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Chapter 404 Massacre

Bang! Bang!

Amidst the scarlet red wave of demons, a blazing sun ascended. Fist shadows flashed, while several formidable Yuan Power shockwave erupted forth. Thanks to this formidable strength, even though these Demonic Beasts were as hard as steel, the instant they made contact, all of them were blown apart when that force entered their bodies. Finally, a blood-red beam shot out from within their flesh, before it flew into that person’s sleeve.

That figure was naturally Lin Dong. Right now, his aura was several times more powerful than before. Meanwhile, the Yuan Power undulated on his body strengthened. Evidently, this massacre had really benefited him.


Lin Dong waved his fists as he directly blew apart an incoming Demonic Beasts. Then, he stretched out his arm before it directly swallowed that Demonic Crystal and transformed into a trace of Nirvana Qi. As it coursed through his body and he felt the growing Yuan Power in his body, he felt extremely overjoyed as well.

Right now, the entire city wall had descended into a fierce battle. As they faced such a large demonic horde, several of them began to panic. Thankfully, most of them were geniuses from their respective dynasty and thanks to their teamwork, they were actually be able to completely guard the city wall. After all, even though the Demonic Beasts are venomous, they do not possess human’s intellect.

Mo Ling and the two of them were guarding their respective sections of the city wall. Furthermore, while they fought against the Demonic Beasts, their eyes continuously turned to look at a figure in the middle of the demonic horde. Even though there was a massive wave of demons, that person was just like a boat in the middle of a storm. Regardless of how the storm raged, it would not capsize under any circumstances.

“Lin Dong is indeed formidable.”

As they stared at this sight, Mo Ling and the rest had no choice but to admit that Lin Dong was indeed more powerful than them. At the very least, if they dashed right into the wave of demons, they would not be able to last this long without showing any signs of exhaustion.

Beside the three of them, Lin Langtian’s face was grim as he stared at that figure in the middle of the demonic horde. Meanwhile, his eyes glimmered and no one could tell what he was thinking of.

The fight was going on below the city wall. As more of them increasingly got used to the fight and they enjoyed the benefits from that trace of Nirvana Qi inside the Demonic Beast’s Demonic Crystal, some of the highly skilled individuals actually dashed down the city wall. However, they did not jump right into the wave of demons, instead they chose to stuck close to the city wall and kill those Demonic Beasts in order to obtain their Demonic Crystals.

Due to their fierce resistance, this demonic horde gradually subsided. This fact caused several of them to heave a sigh of relief. As this rate, they should be able to survive.

“This wave of demons is merely so…”

Just as a fierce fight was erupting around the city walls, on top of the central spire in the middle of the city, several of them stood upright. Their eyes swept across the entire city wall just like they were royalty. When they saw that the demonic horde had been halted, one of them callously said.

On top of the spire, there were a total of eight figures. Right now, Xia Huang, who had a grudge with Lin Dong and the rest, were also at this spot. Evidently, there were the elite Sacred Light Empire practitioners.

Amongst the eight of them, there was a man dressed in green robes. This man looked extremely handsome. However, his lips were shaped like blades and they led everyone to understand that this man was not kind buddha.

That man stood right in front, and even that arrogant Xia Huang had no choice but to stand behind him. Evidently, this man in green robes was the only peak Manifestation practitioner in this area.

“Right now, for this current demonic horde, they are merely Qi Creation stage Demonic Beasts. Soon after, perhaps a Manifestation stage Demonic Beasts will appear. In fact, I can feel that there is an aura within that wave of demons that can match up to a Manifestation stage practitioner…” The man in green robes glanced at the demonic horde outside of the city, while he casually said.

“A peak Manifestation stage Demonic Beast is merely so. Based on Senior Li’s ability, as long as it is not a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, no one can match up against you!” Behind that man in green robes, a man smiled as he said.

“Of course, Senior Li is a rare talent from Sacred Light Empire that only appears once in a hundred years. There is hardly anyone below Nirvana stage that can match up against him. At that time, when that beast dares to show up, senior will directly slaughter it and obtain its Demonic Crystal. I believe such a powerful Demonic Beast’s Demonic Crystal must contain quite a substantial amount of Nirvana Qi.”

“Based on Senior Li’s ability, it will not be long before he can breakthrough to Nirvana stage. At that time, we will be able to head deep into the ancient battlefield. At that area, the Nirvana Qi contained between Heaven and Earth is several times richer compared to outside! If we train there, we will be able to make rapid progress!”

When they heard those flattering words behind him, that man dressed in green robes gently smiled. As he played with a piece of jade in his hand, there was an unconscionable arrogance plastered on his face. Right now, in this focal point, he is the king. That is because strength is everything in this world!


As all of them on top of the spire were chatting, in the middle of the demonic horde, a series of venomous growls suddenly echoed out. Soon after, the crowds saw several gigantic blood-red Demonic Beasts stomping on the ground before they rammed against the city wall. Within these blood-red Demonic Beasts, an aura that did not lose out to a Manifestation stage practitioner erupted forth, causing several people, who were standing on top of the city wall, to panic. Immediately, all the elite practitioners that were hunting the Demonic Beasts below the wall quickly returned back to the city walls. Though they could easily kill the rest of the Demonic Beasts, against these Demonic Beasts, which were also at Manifestation stage, they had to be cautious.

These group of Manifestation Demonic Beasts that suddenly appeared naturally drew Lin Dong’s attention. However, he did not panic, instead a tinge of delight flowed in his eyes.

“You guys have came at the right time. I can make use of you guys to attack advanced Manifestation stage!”

Potent Yuan Power enveloped Lin Dong’s body. Then, he gripped his palm, before his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear immediately appeared. Meanwhile, an exceedingly formidable aura swept forth.


Lin Dong’s hand gripped onto his bone spear, while his body directly dashed towards that group of Manifestation Demonic Beasts. As he hovered in mid-air, he waved his bone-spear before several spear shadows immediately flashed across the horizon and rained down on those gigantic Manifestation Demonic Beasts.

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

These Manifestation Demonic Beasts were far more sturdy compared to the other Demonic Beasts. In fact, even if a Manifestation practitioner landed a direct punch, it would hardly cause much damage to them. However, though their bodies were sturdy, when they encountered Lin Dong’s Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear, they became weak just like tofu. Everywhere his spear shadow flashed by, a Manifestation Demonic Beasts would be directly ripped apart by this bone spear, before they collapsed on the ground.

This was a complete massacre. Everywhere Lin Dong passed by, his bone shadows flashed by as well. Furthermore, each time around, he would cause streaks of blood to spurt forth, while he continuously absorbed their Demonic Crystals, that were filled with Nirvana Qi, before he instantly devoured and refined them.

As he quickly devoured them, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body grew. Meanwhile, his aura became increasingly powerful. In fact, he even faintly showed signs of breaking through to advanced Manifestation stage!

On top of the city wall, the crowds stared at that domineering figure in the middle of the wave of demons, while they gasped in shock. After all, none of them could wilfully rip through these advanced Manifestation Demonic Beasts.

“What a great Earthly Soul Treasure!”

However, the commotion was simply too overwhelming. Therefore, even the figures standing on top of the spire turned to look at it. The man dressed in green robes, who was their leader, gently fiddled his thumbs while he stared curiously at the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in Lin Dong’s hand before he slowly said.

“Pfft, that fellow is merely at initial Manifestation stage. The reason why he is so powerful is all due to that Earthly Soul Treasure in his possession. Senior Li, only you can bring out the full potential of such a treasure. That country bumpkin does not deserve it!” That Xia Huang’s expression was grim as he promptly said.

“That kid is about to break through to advanced Manifestation stage!” One of them exclaimed in shock.

“Advanced Manifestation practitioner is nothing to me. After this wave of demon ends, ask that man to see me. I am quite interested in his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear. As long as he gives that Soul Treasure to me, I will personally ensure that he remains safe in the ancient battlefield.” That man dressed in green robes gently smiled before he casually said.


When he heard his words, Xia Huang instantly responded. As he stared at that figure wilfully coursing through the wave of demons, a grin involuntarily flashed across his face. What a fool. How dare he brazenly show off his treasure, what a stupid fellow…

“Buzz buzz!”

That bone spear danced just like a poisonous snake. With an indescribable penetrating aura, it viciously stabbed two advanced Manifestation Demonic Beasts. In fact, their sturdy physical bodies were nothing in front of that bone spear. This sight caused Lin Dong to understand just how vicious his Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear was. Without this spear, he could not massacre these Manifestation Demonic Beasts just like he was killing chickens…

After he killed those two Manifestation Demonic Beasts, the aura in Lin Dong’s entire body seemed to have been pushed to its breaking point. In fact, Yuan Power was even boiling in his eyes. He could clearly feel that he was merely one small step away from reaching advanced Manifestation stage!


However, just as Lin Dong was delighted by this fact, suddenly, at a deep section within the demonic horde, an earth-shattering roar suddenly erupted forth. Then, an extremely massive Demonic Beast slowly appeared. At the same time, a vicious and savage aura that caused severe people’s expression to change dramatically, slowly spread out.

When this unique Manifestation Demonic Beast appeared, it immediately transformed into a black lightning before it dashed towards Lin Dong. Evidently, it was extremely outrage after witnessing Lin Dong massacre these demonic beasts.

“Peak Manifestation Demonic Beast!”

As they stared at that massive Demonic Beast, several of them sucked in a breath of cold air. They had never expected that there was actually such a vicious existence amongst the wave of demonic beast…

“That fellow is truly unfortunate!”

While some of them were pitying Lin Dong, who was stuck deep within the wave of demons. They also knew that it was not so easy to obtain these Demonic Crystals. Therefore, it was time for Lin Dong to pay the price!

“Peak Manifestation Demonic Beast!”

After Lin Dong directly speared a Demonic Beast, his eyes also turned to look at that massive incoming Demonic Beast. However, he did not panic at all, instead a thick delight flowed in his eyes.

After all, he knew that if he could successfully obtain that peak Manifestation Demonic Beast’s crystal, he would immediately breakthrough to advanced Manifestation stage!

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