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Chapter 411 Forced to Leave


When Lin Dong’s shout that contained ice-cold killing intent sounded out, atop the city walls, Lin Langtian’s surroundings instantly became empty. Some of the originally scattered people scuttled away as if they had encountered the plague. From the looks of it, the grudge between Lin Dong and the latter was not small, and after witnessing the great battle previously, they knew that it was best to keep a distance from Lin Dong’s enemies. Or else, it would be too late to cry when they got caught up in the aftershocks.

The Mo Ling trio were also stunned, however, they did not say anything. They knew about the grudge between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian. Moreover, Lin Langtian’s previous actions clearly showed that he planned on watching Lin Dong be killed. Given the latter’s character, he would absolutely not let Lin Langtian off so easily.

Although they were all from the Great Yan Empire, and Lin Dong and Lin Langtian were both considered as companions, their hearts were not undoubtedly leaning towards Lin Dong. Hence, it was impossible for them to speak up or stop Lin Dong.

Because, between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian, they had already chosen the former.

In response to his now empty surroundings atop the city wall, the corners of Lin Langtian’s eyes involuntarily twitched for a moment. Soon after, his cold eyes stared at Lin Dong as he ominously said: “The current you is likely already at your limit. Kill me? You must be dreaming!”

Upon hearing this, a sneer flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes as he replied: “If you want to wait till I’ve spent all my energy, I’m afraid it’s going to be very difficult.”

As his voice faded, with a thought from Lin Dong, tyrannical Devouring Power burst out of his body. The surrounding Yuan Power immediately surged and rushed over, endlessly tunneling into Lin Dong’s body.

When the Yuan Power entered Lin Dong’s body, they were instantly devoured and refined, transforming into vigorous Yuan Power that flowed in his limbs and bones. Immediately, the Yuan Power that he had consumed in the previous great battle started to recover at a rapid rate.

With the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, as long as Lin Dong had enough mental fortitude, he was practically a battle machine that did not know the meaning of rest. Waiting for his Yuan Power to be depleted due to battle was not going to be that easy.

Waves of Yuan Power endlessly poured into Lin Dong’s body, while his aura once again climbed under numerous astonished gazes. Although he would not reach his peak for a time, he had already recovered to a normal state.

“Such frightening recovery power!”

Upon seeing this scene, several people were secretly shocked in their hearts. That terrifying recovery rate combined with that overwhelming battle power. No wonder the mere advanced Manifestation stage Lin Dong had the power to kill a peak Manifestation practitioner.

Atop the city wall, Lin Langtian also felt Lin Dong’s aura rapidly recover and his face immediately turned exceedingly grim. His plan had failed once again.

“Lin Langtian, get over here to die!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were ice-cold. Not giving Lin Langtian any time, Lin Dong’s hand clenched as vigorous Yuan Power condensed into a dazzling golden platform before ruthlessly flying towards Lin Langtian.

When he saw Lin Dong attack, Lin Langtian’s eyes also turned cold. His figure moved as he flew forth from the city wall; a fist flying out as a ferocious force blew back the golden platform.

Upon seeing Lin Langtian fly out, Lin Dong’s figure also moved, the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps at his feet as he transformed into a puff of green smoke that mixed together with a vigorous offensive and attacked Lin Langtian like torrential rain.

Bang bang bang!

As he eyed the attacking Lin Dong, Lin Langtian gritted his teeth and urged out all the Yuan Power in his body. His figure charged forward and directly clashed against Lin Dong. Fist and palm met, transforming into after images as muffled thuds erupted in the sky.

The two figures in mid-air had already fought over a dozen rounds in the time it took for a spark to fade from a flint as waves of berserk Yuan power shockwaves swept outwards.

Every gaze was locked onto the air. The fight between the two did not show any signs of a deadlock. Under Lin Dong’s torrential attacks, even though Lin Langtian tried his best to contend, he was still beaten back bit by bit, completely suppressed by Lin Dong.

The others did not find this unexpected at all. Previously, Lin Dong had taken on eight Saint Light Empire practitioners by himself, and even killed all of them in the end. Such an achievement was enough to be called terrifying. Lin Langtian was only at the advanced Manifestation stage, how could he possible be Lin Dong’s match in a head-on battle?


In mid-air, Lin Dong’s fists were heavy as a mountain as they smashed into Lin Langtian’s crossed arms. A ferocious force exploded, directly blowing Lin Langtian a hundred meters back with a single punch before he stumbled a little and stabilized his sorry figure.

“I was able to force you to such a state when I was at the half-step-to Manifestation stage. Now that I have reached the advanced Manifestation stage, the same cultivation level as yourself, you still futilely try to fight me?!” After blowing away Lin Langtian with a single punch, Lin Dong could not help but sneer.

After experiencing numerous bitter trainings, Lin Dong’s current strength on the surface was already not weaker than Lin Langtian, moreover, his battle power far surpassed the latter. Hence, the latter wanting to contend against him was undoubtedly a pipe dream.

“Summon the Yuan Spirit in your body, or else, tonight will likely be your funeral!”

As his icy shout faded, Lin Dong lifted his palm and a black light shot out. It grew against the wind, transforming into a humongous mountain peak that floated in the sky above Lin Langtian.


Once the Heavy Prison Peak appeared, a circle of black light shot downwards and enveloped Lin Langtian. Under the black light, Lin Langtian immediately felt his body sink as if he was in a swamp, while his originally nimble body also started to slow down.

When Lin Langtian’s figure became slower, Lin Dong waved his hand once again. A black hole made from Devouring Power whizzed out and appeared below Lin Langtian as a strong Devouring Force erupted.

When the Devouring Force erupted, Lin Langtian suddenly discovered that his body had started to sink downwards. No matter how he urged his Yuan Power to struggle, it was useless.

The Heavy Prison Peak in the sky and the black hole below perfectly formed a strange prison. Within this prison, the gravity and gushing Devouring Force practically caused Lin Langtian’s battle power to drop to zero.

With the odd combination of the Heavy Prison Peak and black hole, Lin Langtian now had no power to resist. Without any courtesy, Lin Dong reached out his hand as the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear appeared. The spear jerked, directly transforming into an incomparably formidable icy flash that shot towards the Lin Langtian who was currently incapable of moving.

The power of the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear was something even peak Manifestation stage practitioners were unable to withstand. If he was pierced, Lin Langtian would instantly be torn to pieces.

Lin Langtian clearly understood this. Immediately, horror surfaced in his eyes as he hastily urged his Yuan Power. Yet, in this prison, Yuan Power circulation and gathering had become much slower.


While Lin Langtian struggled to resist, the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear was already arriving at lightning speed. When the formidable chilly aura was still a distance of several tens of feet away from him, the clothes on his chest had already been torn apart.

“Master Mu!” At this life or death moment, Lin Langtian was finally no longer able to do anything, and a roar suddenly sounded out from his mouth.


As Lin Langtian’s roar echoed out, a dark grey light suddenly burst out from Lin Langtian’s body. The dark grey light gathered on the surface of Lin Langtian’s body, faintly forming into a blurry figure.


When the blurry figure appeared, it lifted its hand as a powerful grey flash shot out from its fingertips, ripping apart the prison before heavily smashing against the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, causing it to be deflected backwards.

“Finally come out?” As he gazed at the blurry figure enveloping Lin Langtian, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold.

“Master Mu, kill him!” Lin Langtian furiously howled. He had fallen to such a sorry state in Lin Dong’s hands, something that was too humiliating for him. One should know that Lin Dong had once been an ant in Lin Langtian’s eyes. At that time, he did not even care for killing Lin Dong, because he believed that Lin Dong did not even deserve such a right!

Of course, this thought had now changed, transforming into endless regret. Lin Langtian had gnashed his teeth and thought many times; if he could return to that time, he would smash Lin Dong to death with a single slap in the old tomb!

However, although he regretted, there was no medicine for regret in this world. The ant in his eyes had now become an existence that had control over his life or death!

The current him needed to look up to this thing which had once been an ant!

“You are now no longer his match, leave!”

However, in response to Lin Langtian’s howl, the blurry figure took a deep look at Lin Dong and declared in a low voice before grabbing Lin Langtian, forcibly breaking the gravity prison as their figures swiftly retreated.

This Master Mu had a fairly good grasp of the situation. Within Lin Dong’s body was an existence that was not weaker than himself. Even if he went all out, it was not possible for him to kill Lin Dong. Since that was so, why waste any energy.

When he heard Master Mu’s words, Lin Langtian’s body started to tremble. He was truly unable to believe that the day would come where he would be forced to such a sorry state by Lin Dong.

“Plan on leaving? Do you think it will be so easy!”

Upon seeing that Master Mu wanted to leave, Lin Dong’s eyes darkened. His finger thrust out in the air as a giant finger made from Yuan Power once again appeared and viciously shot towards Lin Langtian.

However, just as the giant finger was about to hit Lin Langtian, the blurry figure squirmed in a strange manner before appearing in the air several feet away as if it had teleported, avoiding the giant finger attack in the process.

“Lin Dong, you are indeed very surprising. However, you cannot hold me here. Even the existence in your body does not have the capability!”

“When we next meet, it will perhaps be your doom. You’d better cherish the time you have now, haha!” The blurry figure flashed and disappeared into the night sky at an alarming speed while its loud laughter resounded in the air.

Lin Dong’s expression was ice-cold as he stared in the direction where the blurry figure had faded with Lin Langtian, but was not angry. He knew that this Yuan Spirit was extremely powerful. Although Lin Dong was not afraid to fight because of the cards he had, if the spirit wanted to escape, even with if he joined forced with Little Marten plus the Blood Soul Puppet, it would be challenging to kill them.

His actions only intended to chase Lin Langtian away.

Lin Dong’s fist slowly clenched as he muttered in a low voice: “However, when we next meet, perhaps you will not be able to escape so easily!”

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