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Chapter 358 Desperate Struggle


The land shuddered with a loud rumble as if it had suddenly become a frying pan. It was as if Yuan Power was the oil within the pan as it crashed about and churned frantically, a scene that seemingly made one’s spirit feel as if it was leaving one’s body.

The entire enormous battle arena turned silent in the face of such a frightening sight, and even initial Manifestation stage practitioners felt a heart palpitating sensation. They were truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong was able to rely on his half-step-to Manifestation stage status to produce a power that even advanced Manifestation stage practitioners were unable to!

This fellow, was he a human or a monster?

Lin Zhentian and the rest were stupefied as they watched the scene in the sky, while their bodies involuntarily trembled. None of them even dreamed that the youngster who had yet to reach the Form Creation stage two years ago would actually be this strong a short two years later.

“Dong-er’s strength can likely be considered top tier even in the whole Great Yan Empire.” Lin Zhentian deeply breathed in, suppressing the emotions in his heart as he slowly remarked.

“Looks like allowing him to go out and train alone was the right decision. Dong-er is no ordinary person, if we restrict him, it would instead limit his growth.” Lin Xiao could not help but admit that Lin Dong’s two years of progress was truly a little terrifying.

In a short span of two years, from the perfect Yuan Dan stage, he had caught up to the Lin Clan’s absolute genius, Lin Langtian. They believed that if the two truly compared their talents, the current Lin Dong would unconditionally triumph over Lin Langtian!

After all, Lin Dong was younger than Lin Langtian, yet, his achievements was already shoulder to shoulder with the latter. Who knew how powerful Lin Dong would be when he reached Lin Langtian’s age?

“Dong-er is the true most outstanding genius of the Lin Clan!” Lin Xiao and Lin Zhentian exchanged a look, seeing the happiness and emotion in the other’s eyes.

Behind Lin Zhentian and the rest, the faces of the main clan members who felt they were very much an eyesore turned deathly pale due to the berserk scene in the sky. The frightening power Lin Dong had shown caused them to feel a faint sense of dread. At this time, they no longer dared to roll their eyes or ridicule Lin Zhentian and gang, because even the unbeatable war god in their hearts had been forced to use trump after trump by Lin Dong. They simply did not have the right to even compare themselves to this terrifying strength…

Mocking Lin Zhentian and gang at this moment was truly courting death!

Of course, some of the younger main clan members also held similar thoughts. Currently, these fellows were already so in awe that their bodies were trembling, while some of them even fell to the ground on their butts. The devil god like figure in the sky had already left an unerasable mark in their hearts.

At this time, even if they were unwilling to admit it, they had no choice but to face reality. The reality that a Lin Dong, who hailed from a branch family, was indeed genuinely able to contend against the undisputed genius of the Lin Clan, Lin Langtian!

Lin Ke-er’s lily-white hands gently clenched in front of her ample bust, as if she wanted to suppress the crazily beating heart within. She was truly unable to imagine how Lin Dong’s strength could rise to such a terrifying level in the short span of a year.

Lin Ke-er’s pearly white teeth gently bit into her red lips while her beautiful eyes concentrated on the figure whose aura was close to overpowering Lin Langtian. This was the first time she had seen someone force Lin Langtian to such a state, and more importantly, this person seemed to be slightly younger than them.

“This fellow is simply a monster!”

Lin Dong’s figure pointed forward at an extremely slow speed, yet, every little bit of distance moved caused the Yuan Power around to turn increasingly berserk.

Of course, as the undulations from the finger grew increasingly terrifying, Lin Dong’s face grew increasingly pale. One could tell that with his current strength, he only barely able to display this move.


The slow-moving finger finally pointed forth. Instantly, a tiny crack seem to echo out from the sky as countless people lifted their heads to look, only to see that the sky was covered in seemingly crack like things. From a distance, it looked like a mirror that was about to shatter.

Lin Dong’s finger seemed to have broken the sky!

“Lin Langtian, give me your pathetic life!”

Lin Dong’s eyes were exceptionally cold as his finger suddenly jerked. Immediately, the lines of cracks behind him abruptly exploded as a giant golden finger that seemed to come from ancient times broke tore through the clouds and thrust out at an exceedingly frightening velocity before viciously slamming towards Lin Langtian!

“Boom boom!”

As the giant golden finger swept past, the incomparably enormous conical arena below instantly crumbled level by level. Immediately, giant pieces of debris fell, causing the entire ground to tremor continuously.

Yet, at this moment, not a single gaze was paying any attention to the crumbling arena as they were all concentrated on Lin Langtian!

As he stared at the rapidly growing giant golden finger, thick shock surfaced in the depths of Lin Langtian’s eyes. Evidently, he never expected that the previous sky shattering attack displayed by Lin Dong was not his limit!

Though he was shocked in his heart, Lin Langtian did not panic. At this moment there was no possibility of dodging, and only clashing head on would give him a chance at survival!


Essence blood was spat out from Lin Langtian’s mouth before completely shooting into the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’. Immediately, circles of dark red light spread out from the latter.

“Spirit Wheel Mirror, Rotate The Sky And Land!”

A somewhat grim shout abruptly rang out from Lin Langtian’s mouth. His hands waved as portions of vigorous without equal Yuan Power that seemingly covered the sky and land poured into the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’.


With such a huge amount of Yuan Power pouring in plus the urging of the essence blood, the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ instantly expanded to several time its size. After a violent shake, an incomparably huge black light beam suddenly shot out. Under the watch of countless gazes, It ripped apart the horizon and ruthlessly smashed into the giant golden finger with a loud bang.


Berserk without equal Yuan Power storms unfurled in the skies above. The gigantic black light beam tenaciously withstood the giant golden finger, but clearly, Lin Dong’s attack this time was too ferocious, and even with the power of the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’, the black light was still forced back step by step.

“Lin Langtian, even with the aid of the Earthly Soul Treasure, is your power merely so? If this is so, I will take the victory in today’s exchange!”

Although Lin Dong’s face was pale, his bearings were as majestic as a mountain. His eyes were stern while his shout was like thunder as his finger once again abruptly pointed out. Immediately, the giant golden finger started to shake violently as golden Yuan Power erupted like a volcano and forcibly shattered the humongous black light beam!

“Crack crack!”

When the black light was shattered, the light of the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ instantly dimmed. A faint mournful cry seemed to echo out from it as if the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ had received a substantial injury.

“Lin Langtian, your Earthly Soul Treasure is wounded, let me see what else you have left!” A vicious light shined from Lin Dong’s face as he pressed in step by step. With a thought, the ancient giant golden finger did not pause at all and mercilessly pressed down onto Lin Langtian. If he was hit, even if there was really something strange inside his body, he would still be blown to pieces!

“Obtaining victory over me is not so easy!”

Blood red surfaced in Lin Langtian’s eyes. Evidently, he had truly been forced by Lin Dong into a dead end without any escape. He knew that if he lost today, it would be an incomparably huge blow to his prestige. Hence, he absolutely could not lose no matter what!

“Lin Dong, don’t be happy too early!”

Lin Langtian snarled. Soon after, his hands swiftly formed into a series of strange seals as his body actually transformed into light and charged into the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’.

“Blood Offering Skill, Man And Treasure Unite!”

A furious roar sounded out from the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’. Immediately, dazzling light once again burst out from the originally dim mirror surface. The light tore apart the sky and clouds, as if it had pierced through the heavens!


On the golden seats, the elder’s expressions instantly changed. No longer able to keep their cool, they abruptly stood up. This type of Blood Offering Skill admittedly brought forth an extremely powerful attack, but it would very likely cause serious damage to the Soul Treasure. Worst comes to worst, the Earthly Soul Treasure might even lose its Spiritual Nature and become a normal Soul Treasure.

“These two fellows are insane. If the attacks meet, half of Lin City will be gone! Quick, stop them!” An elder howled.

“Who can stop them?” The purple robe elder’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together. Even he did not dare to place himself at the center of this kind of clash, who else among them here would dare to charge in?

Upon hearing these words, the rest of the elders froze.


While they were speechless, the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ suddenly started to spin in the sky. In the end, a blood red light exploded from it. Within the light, a destructive undulation manically unfurled.

Once the blood light appeared, it furiously swept forth and viciously charged towards the incoming giant golden finger!

As they gazed at the two swiftly flying attacks in the sky, the humongous battle arena burst into an uproar. The practitioners had also sensed the how terrible the situation was. They would definitely find it hard pressed to survive the aftershocks of this kind of clash!

However, it was too late for them to think of escaping, because the two attacks in the sky had already swept pass and were just about to collide.

As they watched this scene, terror surfaced on everyone’s faces!

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