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Chapter 390: Various Means

Lin Dong’s body slowly descended in mid-air and landed on the surface on the lake. When he lowered his head and looked at the tree kingfisher like emerald green water, he clicked his tongue in wonder. He could feel a peculiar energy in the water that gave off a warm yet powerful sensation. Faintly, it gave one a slightly chilly and rejuvenating sensation.

“Is this the energy of the Sacred Spirit Pool? It is indeed magicial.”

Lin Dong softly praised before lifting his head. This Sacred Spirit Pool was not too small and each person could occupy a pretty spacious section. They were allowed to absorb as much energy as they could from their respective section.

“The water in this pool indeed has the scent of ancient heavenly beast.”

Little Marten suddenly flashed and appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder. It waved its claw at the pool as shock flashed across its eyes: “There is an obscure remnant aura in the deeper regions of the Sacred Spirit Pool. If I am not mistaken, there should probably be an ancient heavenly beast corpse below. Based on its aura, that heavenly ancient beast should be an existence that has surpassed the Nirvana stage. Else, it would not be able to give off such a formidable aura years after it died.”

“Oh?” When he heard its words, Lin Dong was slightly stunned. With a thought, a stream of Mental Energy entered the Sacred Spirit Pool, quickly extending into the deeper regions of the pool. However, when his Mental Energy extended to a distance of several dozen feet, he suddenly realized that he could probe no deeper. An extremely powerful force was forcefully pushing away his Mental Energy!

This sudden change instantly caused awe to gush into Lin Dong’s eyes. His current Mental Energy cultivation had reached the high grade Symbol Master level. Even though he had such powerful Mental Energy, he was unable to probe deep into the Sacred Spirit Pool. It seems like there were indeed some mysteries down below.

“With your current strength, you are unable to venture deep into the Sacred Spirit Pool. In fact, even the imperial family’s Mo Jingtian is unable to venture deep within.” Little Marten explained.

Lin Dong was stunned. Promptly, he could only helpless shake his head. It seems like he would have to give up on venturing deep into the Sacred Spirit Pool. After all, even a Nirvana stage practitioner could not handle it.

“Let me first absorb the energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool. Don’t waste this trip.” Lin Dong directly sat down on the surface of the pool. With a thought, streams of Devouring Power quickly extended out. Instantly, ripples immediately emerged on the surface of the pool. Those ripples spread out extremely rapidly. Soon, they managed to completely envelop the entire eastern region that Lin Dong was in.

Hua La La!

As the surface of the water rippled, streams of emerald green energy coursed below the pool’s surface, before continuously flowing into Lin Dong’s body. Furthermore, the emerald green energy were extremely magical and seemed to possess a life of its own. When they tunneled into Lin Dong’s body, they playfully wandered around his body, and even Lin Dong could not control them.

However, wherever the emerald green energy flowed, Lin Dong could faintly feel his cells, bones and his inner organs release an urgent noise, as if they had encountered an extremely vital tonic.


As more and more energy from the Sacred Spirit Pool flowed into his body, Lin Dong could clearly feel that his body, which had originally reached a limit after he mastered the Great Sun Thunder Body, gradually strengthening.

Furthermore, as the energy from the Sacred Spirit Pool flowed, a strand of dark red essence blood suddenly shot out from Lin Dong’s blood vessels. It was the Ancient Dragon Ape’s essence blood!


When the Ancient Dragon Ape’s essence blood fused with the energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool, it’s color changed from dark-red to blood-red. Furthermore, there was a slight purple hue within this blood-red color.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong to be slightly shocked. Even though he did not know what had happened, he knew that the Ancient Dragon Ape’s Essence Blood had became stronger thanks to the energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool…

“Right, Little Marten mentioned that the Sacred Spirit Pool contains blood from an ancient heavenly beast. Since the Ancient Dragon Ape is considered as an ancient beast as well, this change must have occurred because the two came into contact…”

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong was silent for a moment while he gently contemplated. Regardless, it was extremely good news for him. It seems like the energy inside this Sacred Spirit Pool was truly magical.

When he thought of this point, Lin Dong nudged his thoughts as his Devouring Power grew increasingly stronger. Instantly, the rate of absorption increased until eventually, a light green glow actually undulated on the surface of his body.

“Oh?” However, as more as more energy from the Sacred Spirit Pool was being devoured by Lin Dong, he suddenly realized that most of the energy mysteriously disappeared without a trace the instant they entered his body.


This sight caused Lin Dong to be stunned. However, regardless of how he searched, he could not find the emerald green energy that had disappeared. It seemed like they had completely evaporated into thin air.

“Fool, why bother searching for it. The energy in Sacred Spirit Pool is not meant to upgrade your strength now. When you ascend to the Nirvana stage, it will naturally resurface. At that time, it will demonstrate its true purpose. Hurry up and absorb it, it will be extremely beneficial for you in future.” While Lin Dong was in shock, Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

When he these words, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He quickly refocused himself and he did not dare to be negligent as he concentrated on absorbing the energy in the Sacred Spirit Pool.

While Lin Dong was fully focused on absorbing, Lin Langtian quietly sat on the surface of the water at the northern corner of the Sacred Spirit Pool. He showed no signs of making a move and he only occasionally glanced in Lin Dong’s direction, while a malicious cold light flowed in his eyes.

“There should be an ancient heavenly beast’s corpse at the deepest part of the Sacred Spirit Pool. When it was alive, it should have been extremely powerful. If you are able to obtain some of its remaining essence blood, you will be able to master the physical-enhancing martial arts that I gave you. At that time, your physical body would not lose to Lin Dong’s.” While Lin Langtian was seated quietly, a hoarse voice suddenly rang out inside his mind.

When he heard these words, delight flashed across Lin Langtian’s eyes.

“However, the aura of that ancient demonic beast at the bottom of the pool is extremely powerful. You will be unable to head down there with your current strength. Only I can go.” The hoarse voice continued to speak in Lin Langtian’s mind.

“Once you head down, how do I make a move on Lin Dong?” Lin Langtian furrowed his brows as he asked.

“Don’t worry, I have already laid out the formation. Once you activate it, an extremely powerful Devouring Power will sweep out and directly snatch all the energy from his section of the pool.”

When he heard these words, Lin Langtian gently heaved a sigh of relief. Promptly, a sinister smile emerged on his face. The energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool was extremely valuable, therefore, how could he let Lin Dong get any of it!

“Let me head down first. With the formation that I have set up, Lin Dong would not be able to do anything.”

“Alright.” Lin Langtian nodded his head. Promptly, he stuck his hand into the water as a grey flash instantly shot out and quietly headed towards the bottom of the pool.

When he finished, the venomous expression on Lin Langtian’s face intensified. Promptly, his hand seal changed as ripples instantly emerged on the pool’s surface. Glowing halos that were centered around him quickly spread out.

“Lin Dong, someone is heading towards the bottom of the pool!”

At the eastern side, Lin Dong was busy absorbing the energy inside the Sacred Spirit Pool. When he heard Little Marten’s words, he immediately opened his eyes and exclaimed in shock: “How is that possible? Didn’t you say that even Mo Jingtian cannot not enter the bottom of the pool? Who is it? Lin Langtian?”

Little Marten stood on the surface of the pool, its eyes twinkling as it stared at the bottom of the lake, before it chuckled: “Lin Langtian does not possess the skills to do so. It should be that presence inside his body! He must have discovered the ancient heavenly beast corpse at the bottom of the pool.”

“What do we do now?” Lin Dong’s expression was a little grim. He was at odds with Lin Langtian. Therefore, every time the latter grew stronger, he posed an even larger threat to Lin Dong.

“Let me head to the bottom of the pool and intercept that fellow. If possible, let me see what benefits I can snatch away.” Little Marten was silent for a moment before it spoke.

“Just you alone?” Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong was stunned. He had no doubts that Little Marten was extremely powerful at his peak. However, right now, it was merely a Demon Spirit and was far from recovering its strength. Furthermore, they did not know about the background of the presence inside Lin Langtian’s body. Hence, it was a little dangerous to let Little Marten go alone.

“Don’t worry. I will bring the stone talisman along. If that presence is really powerful, it would not have to hide inside Lin Langtian’s body. Perhaps, it is in the same state as I am.”

“Let Little Flame tag along as well.” Lin Dong furrowed his brows, while he worriedly said. Right now, Little Flame was able to match up against a Manifestation stage practitioner. Furthermore, it was extremely fast. Therefore, if they encountered danger, it was swift enough to help Little Marten escape.

“Alright.” As if it knew Lin Dong was feeling uneasy, Little Marten chose not to be conceited as it nodded its head.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s sleeves shook as Little Flame, who had transformed into a little cat, tumbled out and landed on the surface of the pool.

“I’ll have to leave first. Be wary of Lin Langtian. I can sense some disturbances from his area. Based on his character, he will not allow you to peacefully enjoy the benefits of the Sacred Spirit Pool.” Little Marten waved its claws as a dark purple glowing halo immediately enveloped it and Little Flame. After instructing Lin Dong, it immediately lept into the pool and speedily headed towards the deep regions.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head as he stared at Little Marten and Little Flame’s disappearing figures before slowly lifting his head to stare viciously in Lin Langtian’s direction. If that fellow dared to make a move, Lin Dong would make him regret!

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