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Chapter 384 Bloody Battle


The hall seemed to shudder as Lin Dong’s finger slowly moved forward, and as the finger pointed out, the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body swiftly flowed in at an astonishing rate.

The space behind Lin Dong seemed as if it was being ripped apart as an enormous ancient finger that was a hundred feet large slowly tore apart space and appeared!

The giant ancient finger was covered all over in mysterious patterns full of terrifying undulations that could make the heavens tremble. Compared to when he fought with Lin Langtian, the fourth finger Lin Dong used this time was not only more ancient and solid, its power was also clearly much greater.

This kind of attack was enough to completely destroy an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner. In fact, even a peak Manifestation stage practitioner must temporarily avoid it!


As the giant ancient finger tore apart space and appeared, the overflowing blood sea formed by Wang Zhong and the Blood Devil Asura Spear arrived. A formidable to the limit blood light swept across the blood sea as blood colored ripples spread outwards. Everything would quietly corrode into nothingness everywhere it passed.

Wang Zhong’s attack was likewise incomparably formidable and domineering. At this time, the both of them had clearly displayed the limits of their abilities. As for who won or lost, it would depend on their fundamentals.

Golden rays of light and the sea of blood each occupied half of the majestic large hall. Each side screamed as they swept out, like two meteors as they furiously clashed with a loud bang in the large hall.


An deafening sky-shattering noise suddenly rang out in the large hall. The terrifying impact had directly caused spider web like cracks to appear on the incomparably hard floor, while all the stone pillars in the large hall were turned to dust in an instant…

The instant the giant finger and blood light collided, Lin Dong’s body violently trembled. It felt as if the blood in his body had started to churn furiously. His gaze was firmly fixed onto the blood light that had crashed into the giant ancient finger. At the moment of impact, a groan had sounded out from it.

However, one could not help but admit that Wang Zhong was indeed extremely powerful. Even after Lin Dong used the fourth finger, he was unable to achieve a one-sided victory, and was instead stuck in a deadlock due to Wang Zhong’s all-out counterattack.


Waves of terrifying energy frantically exploded from the ancient giant finger and blood light, each side trying to blow back or corrode the other.


As this continued, a low roar filled with a bloody smell sounded out from the blood light. Wang Zhong’s face surfaced from within the blood light, his blood red eyes full of blood-thirst and cruelness as he stared at Lin Dong. The current Wang Zhong seemed to have already transformed into an exceptionally vicious blood spirit.


A hoarse and muffled roar unfurled from the overflowing blood light. Soon after, the blood light abruptly intensified as formidable blood spears that seemingly covered the skies violently shot out. In the face of Wang Zhong’s all-out counterattack, even the ancient giant finger was forcibly pushed back some distance.

“Be suppressed!” As he watched Wang Zhong’s ferocious counterattack, an ominous look surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. With a thought, thick Devouring Power spread out from his body. Immediately the Yuan Power in the large hall whizzed over and completely poured into his body. He viciously punched out, causing the golden light on the ancient giant finger to erupt and ‘bang’ sounds to echo out. Wang Zhong’s counterattack had once again been suppressed and was being forced back bit by bit!

At this time, the two of them were already competing on who could last longer. Although Wang Zhong’s cultivation level was higher than Lin Dong’s, the latter had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, hence his Yuan Power recovery speed far outclassed the former!

While being slowly forced back by the ancient giant finger, blood pillars erupted from the blood sea. Evidently, the injuries Wang Zhong sustained were not light. Blood light gushed about, faintly revealing his sinister face and his scarlet red eyes as he suddenly shrieked: “Create the Blood Devil with my blood and flesh!”

“Bang bang”

As the shriek faded, the blood sea immediately started to churn frantically and swiftly rush towards the blood light Wang Zhong had transformed into. In a flash, it transformed into a blood colored human figure that was dozens of feet large. This human figure was countless times more concentrated than the blood soul from before, so much so that there was even a layer of solid blood armor on the surface of its body which gave off a cold and gloomy shine.

“Lin Dong, I will use your blood as an offering for my blood spear!”

When the blood armored human figure appeared, its hand abruptly clawed downwards as a formidable without equal blood spear flew out from the blood sea. Man and spear fit together perfectly, and the spear thrust out in the air, heavily landing on the incoming ancient giant finger. Immediately, the land shook as the ancient giant finger was once again pushed back by Wang Zhong.

“A mere Earthly Soul Treasure does not have to ability to turn the tide!”

In response to the incomparably stubborn Wang Zhong, Lin Dong’s eyes turned increasingly cold. He did not expect that after using the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’s fourth finger, Wang Zhong was still able to persevere.

“Devour Heaven and Earth!”

Lin Dong stepped onto empty space as a black hole spread out behind him. Immediately, a frightening Devouring Power screamed out. This time, Lin Dong was no longer suppressing the Devouring Power!


Devouring Power spread out, causing the blood sea to surge as it transformed into wave after wave of blood waves which were forcibly swallowed into the black hole, before being instantly transformed into surging Yuan Power which flowed in Lin Dong’s body.


When he saw that Lin Dong was actually able to forcibly devour the blood sea made from his Yuan Power, the blood armored figure suddenly jerked, its blood eyes full of disbelief. The blood sea was filled with an extremely strong corrosive power, and even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner that fell in would be instantly turned to bloody water. Yet, before his eyes, Lin Dong was directly absorbing the blood sea, and from the looks of it, he was not the least bit uncomfortable. How could this not cause Wang Zhong to be shocked.

Lin Dong’s expression was ice-cold as he felt the surging Yuan Power in his body. His hand seals once again started to change swiftly, immediately, a vigorous shout thundered across the loud hall.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, First Finger Imprisoning The World! Second Finger Shredding Mountains And Rivers! Third Finger Exterminating All Life!”

This time, Lin Dong had practically used three fingers in succession. In a split second, he displayed the first three fingers of the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger. Immediately, three equally ancient giant fingers broke apart space and appeared, joined from head to tail as they whizzed forward!

As he watched yet another three extremely terrifying giant fingers which gave off shocking undulations fly towards him, this time, astonishment gushed up in Wang Zhong’s blood eyes. He was truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong could continuously let loose such powerful attacks!

Three ancient giant fingers swept forth, however, they did not directly attack Wang Zhong, but ferociously slam into the previous fourth finger. Immediately, a dazzling golden light erupted and the four fingers formed a straight line, while the undulations they gave off soared at a dreadful speed!

“Boom boom!”

With the four ancient giant fingers aligned, the blood armored figure that was still able to endure just moments ago shot backwards like an artillery shell as its body split open, causing red lines to appear. Along the way, it violently vomited fresh blood while its originally vicious aura rapidly weakened. Lin Dong’s attack this time was truly too powerful!

One move to determine victory or defeat!

On the tall platform outside the hall, the light screens shattered one after another under helpless gazes. Evidently, an extremely astonishing battle had occurred within and resulting aftershocks had destroyed all the equipment.

“Victory or defeat should be confirmed very quickly…”

On the tall platform, everyone’s gaze was cast towards the the nearby hall, while the hands in their sleeves involuntarily clenched slowly. The five people who managed to walk out from the hall would determine who were the final victors of this Battle of Seeds!

Lin Fan’s face was stretched taunt. At this time, even someone of his mettle could no longer remain calm. He very clearly understood how important this Battle of Seeds was for their Lin Clan. They had already lost the chance to participate in the previous Hundred Empire War, and if they once again lost it this time, their strength would definitely start to fall behind the other factions. At that time, their status in the Great Yan Empire would definitely drop and this was something he absolutely did not want to see.

“Lin Dong, Lin Langtian, since both of you want to become the most honored person in the Lin Clan, let me see which one of you is able to walk out from this hall!” Lin Fan deeply breathed in and completely suppressed the ripples in his heart.

Meanwhile, Wang Lei did not open his mouth to speak again. Although there was still a smile on his face, his fist which tightened from time to time likewise revealed his tense mood…

Beside Wang Lei, Wang Yan still looked full of confidence as he had always held an absolute confidence in Wang Zhong’s strength. He vengefully stared at the hall, constantly imagining how good he would feel when he saw Lin Dong’s defeated figure…


With everyone on the high platform tensely looking about, after several minutes, a creaking noise suddenly echoed out in the silent hall. At this moment, they watched as the tightly shut purplish gold door slowly start to open…

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