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WDQK Chapter 36: Family Gathering

As Lin Xia and the rest saw Lei Li finally depart, they secretly heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts. Although Lin Dong had displayed an astonishing strength during this period of time, even they did not favour Lin Dong’s odds against the reputed genius Lei Li. Therefore, it would be best to avoid a fight.

“Hehe, Lin Xia, seems like a remarkable fellow has finally emerged from the Lin Family.” After he saw Lei Li left, Wu Yun turned and swept his gaze across Lin Dong before he finally looked at Lin Xia and smiled.

Lin Xia rolled her eyes in response. Soon after, she patted Lin Dong’s shoulders. With a proud expression, she said: “Of course. Given Lin Dong-biao-de’s speed, he can easily surpass all of you.”

Lin Dong shook his head in resignation as he saw how much faith Lin Xia had placed in him. Then, with a smile, he told Wu Yun: “Thank you for helping out today.”

He obviously realized that Wu Yun intervened in order to create chaos and prevent Lei Li from attacking him peacefully.

“No need for thanks. After all, we are at loggerheads with Lei Li too. If I can make him suffer, I will gladly do it.” Wu Yun smiled as he flicked his hand. He did not display any airs in front of Lin Dong. Wu Yun had observed during the short exchange with Lei Li, that the latter was in no way weaker than himself.

Lin Dong smiled. It seems like Raging Blade Dojo and the Lei and Xie Family did not have a good relationship. In that case, it was probably good news for the Lin Family. After all, if these three major factions allied, even with Lin Xiao’s return, the Lin Family would definitely be overpowered.

“It’s getting late, I will make a move first. Haha, Lin Dong, I will see you at the hunt again. However, when that times comes, let’s hope for a good fight.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Wu Yun smiled and waved goodbye. Then, he left with his people.

“Let’s return as well.”

As he saw the place emptying out, Lin Dong smiled and turned to tell Lin Xia and the rest.


After the dramatic conflict previously, Lin Xia and the rest did not wish to stay any longer and immediately nodded their hands. Under the crowd’s watchful gaze, a stream of people exited the scene.

When they returned to the Lin Family, Lin Dong and Qing Tian did not immediately return to their little hill top. After all, it was the end of the month and also time for the Lin Family’s Gathering. During this time, every key member of the Lin Family would gather together and report all the various events that had occurred in the past month.

In the past, Lin Dong was not invited to this gathering. However, ever since the Family Competition, his status within the Lin Family has skyrocketed. As such, he now had a place in this Family Gathering.

A full moon hung in the clear night sky as the cooling moonlight poured onto the ground and enveloped the earth.

The Lin Family’s backyard was very crowded as tens of people laughed and talked merrily around a large round table.

Lin Dong was seated at the left corner, and beside him were Lin Xia, Lin Hong and other elite younger generation members of the Lin Family.

At this Family Gathering, the only joyous occasion for Lin Dong was finally seeing Lin Xiao, who had been busily handling the affairs of the Blazing Manor.

Naturally, Lin Zhentian was seated at the head of the dinner table. Right now, the old man was chatting with Lin Xiao and asking him for the latest updates regarding the Blazing Manor. After a short inquiry, he nodded his head in satisfaction before he finally turned to look cheerfully at Lin Dong.

“Today, I received a piece of news. Turns out, these young fellas have clashed with the younger generation members from the Xie Family. In the end, they even attracted the attention of Lei Li.”

Everyone’s attention was immediately directed towards Lin Zhentian. Upon hearing these words, the expression on some adults darkened as they harshly stared at their own children.

These kind of events tend to happen frequently. However, each time, these little brats would return with their tails between their legs, causing their parents to be slightly frustrated. Yet when their parents tried to reason with the parents of the responsible parties, they were often unsuccessful as the other party would simply dismissed it as a childish dispute.

“Father, this matter was likely caused by my daughter Lin Xia. When I return, I will teach her a lesson.” Lin Ken, who was sitting to one side, growled.

“Haha, no need to worry. This time, they did not embarrass our Lin Family.”

Lin Zhentian smiled as he waved his hands. In fact, it seems like this old man was quite happy. He cheerfully continued: “Turns out that this little brat Lin Dong has even more hidden potential than his father Lin Xiao. He not only dismissed two Tempered Body 7th Layer youngsters, but he even managed to stop Lei Li. This is a highly praiseworthy achievement.”


Upon hearing these words, the crowd were slightly shocked. Lin Xiao was even more stunned as he clearly did not expect that Lin Dong was not defeated even after clashing with Lei Li.

“Is that true?” Lin Xiao could not help but ask.

Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, Lin Dong was forced to nod his head as he replied: “I used Penetrating Fist, whereas Lei Li did not use any martial arts. It should not be counted as a draw.”

“However, Lei Li had long advanced to Tempered Body 9th Layer. It is remarkable that you were able to use Penetrating Fist to bridge that gap.” Lin Ken smiled and said.

“Lin Dong should have advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer right?” Lin Zhentian smiled from ear to ear.

Lin Dong secretly sighed in his heart as he nodded his head.

“Good, good grandson. Looks like our Lin Family has finally produced a genius that can match up to Lei Family!” Lin Zhentian involuntarily let out a hearty laugh as he saw Lin Dong nodding his head. Upon hearing this, Lin Xiao and Lin Ken also let out a chuckle while a complicated expression surfaced on Lin Mang’s face.

“There is only four months left before the hunt. During this period, you must work hard. If you require anything, feel free to say. Anything that I can provide shall be yours!” Lin Zhentian announced with a smile as he stroked his beard.

At these words, many people in the crowd were stunned. Lin Zhentian words had evidently displayed his intentions to treat Lin Dong as the most precious core member to nurture. Similar to Lin Xiao in the past.

Envy surfaced in Lin Xia and the rest. However, Lin Dong’s recent progress and achievements were indeed something no one could replicate.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

As he observed the expressions from the crowd, although Lin Dong did not verbally reject, in his heart, he shook his head. After all, he had the Mysterious Stone Talisman, thus the Lin Family’s resources now held little appeal for him.

Of course, he was not going to tell them. Furthermore, even if he did not need the resources from the Lin Family, he would occasionally ask from them. After all, he did not want to arouse suspicion as he relied on the godly training speed the stone talisman provided him.

Lin Zhentian waved his hands as he continued discussing other matters with the family. Eventually, this Family Gathering ended.

As Lin Zhentian walked away, a clear and bright laughter could still be heard. Lin Dong lightly clenched his fist as he understood that the old man had placed all his hopes on this grandson. Just like how he had placed all his hopes on Lin Xiao back then.

“Grandpa, rest assured. I will fulfill your wish.”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Soon after, he lifted his head as a slightly icy smile emerged on his face.

“Of course…there’s still that fellow called Lin Langtian…”

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