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Chapter 361 The Battle of Seeds

Not long after Lin Dong met with Lin Zhentian and Lin Xiao, the purple-robed elder, who seemed to have a high status in the Lin clan, walked over to them with a smile on his face.

“Hehe, you are Lin Zhentian right? I still remember you were only around twenty or thirty years old when you left the clan. I didn’t expect several decades had passed with a blink of an eye,” the purple-robed elder chirped while walking towards Lin Zhentian.

“You are… Elder Lin Mu?” Looking at the purple-robed elder’s seemingly familiar face,
Lin Zhentian questioned uncertainly after hesitating for a while. He was slightly overwhelmed by the hospitality of the purple-robed elder. In those days, while he was still in the clan, the purple-robed elder was already a clan elder of an extraordinary status. What surprised him was that the latter still remembered his name.

“Hehe, during that time, we had to punish you because of a mission failure, I hope you don’t blame the clan,” the purple-robed elder, whose name was Lin Mu, explained.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. During that time, I am indeed responsible for that mission failure,” Lin Zhentian smiled bitterly while shaking his head. He knew that given Lin Mu’s status in the clan at that time, he was not qualified to talk to him. Now, it was all because Lin Dong was part of their family that Lin Mu would talk to them with such kind words.

“After today, I will pass down the instructions to reinstate your status in the clan. As for whether you want to stay in the clan or return to Yan City, that’s totally up to your decision,” Lin Mu grinned.

“Thanks a lot, Elder Lin Mu,” Lin Zhentian nodded his head after he heard what was said. His wish for the past few decades had finally come true. For a moment, he was choked with emotions.

Lin Dong seemed to know that the old man was surging with emotions. He patted lightly on Lin Zhentian’s shoulder and said softly,” Grandfather, all of you have a rest in the Lin City first. As for the future plans, we will think through again before making any decisions. I will follow Elder Lin Mu for now then.”

“Ok, be careful,” Lin Zhentian nodded his head and replied composedly while looking contently at the youth who was much taller than himself.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded his head. After bidding Lin Xiao and his counterparts farewell, Lin Dong turned around. Lin Mu, who was also smiling, prepared to lead the way.

As both of them walked along the tremendously huge Lin Clan, there were numerous clan members giving them various kinds of strange looks along the way. This time, however, those looks no longer contained traces of haughtiness and mockery. After today’s epic battle, whoever dared to despise this fierce warrior must be a fool.

“Lin Dong, it is unexpected that the branch families can produce such an outstanding talent,” Lin Mu was leading the way ahead when he suddenly turned his head and laughed.

Lin Dong smiled but did not say anything more about this issue. He did not want anyone to find out about his secret.

“Even though you used to be part of a branch family, given your capability, you will secure a fairly high position in the clan in future. Though this is good news, do be careful as the main clan is nothing like the branch family,” Lin Mu explained profoundly.

Lin Dong nodded his head in silence. He could naturally sense the complexity that existed within the clan. In the battle with Lin Langtian today, he had offended the faction which the latter belonged to. Those people would not let him live in peace.

However, he had no fear about that. As long as he was capable, anyone who plotted against him would fail.

After giving Lin Dong some reminders, Lin Mu did not say anything again. He led Lin Dong through the enormous maze-like clan, walking for a long time before arriving at a huge hall where they entered it.

Inside the hall, there were already some people. All of them were the Lin Clan’s elders, who were of high status. Seating on the throne was the previously met Lin Clan’s clan leader, Lin Fan.

“Greetings, clan leader,” Lin Dong stepped forward and gave a bow.

Lin Fan smiled and nodded his head. His gaze wandered around before stopping on Lin Dong. He then said, “Lin Dong. Firstly, I want to congratulate you on winning this year’s clan gathering.”

Lin Dong declined to comment. He knew that Lin Fan did not ask for him simply to say these meaningless words.

“Hehe, since you are clear about what’s going on, I shall not beat around the bush,” Lin Fan laughed upon seeing Lin Dong’s expression. He then said,” I’m not sure whether have you heard of the Great Yan Empire’s Battle of Seeds?”

“No,” Lin Dong muttered, shaking his head.

“Every twenty years, the top factions in the Great Yan Empire will have a battle. Of course, this doesn’t mean starting a war but rather, a tournament. Every faction will send their younger generation’s most outstanding individual to participate in this tournament. This is the Great Yan Empire’s first-class tournament, which is also called the Battle of Seeds.”

“Those who qualify for the Battle of Seeds are all monstrous individuals and given their extraordinary backgrounds, they are the finest talents among the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation.”

“Initially, the Lin Clan has decided to send only Lin Langtian, yet unexpectedly, you have distinguished yourself out of the rest. Hence, if you are interested, you can participate in the Battle of Seeds too.” Lin Fan chuckled.

After hearing what he said, Lin Dong gently furrowed his brows. He did not have much interest in such obscure battle. Even though it sounded captivating to be able to compete with the Great Yan Empire’s top talents, he was not some madman who was full of battle lust.

“I wonder if have you heard of the Great Yan Empire’s Sacred Spirit Pool?” Lin Fan smiled faintly.

“Sacred Spirit Pool?” Lin Dong was startled. Soon after, his eyes lit up. He had definitely heard of it. Even a large number of fighters in the Great Yan Empire had heard of it. However, not many people actually saw this legendary pool with their own eyes.

Reportedly, the Sacred Spirit Pool was made up of blood from ancient mystical beasts. By bathing in it, not only would it boost one’s power considerably, but more importantly, it could also increase the success rate of attaining Nirvana Stage!

Everyone knew there were numerous dangers in the journey to breakthrough to Nirvana Stage. Even after thorough preparations, there were still a chance of failure. As such, the mystical powers of the Sacred Spirit Pool were so captivating to those who wanted to attain Nirvana Stage.

“Is there really a Sacred Spirit Pool in the Great Yan Empire?” Lin Dong queried suspiciously. For a long time, he had heard of it but never had he once acknowledged its existence.

“Things happen for a reason. The Sacred Spirit Pool does exist, it’s just that ordinary people can’t find and see it for themselves. Today, the Sacred Spirit Pool is under the shared control of all the top factions in the Great Yan Empire. However, as the Sacred Spirit Pool’s Ling Liquid replenish at a sluggish rate, it cannot satisfy the needs of every factions. Naturally, some disputes have arisen because of this.”

“The best way to settle these disputes is through the Battle of Seeds. Every top faction will send their most outstanding younger generation member to participate. The last five individuals standing will then be qualified to enter the Sacred Spirit Pool.”

“Are you interested in the Battle of Seeds now?” Lin Fan broke into a laughter after he spoke.

Lin Dong remained silent for a moment. The Sacred Spirit Pool held a deadly entice over those who were beneath the Nirvana Stage. The only suspicion he had was, why was he allowed to go? Even if he made it to the last five standing, he was the only one who reaped all the benefits. Could it be that the Lin Clan was only in it for the sake of its reputation?

“What is next after coming out of the Sacred Spirit Pool?” Lin Dong asked,

“Upon listening to these words, Lin Fan was startled and he stared at Lin Dong. After a moment, his face darkened gradually before he said solemnly, “After coming out of the Sacred Spirit Pool, these five individuals will represent the Great Yan Empire and participate in the Hundred Empire War!”

“The Hundred Empire War!”

As he heard these four words, Lin Dong’s head raised abruptly, the fists in his sleeves clenched tightly and his eyes lit up. This was the first time Lin Dong lost his manners in front of Lin Fan.

The memories from two years ago surged out from his head instantly. The romance at the ancient tomb etched the alluring image of that beautiful girl deeply in his heart.

An intriguing air of grandeur surrounded that girl. Like an angel who had fallen from the sky, she was devoid of any impurities.

Ling Qingzhu!

Such a noble and refined name.

Lin Dong was born with a obstinate and domineering personality. Ling Qingzhu was the first woman in his life. Even though their relationship was complicated, Lin Dong was not someone who would take advantage of others. He knew that, the moment Ling Qingzhu saved him from the hands of Wang Yan, he wanted this woman for himself.

Even though the efforts he put in all these years were motivated by Lin Langtian, but at the same time, it was also due to the existence of a beautiful image of that woman in Lin Dong’s mind. Lin Dong knew that her identity was extraordinary. She looked indifferent on the surface, but deep within her, she was filled with icy arrogance. Even a talented individual like Lin Langtian could not impress her, it was hard to imagine what kind of man would truly win her heart.

However, no matter how hard it would be, Lin Dong would not give up easily. That was because he did not want this woman to lie in the arms of another man!

“If you want to return this favor, wait until you make it to the Hundred Empire War first!”

“Will it suffice if I am to distinguish myself out of the rest in the Hundred Empire War?”

“Barely enough. However, I don’t think that you can make it that far. I am not doubting your ability, but rather, it is a reality that you can’t change regardless of whether you accept it or not!”

“That day will come. By then, I will once stand before you again, and tell you that the woman whom I slept with, will be mine!”

Lin Dong reminisced as his mind wandered off to the mountain peak, where the teenager laughed recklessly yet with a serious attitude two years ago.

For the past two years, the four words “The Hundred Empire War” had been imprinted in his mind. He knew that this battle would be a hundred times harder than defeating Lin Langtian, but he had yet to give up. Today, he finally gained some information regarding this mysterious Hundred Empire War.


Lin Dong took in a deep breath of cold air, with his eyes fixated on Lin Fan, who was left flabbergasted by former’s antics. A determined look then swiped across Lin Dong’s face.

“Alright, I will participate!”

Ling Qingzhu, just you wait!

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