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Chapter 385 The Placing


Under the nervous gazes of the faction leaders on the high wall, one of the massive purple-golden doors opened slowly. The creaking sound, which was caused by the friction in the door axis, was crushing their minds and causing everyone’s breathing to get heavier. At this moment, the usual calmness and dignity in everyone had been seemingly dissipated.

Facing a ray of sunshine, the purple-golden door had completely opened. A slim figure walked out of the door slowly and appeared before everyone’s eyes.

That figure had an extremely handsome face, so much so that it looked faintly feminine. He was dressed in a green robe, accompanied by a refined taste.

Green-robed Mo Ling.

The first person to walk out from the massive purple-golden door was actually the Imperial Family’s Third Royal Prince!

The atmosphere on the high wall began to quiet down. Soon after, everyone went forward to congratulate Mo Jingtian while secretly sighing at the same time. The Imperial Family was truly worthy of their reputation and strong foundation. The first spot had been pocketed by them effortlessly.

“Haha, thanks everyone.”

Upon hearing these congratulations, Mo Jingtian’s face was beaming with joy. It seemed like he also secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Even though he had a lot of confidence in Mo Ling’s capabilities, he also knew there were other participants that would be hard to handle in the Battle of Seeds this time around. If Mo Ling was to encounter these people and face unusual situations, the Imperial Family might miss the opportunity of obtaining a spot. When that moment comes, it would be a devastating blow to the entire Imperial Family.

Lin Fan also gave his congratulation. Then, his gaze could not help but return to the four other tightly closed purple-golden doors while his eyes were filled with a strong sense of nervousness.

While the people on the high wall were giving their congratulations, Mo Ling was just standing silently outside of the great hall. As the sunlight shone upon his slightly slim figure, one would have feel that he was too weak to even stand up to the wind. Naturally, such feeling would be gone in a flash as anyone knew that amongst the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation, even if he were not number one, this person would at least be in the top three placings…

Whoever dared to look down on this kind of people would be courting his or her own death.

After taking a glance at the nearby high wall, he then turned around and looked at four massive purple-golden doors which were shut tightly. A tinge of fascination could be found within his eyes. He also wished to know, this time around, who will be the other four individuals to obtain a spot…

This time around, the audience did not have to wait too long. As the second purple-golden door finally opened, a white-clothed man walked out nimbly. He looked confident and relaxed as he stood not far away from Mo Ling.

Heavenly Luo Sect’s White-clothed Sword, Du Yun!

With the appearance of this person, the Heavenly Luo Sect’s faction leader, who was standing on the high wall, sighed a heave of relief as if he had been relieved from a burden. Like the blossoming of a chrysanthemum, the wrinkles on his old face extended out. The Heavenly Luo Sect had paid a high price to nurture Du Yun, so much so that the time for the faction leader to attain the Nirvana Stage had been extended. However, there had finally reaped their due rewards after meticulously cultivating Du Yun.

Envy filled the faces of the faction leaders standing around the Heavenly Luo’s faction leader. With the emergence of Du Yun, it would mean that Heavenly Luo Sect was qualified to participate in the Hundred Empire War. If Du Yun was able to perform in the Hundred Empire War, the Heavenly Luo Sect would be rewarded handsomely. When that moment comes, the power of the Heavenly Luo Sect would surpass the other two great sects….


Not too long after Du Yun had successfully walked out of the purple-golden door, another two purple-golden doors suddenly opened at the same time.

Upon seeing this, the atmosphere on the high wall immediately froze. Gazes were hastily thrown towards the direction of the two purple-golden doors. With the appearance of these two persons, four spots out of the total five had been taken. If their members were not among these two persons, they would have to return home in disappointment for the Battle of Seeds this time around.

Under numerous fixated gazes, two figures flew out from the purple-golden doors with a lightning speed and landed steadily outside of the great hall.

Swish swish!

When the two figures appeared, all the gazes were locked onto them immediately. At once, an uproar then broke out on the high wall.

Outside of the great hall, the person on the left was a man with an extremely sturdy stature. The man’s arms were bare and there were intertwining scars all over his body. The bizarre thing was that all these scars had a faint beast-like shape. These scars would have one’s hair to stand on the end.

However, this man was apparently a fearsome individual. Just by standing there silently, he was able to give off a fearsome, beast-like aura from within his body. This caused no one to dare to look down on him.

This huge man was the Barbarian King Sect’s valiant general, Man Shan, who was also one of the most powerful participants in the tournament.

“Didn’t expect the Barbarian Sect to reap such a reward this time around!”

The audience on the high wall secretly sighed when they saw this man. Their gazes then shifted to the person on the right and they were startled by the sight. Soon after, envious looks began to turn in the direction of Lin Fan. That was because, the fourth person was the Lin Clan’s Lin Langtian!

Unexpectedly, this time around, he successfully passed through the Battle of Seeds and won a spot!

“Haha, Brother Lin Fan, congratulations. This time around, the Lin Clan finally has its wish fulfilled,” Some faction leaders, who had connections with the Lin Clan, went forward with a smile to congratulate Lin Fan.


Lin Fan stared blankly at the figure of Lin Langtian as the trembling hands in his sleeves revealed the excitement in his heart. Lin Langtian undoubtedly was the Lin Clan’s exceptional genius. Even when he faced multiple powerful enemies, he still could achieve a victory. In the past, it seemed like Lin Fan did not clearly identify the latter’s potential.

“Lin Fan, this time around, it seems that the Lin Clan is not going home empty-handed. However, it also seems that the last spot shall be obtained by my Wang Clan,” Upon seeing what had happened, Wang Lei furrowed his brows and said.

At this moment, Lin Fan’s mind was overwhelmed with emotions and he did not even pay attention to Wang Lei’s words. After a moment, he calmed down gradually and looked at the last closed purple-golden door with a pursed lips.

“Lin Dong, don’t tell me you will lose to Lin Langtian at this point. You should know how important is it to win a placing for the Lin Clan. You and Lin Langtian are like fire and water. If you are to fail this time, the accomplishments you have achieved so far will go down the drain…”

At the moment, Lin Fan was feeling perplexed. He felt happy for Lin Langtian’s victory, but at the same time, he felt sorry that he had to choose one between these two exceptional talents. To be able to make it this far with the pathetic resources of the branch family, Lin Dong’s sacrifices definitely exceeded Lin Langtian’s. However, the world is unfair at times. The sacrifices you made may be more than other people, but the rewards you reaped may not be as much as these people…..

Outside of the great hall, the four victors looked at and congratulated each other. All of them had heard of each other’s reputations. Even though all of them were people of outstanding talent, they were not foolish enough to display any signs of superiority here

“Out of the spots placings, we have already taken four. I am not sure who will win the last spot,” Mo Ling smiled as he looked the last massive purple-golden door, which was shut tightly.

“If I am not wrong, it should be either Lin Dong or Wang Zhong who will win the last spot…” Du Yuan grinned. He clearly knew that these two persons possessed the capabilities to win the final spot. He then observed the four of them. Even though their previous battles were intense, the intensity was not at its peak yet. If one of them was to meet Lin Dong or Wang Zhong, even if that person win, he would not be standing here and chatting idly.

“Even though Lin Dong is capable, he is no match for Brother Wang Zhong,” Lin Langtian sneered. He clearly understood Wang Zhong’s tyranny. Even though Lin Dong was strong, he did not believe that Lin Dong was capable enough to defeat Wang Zhong.

“Lin Langtian, Lin Dong is a member of the Lin Clan. It’s disheartening to see you siding with outsiders rather than speaking up for him,” Man Shan, who had a thick and strong build, said in a vigorous tone.

All of them clearly knew that, if the battle for the last placing was fought between Wang Zhong and Lin Dong, the intensity level involved would surpass the four victors’ battles’ intensity levels. From a different perspective, it was unlucky for both Lin Dong and Wang Zhong to actually encounter each other…

When two tigers fought, one was bound to get injured.

“I am just telling the truth. The result ought to be out soon, we shall see…” Lin Langtian scoffed as he placed his arms behind his back. Chilliness was surging through his eyes. If Lin Dong was to fail at this point, he would not be able to establish any footing in the Lin Clan. When that moment comes, even without Lin Langtian’s orders, there would be people who will get rid of him and the Yan City’s branch family.

“Haha, I beg to differ with Brother Langtian’s words. I feel that the last spot will be taken by Lin Dong. When that moment comes, I will have to congratulate the Lin Clan for obtaining two placings in one go. This has not happened for many years in the Great Yan Empire,” Mo Ling smiled.

“I am grateful for the Third Royal Prince’s high regards. However, I am afraid some people are not qualified…” Lin Langtian laughed. Just as he was about to finish his sentence, the last purple-golden door suddenly trembled violently. After a while, the door blasted open with a deafening boom.


Under numerous stupefied gazes, the purple-golden door blasted open. Terrifying Yuan Power flooded out like a tsunami. Four aligned ancient fingers flew out forcefully. With a loud boom, they exploded thoroughly.


As the ancient fingers exploded, a dark blood light shot out. After a few hundred metres of traces of footprints smeared across the floor, the blood light then stopped gradually.

This sudden scene quieted down the entire area in an instant. All the gazes shifted with a lightning speed to the blood light. Just as everyone’s eyes squinted abruptly to see what was going on, Wang Lei and Wang Yan’s faces were flushed with joy. That was because the person who had just appeared was Wang Zhong!


Upon seeing this, Lin Fan sighed deeply. The outcome of the contest between Lin Dong and Lin Langtian had been decided just like this….


Even though the way Wang Zhong appeared was peculiar, Wang Lei could not help but burst into a laughter. However, just as he was laughing heartily, Wang Zhong violently spat out a mouthful of blood towards the sky and collapsed on his back.

Wang Lei’s laughter stopped in an instant. Everyone looked astonishingly at this scene.

Da! Da!

Suddenly, while the audience were stunned, the sound of a light footsteps could be heard inside of the ruptured purple-golden door. Soon after, a figure, basking in sunlight, walked out slowly and appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“Am I right to say that the winner is not the one who stepped out of the door first?”

This figure walked out of the great hall and raised his head towards the audience on the high wall and asked blandly. However, this scene caused everyone’s faces to freeze…

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