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Chapter 374: Green Robes Mo Ling

Under the crowd’s stare, a golden glow swept across the horizon before it slowly descended on the arena. When that golden glow dissipated, three figures emerged.

The person in front was a bare armed middle-aged man and he looked like a brute. As his eyes scanned across the arena, an extremely formidable and savage aura emerged. However, what caused Lin Dong to turn solemn was that this man’s aura did not lose out to Lin Fan at all. That was to say he was a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner!

“The Wang Clan is indeed a huge faction that is able to rival the Lin Clan…” As he sensed that middle-aged man’s strength, Lin Dong secretly swallowed his tongue. These large factions were truly powerful. In fact, in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, the only factions that possessed the resources to allow one to reach Nirvana stage were probably those few. However, Lin Dong also believed that the Nirvana stage was the extent of the Four Great Clan’s resources.

In the Lin Clan, Lin Mu had already reached the peak of Manifestation stage and he had the qualifications to attack Nirvana stage. However, he chose not to do so. Even though the possibility of failure may be holding him back, Lin Dong was aware it was most likely because the Lin Clan did not have sufficient resources for another practitioner to attack Nirvana stage…

After all, it required an enormous amount of Nirvana pills in order to attack Nirvana stage and even the Lin Clan would find it difficult to afford it twice. Therefore, they placed their hopes on the upcoming Hundred Empire War. As long as one of their members was selected by a super sect, the rewards that they would bestow upon them would allow their Lin Clan to attempt another breakthrough. At that time, there would be hardly any factions in Great Yan Dynasty that could oppose them.

Of course, Lin Dong was aware that there were likely many people here who had the same idea as Lin Fan.

When this thought flashed across his mind, Lin Dong’s attention immediately turned to behind that middle-aged man. There were two similar-looking young man behind him. One of them, was Wang Yan, who had already been defeated by Lin Dong. After Lin Dong casually glared at him, he turned to look at that young man beside him, that was dressed in blue clothes.

This young man was dressed in blue clothes and his face was emotionless. From his appearance alone, he seemed pretty ordinary. However, his appearance immediately drew the attention of the crowd. As he silently stood behind that middle-aged man, a similarly vicious and overbearing aura emerged. In fact, his aura was simply much more powerful than Wang Yan.

Evidently, this was the person that Lin Fan had warned him about, the Wang Clan genius, Wang Zhong!

When they appeared, that bare armed middle aged man laughed heartily, before his eyes turned towards Lin Fan’s direction.

“Haha, Lin Fan, you have came here early every time. However, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed this time!” Before his figure arrived, that bare armed middle-aged man’s hearty laugh ricocheted.

“Wang Lei, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. You may end up disappointed…” Lin Fan gently smiled as he said.

“It seems like you are still bearing a grudge after your Lin Clan was defeated by my Wang Clan during the previous Battle of the Seeds…” That bare armed middle-aged man called Wang Lei laughed heartily.

There were traces of animosity contained in their words. After all, these large clans did not get along very well, especially after the previous Battle of the Seeds, where a Wang Clan genius defeated the Lin Clan. This undoubtedly stuck out as a major sore thumb for Lin Fan and the rest and over the years, Wang Clan has been relentlessly mocking them about it.

“Big brother, that is Lin Dong. He was the one who hunted me down in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet and he even insulted out Wang Clan!” Just as Lin Fan was talking with Wang Lei, Wang Yan’s vengeful eyes stared right at Lin Dong. Based on his expression, it seems like he was dying to boil the latter alive.

When he heard his words, that young man dressed in blue clothes slowly lifted his head up before he stared right at Lin Dong. His eyes were sharp just like blades. However, with regards to his stare, Lin Dong chose to ignore it as he remained calm.

“Haha, Brother Wang Zhong, long time no see. How are you doing?” Just as Wang Zhong’s vicious eyes stared right at Lin Dong, standing aside, Lin Langtian gently smiled as he spoke.

“Lin Langtian, I heard that you couldn’t handle that person?” Wang Zhong glanced at Lin Dong as he casually spoke.

“Some lowly beings are always trying to climb higher. What a joke. I believe that after this Battle of Seeds, he will naturally return to where he belongs. After all, not everyone is qualified to participate in these types of battles.” Lin Langtian casually smiled as he said.

“His aura is pretty powerful. Initial Manifestation stage, yet he is able to match up against you. It seems like his battle ability is quite powerful. If I encounter him, I shall show no mercy. After all, Wang Yan should not have suffered for nothing and I must let everyone know that there is a price to pay for humiliating my Wang Clan.”

Wang Zhong’s voice was so calm that it did not even cause a ripple. Promptly, he paused for a moment before he said: “Of course, if I was unfortunate enough to meet you, I will show no mercy as well.”

“Haha, likewise.” Lin Langtian laughed as he said. Promptly, he turned to look at a calm Lin Dong, before a vicious glint flashed across his eyes.

Standing aside, Wang Yan was also chuckling as he viciously stared at Lin Dong. Even though he had heard about the commotion that Lin Dong caused, in his opinion, regardless of what miracle the latter experienced, he was no match for brother Wang Zhong. At that time, when that fellow is kicked out of the Battle of Seeds, he shall see how arrogant Lin Dong can be!

With regards to their conversation, Lin Dong chose to ignore it. However, a coldness and killing intent secretly arose in his heart. This Lin Langtian was continuously causing trouble for him and he was truly hateful. However, he did not care how talented Wang Zhong is. In this Battle of Seeds, regardless of who showed up in front of him, he will show no mercy at all!

If he chose not to create trouble for him, that was be fine. However, if he is truly ignorant, he wouldn’t mind making the Wang Clan weep as they head home!


Soon after the Wang Clan’s forces reached, several other factions continuously arrived. It fact, it seems like every top faction in Great Yan Dynasty had arrived at this arena. Moments later, a crisp “gong” sound echoed out in mid-air.

“Hua la!’

When that “gong” sound echoed out, countless fully armed elite troops swarmed in from every direction, before they directly stationed themselves around the entire arena and prevented anyone from barging in.

When they saw this sight, everyone in the arena quietened down, before they stared at the entrance. All of them knew that the Great Yan Dynasty’s overlord, the Imperial Family was about to arrive…

“Haha, it has been twenty years, yet all of you still look so radiant…” Suddenly, a crisp and hearty laughter sounded out from the entrance. Then, large groups of men swarmed in. The one leading the way was a middle-aged man, whose hair was dyed black and white. That man was dressed in dragon robes and he gave off a powerful royal aura. His age seemed similar to Lin Fan and Wang Yan. Even though the two of them were considered the elite of Great Yan Dynasty, in contrast to this man, they seemed somewhat lacking. After all, he was the real overlord of Great Yan Dynasty.

Imperial Family Tyrant Tiger, Mo Jingtian!

“Is he the Great Yan Dynasty’s emperor, Mo Jingtian? His aura is probably stronger than Lin Fan and Wang Lei. The Imperial Family’s foundations is truly solid!” Lin Dong’s expression was extremely serious. He could sense an extremely pressuring aura from Mo Jingtian’s body. That pressure was even stronger than Lin Fan. Therefore, that man’s strength has probably exceeded Lin Fan and the rest. In fact, he may have successfully broke through the first Nirvana kalpa and officially advanced to One Yuan Nirvana stage!

When facing such a powerful practitioner, Lin Dong became extremely alert. That was because he knew that against a Nirvana stage practitioner like Lin Fan and Wang Lei, who had yet to broke through any Nirvana kalpas, he could use the Blood Soul Puppet to turn the situation around. However, if he fought against Mo Jingtian, he would be severely endangered…

“Greetings, your majesty!” When they saw him, Lin Fan, Wang Lei and the other factions’ leader immediately greeted him respectfully.

“Haha, why are you guys so polite? Dispense with the ceremonies.” Mo Jingtian’s laughed heartily. His laughter was just like thunder and it was filled with an overwhelming pressure. As he waved his hand, a gentle force slowly spread out and straightened up all of their bent backs.

Mo Jingtian’s casual flick caused Lin Fan and the rest’s expressions to turn solemn. They were considered as the Great Yan Dyansty’s elite practitioners and they naturally felt just how powerful Mo Jingtian was. Immediately, a look of envy involuntarily gushed in their hearts. The Imperial Family’s foundation was simply too powerful. In order to attack Nirvana stage, they had used up nearly every Nirvana Pill in their clan. Therefore, how would they have any left to attack that terrifying Nirvana kapla?

“Nonetheless, as long as one of our clansmen is selected by a super sect, our clan’s resources shall swell up again. At that time, I can also attack the first Nirvana kapla and ascend to One Yuan Nirvana stage!”

When they thought of this point, several faction leaders’ hearts turned heated. As they stared at their disciples that were about to participate in the Battle of Seeds, their eyes were all filled with boundless expectations.

Lin Dong stood behind Lin Fan, before he suddenly turned to glance behind Mo Jingtian. At that spot, there was a young man dressed in green robes following behind him. This young man was extremely beautiful and even Qin Shi, from the Qin Clan, could not match up against him. With his looks, even some girls may become jealous of him. Therefore, Lin Dong found it hard to believe that a man could actually be this… beautiful.

Just as Lin Dong’s heart was slightly stunned by how “beautiful” this young man was, his expression gradually turned solemn. As that person slowly approached them, he could faintly feel an extremely powerful aura flowing within his body.

“These are the opponents that you must pay extra attention to. The Imperial Family members are extremely private and they do not show off their powers. However, they are all extremely powerful and they are all formidable foes.”

Lin Fan’s words flashed across Lin Dong’s mind. Then, his pupils shrunk. It seems like that young man, who was even more beautiful than a lady, was going to represent the Imperial Family in the Battle of Seeds…

Imperial Family, green-robes Mo Ling.

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