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Chapter 428 Cleansing The Blood Soul Puppet

Fiery-red and round elixir pills were densely packed as they hovered in that spacious stone chambers. When such a large amount of Nirvana Pills appeared together, it caused the Yuan Power in the stone chamber to instantly boil. In fact, even the surrounding air stealthily heated up.

Lin Dong sucked in a breath of air filled with potent Nirvana Qi, while his face was filled with a delighted expression. If he chose to absorb and refine all thirty-thousand Nirvana Pills, he could quickly breakthrough to peak Manifestation stage. Unfortunately, he did not have much Nirvana Pills and he could not afford to splurge them. Therefore, he must reserve the quality steel for his blade. Evidently, right now, the Blood Soul Puppet was his blade…

“Nirvana Spirit Transformation Formation!”

Little Marten hovered in the stone chamber, while its claws danced and caused several shadows to erupt. As its claws danced, several dark-purple light beams shot out from within his claws before they finally criss-crossed together. Faintly, they formed into an extremely complicated and obscure formation above the stone chamber.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!”

When that formation was formed, Little Marten’s expression turned increasingly solemn. As it waved its claws, countless Nirvana Pills instantly whizzed forth, before they finally transformed into streams of fiery-red Nirvana Qi and fused with that formation.

Hua La!

As that large amount of Nirvana Qi gushed in, fiery-red flames instantly lit up above that large formation. Of course, these were not real flames, but rather flames formed from that rich Nirvana Qi.

Fiery Nirvana Flames burned, while the temperature in the stone domain stealthily increased. In fact, even though Lin Dong had a tough physical body, he could still feel a slight burn on his body.


Below that large formation, that Blood Soul Puppet obviously felt an uneasy sensation. Immediately, the killing intent permeating its entire body suddenly increased, as it tried to resist desperately and caused the light screen formed by the stone talisman and Heavy Prison Peak to vibrate continuously.

“Lin Dong, let me cleanse the killing intent in the Blood Soul Puppet. During this period of time, you will be in charge of suppressing the Blood Soul Puppet. If it is able to break free from its chains and escape the large formation, I am afraid that we will no longer be able to handle it!” When it saw this sight, Little Marten’s eyes darkened as it coldly shouted out.


Lin Dong solemnly nodded his head as he understood the severity of this matter. Previously, they had laboured intensively in order to seal the Blood Soul Puppet. Therefore, if they allowed it to break free, even if Lin Dong and Little Marten joined forces, they would be unable to seal it again. After all, compared to before, the Blood Soul Puppet’s strength had evidently surged. Therefore, if it wanted to escape, even a Nirvana stage practitioner could not change its mind.

This was evidently a sight that Lin Dong would loathe to see. The Blood Soul Puppet was one of the most important tools in his arsenal and he had spent a considerable amount of effort in order to obtain sufficient Nirvana Pills. Now that he was at the final step, he could not allow any errors.

Therefore, Lin Dong immediately took charge of the stone talisman and Heavy Prison Peak, before all the Yuan Power in his body unreservedly gushed out and flowed into the two of them. Instantly, the stone talisman and Heavy Prison Peak trembled, as streams of powerful energy shockwaves poured down. Just like a lid, it forcefully suppressed a raging Blood Soul Puppet.


Just as Lin Dong suppressed the Blood Soul Puppet, Little Marten suddenly waved its claws. Instantly, that large formation began to tremble violently before a fiery-red column, formed from Nirvana Qi poured down from within that formation. Just like magma, it immediately rained down on that Blood Soul Puppet.

Buzz! Buzz!

When those rich Nirvana Qi invaded the Blood Soul Puppet’s body, creaking noises instantly erupted from the latter’s body. Thanks to the cleansing properties of Nirvana Qi, its maniacal overflowing killing intent quickly dissolved at an alarming rate.

However, every time a stream of killing intent was cleansed by that Nirvana Qi, another stream of killing intent continuously gushed out from within the Blood Soul Puppet. Furthermore, that Blood Soul Puppet began to resist even more violently. Meanwhile, its savage blood-red pupils stared right at Lin Dong, while beast-like growls continuously echoed out from its throat.

As that Blood Soul Puppet struggled manically, Lin Dong’s expression turned increasingly solemn. He could feel that the Heavy Prison Peak and stone talisman were trembling gently. Regardless, the Blood Soul Puppet was an existence that could match up against a Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, though he had the stone talisman and Heavy Prison Peak, it was still quite difficult for him to suppress it.

“Lin Dong, the killing intent in the Blood Soul Puppet is extremely potent. Therefore, it would take a few days in order to completely cleanse it. I need to control the formation and I can afford no distractions. Therefore, you are on your own when you suppress the Blood Soul Puppet. If an accident occurs mid-way, there will be no time for regrets!” Little Marten softly said.

“Yes!” Lin Dong nodded his head again while his nerves were tightly bounded. If that Blood Soul Puppet escaped, the first one it would target would definitely be him. At that time, he would be in real trouble.

After Little Marten finished warning him, it did not speak any more. Immediately, its figure flashed before it headed inside the large formation and disappeared within that potent Nirvana Qi. As it headed in, the large formation began to spin at a faster rate before an increasingly potent fiery-red light column gushed out. Just like flames, it completely enveloped the Blood Soul Puppet below.


A savage roar manically echoed out in the stone chamber and caused the entire stone chamber to tremble. In fact, if Little Marten had not set up a formation, the entire stone chamber would have been blown to bits by its savage killing intent and it would have spilled into Yang City and revealed its existence.

Boom! Boom!

As more and more Nirvana Pills gushed into the large formation, the fiery-red energy within became increasingly hot, until eventually, even Lin Dong’s expression began to change. These Nirvana Pills had the ability to cleanse one’s bones and muscles. However, too much of a good thing may become harmful. Though Lin Dong had mastered “Lesser Nirvana Golden Body”, if he came into contact with these Nirvana Flames that were formed from thirty thousand Nirvana Pills, he would probably squeal out in pain as well.

In the stone chamber, the Blood Soul Puppet’s growls turned increasingly savage. It seems like it felt extremely uneasy and that forced it to struggle even more violently. Meanwhile, cracks even emerged on the light screen formed by the stone talisman and the Heavy Prison Peak and caused Lin Dong’s heart to shudder. He knew that if the Blood Soul Puppet tore through the light screen, everything that he had done would be for naught.

“I must not let this thing escape!”

Lin Dong viciously gritted his teeth. Then, his mind moved, before his Devouring Ancestral Symbol flew out from within his Niwan Palace. Following which, a black hole slowly emerged below that Blood Soul Puppet.

When that black hole appeared, a Devouring Force slowly emerged before the killing intent diffusing from within the Blood Soul Puppet’s body was instantly devoured by the black hole. By doing so, it helped to relieve some of the pressure on the large formation.

However, by doing so, it caused Lin Dong to sweat profusely as he had to take control of three items simultaneously. Even though his Mental Energy was powerful, it was quite stressful for him as well. Thankfully, he was a stubborn man. As he gritted his teeth, he directly fought against that Blood Soul Puppet.

It obviously took quite some time in order to cleanse the killing intent in the Blood Soul Puppet. After all, the killing intent in the Blood Soul Puppet was accumulated over countless years. Therefore, even with this amount of Nirvana Pills and the strength of the large formation, it was no simple feat to completely cleanse it.

Therefore, this time around, the cleansing process took four whole days.

In these four day’s time, Lin Dong’s nerves were tightly bounded and he did not dare to relax at all. His eyes were bloodshot and due to the stress, fatigue was deeply plastered within the deepest corner of his eyes.

Hua. Hua.

Fiery-red Nirvana Qi was just like magma as it continuously rained down from within the large formation. Finally, under Lin Dong’s bloodshot eyes, it landed on that Blood Soul Puppet’s body.

After four days of cleansing, the savage killing intent in the Blood Soul Puppet had almost been completely wiped away. Its originally blood-red body had turned fiery-red. Even though it was still red in color, it did not look as savage as before…

As he stared at this sight, a tinge of contentment surged into Lin Dong’s bloodshot eyes. It seems like he had not suffered for nothing over these past four days. Nontheless, he must soldier on…

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Just as Lin Dong let down his guard, inside the glowing screen, white puffs of smoke erupted from that Blood Soul Puppet’s body. Then, the final trace of killing intent was finally completely cleansed by that Nirvana Qi.

When that final trace of killing intent disappeared, the Blood Soul Puppet’s body became as hot as flames. The glowing seal that was originally at its forehead finally disappeared.

“Lin Dong, use your essence blood and form a Blood Seal!” Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out.

When he heard Little Marten’s voice, Lin Dong’s spirits were suddenly lifted up. He had been waiting for four days for this moment. Immediately, he bit his tongue before he spat out a mouthful of essence blood. As he skillfully maneuvered, he managed to accurately hit the Blood Soul Puppet’s forehead.

Chii! Chii!

When that essence blood landed on that Blood Soul Puppet’s forehead, a puff of mist instantly erupted forth. That essence blood continuously eroded the Blood Soul Puppet via its forehead. As it faced this corrosive force, that originally savage Blood Soul Puppet actually did not resist at all as it allowed the essence blood to invade its mind, before it formed a brand new seal in its mind!


When that seal was formed, a buzzing noise instantly erupted in Lin Dong’s mind. Meanwhile, a sense of control suddenly appeared. Immediately, a content smile emerged on his lethargic face. He knew that from now on, this Blood Soul Puppet would be exclusively controlled by him!

He would no longer have to worry about any backflash!

This will be a major boost for him in the ancient battlefield!

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