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Chapter 383: A Bitter Fight

Bang bang bang!

A gigantic mountain peak ripped across that large and towering hall, causing several stone pillars to be directly blown apart by that terrifying impact. Instantly, dust covered the entire arena, while giant rocks tumbled.


Under the shadow of that mountain peak, a gigantic bloody figure filled with a monstrous bloody stench howled forth. The thick stench seemed to have turned the large hall into a bloody ocean.


Finally, that mountain peak and bloody figure clashed in the middle of the arena. Instantly, an earth-shattering roar sounded out. Then, the entire towering large hall started trembling at this moment, while countless stone pillars were blown apart due to that terrifying energy impact.

As that terrifying impact swept across the large hall, countless tiny light mirrors scattered across the large hall instantly blew up. These tiny light mirrors were precisely the equipment used to reflect the scene occurring in the large hall back to the screen. However, no one expected that there were all completely blown apart…

As those light mirrors blew up, a screen on a tall wall outside of the large hall instantly shook, before it dimmed down under while Lin Fan and the rest stared in bewilderment.


When they saw this sight, the anxiety in Lin Fan and the rest’s hearts grew. As they turned to glance at one another, all of their faces were slightly ugly. Just as it reached the climax of the fight, such a situation actually occurred. This caused one to be so agitated till one nearly vomit blood.

“Haha, relax everyone. The impact caused by their fight is simply too enormous. There is nothing we can do about it.” Mo Jingtian smiled as he consoled them. This large hall was built from unique materials and it was exceedingly solid. Furthermore, it even had the ability to block any spying from Mental Energy. Therefore, right now, they naturally could not head inside to fix the problem and they could only quietly wait for the final outcome.

When they heard Mo Jingtian’s words, the crowds could not shake their head helpless. Lin Fan furrowed his brows, while anxiety filled his eyes. Not being able to observe their fight was definitely torturous for him.

“Haha, Lin Fan, why are you so anxious. After a while, they should be able to conclude the fight. At that time, we will know the outcome of the battle.” In contrast to an anxious Lin Fan, Wang Lei laughed as if he knew that the fight was surely in the bag. Even though Lin Dong was able to survive a few bouts with Wang Zhong, the latter had yet to use his signature killing move. Therefore, once he used it, Lin Dong would surely be defeated!

Lin Fan coldly stared at Wang Lei, who was laughing heartily. However, he could not be bothered to argue with him. Then, he turned around and looked at the large arena in front of that high wall. At one side of the arena, there were five passageways linking to the large palace. The five of them who could walk out from these passageways shall successfully obtain one of the five spots!

As to whether Lin Dong could successfully become one of the five, it would have to depend on his abilities…

Inside the large hall, dust filled the horizons, while the large stone pillars were all crooked. The entire large hall seemed extremely messy.


At the corner of the dust-filled hall, Lin Dong stepped on his Heavy Prison Peak, while he hovered in mid-air. His breath was somewhat ragged while streams of potent Yuan Power swivelled around his body as he stared right at the scattered dust below.

Needless to say, that Wang Zhong was indeed a talented genius that even Lin Langtian could not handle. Even as he faced Lin Dong’s terrifying attack, he did not retreat at all. Instead, in their previous clash, Lin Dong felt that though he had the slight edge, it was not enough for him to seize control of the situation.

Right now, the large hall had quietened down substantially, while the dust slowly settled down before it finally dissipated. Then, Lin Dong’s eyes gently shrunk when he saw a giant pothole in the middle of that large hall. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong’s body was hovering in the middle of that pothole, while a large bloody shadow wrapped around his body. At the same time, a potent bloody smell slowly spread out.

Wang Zhong’s hair was scattered by that previous terrifying impact. As he slowly lifted his head, his eyes were completely blood red as he stared at Lin Dong, before he slowly said: “I believe that you have the qualifications to match up with Lin Langtian, however… even Lin Langtian cannot defeat me today!”

“Not only can I match up to him, I can defeat him as well. Just like how I will defeat you!” Lin Dong chuckled, before his hand seals changed. Then, that Heavy Prison Peak began to swirl, before a black glowing halo suddenly violently shot out from within that Heavy Prison Peak, before it directly trapped Wang Zhong within it.

“Gravity World!”

A deep roar promptly emerged from Lin Dong’s lips. Then, the ground below suddenly began to crack. In fact, even Wang Zhong’s body, which was hovering in mid-air, was immediately pushed to the ground, before it was stuck knee-deep into the ground.

Based on the sight, it seems like the gravity in the area surrounded by that black glowing halo had became exceedingly strong. Of course, this was exactly what was happening. As Lin Dong grew increasingly familiar with the Heavy Prison Peak, he was able to slowly discover new innovative ways to use it. Right now, take for example “Gravity World”, as long as it was within the glowing halo, the gravity in this area was surge several times and caused one to feel as if one was stuck in quicksand. In fact, some weaker individuals would not even be able to move at all. Meanwhile, though certain stronger practitioners could withstand the gravity, their speed would slow down as well.


When he saw that Wang Zhong was trapped by that Heavy Gravity glowing halo, Lin Dong violently launched both of his fist. Instantly, an exceedingly vicious fist shadow howled forth, just like a storm, as it rained down on Wang Zhong.

As he faced Lin Dong’s powerful attack, Wang Zhong evidently wanted to avoid it. However, when he tried to move, he realized that his originally nimble body had became as slow as a turtle. Just as he pulled his leg out of the ground, his other leg sunk deeper into the ground with a plop.

“Dong Dong Dong!”

Due to this delay, Lin Dong’s attack instantly rained down before it completely landed on Wang Zhong’s body. Immediately, his body was blown away just like a cannonball, before he caused a several hundred meters deep mark on the ground. Then, he finally slammed against a stone pillar.

After he was suddenly punneled by Lin Dong, Wang Zhong’s expression turned exceedingly grim. Wiping off the blood trail on his lips, just as he wanted stand up, Lin Dong’s hand seals changed before that black glowing halo shot out once again, and caused his barely upright body to sink again.

“If you piss me off, you will surely regret it!”

Those peculiar glowing shadows evidently caused Wang Zhong to be extremely outrage. His body gently trembled, while the blood-red hue in his eyes grew increasingly blood-red. It was as if fresh blood was going to drip out.

“Great Desolate Ocean Splitting Seal!”

Lin Dong’s expression was calm as he completely ignored Wang Zhong’s growls. As his hand seals changed, formidable wave-like Yuan Power appeared behind his back. Then, an glowing seal that contained a force that was several times more powerful than the previous attack, dashed forth at a terrifying rate before it viciously flew towards Wang Zhong!

As he stared at that powerful incoming attack, Wang Zhong’s body gently trembled, while his face turned exceedingly grim. Then, he suddenly tightened the grip on his Blood Demonic Asura Spear, before his palm swiped across the tip of that spear. Instantly, fresh blood spurted out.

“Hua la la!’

When his fresh blood spurted out, a bloody light instantly gushed out from his Blood Demonic Asura Spear from every direction. However, this time around, the bloody glow did not form into a Bloodsoul, instead just like countless worms, they dashed manically into Wang Zhong’s body.

When those bloody light gushed in, in front of Lin Dong’s eyes, Wang Zhong’s aura suddenly grew at a terrifying rate. Meanwhile, on the surface on his body, a bloody glow flowed just like it had formed into a peculiar human figure. That sensation was just like the bloodsoul inside his Blood Demonic Asura Spear had fused together with Wang Zhong.


Wang Zhong’s eyes were bloody-red as he suddenly lifted his head. Then, a deep growl, that seemed just like a solid blood sonicboom swept froth, before it directly ripped apart that black glowing halo.

“Lin Dong, prepare to die!”

After blowing apart that black glowing halo, Wang Zhong’s body actually showed signs of liquefaction as if he was transforming into blood. Then, his body wrapped around his Blood Demonic Asura Spear.

“Blood Demonic Apocalypse!”

Torrents of blood manically swarmed out from that Blood Demonic Asura Spear and it seemed like the whole hall had turned into a sea of blood. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong actually fused with that spear. Instantly, that sea of blood split apart, while an exceedingly scarlet red bloody light howled forth with a savage and unstoppable force!

Bang bang bang!

Several cracks began to appear in the middle of the large hall. The entire specially made large hall actually gradually began to crumble.

Lin Dong’s expression was solemn as he stared at that incoming bloody beam. From its surface, he could scent the potent smell of death. He knew that if he was hit by it, he would die immediately!

This move was Wang Zhong’s most terrifying attack!


After taking in a deep breath, filled with a bloody stench, all the Yuan Power in Lin Dong’s body was just like a volcana as they erupted forth. He knew that this was going to be their final bout!

If he managed to block him, he would win. Else if he failed, he would die!

Potent Yuan Power swivelled around Lin Dong’s body. Promptly, he gripped his palm, before the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat appeared. Instantly, an Essence Yuan Power light beam penetrated the horizon. Then, Lin Dong slowly stretched out his palm, before one finger slowly jutted out slowly!

The instant his finger jutted out, all the Yuan Power in his body gushed out just like tidal waves. Instantly, an endlessly deep roar ricocheted across this bloody large hall.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fourth Finger Break The Universe!”

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