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Chapter 365: Mysterious Tiny Black Hill

Inside the tower, Lin Zhi and the three other men’s faces were pale, while there was a trail of blood on all their lips. As they stared at that exploding glowing canopy right in front of them, shock gushed into their eyes. The previous sight simply happened too quickly and they had no idea what occurred at all. First, Lin Dong had broken through the central point of their defensive formation below he blew it apart. After that, they lost control of the clan trove.

“What is that bloody light? It is so terrifying, even the defensive formation could not stop it at all!” An elder exclaimed in shock.

“It looks like another attack executed by Lin Dong!” Another elder somewhat uncertainly said.

“Impossible! That little bastard is not capable of pulling off such a powerful attack. He must have used some hidden tricks!” Lin Zhi immediately grasped the situation and said. He absolutely did not believe that Lin Dong was capable of executing such a powerful attack. After all, their combined forces was enough to match up to a peak Manifestation practitioner. If they still failed to halt Lin Dong’s attack, then just how terrifyingly was the latter?

The other three elders released a pained laugh as they stared at that exploding glowing canopy, before they said: “What should we do now? The central point has been destroyed and we are no longer able to find out what is happening inside the clan trove.”

“If we entered into the clan trove to repair the central point now, that Lin Dong would probably attack us!”

“Pfft, this old man doubts that he will have the courage to do so. After all, what is our status in the clan? Yesterday, that lowly branch family member would have to bow down to us whenever he saw us. Would he really dare to attack us?” Lin Zhi chuckled as he said.

However, though the chuckle lingered on his face, Lin Zhi’s expression changed and he did not dare to take the initiative and head into the clan trove. Based on Lin Dong’s actions over the past two days, he was evidently a somewhat cruel and vindictive individual. Therefore, he was not certain if Lin Dong would actually attack him if he barged into the clan trove.

Even though he was at advanced Manifestation stage and he was naturally not highly very fearful of Lin Dong, the endless tricks that the latter had caused him to be slightly wary. Furthermore, he was still unable to make sense of what was occurring now. How was the latter able to quickly destroy the defensive formation and the central point right under their noses, and he even managed to escape their detection…

When they saw that Lin Zhi did not make a move, the remaining three elders released a pained laugh. It seems like
their plan this time around had failed even before it got off the ground…


Inside the clan trove, Lin Dong chuckled as he stared at that central point of the stone cave that he had just destroyed. After the central point was destroyed, the defensive formation had gradually begun to dim down. Evidently, someone was manipulating the strings behind this incident.

“That old bastard Lin Zhi, when I leave the clan trove, I will make you regret this!” Lin Dong solemnly echoed. He was not one who would willingly allow others to take advantage of him. Since that Lin Zhi wanted to kill him he will make sure that the latter will pay for this!

Right now, Little Marten once again darted out from the stone talisman, before it sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder. It’s eyes swept across the clan trove, before it finally stopped at that bloody figure, filled with killing intent, hovering in mid-air. It was the Blood Soul Puppet. It seems like Lin Dong was clearly aware of the might of the activated formation, therefore, he immediately summoned his Blood Soul Puppet and lightning-quick severed the connection that Lin Zhi had with the clan trove.

“First, recall this Blood Soul Puppet. That fellow’s killing intent is too overwhelming and you are completely unable to suppress it based on your current strength. Therefore, it cannot leave the stone talisman for too long, else you might suffer a backlash.”


Lin Dong nodded his hand. This Blood Soul Puppet was his most powerful ace. Even if he encountered a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner, he could use this Blood Soul Puppet to turn the situation around. However, the only flaw is that this Blood Soul Puppet’s killing intent was too strong. Therefore, based on his current ability, he was unable to completely control it. Even though he was able to barely control it with the strength of the stone talisman, it was only for a limited time. Hence, after a while, that Blood Soul Puppet will escape from his control and become a maniacal killing machine.

Lin Dong waved his palm, before a suction force immediately gushed out from his palm and directly sucked in that Blood Soul Puppet hovering in mid-air. Finally, it transformed into a bloody light and flew into the stone talisman inside his palm.

After he finished, Lin Dong gently tapped his palm. Then, he turned around before he started fervently at the four glowing orbs on that glowing canvas. Right now, he could finally observe these four Earthly Soul Treasures in peace.

The first Soul Treasure closest to the left, seemed like a soft sword. It was blood-red in color and its jagged edges made it look just like a venomous bloody python. Meanwhile, a lethal sensation emerged from it.

As Lin Dong stared at that Blood Scales Soft Sword, Yin-Energy undulated on it, before it actually transformed into a small bloody python. This sight caused Lin Dong to involuntarily swallow his tongue. He never expected that the Blood Scales Soft Sword actually possessed such strong spiritual powers.

“This Soul Treasure is pretty good and it seems like the Equipment Soul inside it is fully formed. Based on it’s scales, it should be related to the Ancient Demonic Blood Python. If you possess this soul treasure, when you fight against others, you can directly fuse your aura with the sword and transform into the Ancient Demonic Blood Python. It is pretty powerful.” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder as it said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. However, he was not adept at using the soft sword to fight. Immediately, he lowered his head and looked down. The Soul Treasure below was a yellowish turtle shell. That turtle shell was only the size of one’s palm and it was filled with countless peculiar inscriptions. It gave off an extremely solid and powerful sensation.

“This should be made from the Ancient Earth Core Turtle’s shell and it possess extremely powerful defensive properties. Even against an enemy that is more powerful than you, he would find it difficult to break through your defences. It is truly a solid gold spoon.” Little Marten spoke out once again. One could tell that it had a much sharper eyesight than Lin Dong. With just a single glance, it was able to discern the properties and uses of these Soul Treasures.

Lin Dong secretly marveled inside his heart. These Earthly Soul Treasures were truly extraordinary. Compared to the Soul Treasures that he had before, they were totally on a different level.

Of the two remaining Soul Treasures, one was a black long spear. According to Little Marten, that spear was forged from the bones of an ancient demon and it was extremely sharp. Lin Dong took a glance at the tip of that spear. That black glint glimmering on its tip caused someone like him, who had mastered Great Sun Thunder Body, to feel a chill down his spine. If he were to fight against someone who had this black spear, he must be extra cautious and he can no longer rely on his powerful physical body to defend himself.

The final Earthly Soul Treasure was a grey vest. The glow undulated on it faintly gave off the after-image of an ancient bear. It seems like it was a defensive Earthly Soul Treasure that did not lose out to that turtle’s shell.

After he finished examining these four Soul Treasures, Lin Dong could not help but salivate. Amongst the four of them, it seems like he fancied the black spear and the turtle’s shell. Having one for offensive and the other to defend was a perfect match. If he could get both of them, his battle potential would undoubtedly surge. However, what caused him to hesitate was that he could only pick one of them. Therefore, he was at a slight loss currently.

Lin Dong stared at these four Soul Treasure, while his expression turned solemn. As it saw his expression, Little Marten did not dare to disturb him as well. Immediately, its figure floated forward before it waved his claws and completely blew away the Yuan Power mist covering them. When these mist scattered off, a large stone arena appeared in front of it.

These four Soul Treasures hovered above this stone arena. However, because they possessed strong spiritual powers, they were all flying around and zipping across the glowing canvas.

Right now, when Lin Dong heard the commotion, he also lifted his head and turned to look at that large stone arena. Then, his pupils violently shrunk as he focused on the central spot of that stone arena. At that spot, there was a palm-sized black object.

Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled. After taking a closer look, he finally realized that black object was the statue of a small mountain hill. It was placed on top of that stone arena and it seemed just like a decorative object.

As he took a glance at that decor-like black hill statue, Lin Dong immediately looked away. However, as if his body was suddenly jolted, he suddenly turned back before he stared right at that black hill esque object. At that previous moment, he actually sensed a familiar sensation radiating from that object!

That vibration caused Lin Dong to be shocked and he no longer had the mood to care about the other four Soul Treasures. Immediately, he quickly took two steps forward before he stared right at that black hill, that seemingly possessed no spiritual powers at all.

“What is that?” Lin Dong pointed at that black hill as he asked Little Marten.

“That…” Little Marten was stunned as it glanced at that mini black hill. Finally, it shook its head before it said: “That should be just a decor?”

One cannot blame Little Marten for assuming so. After all, all the objects here were brimming with spiritual energy. Only that tiny hill sat all alone on top of the stone arena and it seemed just like a decorative object.

When he heard it’s words, Lin Dong slowly shook his head. Even though that sensation was extremely weak, he was certain that he was not mistaken. Immediately, he silently contemplated for a moment, before his palm gradually gripped onto that tiny black hill. Just as he tried to lift it up, a tinge of shock flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. That was because he realized that he was unable to move that tiny hill at all!

With Lin Dong’s strength, he could even lift a gigantic thousand pound rock. However, right now, this palm-sized mysterious tiny hill did not move at all.

“Heh, it seems like I am mistaken.” When it saw this sight, Little Marten’s expression turned increasingly solemn. It was keenly aware just how powerful Lin Dong’s physical body was. However, right now, this seemingly insignificant object was able to defy Lin Dong’s physical strength. Therefore, it would be kind of silly to think of it as a mere decor…

Excitement flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes as he stared at that mysterious tiny black hill, before he slowly said: “That object should be a Earthly Soul Treasure as well…”

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