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Chapter 386: End of the Selection

The outside of the hall sunk into a brief silence when they saw the final figure that had walked out of the large purplish gold door. Even a legendary figure like Mo Jingtian stared at the figure in a daze. Later on, they turned to look at Wang Zhong, who had collapsed on the ground, and only then did they realize that they had made the final conclusion too early previously.

Because the final person that had walked out from the hall was Lin Dong!

Taking a look at the heavily injured and unconscious Wang Zhong, before casting a glance at a slightly dishevelled, blood-stained Lin Dong, who still had a bright and formidable glint in his eyes, everyone knew that in the fight between the two, Lin Dong had the final laugh…

The high platform remained silent. In fact, even Lin Fan’s and Wang Lei’s eyes revealed that they were in a dazed state, clearly yet to have recovered from this sudden and unexpected outcome. As for the other factions leaders, their eyes were full of shock. This outcome had totally exceeded all their expectations!

All of them knew that Lin Dong’s reputation was currently on the rise, however, Wang Zhong had already acquired an outstanding reputation years ago. In fact, everyone believed that he would definitely claim one of the five spots in this selection of seeds.

Therefore, when they first discovered that Wang Zhong’s final opponent was Lin Dong, all of them secretly sighed in their hearts at Lin Dong’s unluckiness. This rising star would finally suffer the bitter taste of defeat today. In fact, it was not only them, even Lin Fan did not dare to hope for too much. After all, Wang Zhong’s reputation was simply too great…

However, an unexpected development had occurred. As they stared at an unconscious Wang Zhong, before they looked to the vigorous Lin Dong, everyone knew that an earth-shattering battle must have occurred between them. However, it seems like Lin Dong was the one to successful walk out in the end…

When they saw the young figure that walked out of the hall, everyone knew the final outcome of this selection of seeds. The five spots had all been filled. Furthermore, all of them were secretly envious that the Lin Clan had actually obtain two of the five spots this time!

Such an event had not occurred in the Great Yan Empire for many years. After all, the amount of resources required to cultivate an exceptional genius was enormous. In fact, even a powerful faction like the imperial family could only sent a single individual, the third prince Mo Ling. How then could the rest of the factions have the capability to nurture more than one exceptional genius?

Furthermore, everyone knew that the reason why the Lin Clan could obtain two spots was largely due to luck. Lin Dong had emerged out of the blue and had not consumed a single resource of the Lin Clan. The reason why he could possess such strength was all due to his own hard work, while the Lin Clan had obtained an exceptional genius that was not inferior to Lin Langtian with practically zero investment. Right now, Lin Dong had even successfully defeated Wang Zhong in this selection of seeds and obtained the second spot for the Lin Clan!

Such good luck. Others truly could not help but be envious.

“Brother Lin Fan, I truly have to congratulate you this time.” Mo Jingtian turned around and looked at a similarly somewhat dazed Lin Fan, smiling as he said.

“Your Majesty must be joking.” The current Lin Fan had finally regained his wits as he hastily cupped his fists. However, there was already an unconcealable delight on his face. Right now, he felt slightly dizzy. After all, he had never expected that their Lin Clan would actually obtain two spots in the Battle of Seeds!

The number of times such an event had occurred in the Great Yan Empire would not exceed the fingers on one hand. Yet, this unbelievable luck had fell on their Lin Clan today.

While Lin Fan was surging with joy, Wang Lei’s face turned deathly pale. He stared in shock at Wang Zhong’s heavily injured figure while his body continuously trembled. He simply could not believe that Wang Zhong, who should have easily obtained a spot and represented the hope of their Wang Clan, would actually be defeated by this previously unknown younger generation member, Lin Dong!

“How is this possible…”

Behind Wang Lei, Wang Yan’s originally pleased expression now turned pale as he continuously muttered to himself. Like Wang Lei, he had absolute confidence in Wang Zhong’s strength. In his eyes, it was a terrible tragedy for Lin Dong to have encountered Wang Zhong. Originally, he had been awaiting Wang Zhong’s triumphal return and was prepared to ridicule the loser Lin Dong in every possible way. However, reality had played an extremely cruel joke on him…

As he stared at the heavily injured and unconscious figure, the pillar of support in Wang Zhong’s heart crumbled. He was truly unable to believe, why the war god in his heart had fallen to this thing which had once been an ant he could have easily crushed two years ago.

However, regardless of how much he was unwilling to believe, facts were facts. It would not change because of anyone’s unwillingness to believe…

Outside the large hall, Lin Dong took a glance at a heavily wounded and unconscious Wang Zhong. His tightly wound up body was now finally much more relaxed. Instantly, a feeble sensation emerged from the deepest region of his body. He lifted his head and stared at Mo Ling and the rest, and could not help but mockingly shake his head at himself. Compared to the easy ride these fellows had, he was practically about to burst out into curses.

“Hehe, congratulations brother Lin Dong. Previously, I had said that brother Lin Dong would definitely obtain a spot. I did not think that it would indeed come true now.” Mo Ling gently smiled at Lin Dong as he softly said.

“Are you Lin Dong? A real man indeed, even Wang Zhong was not your match. Thankfully, I did not encounter you this time, else I would not have a spot.” The Barbarian King Valley’s Man Shan was in awe as he stared at Lin Dong while his forceful voice sounded out.

Even though this man looked like a brute, he was no fool. He understood that among the five final rounds of this Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong’s battle was the toughest!

Lin Dong and Wang Zhong were both elite contestants. If they were placed in different groups, as long as they do not encounter the imperial family’s Mo Ling, both of them had more than an eighty percent chance of obtaining a spot. Unfortunately, both of them were placed together. Therefore, even though they did not witness it personally, based on the aura gushing out from Lin Dong’s body as well as Wang Zhong’s miserable appearance, they knew that an earth-shattering battle must have occurred between them.

After such a dramatic battle, Lin Dong unexpectedly had the last laugh. That was to say that he was even more powerful than Wang Zhong. Among the five of them, Man Shan felt that only the most low-key Mo Ling would be able to match up against Lin Dong…

Tianluo Sect’s Du Yun was also amazed as he stared at Lin Dong. Promptly, he clicked his tongue. It was no wonder his master instructed him not to provoke Lin Dong. It turns out he was actually such a troublesome opponent.

Lin Dong was fairly polite towards Mo Ling, Man Shan and Du Yun. He politely cupped his fists as he smiled and said: “It was only luck.”

“Looks like you were indeed lucky. Most likely you feigned weakness and striked when Wang Zhong let down his guard…” At this moment, Lin Langtian, who was silent for a short period finally could not resist anymore as he icily chuckled. His expression was fairly grim. Previously, when he had not seen Lin Dong’s figure, he had already decided the outcome of the battle between the two of them. However, he never expected that the situation would change so rapidly. Therefore, even he was unable to adapt for a moment.

“You should be thankful that you did not run into me. Else, you would end up in the same state…” Lin Dong smiled indifferently as he retorted.

When he heard these words, Lin Langtian’s expression instantly turned cold. However, he did not intend to truly make a move now. His eyes involuntarily glanced at the far away Wang Zhong. When he saw the latter’s sorry state, his pupils involuntarily shrunk. Regardless of what he had said, he was still aware of Wang Zhong’s strength. Yet, he was defeated by Lin Dong. This caused Lin Langtian to be even more wary of Lin Dong.

After all, he knew that if he did not use his final trump card, he may not be able to handle the current Lin Dong.

The existence which had previously been akin to an ant in his eyes had unknowingly grown to a stage where even he did not dare to underestimate.

To one side, Mo Ling watched as the two went tit for tat, and was slightly taken aback. Promptly, he came to a realization. Even though both of them belonged to the Lin Clan, there was a fairly deep grudge between them.

“Your Majesty, am I considered as the winner of this final round? If I am, could you announce the results?” Lin Dong lifted his head and looked towards Mo Jingtian, who was atop the high platform, as he respectfully asked.

“Hehe, of course…” Upon hearing these words, Mo Jingtian chuckled. However, before he could continue, he suddenly felt a terrifying killing intent erupt at his side.

“Little bastard, you actually dared to injure Wang Zhong to such a state. Today, you shall pay with your life!”

When that killing intent gushed out, the crowds saw Wang Lei suddenly charge out. His eyes were filled with a venomous killing intent, while an exceedingly formidable claw force was immediately flung towards Lin Dong’s head. Instantly, a storm howled in this space as a chilly wind blew. When a Nirvana stage practitioner attacked, the heavens would tremble!

Wang Lei was actually unable to suppress the rage and the huge disparity between expectations and reality in his heart. Hence, he was going to kill Lin Dong!

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