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Chapter 395 Bone Spear

Ultimately, the trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool ended without too much change to the outcome. Among the five victors, Lin Dong naturally benefited the most by absorbing a huge amount of the Sacred Spirit Pool energy. The energy deep within his body would give him a huge advantage in attacking the Nirvana stage in the future.

Naturally, in contrast to Lin Dong, Lin Langtian was going back empty-handed. This time around, his actions had adequately displayed the situation of how one tried to gain an advantage but only to end up worse off. Initially, he wanted to seize Lin Dong’s energy and stop him from becoming stronger. However, no one expected the situation to turn out like this. Even the entity in Lin Langtian’s body was powerless to do anything.

This operation had dealt a tremendous blow to Lin Langtian.

However, Lin Dong did not have the mood to care about Lin Langtian’s frame of mind. In his opinion, the action of seizing Lin Langtian’s energy from the Sacred Spirit Pool was merely a small retaliation. If it was not for the fact that they were still in the Great Yan Empire, what he seized would not solely comprise of the energy from the Sacred Spirit Pool.

Therefore, after the trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool had concluded, Lin Dong followed Lin Fan directly back to their residences. Even though Lin Langtian got to know about Little Marten’s existence, Lin Dong was not worried that the Lin Langtian might leak this information. Given Lin Dong’s current capabilities and his degree of importance to the Lin Clan, even if Lin Fan knew about this, he would not care the slightest at all. Instead, Lin Fan would be happy with Lin Dong for having such a special card, which would increase the latter’s survivability in the Hundred Empire War.

On their way back, Lin Langtian’s face was gloomy and he did not speak a single word. The aura of chilliness that enshrouded his whole body let everyone know that he was in an extremely foul mood.

Initially, Lin Fan was startled by Lin Langtian’s behaviour. Soon after, Lin Fan scanned Lin Dong’s body as as thoughtful look surfaced on his face. Even Mo Jingtian could sense that the Sacred Spirit Pool energy in Lin Dong’s body was especially strong. Hence, it was impossible that the same Nirvana stage Lin Fan could not to sense it. Hence, Lin Fan came to the conclusion that this pair of arch enemies had a confrontation again in the Sacred Spirit Pool. From the current situation, it was clear that Lin Dong had gained the upper hand, otherwise, Lin Langtian would not exhibit such behaviour.

With regards to this issue, Lin Fan could only helplessly shake his head in silence and act as if nothing had happened. If it was in the past, he would have said something since Lin Langtian’s position was higher than Lin Dong’s. However, at present, Lin Dong did not lose out to Lin Langtian in both capability and importance. Therefore, Lin Fan would not beat down one person for the other and could no longer intervene. It was totally up to them to decide how they wanted to settle the grudge between them…

When they reached their residence, Lin Dong went back to his courtyard straightaway. With a jerk of his sleeves, the miniaturized Little Flame came flying out before it began to expand rapidly and return to its mighty and powerful form. With a bellow, Little Flame shook the entire courtyard.

There appeared to be a tinge of astonishment in Lin Dong’s gaze as he looked at Little Flame. At this moment, Little Flame’s originally scarlet red body had became brighter in color and looked as if its body was burning with blazing flame. The sharp claws on its four massive paws flickered with a icey light. What surprised Lin Dong the most was that Little Flame’s python tail was hidden under scales, and faintly emitted a unique form of energy. The feeling it gave off was as if it was in a dormant state while undergoing a metamorphosis, No one knew what would it become in the future…

Lin Dong was extremely stunned by this feeling. One must know this python tail was merely a part of Little Flame’s body. Even though it behaved like a living python, it was a body part that was no different from Little Marten’s claws. How could it give off a feeling of it being in a dormant state while undergoing a metamorphosis?

“This stupid tiger’s body is evolving. In future, this python tail will become an extremely powerful weapon.”

Little Marten explained as it appeared and took a glance at Little Flame, who was lying flat on the floor while giving off a terrible aura.

After he heard what was said, Lin Dong clicked his tongue in wonder and chuckled, “Little Flame was just an ordinary Fire Python Tiger. I didn’t expect it to evolve till this stage.”

Indeed, under normal circumstances, the Fire Python Tiger species could only reach the Yuan Dan stage. Little Flame was not expected to stand out so much.

“There is nothing strange about it. Even though this stupid tiger is a Fire Python Tiger, it has a variating physique. Furthermore, the accomplishments it has today are due to the benefits it received while following you. It will grow up well and certainly become powerful in the future,” Little Marten was not too shocked by this as it offhandedly said.

“There is no shortage of ordinary Demonic Beasts that can transform into powerful super elites in the world of Demonic Beasts. Over the years, I have come across an elite which was an ordinary Wind Leopard, which could practically be classified as a wild beast, before it transformed. However, with its variative physique and having devoured many of powerful Demonic Beasts by chance, it absorbed their essence and underwent and complete transformation into an overlord whose might shook the Demon City.”

Upon hearing what was said, Lin Dong could not help but wipe the cold sweats on his forehead. This huge world is indeed full of extraordinary things. This story truly depicted how one a fish underwent a great metamorphosis. However, it was still unknown how would Little Flame change in future…

“Even though it is extremely hard for variative Demonic Beasts to evolve, there can be countless changes in their future. No one can determine what they will become. Even though I don’t expect this stupid tiger to become an overlord like the Wind Leopard, it should not be too shabby either. Once we enter the ancient battlefield, you will have more opportunities to obtain the blood of powerful Demonic Beasts for it…” Little Marten grinned.

Lin Dong nodded as he stroked Little Flame’s head with his hand. Little Flame had gone through fire and water with him over the years and he had never treat it as his pet, but rather, as an indispensable comrade. Once they were in the ancient battlefield, he would try his best to think of ways to raise Little Flame’s power…

“Kid, you still have ten days. After ten days, you will have to enter the ancient battlefield and participate in the Hundred Empire War. There is no turning back on this path. The ancient battlefield will be filled with massacres where the strong prey on the weak. It will be the ultimate survival of the fittest. Given your current capabilities, you may be the best among the younger generation in the Great Yan Empire. However, if I put you in the ancient battlefield, you may not be that outstanding anymore…” Little Marten said slowly, seated on Little Flame head as it stared solemnly at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong nodded his head. He had heard of these words many times. Thus, he had long expected the possibility of a sudden change of his status and would not be dispirited because of it. Most of the geniuses from the other empires were stronger than him, not because they were born with superior gifts, but rather, they had superior resources.

The East Xuan Region was vast and boundless. The empires in this region were akin to the countless stars in the sky, while the Great Yan Empire was just an unnoticeable empire. In this empire, practitioners like Mo Jingtian, who had barely broken through the Nirvana stage, was considered an elite. However, if he was to be placed in those truly powerful empires, he would merely be front ranking practitioner and it was impossible for him to be the best.

This was the disparity. Those powerful empires possessed a thousandfold more resources than the Great Yan Empire, and therefore, their geniuses were naturally stronger. When these geniuses were being matched up against geniuses from the smaller empires, the former would crush the latter. This is not a matter of fairness, but rather, this was how the world worked…

“As long as you haven’t advanced to the Nirvana stage in the ancient battlefield, you will have to keep a low profile. Only when you have reached the Nirvana stage, will you be qualified to occupy and use the resources available in that great land. Otherwise, you will be crushed like an ant by others.”

“Do not treat the Hundred Empire War as the Battle of Seeds. The laws of survival there are extremely cruel. The weaklings do not have the right to speak, let alone survive. In the eyes of the strong, weaklings are not humans but ants!”

“Of course, I have no choice but to say that only after surviving in that cruel environment, can one be considered as a genuine practitioner!”

Lin Dong let out a deep breath and replied in a deep and low voice, “I used to be an ant in the past, thus, I want to be an strong practitioner in future. No matter how cruel the Hundred Empire War is, I will survive the bloody massacres and distinguish myself from the rest. Only when I am strong can father and the rest lead a peaceful life!”

“Heh, you have quite a resolution, but this can’t be decided just by talking. There are still ten days, so you better increase your fighting capabilities as soon as possible, so as to avoid being served on the plate as food when you unluckily encounter some powerful fighters the moment you enter the Hundred Empire War,” Little Marten laughed in a weird manner.

“How can I possibly increase my strength by much in ten days. By the way, didn’t you say that you obtained something from the Sacred Spirit Pool?” Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. Soon after, he suddenly asked as if he had thought of something.

Upon hearing this, Little Marten smiled and used its claw to pat Little Flame. The latter opened its mouth and out came a flash of grey light, which later became an object made of bone that was a few feet long.

“This is…”

Lin Dong looked at the object in Little Marten’s claws in astonishment. It appeared to be a simple and unadorned bone spear. Its surface did not look too well made, yet the body of the spear was smooth and round. It seemed to be made of jade rather than bone. Looking at its entire body, the unadorned bone spear did not look sharp or powerful. However, as Lin Dong’s gaze paused on the pointed tip of the spear, he discovered that there was a special kind of chilliness circulating around the tip. Under that chilliness, the skin on his body tightened, as if he had sensed something extremely dangerous.

He was certain that if he was caught unprepared, even if his physical body was tough, the spear would easily pierce through his body…

“Is this… a Soul Treasure?” Lin Dong asked uncertainly.

Little Marten snickered and said, “To be precise, this is a Destiny Soul Treasure which was made from the bones of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile.”

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