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Chapter 431 Second Encounter With The Demonic Horde

Rumble! Tumble! Tumble!

Just as nightfall enveloped the mountain range, the ground began to tremble. Meanwhile, a savage aura extended across the entire mountain range in an extremely domineering fashion, before it completely enshrouded most of the people here.

Even though there were quite a number of people from Yang City, they were insignificant compared to the massive Thunder Granite Mountain Range. Therefore, when the ground trembled, several people’s eyes were filled with fear when they discerned the distant blood-red eyes glimmering in the dark.

This is the first time Lin Dong had encountered the demonic horde out in the open. Furthermore, based on its aura, Lin Dong knew that the demonic horde today is far more powerful than the one he encountered at the first assembly point.

Therefore, due to that all-encompassing killing aura, even his expression turned increasingly solemn. Promptly, he gripped his palm before his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear immediately appeared.

As everyone watched on nervously, those densely packed blood-red eyes finally appeared within the illuminated radius of the flames. When they saw those icy-cold and hideous demonic beasts that emerged from the dark, several people’s hearts shuddered.


Man and beasts faced off and it seems like the atmosphere in this area had frozen. However, this standoff did not last for long, before it was broken by a series of screams and growls, which sounded out one after another.

These demonic beasts already knew about the human’s invasion. However, they were no ordinary demonic beasts and they possessed intelligence as well. Therefore, during the day, they chose to conceal themselves and wait for nightfall to arrive. That was because with the boost from moonlight, their claws could easily rip apart a human’s flesh.


That seemingly never-ending demonic horde began to rampage manically. Their targets were obviously the various campsites in the mountain range.


“Defend! Quickly! The demonic horde is here!”

Fearsome and piercing noises as well as some panicked screams ricocheted across the mountain range. Following which, several formidable Yuan Power shockwaves erupted. Everyone knew how terrifying it was to defend against a demonic horde out in the open, however, they had no choice…


As they faced such a massive demonic horde, some of the campsite located in front were almost instantaneously wiped out upon contact. Occasionally, some Yuan Power shockwaves that erupted will be swiftly extinguished after a painful cry. That sight caused several people’s heart to shudder. Against such a massive never-ending demonic horde, even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner would feel fear.

Nonetheless, though the demonic horde is huge, the people from Yang City are no pushovers. Furthermore, there are more and more campsite behind. Therefore, several streams of Yuan Power shockwaves seemingly formed into a thousand meter tall glowing screen before it directly clashed against that incoming demonic horde. Instantly, countless demonic beasts were blown apart. However, that exploding rain of blood agitated the remaining demonic beasts and they subsequently split into multiple factions, before they charged towards different campsites.


As they faced the onslaught from the demonic horde, a series of enraged roar erupted in the campsite. Formidable blades and swords glimmered, while alarming Yuan Power shockwaves swept forth and butchered several sturdy steel-like demonic beasts.

This was a real fight without citywall to protect them. If they want to survive the demonic horde, they must go all-out and defend themselves.

“Tang Xuan, you are in charge of defending the northern side. Liu Xuan, take the eastern side. I will be at the west. Lin Dong, I will leave the demonic beasts at the southern side to you. Do not let them overrun the campsite or we will all be dead!”

Right now, Mo Tei’s expression was so imposing that it could not be described with words. He gripped tightly onto a large black sabre in his hand, while he stared viciously at the incoming demonic horde. At the same time, his roar echoed out within the campsite.

Even without him commanding them, everyone in the campsite had already moved and caused the entire campsite to be flooded. Streams of potent Yuan Power was just like a glowing screen as it enveloped the entire campsite.

Lin Dong’s figure flashed before he directly appeared at the southern side of the campsite. With a solemn expression on their faces, Mo Ling and the rest quickly followed behind him. Furthermore, Lin Dong did not have much men under him. Therefore, Mo Tei and the rest also sent some of their men over. Else, if it were just the four of them, they may truly be unable to secure the southern side.

“Here they are!”

Just as Lin Dong reached the southern side, the demonic horde had arrived as well. Together with an overwhelming pressure, those hideous and bloody beasts viciously clashed against the campsite.


Under the terrifying stares from the crowd, the demonic horde finally clashed against their campsite. Instantly, everyone’s heart shuddered violently. Thankfully, their campsite did not collapse. Instead, several demonic beasts were instantly blown apart upon impact.


Immediately, Mo Tei’s deep growl sounded out. Following which, everyone immediately unleashed their attacks that they had been preparing. As such, all of them nearby demonic beasts were instantly slaughtered.

However, this was hardly a significant blow to that never-ending demonic horde. Therefore, before the crowd had time to celebrate, they immediately saw an even large demonic wave swarming towards them.

This was an extremely vicious battle. As they stared at the sea of blood-red eyes, everyone’s breathing became increasingly ragged. Faintly, signs of insanity emerged.

Bang! Bang!

All sorts of martial arts were unleashed, before the combined formidable shockwind viciously blew away those hideous demonic beasts.

The entire mountain range was dyed in blood, while screams continuously echoed out. It was no simple feat to defend against such a massive demonic horde out in the open at night…

Lin Dong stared solemnly at the southern side of his campsite. As those reckless demonic beasts continued to charge at them, some of them were quickly injured. In a manner of speaking, based on their current lineup, it was truly a stretch for them to hold off the demonic horde.

“The ones who are injured take a short break, the rest will reinforce them!”

Lin Dong’s deep growl sounded out in several people’s ears. However, when they heard their voice, the men from the other three empires involuntarily pursed their lips. After all, if they took a break, could they count on just the four of them to hold them off?

Just as this thought flashed across their mind, they suddenly saw a figure leaping out from the campsite, before he appeared outside of the campsite. Following which, the bone spear in his hand solemnly stomped against the ground, before an exceedingly formidable aura swept forth. In fact, this caused some of the incoming demonic beasts to stumble, before they once again charged at Lin Dong with an even more savage speed.

“That guy!”

When they saw that Lin Dong actually dared to head out of the campsite, several people exclaimed in shock. Against such a terrifying demonic horde, even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner did not dare to head outside. Therefore, isn’t Lin Dong courting death?

“Buzz! Buzz!”

However, Lin Dong chose to ignore them. Instead, he stared coldly at the incoming demonic horde, before he jerked his arm. Immediately, he carved out numerous shadows with his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. Every time a shadow appeared, one demonic beast will be slaughtered. Following which, Lin Dong jerked his spear, before a stream of Devouring Force emerged and devoured the demonic crystal inside the demonic beast and refined it into a stream of Nirvana Qi, which fused into his body.

Thanks to his powerful attack, every demonic beasts within a ten meter radius of Lin Dong was instantly slaughtered. However, they were promptly filled up with new demonic beasts. Nonetheless, against this never-ending swarm of demonic beasts, Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly resplendent. Meanwhile, savage shockwinds continuously erupted from the bone spear within his hand.

Lin Dong’s actions immediately showcased just how powerful he was. The other three empire members, who originally looked down at him, also felt that immense pressure. Immediately, their faces turned solemn.

Everyone knew just how terrifying the demonic beasts were at night. However, Lin Dong was still able to dominate them in the midst of the demonic horde. This was a feat that even a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner could not accomplish.

When they detected the commotion, Mo Tei, Tang Xuan and Liu Xuan, who were fighting bitterly, turned to glance at Lin Dong. Immediately, their pupils shrunk. In particular, shock emerged in Tang Xuan and Liu Xuan’s eyes. Right now, they finally believed the rumours of the fight between Lin Dong and Jin Mu.

Lin Dong was deep within the demonic horde. As he waved his spear, countless demonic beasts immediately fell on his feet. Following which, his eyes turned to look at the back of the demonic horde. At that spot, he could sense an extremely savage vibration. He knew that was going to be the decisive factor in this fight.


A crack suddenly appeared in the demonic horde. Just as several people heaved a sigh of relief, their faces promptly turned grim. That was because, they saw several ancient tyrannosaurus-looking demonic beasts slowly emerging from the dark.

There was an extremely powerful vibration undulated on these demonic beasts. That vibration was enough to rival a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner.


Under the illumination of the fire, several people’s face turned much paler.

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