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Chapter 366 Heavy Prison Peak

“Soul Treasure?”

Hearing what was said, Little Marten was shocked as well. A curious look swiped across its eyes and it used its claw to tap lightly on the tiny black hill. After that, copying Lin Dong’s actions, it tried to lift the tiny black mountain up. However, this weird object did not move at all. It seemed to be embedded to the huge boulder below it.

“Such a strange object. There isn’t any energy waves emitting from it either. Besides, if it is really a Soul Treasure, according to such special situation, it is bound to be taken by someone and not left here like this,” Little Marten said confusedly.

“Let me try to see if I can move it telekinetically.”

Lin Dong’s full attention was being drawn to the mysterious little black hill. He then used his finger to shoot out a beam of Yuan Power, which engulfed the little black hill.

However, what happened next puzzled Lin Dong and Little Marten. Under the binding of the Yuan Power, the little black hill did not move a single bit as before. There were absolutely no strange occurrences or signs of a Soul Treasure being moved telekinetically.

Based on its behaviour, it seems like this tiny black hill did not any unique properties. However, Lin Dong understood that the feeling he felt earlier was not a mistake.

After muttering to himself irresolutely, Lin Dong withdrew his Yuan Power. Then, he tried using his Mental Energy to break into the tiny black hill. However, facing this mysterious object, even an extremely high perceptive Mental Energy could not sense anything.

Thus, it was a problematic issue for Lin Dong. If this object could not be lifted or moved telekinetically by Yuan Power or Mental Energy, then isn’t it just a decor?

“It’s no wonder no one has any interest in this object. I’m afraid not a single person in the Lin Clan can move this object…” Little Marten tsked.

“So what should we do now? Don’t tell me you still want to waste your time on it? In my opinion, this object needs some kind of special telekinetic techniques. If not, no one can move it,” Little Marten looked at Lin Dong and said.

Lin Dong slowly shook his head with a pondering look on his face. Previously, he was certain that he felt a familiar energy wave from the tiny black hill. That kind of energy wave was neither Yuan Power nor Mental Energy. Yet, it seemed to contain traces of power that was a mixture between these two kinds of power..

“Traces of Yuan Power and Mental Energy…” Suddenly, Lin Dong startled and raised his head abruptly. Could it … be Essence Yuan Power?

Upon coming across this thought, a flush of excitement flashed appeared through Lin Dong’s eyes. With a flip of his palms, the Spirit Accumulation Praying Mat appeared.

Upon seeing this, Little Marten was stunned. After a moment, as if it realized something, Little Marten then exclaimed, “Could it be that this little black hill needs the Essence Yuan Power to be moved telekinetically?”

It was wonder Little Marten would be this amazed. After all, even it could not produce such a special energy like Essence Yuan Power. So what exactly was the mysterious black mountain, which actually required the Essence Yuan Power to be moved telekinetically?

“I’m not too sure, but we can try,” Lin Dong shook his head. With a twitch of his mind, both Yuan Power and mental energy gushed out onto the praying mat. Suddenly, a ball of formless Essence Yuan Power appeared onto the praying mat.

The moment the orb of Essence Yuan Power appeared, under Lin Dong’s manipulation, it began to descend gradually into the black hill. As the orb moved closer, the black hill which Lin Dong could not move a single jot previously, was giving off rays of black glow now.

“There’s something!”

When he saw that there was finally a response from the mysterious black hill, a look of ecstasy flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. Without any further hesitation, he continued to mix and produce more Essence Yuan Power and directed them steadily towards the black hill.

Vigorous Essence Yuan Power began to cover the black hill layer by layer. Strands of Essence Yuan Power began to seep into the black hill at a rapid rate. As this process began, the colour of the black hill became increasingly deeper and darker.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

As the intensity of the colour of the black hill reached a certain extent, the hill produced a weird buzzing sound. Like a compacted sound wave, the sound propagated in a ring-like form.

As the sound wave propagated, Lin Dong suddenly discovered that the radiance of the other four Soul Treasure became much dimmer. Then, they began to float and leave the stone altar gradually. It was as if they feared the awakening of the black hill.

“Hey, it seems that you have picked up one more treasure!” Little Marten’s eyes lit up as it witnessed what had just happened. Truthfully, the four Earthly Soul Treasures were quite powerful but even so, they were afraid of the black hill. Hence, it seemed like the latter’s power must be pretty strong.


Lin Dong stared imposingly at the hill, which was covered with layers of Essence Yuan Power. After a moment, he suddenly let out a bellow. The hill, which seemed to be embedded to the stone altar, was rising through the air slowly now!

As the black hill rose up, an explosion was heard throughout the clan trove suddenly. The cloud-like Yuan Power began to dissipate swiftly, not daring to come ten yards within the black hill.

“Boom! Boom!”

The Essence Yuan Power flowed steadily into the black hill. As if it was being nurtured, the black hill expanded gradually from the size of a palm to the size of a few yards in a brief moment. It floated in front of Lin Dong and emitted powerful energy waves constantly.

Lin Dong looked at the black mountain stunningly. At this very moment, he was able to clearly observe the mountain. On the mountain, there were weird, rugged rocks and thousand feets of cliff, which were endlessly steep. It was like a magical mountain towering between the Heaven and Earth. At the same time, an immensely thick aura pervaded through the air.

“It’s a very heavy mountain!”

Lin Dong moaned as he exhaled a deep breath of air. Even though the mountain was carried by the powerful Essence Yuan Power, Lin Dong still felt that the black mountain was sinking constantly. It’s terrifying weight worried him. This was because given his current power, it was enough to pull mountains out of earth, yet the black mountain which was merely a few yards in size, was exerting immense pressure on him.

“There are words on the walls of the mountain!” Little Marten suddenly blurted out.

After he heard what was said, Lin Dong immediately shifted his gaze and sure enough, he saw three big and dark words on the wall of the mountain. These three words were upright and forceful, and seemed to be conscious. Indistinctly, there was a thick aura of dominance over all living things on Earth coming from it.

“Heavy Prison Peak!”

Lin Dong stared at the three big, dark words and was momentarily stunned. It was as if he was awed by the aura.

“This thing… is definitely no ordinary Earthly Soul Treasure!” Lin Dong came around after staring at the three words for quite a while. His voice was low and fiery at the same time.

“Lin Dong, faster imprint your blood seal now, this thing seems to be draining your Essence Yuan Power to grow! Quickly, take advantage of the fact that the Soul Treasure’s weapon spirit is at its weakest state now and capture it for yourself without delay!” Little Marten suddenly shouted when Lin Dong was still in shock. It was able to observe that the area of the black mountain was growing gradually.

After he heard what was said, Lin Dong nodded his head immediately. It was not that easy to capture a Earthly Soul Treasure. After all, anything with spiritual powers was not easy to be capture. With a single look, this so-called Black Prison Peak was not any ordinary artifact. Fortunately, it was at its weakest state now. Once it recovered, given Lin Dong’s capabilities, it would be very difficult to capture it.

“Cough! Vomit!”

Therefore, without any hesitation, Lin Dong bit the tip of his tongue and shot out a spit of essence blood, which pass through the layers of Essence Yuan Power and landed on the mountain!


When his essence blood touched the mountain, a sizzling sound suddenly erupted. However, what made Lin Dong’s pupils dilated was that upon reaching the mountain, his essence blood was being extruded from the mountain by a mysterious force, preventing him from being able to plant his blood seal.

“This thing is resisting me!” Lin Dong cried as his facial expression changed.


Upon seeing this, Little Marten let out a grunt and moved its claws. A warm white light shot out from Lin Dong’s palm. It was that mysterious stone talisman.

As the stone talisman appeared, it shot a beam of white light, which engulfed the Heavy Prison Peak.

This beam of white light contained a magical suppressive force. As the Heavy Prison Peak was being engulfed by the white light, its expansion rate began to stop gradually. The black glow coming out of it, as if it had met something scarier than itself, retreated back into the mountain rapidly.

“Lin Dong, do it now!” Little Marten shouted when it saw this.

Lin Dong stared in shock at this scene before he promptly turned to glance at the simple-looking stone talisman. What on earth was this treasure? Even the mysterious mountain could resist against it…

After being surprised for a moment, Lin Dong’s mind twitched. A streak of essence blood, once again, flew towards the Heavy Prison Peak and attempted to invade it. This time around, that kind of resistive force had disappear thoroughly. This allowed Lin Dong’s essence blood to enter the depths of the mountain smoothly and imprint the blood seal , which was made up of the streak of essence blood.

The moment the blood seal was formed, Lin Dong suddenly felt that the weight of the black mountain disappeared. That unique resisting force also disappeared thoroughly.


The black mountain made a buzzing sound. After a moment, its body began to shrink and return to the size of a palm. It then landed on Lin Dong’s palm slowly.

Lin Dong lowered his head and looked at the mini mountain in his palam. An unconcealable excitement flushed across his face. He knew that he had finally conquered the Heavy Prison Peak…

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