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Chapter 375 The Beginning of the Battle of Seeds

Being the strongest faction in the Great Yan Empire, the Imperial Family usually would not display too much of their powerful capabilities. At the same time, no one dared to underestimate them. In every Battle of Seeds, the participants from the Imperial Family would definitely win one placing. Furthermore, for past several hundred years, the number of intakes by the super sects from the Imperial Family had been the highest among all the placings in the Hundred Empire War. This was ultimately why the Imperial Family was able to survive this long in the Great Yan Empire.

According to Lin Fan, the Imperial Family currently has more than three of their members in those super sects. Every ten years or so, the Imperial Family would be rewarded with an enormous amount of resources, thereby making them even stronger!

The Imperial Family also differed from the other factions in another way. Talents like Lin Langtian was well known in the Great Yan Empire. On the contrary, the Imperial Family’s talents kept a low profile. Only a small number of people knew who were the talents among the younger generation of the Imperial Family.

Even though the Imperial Family would not flaunt their talents, even the dumbest person would know that any talent who was from the Imperial Family will not be no ordinary individual!

Lin Dong’s gaze lowered and his heart was sighing with sorrow. The Battle of Seeds no doubt was the highest level competition in the Great Yan Empire. All the participants are extremely powerful. It would not be an easy task to win one of the five placings among all these talents.

Just as Lin Dong was deep in thought, the entourage of the Imperial Family passed by him. He lowered his head and gazed at a figure dressed in green robe. He raised his gaze and was startled slightly by a devilishly beautiful face, whose expression was a bit unsettling. If this face was on a female’s body, the woman would be gorgeous. However, with this face on a male’s body… there should be an evil presence surrounding the man.

“Am I right to say you are Brother Lin Dong, the person who recently created a sensation in the Great Yan Empire?”

The green-robed youth gave Lin Dong a smile, appearing to be quite courteous. His voice was soft and gentle as well. This made Lin Dong cannot help but look at his slender and fair throat. After confirming there was an adam’s apple, Lin Dong then nodded his head awkwardly and gave a bow and greeted, “Lin Dong greets the Third Royal Prince.”

Mo Ling was the third son in the Imperial Family and was also known as the Third Royal Prince. Naturally, all these information was passed on from Lin Fan to Lin Dong.

As Mo Ling gave a touching smile, Lin Dong felt a cold shudder down his back. The former’s gaze swept across Lin Dong’s body, which he then withdrew after a short moment. He then said delicately, “A well-deserved reputation.”

“I am flattered,” Lin Dong gave a bow again while his heart shivered. Just one sentence alone was able to prove that Mo Ling’s ability was higher than Wang Zhong’s. He was truly a product of the Imperial Family.

After Mo Ling finished his sentence, he decided not to stay any longer and doubled up his footsteps to catch up with Mo Jingtian. The latter then took a glance at him and used a voice that only both of them could hear and questioned, “How was it?”

“He is a formidable opponent. This time around, the Lin Clan is quite impressive. They are able to come up with two remarkable individuals,” Mo Ling replied softly.

“Do you have the confidence to defeat him if you were to meet him?” Mo Jingtian asked indifferently.

“I am sixty-percent confident,” Mo Ling muttered.

Mo Jingtian folded his brows slightly, as if he was not satisfied with this confidence level. Upon seeing this, Mo Ling could only spread out his hands and said, “I can sense an unusual energy wave from Lin Dong’s body. Given the prudent nature of his, he must have a trump card that we do not know of. We have no choice but to be more careful. Furthermore, I think that I won’t be in the same group as him.”

“Do not place your hopes on luck.”

After Mo Jingtian reprimanded Mo Ling, the former then stepped onto the tall platform and a smile appeared on his face once again. He then gave a sweeping look and said heartily, “Everyone, as the official host, I hereby represent the Imperial Family and welcome all of you.”

Upon hearing Mo Jingtian’s words, many factions immediately smiled back respectfully.

“The Battle of Seeds happens once every twenty years. I suppose all the young participants have been briefed on the numerous rules of this competition. Hence, I shall not say anything unnecessary. The hall before your eyes shall be the arena for the Battle of Seeds. As you can see, there are many passageways around the hall. Later, each participant will draw lot and enter the numbered passageway according to the number on your lot.”

The way Mo Jingtian spoke was direct and efficient, without any unnecessary elaborations. As he finished speaking, he held up his palm and a bunch of bamboo lots, which was shrouded in faint glow, appeared in his hand.

“Participants for the Battle of Seeds, each and everyone of you draw a lot!” As Mo Jingtian finished shouting these words, the bamboo lots in his hand shot up into the sky with a faint glow engulfing them.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!”

As the bamboo lots flew up the sky, deafening sounds echoed throughout the holding area when the participants flew up to grab the bamboo lots. Upon seeing this, Lin Dong waved his palm and obtained a lot with an attractive force. He then turned over his palm and found out that the phrase “ Left-9” was written on the lot.

“The drawing of lots has been completed. Everyone, it’s time for this year’s Battle of Seeds to begin!”

After seeing all the lots had been taken, Mo Jingtian bellowed, “Enter the arena!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

After Mo Jingtian finished speaking, numerous silhouettes flew by and entered the monumental hall through the passageways in accordance with their lots’ indications.

“Lin Dong, Lin Langtian, both of you can get started,” Lin Fan waved his hand and said as he saw everyone leaving.


Lin Dong and Lin Langtian nodded their heads. They then looked at each other, sensing a tinge of animosity in each other’s eyes. Without further hesitation, they then split up and flew towards their respective passageways in a flash.

In the holding area, the participants also started to move out at this moment. Within a few minutes, all the participants for the Battle of Seeds had entered the massive hall smoothly.

“Everyone else, please follow me to the final site. We will wait there for the five victors of the Battle of Seeds!” Mo Jingtian chuckled. He then turned around and flew towards the other end of the gigantic hall. Behind him, Wang Lei and other faction leaders began to followed suit as well.

Lin Fan was the last to leave. His gaze was upon the passageways that Lin Dong and Lin Langtian had entered. He then muttered to himself, “Since one mountain cannot hold two tigers, then show me which one of you will be the stronger tiger…”

Like a wisp of green smoke, Lin Dong flew into the passageway as fast as lightning. Immediately, the lighting of the surroundings became slightly dimmer. In front of him, there was deep and serene yet spacious passageway, and it seemed to link to the inner sanctum of the hall.

With regards to the various kinds of rules of the Battle of Seeds, Lin Dong had long understood them clearly. According to his conjecture, there should be at least tens of participants for Battle of Seeds. These people were the finest talents of the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation. Only those who can distinguish themselves out of all these geniuses could win one of the last five placings.

Lin Dong travelled through the passageway at a high speed. The Yuan Power within his body began to operate. His body then started to brace gradually, with powerful and vigorous energy flowing under his skin like a furious dragon. In this high-level tournament of the Great Yan Empire, no one dared to underestimate their opponents, otherwise, they might end up being defeated.

After several minutes of flight in a lightning speed, Lin dong came to the end of the passageway. A massive metal door appeared before him.

Looking at the door, Lin Dong could not help but take in a deep breath of air. He knew that once he entered through this metal door, he would encounter arduous battles. If he did not want to be defeated on this path, he would have to last till the end!

There is no way that he was going to admit defeat!


Lin Dong’s eyesight was getting sharper as he took a step forward and landed a ferocious punch on the metal door. Immediately, the metal door was blasted open with metal fragments flying in all directions. However, as these fragments got closer to Lin Dong’s body, they turned into dust automatically.

After the metal door blasted open, Lin Dong walked right through it. Behind the metal door, there was an extremely spacious great hall. The great hall seemed to be built with black metal, giving off an oppressive aura.

Lin Dong moved his feet and walked toward the centre of the great hall. After a while, he stopped in his track while his gaze was cast upon the centre of the great hall. There were already two people standing there, with their arms folded and eyes staring pitifully at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong’s gaze swept across these two persons and his pupils began to dilate. That was because he discovered that these two persons had the same emblems on their chest. That goes to show that they were from the same sect!

According to the rules, the first checkpoint would be a three-ways battle. There would be three people walking out of the intertwined passageways and meeting at this place. Out of the three people, only one could move on.

Usually, these three people would come from different sects as this is a mixed battle. However, there was a slight chance that people from the same sects would meet here. If this was to happen, it would spell troubles for the third person.

That was because the two persons from the same sect would first defeat the last person, before making the decision to see which one of them will proceed with the competition!

And now, Lin Dong was truly unfortunate to encounter such a situation!

He must fight two persons in one go in the first round!

Hence, this explained why the two persons looked at Lin Dong pitifully when the latter walked in.

To fight two person in one go practically means that Lin Dong was likely going to be eliminated!

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