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Chapter 393 The Mysterious Entity in Lin Langtian’s Body

“A powerful Yuan Spirit,” Little Marten’s voice rang across Lin dong’s mind rapidly.

“Yuan Spirit?”

Upon hearing this unfamiliar term, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed drastically. He already knew that there were some elites who are able to use their Yuan Power to form a Yuan Spirit once their powers had reached a certain level. As long as they had successfully formed a Yuan Spirit and kept it from dying, even if their physical bodies were destroyed, they would have a chance to rebirth. Naturally, this kind of state was far too powerful and even Li Dong had to hear this from Little Marten.

Hence, he did not actually expect Lin Langtian to possess a mysterious Yuan Spirit inside his body.

“Previously, I had a confrontation with him at the bottom of the pool. This Yuan Spirit is considerably weak, hence we do not need to be afraid of it. In my opinion, even if this Yuan Spirit has his physical body, he can’t be compared to me in my peak phase,” There was a tinge of arrogance in Little Marten’s voice. It seemed that in those days, Little Marten must be a considerably powerful being. With regards to this fact, Lin Dong did not have any doubts or suspicions.

“Who had the upper hand in the confrontation?” Lin Dong asked after he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hey, how can there be failures when grandpa Marten is present. My state of existence is more or less like his. I may be a Demon Soul but he is just a Yuan Spirit too. However, I do have a stone talisman, therefore, I am able to overwhelm him in the bottom of the pool,” Little Marten laughed weirdly while feeling pleased with himself.

“Furthermore, there is indeed an ancient heavenly beast skeleton at the bottom of the pool. If I am not wrong, it should be a Ancient Heavenly Crocodile. The species of Heavenly Crocodiles is the strongest amongst the world of demonic beasts. Its body is filled with treasures but its weight is too heavy, even Nirvana Stage elites will not be able to move it. However, while I was keeping that Yuan Spirit busy, that stupid tiger managed to obtain a strand of the Heaven Crocodile’s blood vessel. This will be extremely important to its cultivation.”

“Ancient Heavenly Crocodile?” Lin Dong was rather unfamiliar with this kind of beast. However, if Little Marten could explain its origin till such extent, then it must be quite powerful.

“Luckily there are still some benefits,” Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief after he heard that Little Flame obtained a strand of the Heavenly Crocodile’s blood vessel. Little Flame had accompanied him for many years and Lin Dong was very happy that it could become stronger.

“I also obtain something else from the body of the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile which suits you extremely well. I will pass it to you after we get out of here. How is your situation here?” Little Marten asked again.

“Not bad, Initially, I wanted to make use of this opportunity to kill Lin Langtian, but I didn’t expect you to return this fast,” Lin dong replied regretfully as he gazed upon the water canopy and looked in the direction of Lin Langtian.

“Lin Langtian is quite capable, it is not easy to kill him. After all, this is the Great Yan Empire. If you kill him, it will be difficult for you to answer to Lin Fan. Once we are in the Hundred Empire War, there will plenty of opportunities to kill him,” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong nodded his head slowly. He then gently took in a breath of air as he suppressed the killer intent in his mind gradually.

While Lin Dong was conversing with Little Marten, Lin Langtian’s face was overwhelmed with joy when he saw the mysterious Yuan Spirit returning.

“Reverend, I need you to help me by sparing no efforts to kill that shameless Lin Dong now. He actually dared to seize all the energy from my assigned area of the Sacred Spirit Pool. I will not let it go today!” Lin Langtian bellowed in his heart as he fumed with rage between gritted teeth.

“Didn’t I help you to set up a formation? Why did it turn out like this?” the returning Yuan Spirit was startled by the situation.

“I don’t know what kind of tricks that lad used. In an instant, he broke the formation and forcefully seized all the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy from my assigned area. Reverend, this time around, we have to kill that lad at all costs, if not, he will cause us no end of trouble in the future!” Lin Langtian’s face was ashen as his eyes were surging with malevolent killer intent.

“No!” the Yuan Spirit in his body rejected promptly.

“Why!?” Lin Langtian startled and bellowed unwillingly after he heard what was said.

“This lad is not as simple as you think he is. Even if me and you join forces, I am afraid it will be very difficult to kill him!”

“How can it be?” Lin Langtian’s body jolted and he questioned in disbelief.

“There is also a mysterious entity inside that lad’s body. Previously, as I was diving to the bottom of the pool, that entity followed and stopped me. During my confrontation with him, I had never gained any upper hand!” the entity, which Lin Langtian addressed as Reverend, replied after a moment of silence.

“What?” After he heard these words, Lin Langtian’s hands trembled uncontrollably and his eyes were surging with fear. He had never expected Lin Dong’s body, like his own, actually contained a powerful entity!

“No wonder this lad is able to communicate with the Manifestation Martial Tablet’s spirit and obtain the most powerful Manifestation martial arts. It seems that the mysterious entity has been helping him secretly that time.”

“Reverend, don’t tell me you are not a match for the mysterious entity inside of that lad’s body?” Lin Langtian could help but asked as he clearly knew how terrifying the Reverend was.

“I have a brief confrontation with that entity and his power is not weak. However, it is also because my power hasn’t reached half the level of the peak phase now. If I can recover a bit more of my powers, it’s unlikely that I can’t subdue him. Once we are in the Hundred Empire War, I will guide you to a place of treasures where I can recover some of my powers. By then, it will be sufficient to secure a position for you in the Hundred Empire War,” the Reverend sneered after a moment of silence.

“Don’t tell me we just let it go like this? My Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy has been totally drained by that bastard!” Lin Langtian asked resentfully as unstable emotions ran through his face. Could it be that he had to swallow this bitter pill and let it go?

“We must know how the importance of patience. Even if we strike now, not only are the chances of succeeding low, but my existence may be revealed as well. This is not beneficial to you in any ways. After all, one has to go through numerous hardships to become a true elite?” the Reverend reprimanded strictly.

Lin Langtian clenched both his fists tightly while his eyes were flickering with a frantic killer intent. After a while, he then took in a deep breath of air and said softly, “Yes.”

“You don’t need to be too anxious. The Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy may have mystical effects, but once we enter the Ancient Battlefield, I can definitely make you stronger. All kinds of resources there are a few hundred times better than the Great Yan Empire’s. There is no need to care so much about this energy.”

“When that moment comes, it will be very easy for you to kill that lad. Besides, I want to see what exactly was the entity in his body!” the Reverend nodded his head and softened his tone only after he saw Lin Langtian suppressed his killer intent. However, his last sentence seemed to emit tinge of chilliness. In the previous confrontation at the bottom of the pool, he had been in disadvantageous position all the while. Not only did he not reap any benefits, but his spirit was almost hurt as well, causing him to be furious with himself. It was as if a tiger went down to a leveled land and got humiliated by dogs!

Lin Langtian nodded his head silently. He knew that he would not be able to get back at Lin Dong today. Besides, the information he obtained had certainly shocked him. He could not imagine Lin Dong, who was a tiny individual that could not even withstand his aura two years ago, to possess such powerful capabilities and trump cards now.

One must know that the entity residing in Lin Langtian’s body was encountered by the latter after a narrow escape when he fell off a cliff. These few years, the entity had played a huge role in contributing to Lin Langtian’s rise to become the Lin Clan’s exceptional genius. However, he did not expect Lin Dong, who he viewed as a weak ant, to possess a mysterious entity that even the Reverend feared!

Due to this discovery, he could not help but feel resentful and jealous. How could a lowly member of the branch family be qualified to possess such a powerful guardian?

However, no matter how resentful he felt, he could only land slowly on the surface of the pool and looked down at the clear water, with emotions running wide on his face.

At this moment, as the canopy of water in air had ceased to exist, Mo Ling and the other two victors slowly landed and gazed upon Lin Langtian and Lin Dong with a baffled look. Previously, these two persons suddenly stopped fighting without any further actions later on. What astonished them the most was that Lin Langtian unexpectedly restrained all the Yuan Power in his body and landed on the surface of the pool. Apparently, he did not want to fight anymore…

“This guy does not want to seize back the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy?” Mo Ling and the other two victors were stunned by Lin Langtian’s actions. From their understanding of Lin Langtian, the latter was not someone that would keep the peace. Typically, Lin Langtian would definitely fight Lin Dong to death in a heaven-shaking battle. However, the scene unfolded in front of them had left them dumbstruck….

“This guy seems to be afraid of Lin Dong out a sudden?”

With a flash of his eyes, Mo Ling seemed to have detected something. He shifted his gaze to the direction of Lin Dong and saw him landing slowly on the surface of the water. His face was serene and Mo Ling could not tell what was he thinking.

“Lin Dong does not seem to be that simple as he looks…” this thought flashed across Mo Ling’s mind. The surprises Lin Dong had given him were simply too much. Sometimes, it was hard for him to imagine how a member of the Lin Clan branch family could be so outstanding….

As the fight between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian came to a ceasefire, the atmosphere of the Sacred Spirit Pool weirdly quietened down. Mo Ling and the other two victors took a glance at each other and returned to their respective assigned areas gradually. However, they became more vigilant as if they were afraid of any unforeseen events.

As for Lin Dong, he broke into a smile. He then took a glance in the direction of Lin Langtian. It seemed that the entity within Lin Langtian’s body must have known about Lin Dong’s secrets, and therefore, Lin Langtian became fearful and did not dare to act recklessly.

However, Lin Dong was happy with Lin Langtian’s inactiveness. Anyway, since he had seized all the energy from Lin Langtian’s assigned area of the Sacred Spirit Pool, and given that the latter also did not plan on snatching back the energy, Lin Dong could enjoy the energy without any regards for Lin Langtian.

As his thoughts stopped here, Lin Dong then crossed his legs and sat down. With a wave of his palm, the black hole under his feet began to emit an unusual, jade-green energy that flowed steadily into his body. Naturally, this energy was what he had seized from Lin Langtian’s assigned area…

On the north side, Lin Langtian was looking at Lin Dong, whose body was engulfed by waves of vigorous jade-green energy. The former’s eyes were surging with blazing rage while his face was white with fury and crackling sounds were coming out from his clenched fists. However, after the warning from the Reverend inside of his body, Lin Langtian did not dare to do anything. Hence, he could only look on helplessly at Lin Dong refining the Sacred Spirit Pool’s energy from his assigned area…

At this moment, he also knew that his trip to the Sacred Spirit Pool was wasted!

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