.” Hai Sha gently smiled.

“It’s all yours.” Jin Mu calmly said.

“In that case, leave it to me. Killing one half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts is already his limit. To deal with five, haha!” Hai Sha laughed oddly, before his figure promptly flashed and directly leapt out of the campsite. When he was in mid-air, he waved his sleeves as a big puff of white dust emerged, enveloping the five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts.


No one knew what the white dust that emerged from Hai Sha’s sleeves was. However, the instant it touched the half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts, their eyes turned blood-red, before they suddenly turned around and charged manically at Hai Sha.

“Heh, my Soul Demonic Dust is reserved for Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts. However, right now, I shall let this kid experience its prowess first.” When he saw those half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts charging towards him, Hai Sha laughed. Promptly, he felt a little heartache. It was extremely difficult to manufacture the Soul Demonic Dust and it was a speciality item from their Hai Ling Empire. Therefore, even he had a limited supply.

The eyes of the five Demonic Beast’s were blood-red as they charged towards him. Hai Sha’s figure moved as his body dashed out. However, his target was Lin Dong’s campsite.

When five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts travelled together, it naturally caused quite a commotion. Therefore, several people immediately turned to look. When they saw this sight, they were first stunned, before they tightly knitted their brows. Everyone here was no fool and it only took them a glance before they realized that Hai Sha held malicious intentions.

“Hai Sha, what are you doing!”

At the same time, when Mo Tei and the rest realized what was happening, their expressions changed drastically before they shouted out.

“Haha, there is too much pressure on our side. Since Lin Dong is performing exceptionally well, why don’t you help us relieve the burden. Haha.” Hai Sha laughed heartily, before he pointed his finger. Immediately, a white ball shot into Lin Dong’s campsite, before it instantly erupted, releasing a peculiar smell.


When that smell emerged, the five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast that were chasing after Hai Sha instantly changed their target. Under countless bewildered stares, their blood-red eyes turned to Lin Dong’s campsite as they charged towards him.

“Hai Sha, you bastard!” When he saw this sight, Mo Tei was extremely enraged as his loud roar echoed in the distance.

Though the surrounding campsites were displeased with Hai Sha’s actions, they had little time to care for others. Therefore, they could only shake their head in sympathy.

“Haha, Mo Tei. Let’s talk again after you fend off those five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast!” Hai Sha laughed venomously before he stared darkly at Lin Dong and said, “Lin Dong, aren’t you very capable? Come, show me your prowess again. Let’s see if you can slaughter five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts!”

As he spoke, Hai Sha quickly retreated, while a gloating expression surfaced in his eyes.

In the campsite, when Mo Ling and the rest saw the five incoming half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beasts, their expressions changed drastically. All of them were keenly aware that based on their current strength, it was impossible for them to defend against such an attack.

The campsite instantly descended into panic. Everyone’s face was white as wax while despair filled their faces.

Lin Dong stared grimly at that retreating Hai Sha. He knew that this must be Jin Mu’s idea. That fellow is truly a cunning and persistent bastard.

“Mo Ling, guard the campsite. I will lure away these five Demonic Beast.”

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered. Promptly, he waved his sleeves before Little Flame dashed out and transformed into battle mode. It looked extremely impressive.

“Little Flame, stay here as well!’ Lin Dong deeply growled. Without further ado, he grabbed outwards and directly sucked that white ball thrown by Hai Sha into his hand.

That white ball continuously gave off a smell that agitated these Demonic Beast. Right now, it had evidently spread out and enveloped their entire campsite.

After he gripped the white ball, without hesitation, Lin Dong’s figure moved. Under Mo Tei and the rest bewildered stares, he dashed out of the campsite and headed backwards.

Growl! Growl!

The five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast were evidently extremely sensitive towards the smell. Their blood-red eyes were locked onto Lin Dong’s body as all of them chased after him.

Within the campsite and its surroundings, several people were staring at this scene. When they saw that Lin Dong had actually volunteered to lure away those five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast by himself, shock filled their eyes. Everyone knew that it was very difficult for anyone to survive a fight against those five half-step-to Nirvana stage Demonic Beast alone, not to mention the overwhelming demonic horde that was also around, hence, most people assumed that Lin Dong was going to die.

“Brother Lin Dong, don’t worry. If anything happens to you, I will make sure Jin Mu and Hai Sha join you in hell!” Mo Tei’s body gently trembled as he stared at the figure that was disappearing deep into the demonic horde, while his expression turned extremely ugly. Lin Dong’s actions caused even his heart to shudder.

Right now, Tang Xuan and Liu Xuan’s expression were extremely grim. As they glanced at Jin Mu’s direction, a deep hatred filled their eyes.

The ones who could come to the ancient battlefield were no pushovers. Therefore, Jin Mu’s actions today definitely enraged them.

“Ha, such a touching sight…”

In the distance, Jin Mu chuckled venomously when he saw this sight while offhandedly remarking, “I am afraid you won’t even find that fellow’s corpse…”

“Such an ignorant brat. Who does he think he is? A Nirvana stage practitioner?” Hai Sha chuckled sinisterly. Lin Dong was obviously digging his own grave.

“It’s a pity his Soul Treasures and martial arts will be gone. It is all wasted on him…”

Jin Mu stretched his back, while his eyes glanced at the direction where Lin Dong had disappeared, before mumbling to himself, “You are still too young to fight with me. It’s a pity, you won’t ever have that chance…”

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