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Chapter 387 Enraged Wang Lei

Boom! Boom!

Like a furious tyrannosaurus rex, Wang Lei’s body swept forth, creating ripples in the air. This kind display of power had reached a considerably terrifying level.

Wang Lei’s sudden attack was out of everyone’s expectation. No one anticipated that as the head of the Wang Clan, he would lose himself in such a manner, not caring about his position or the situation, and forcibly try to murder Lin Dong!

Wang Lei’s figure was as fast as lightning. Just as his killer aura surged out, he was already dashing down the high platform. The powerful aura of a Nirvana stage practitioner erupted without any reservations as an exceptionally violent oppressive force swept out. Even some of the faction leaders on the high platform, who had yet to reach the Nirvana stage, felt that it was harder to breathe.

Due to this unforeseen event, the faces of Mo Ling and those who were standing beside Lin Dong changed. Just as they were about to shout out, the tyranny and might of a Nirvana stage practitioner enveloped them and forced their words back into their mouths. A barbaric gale swept over and knocked back Mo Ling and other three.

At this moment, the four victors’ capabilities were faintly revealed. Under Wang Lei’s charge, the Barbarian Sect’s Man Shan and the Heavenly Luo Sect’s Du Yun was pushed back dozens of steps before raggedly steadying themselves. In contrast, Mo Ling and Lin Langtian’s steps remained stable even though they were also forced to retreat at great speed. With a jerk of their bodies, Mo Ling and Lin Langtian ingeniously neutralized the incoming gale.

Wang Lei’s raging attack was obviously targeted at Lin Dong. Therefore, Mo Ling and the other three were not harmed. As they steadied their bodies, they saw that Wang Lei already appeared before Lin Dong and their facial expressions changed. However, a sinister sneer flitted across Lin Langtian’s eyes. Due to his deep grudge against Lin Dong, Lin Langtian wished that Lin Dong would die in Wang Lei’s hands. Such a sight would be extremely satisfying for Lin Langtian.


At this moment, the area around Lin Dong was deserted. His face was extremely grim as he stared unwaveringly at the incoming furious Wang Lei. Lin Dong could feel that all the Yuan Power around him had been suppressed by Wang Lei. In the face of a Nirvana stage practitioner, Lin Dong simply did not have the chance to dodge.

Due to the powerful oppressive aura of a Nirvana stage practitioner, Lin Dong’s clothing was moving with flapping sounds. However, even under this kind of pressure, Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with viciousness. He clenched his hands, prepared to summon the Blood Soul Puppet at any moment.

“Little bastard, it must be your despicable methods that injured Wang Zhong to such a state. Give me your life now!”

Wang Lei venomously glared at Lin Dong, who was just inches away. Wang Lei’s mind was surging with uncontrollable killing intent. The rage within him was urging him to smash Lin Dong into pulp.

As he watched Wang Lei’s incoming punch, Lin Dong eyes slightly narrowed. Just as he was about to summon the Blood Soul Puppet, a similar roar of fury echoed through the sky like rumbling thunder.

“Wang Lei, how dare you to attack a Lin Clan member in front of me. Do you truly believe that I do not exist?”

As the roar rang out, a figure flew through the air and appeared directly in front of Lin Dong. With a swipe of his robe, a gentle force wrapped Lin Dong and pushed him backwards. Meanwhile, boundless Yuan Power erupted as a palm ruthlessly blasted out to meet Wang Lei’s incoming punch.


As the fist and palm met, ripples swept across the area like a storm. Huge cracks swiftly extended outwards on ground as if an earthquake had occurred.

The moment Lin Dong fell to the ground, he immediately tapped the floor with the tip of his foot and retreated even further back. Thus managing to dodge the expanding energy ripples. His gaze was solemn as he looked at the area which had just exploded. Sure enough, the power of the Manifestation stage could not be compared to that of the Nirvana stage.


Under numerous gazes, the two figures retreated after their clash. Their feet left deep traces on the floor, as if the normally solid floor was as weak as tofu.

“Wang Lei, do you want to thoroughly humiliate your Wang Clan today? It has been many years since anyone has flown into rage out of humiliation just because of failure in the Battle of Seeds,” With a jolt, Lin Fan forcefully stabilized his body. His gaze was dark as stared at Wang Lei while sternly shouting.

After being stopped by Lin Fan, Wang Lei knew that he could no longer fulfil his wish of killing Lin Dong, and could only take in a deep breath. He also knew that his actions would not receive any justifications with regards to this issue. It was just that the defeat of Wang Zhong at Lin Dong’s hands had shocked him too much, so much so that his rationality had been buried by fury.

Swoosh swoosh!

At this moment, the faction leaders on the high platform regained their wits. Mo Jingtian furrowed his brows and flew down from the high platform along with other faction leaders. He looked at Wang Lei and spoke in a deep voice, “Clan head Wang Lei, the numerous rules of the Battle of Seeds were established together by the various great faction in the Great Yan Empire. Your actions were rather unwise. According to the rules, we can terminate the Wang Clan’s right to participate in the next Battle of Seeds at any time!”

After he heard what was said, Wang Lei’s facial expression changed slightly. The Wang Clan had already been defeated in the current Battle of Seeds and if they were banned from the next Battle of Seeds, their power would decrease drastically. This would be a deadly blow to their clan.

“Your Majesty, please don’t be angry. I just believe that the battle between Lin Dong and Wang Zhong might be rigged, and hence decided to test him.”

“Oh? So if you lose, then the battle is rigged. Wang Lei, I can’t believe such shameless words are coming out from your mouth. When our Lin Clan was defeated by the Wang Clan, why didn’t you say these words,” Lin Fan sneered sarcastically, his face ice-cold.

Naturally, Lin Fan was not the only one, even the other faction leaders could not help but shake their heads. The actions of Wang Lei were indeed embarrassing. Even if the Battle of Seeds was important to them, the act of finding numerous excuses for after failures was rather disdainful.

“Clan leader Wang Lei, only the outcome of the tournament matters, not the process. No matter what methods were used, as long as one party is able to successfully defeat the other party, it will be considered a legitimate victory. Now that the Battle of Seeds has been concluded and the five places have been determined, I hope that you won’t be so impulsive in the future. If not, we will jointly terminate the Wang Clan’s qualification to participate in the next Battle of Seeds,” Mo Jingtian reminded in a deep voice as his eyebrows furrowed.

After he heard Mo Jingtian’s words, Wang Lei’s face turned green and white. In the end, all he could do was to firmly glare at Lin Dong and Lin Fan. With a swipe of his sleeves, he turned around to pick up the heavily injured and unconscious Wang Zhong, before throwing him to the deathly white Wang Yan.

Upon seeing that Wang Lei was stopped, the Mo Ling trio heaved a sigh of relief. They knew Wang Lei certain believed that with Wang Zhong’s capabilities, it would be an easy task to obtain a placing. However, Wang Zhong was really unlucky to have encountered a troublesome opponent like Lin Dong. Ultimately, in the clash of tigers, Lin Dong was able to emerge as the victor. Yet, it was clear that Wang Lei could not accept this fact and hence flew into such a violent rage.

“What a pity…”

In contrast to their relief, Lin Langtian lightly shook his head. He secretly felt that it was a great pity. If Wang Lei was to kill Lin Dong, it would save some inconvenience for Lin Langtian.

“However, even if you are able to survive, I will still take your life with my own hands when the Hundred Empire War starts. Humph, Lin Dong, I will let you understand that offending me will be the most regrettable thing you ever do in your life!” Like a viper, Lin Langtian venomously stared at Lin Dong. A chilling sight.

In response to Lin Langtian’s gaze, Lin Dong merely tilted his head to shot the former a glance, while sneer formed from the corners of his mouth and killing intent surged in his eyes. Lin Langtian was indeed a thorn in his flesh. In the Great Yan Empire, with Lin Fan’s suppression, Lin Dong might not be able to take action. However, once they entered the Hundred Empire War, he would kill Lin Langtian the moment an opportunity arose!

“Lin Dong, are you okay?” Lin Fan turned around and looked at Lin Dong, a little nervous as he asked. For the first time, the Lin Clan was able to secure two placing with great difficulty. If Lin Dong was injured by Wang Lei, Lin Fan would fly into rage.

“I am fine,” Lin Dong smiled a little. He knew that by successfully obtaining a placing, his position in Lin Fan’s heart had rose to be on equal footing as Lin Langtian. If the current him were to ask for any resource, Lin Fan would do his best to give him whatever he wanted.

This was because Lin Fan saw him as an investment. If Lin Dong was able to perform in the Hundred Empire War and got chosen by a super sect, the benefits Lin Clan received would be thousandfold the amount of investment they had put in.

Besides, after Lin Dong left, Lin Fan would do his best to protect Yan City’s branch family so as to make Lin Dong remember and be tied to the Lin Clan. Likewise, this was what Lin Dong needed. This was the only way he could be at ease when he left the Great Yan Empire.

Both of them understood each other’s needs.

“Okay, everyone. The outcome of this Battle of Seeds has already emerged.”

At this moment, Mo Jingtian looked at everyone. His gaze paused on Lin Dong for a moment as a peculiar look flashed across his eyes. Previously, while Wang Lei was going to attack Lin Dong, he could clearly see that there was no signs of panic in the latter’s eyes. This lad was no ordinary individual to be able to stay composed in the face of a Nirvana stage elite.

“Tomorrow, we will join hands to activate the Sacred Spirit Pool. The five of you are qualified to enter. This is the last piece of help the Great Yan Empire can give you. However, as for whatever result you are able to obtain, it would depend on your luck.”

“After all of you have come out from the Sacred Spirit Pool, it would be time to head for the Hundred Empire War. All of you are the exceptional talents of the Great Yan Empire. I hope all of you can achieve some prestige for the Great Yan Empire in that epic war!”

As he spoke of the Hundred Empire War, the usually calm eyes of Mo Jingtian surged with blazing passion. If the Great Yan Empire was able to distinguish itself in the Hundred Empire War, it would definitely stir the entire East Xuan Region!

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