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Chapter 362 The World Beyond Great Yan Empire

When Lin Dong finally agreed, a smile of satisfaction emerged on Lin Fan’s face. Given Lin Dong’s capabilities, even if there were prodigies from other clans and dominions, they would stand no chance. With him and Lin Langtian, the Lin Clan could certainly obtained excellent results this time.

“Clan leader, can you explain what exactly is the Hundred Empire War?” Lin Dong looked at Lin Fan and asked. He was particularly curious about this so-called Hundred Empire War.

“Hehe, the Hundred Empire War, as the name implies, is the battle among hundreds of empires,” Lin Fan nodded his head. He then chuckled, “Lin Dong, do you know what lies beyond the Great Yan Empire?”

“I’m not sure.” Lin Dong smiled bitterly. Even though he learned a lot in the past two years, he only knew there were other empires outside of the Great Yan Empire. As for the detailed information, he knew nothing at all. After all, in his opinion, today’s Great Yan Empire was vast enough. A lot of people spent their entire lifetime in the Great Yan Empire. What lay beyond this empire were far too alien and distant.

“The land we are on is called the Xuan region. The Xuan region is being divided into four continents: the East, West, South and North. Our Great Yan Empire is located on the East Xuan Continent!” Lin Fan explained leisurely.

“Xuan region, East Xuan Continent…” Lin Dong muttered to himself. Even though he did not really understand the idea, he could sense that the vast Great Yan Empire in his eyes, was not even worth mentioning when it was being put on the map.

“As for the remaining three continents, I too, have limited knowledge on them. After all, just the East Xuan Continent alone, even the Nirvana Stage’s fighters have difficulty flying over it and its territories are unimaginably vast. There were countless empires in it and the rise and fall of empires occur almost everyday. Among these empires, the Great Yan Empire is just like one of the many stars in the vast sky.”

“Although it is called the Hundred Empire War, the number of empires participating exceed far beyond hundreds. This is considered a war-like, first-class tournament. Those who participate in this war are extraordinary warriors. They are gifted individuals from every empire.”

“If we are to talk about strength and power, our Great Yan Empire has no placing in this East Xuan Continent. The stronger an empire is, the greater the number of participants from it . Hehe, there was once an empire with a terrifying number of a few hundreds participants.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. The Great Yan Empire only had five participants while that particular empire had up to a few hundreds of participants. How scary would their power be?

“So who organizes the Hundred Empire War? What objectives does he or she hopes to achieve?” Lin Dong asked the most important question. His mind was shocked and his heart was racing.

After hearing what was said, Lin Fan nodded his head admiringly and gazed upon the sky outside of the hall. He then muttered, “Lin Dong, don’t assume all these empires are under the control of the royal family. To be honest, they are insignificant. That is because, in the East Xuan Continent, the real overlords are those unimaginably powerful sects. These sects are in control of numerous empires and are the true overlords of the East Xuan Continent.”

“Don’t assume that these empires are all-powerful. They can’t withstand a single blow from those kind of overlords. I’m afraid these overlords can annihilate an empire with a single thought.”

Lin Dong’s hands trembled slightly, with a sense of extreme fear deep within his eyes. He had never thought that the legitimate overlord of East Continent would be those nature-defying super sects instead of some empires.

“The Hundred Empire War is organized by those super sects?”

“Yeah,” Lin Fan nodded his head. He then continued, “Those super sects want to bring in new blood. However, not any mediocre person can enter those kind of powerful organizations. Therefore, through the Hundred Empire War, if you are able to distinguish yourself from the rest, then maybe you will be qualified to enter those super sects. When that moment comes, and because of you, the entire Great Yan Empire will be protected. Those surrounding empires which eye the Great Yan Empire covetously will not dare to do anything imprudent.”

“One person is enough to protect an entire empire?” Lin Dong felt incredulous and questioned.

“Haha, if you can make it to those super sects, you are at least a Nirvana Stage’s fighter by then. By going a step further, you may even wipe out an entire empire with one hand. Let alone the task of protecting an empire, there will be no objections even if you become the emperor of those empires. The world outside of Great Yan Empire is not what you have seen before,” Lin Fan chuckled heartily.

“Furthermore, if you can make it to those super sects, the Lin Clan will be rewarded luxuriously. Do you know why the Lin Clan is able to sustain the longevity of the Great Yan Empire and possess such an abundance of resources at the same time? That is because two hundred years ago, one of the Lin Clan’s ancestor had successfully distinguished himself in the Hundred Year War. In the end, he was admitted to one of those super sects and the rewards bestowed upon the Lin Clan had kept us amongst the elite in the Great Yan Empire for two hundred years!”

At this point, there was some dizziness in Lin Dong’s head. The reason why Lin Clan could tower over the Great Yan Empire was because of the rewards bestowed when an ancestor was accepted into a super sect. How terrifying could those super sects be?

“Unfortunately, ever since that particular ancestor, there hasn’t been any members from the Lin Clan to bring us such special glory. Even though we participate in every Hundred Empire Wars, the results are barely satisfactory. This time around, we hope that there might be some success,” Lin Fan heaved a sigh.

Lin Dong gradually regained composure to his mind, which was previously appalled by Lin Fan’s words. He did not expect the world beyond the Great Yan Empire would be so fascinating and intriguing. He was indeed ignorant and ill-informed in the past.

“Could it be that Ling Qingzhu is a member of these super sects? No wonder even a talent like Lin Langtian couldn’t catch her eyes then. It turns out her identity is so terrifying…”

Lin Dong was lost in his thoughts. After hearing what Lin Fan had said, he had a rough idea of Ling Qingzhu’s identity and felt somewhat stressed. No wonder at that time, when he said he was going to distinguish himself from the rest in the Hundred Empire War, Ling Qingzhu gave him an absurd look. It turned out that the difficulty level of achieving such a feat was so intimidating.

After all, according to what Lin Fan had said, Lin Dong must first win the Battle of Seeds before qualifying for the Hundred Empire War. Moreover, there would be talented individuals from various empires participating in the Hundred Empire War. There would be so many talents, so much so that they were not even considered special or valuable. That was because everyone was the top talent in their own respective empires.

This is a battle to select the best out of all the finest talents in the East Xuan Continent!

Currently, the task of rising above this sea of talents would be challenging even for Lin Dong, who felt the burdens on his shoulders.

“The old man in linens whom I saw last time said he was from the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. If I’m not wrong, that must be one of the super sects in the East Continent…” Lin Dong recalled his encounter with the old man in linens. Little Marten once said that, given the old man’s capability, he could only be an ordinary expert in the Nine Heavens Supreme Purity Palace. Such a formidable sect truly deserved to be described by the word “super”.

“Haha, it is still too early to discuss about the Hundred Empire War now. We will give you the detailed information about the Hundred Empire War after you have successfully passed the Battle of Seeds,” Lin Fan smiled while sipping his refreshing tea and looking at Lin Dong, who was still digesting the shocking information.

Lin Dong nodded his head slightly. Now, he should focus on the first event, Battle of Seeds, instead of the Hundred Empire War. If he could not even pass the Battle of Seeds, there was no need to think about the the Hundred Empire War.

“Within the Great Yan Empire, other than the four great clans and the royal family, there are powerful sects with a solid base that can participate in the Battle of Seeds. These sects have strong and solid foundations and they are as powerful as the four great clans. Amongst these sects, some of their ancestors have successfully distinguished themselves in the Hundred Empire War,” Lin Fan explained.

“Ok.” Lin Dong nodded his head. Of course, he knew that the Battle of Seeds was no ordinary battle. His opponents were the finest talents of the younger generation in the Great Yan Empire. Amongst them, there were plenty of individuals with powers that were comparable to Lin Langtian’s. If he adopted a happy go lucky attitude, he might suffer a terrible loss.

“Oh, right. I hear that you have defeated the Wang Clan’s Wang Yan in the Great Desolate Province in the past?” Lin Fan questioned suddenly, as if he had thought of something.

“Yeah, there has been some grudges between us, so I settled it in. Why? Don’t tell me, just like Lin Langtian, clan leader wants me to apologize to them?” Lin Dong sneered.

“The Lin Clan is not afraid of the Wang Clan. We don’t apologize,” Lin Fan shook his head and laughed.” He then continued, “ However, since you have taught Wang Yan a lesson before, there will be one more person to be wary of in the Battle of Seeds.”

“Who?” Lin Dong was astonished.

“He is Wang Yan’s elder brother, Wang Zhong, who is the Wang Clan’s top talent.

“Wang Zhong?” Lin Dong squinted his eyes. Two years ago, he had heard of this name from Lin Ke-er and her counterparts. Reportedly, even Lin Langtian had trouble dealing with him. It seemed that his reputation as a top talent was not baseless.

“Wang Zhong is not an ordinary individual. During the years when he had only the power of the Form Creation Stage, he surpassed his limits and defeated fighters in the Qi Creation Stage. After years of intense training, his powers increased dramatically and he can be considered a formidable opponent in this tournament. Furthermore, he is extremely protective of his family members, and since you have embarrassed his brother in the Great Desolate Province, he will surely make trouble for you. Hence, you have to be extra careful then.” Lin Fan reminded.


Lin Dong nodded his head and remembered this name. Even though he did not want to stir up any troubles, if other people tried to make trouble for him, he would not hesitate to retaliate.

“There is still one month left before the Battle of Seeds, you can use this time to train. Furthermore, since you are the clan champion, we will not mistreat you. Tomorrow, you shall visit the clan trove and see if you are destined for any treasures,” Lin Fan smiled.

Lin Dong nodded his head again. He had huge interest in the clan trove. If he were to obtained a Earthly Soul Treasure, his power would definitely increase greatly. This would increase his chances when he participated in the Battle of Seeds.

After discussing a great deal of matters, Lin Dong had no interest in staying on any longer. He then gave Lin Fan a bow and turned around to leave the meeting hall.

“Clan leader, do you think Lin Dong can successfully pass through the Battle of Seeds? After all, his opponents aren’t mediocre individuals…” Lin Mu whispered as he gazed upon Lin Dong’s distant figure.

Lin Fan grinned and put down the teacup in his hand. He then muttered, “To be able to make it this far with his branch family’s limited resources, Lin Dong is definitely no mediocre individual. As for the Battle of Seeds this time around, we will have a good show to watch…”

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