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Chapter 357 Spirit Wheel Mirror

Earthly Soul Treasure?!

When he saw the hexagonal black mirror floating in front of Lin Langtian, Lin Dong’s eyes instantly turned a little grim. He did not think that the former would actually possess such a mystical treasure!

Earthly Soul Treasure. Although it was only a tier higher than the high grade Soul Treasure, the difference between the two was completely incalculable. Some high grade Soul Treasures were at best effective weapons that would at most allow one to more smoothly display one’s strength. However, an Earthly Soul Treasure was different. A treasure at this level already possessed some Spiritual Wisdom. This meant that Earthly Soul Treasures all had a Spiritual Nature. Their formidable power and various magical abilities were enough to allow anyone to turn green with envy.

At the very least, until today, even Lin Dong had never truly experienced the might of an Earthly Soul Treasure. The only one he had seen was the Manifestation Martial Tablet within the Great Desolate Ancient Space, but the latter had now shown any outstanding offensive capabilities. Hence, he was rather unclear of formidable an Earthly Soul Treasure was.

Of course, though he may be unsure, from the undulations emitted by the hexagonal black mirror, it was clearly going to be extremely troublesome.

“This fellow has truly obtained many benefits from the Lin Clan…” Lin Dong secretly cursed. Even though he had travelled extensively over the years, he had never encountered a chance to obtain an Earthly Soul Treasure. Yet, not only did this fellow practise more Manifestation martial arts than Lin Dong, he had even gotten a valuable object like this Earthly Soul Treasure.

“Buzz buzz!”

The hexagonal black mirror floated in front of Lin Langtian while he sneered at the fluctuating expression on Lin Dong’s face. With a change in hand seals, a buzzing sound broke out from the hexagonal black mirror as circles of black light swiftly spread out from it.


At this moment, Lin Dong’s giant finger containing extremely berserk Yuan Power arrived with a loud bang and ruthlessly slammed into the hexagonal black mirror under countless watching gazes!

“Boom boom!”

As the giant finger arrived, the black light on the hexagonal black mirror grew increasingly intense. Circle after circle of light completely wrapped around the giant finger like a condom, while the giant finger’s speed swiftly lowered as if it was in a deep swamp.

“Spirit Wheel Mirror, Reverse Heaven and Earth!”

Lin Langtian’s expression was ice-cold, the seals in his hand changing as he ferociously shouted out. The giant finger suddenly shivered and actually split into two. One part was completely melted by the intense black light, while the other instantly turned around and shot towards Lin Dong like a bolt of lightning!

Lin Langtian’s Earthly Soul Treasure was actually able to reflect some attacks!

Lin Dong’s expression was grim as he gazed at the incoming Yuan Power ray of light that contained berserk undulations. His hand grabbed at empty space as the ray of light exploded with a bang when it was ten feet from his body.

“Lin Dong, your attacks are of no threat to me!” Lin Langtian sneered and declared.

“You’re merely relying on the Earthly Soul Treasure, if it were not for this item, killing you will be as easy as turning my hand!” Lin Dong did not yield at all as he mockingly replied.

“Being able to possess an Earthly Soul Treasure is a symbol of one’s power. However, I’m afraid it’s time to let me kill you today!” Lin Langtian maliciously laughed. His sleeve waved as vigorous Yuan Power flow into the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’. The hexagonal black mirror shivered as the vigorous Yuan Power was directly transformed into a deadly black light that shot towards Lin Dong like a lightning bolt. Within the black light was an exceedingly powerful undulation.

Upon seeing the incoming black light, Lin Dong’s expression darkened. His feet stepped out the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps, immediately sidestepping the black light.

“Let me see how long you can dodge!”

Lin Langtian’s palms suddenly pressed onto the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’. The mirror shook as rays of deadly black light flew out, filling the skies as they completely surrounded Lin Dong from all directions.

Faced with such an all-encompassing attack, Lin Dong’s expression changed a little. With a thought, powerful Mental Energy spread out, forming a gapless defense around his body.

“Ch ch!”

Black light endlessly swept over, landing on the Mental Energy barrier. The instant both sides contacted, Lin Dong realised that the black light did not scatter when it touched the Mental Energy barrier, instead, it seemed to have a mind of its own as it swiftly penetrated in while eroding Lin Dong’s Mental Energy.

“Lin Dong, be careful. His Earthly Soul Treasure is rather peculiar and contains a special energy that is rather effective against Mental Energy.” Little Marten’s warning suddenly rang out in Lin Dong’s mind.

Lin Dong wore a grim expression as he nodded his head. He did not expect that the advantage he had just gained would be instantly taken away by Lin Langtian’s Earthly Soul Treasure.


The Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd appeared as Lin Dong grabbed it before quickly using the Heavenly Scales Technique. Powerful halberd images forcibly destroyed the incoming black light.

“Humph, let me see how long you can endure!” When he saw Lin Dong scatter all the black light, the sinister light in Lin Langtian’s grew even more intense. He suddenly took in a deep breath as various colors flashed in his eyes, an extremely strange sight.

While this happened, Lin Dong suddenly sensed Lin Langtian’s originally mostly used up Yuan Power and aura actually recover at an astonishing speed!

“How is this possible?!”

When he sensed Lin Langtian’s speedily recovering Yuan Power and aura, Lin Dong’s expression instantly turned ugly.

“Lin Dong, there is another presence inside that fellow’s body! I can feel it! This Yuan Power is being given to him by the owner of that presence! Damnit, this bastard is planning to drag this out and slowly tire you to death!” While Lin Dong’s expression turned ugly, Little Marten cried out in alarm.

“Sure enough… this fellow is not so simple!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. If this was true, wouldn’t it mean that within Lin Langtian’s body was an existence similar to Little Marten? However, exactly what was this existence?

It was only now that he truly felt how troublesome this opponent was. Not only did he possess numerous Manifestation martial arts, he even had the ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’, a treasure capable of both offense and defense that was already giving Lin Dong a headache. Never did Lin Dong imagine that in the end, this fellow even had a cheat that allowed him to rapidly recover Yuan Power!

“Lin Dong, with your half-step-to Manifestation level of Yuan Power, let me see how long you can last!” Lin Langtian’s eyes quickly turned back to normal as he looked down upon Lin Dong and chuckled.

“My talents are superior, and I even had a great encounter of destiny. Compared to me, you’re soft!”

“Lin Dong, damnit, this fellow is too difficult to deal with. Do we need to join hands?” Little Marten asked in Lin Dong’s mind. The situation had changed dramatically.

“No need for now, it’s good to leave some trump cards after all.” Lin Dong deeply breathed in as he softly replied in his mind.

“Then what do you plan on doing? That fellow’s ‘Spirit Wheel Mirror’ is able to reflect attacks, allowing him to be in an invincible position!”

“Though an Earthly Soul Treasure is powerful, it is far from being invincible. There is definitely a limit to reflecting attacks, as long as an attack reaches the level where even that Earthly Soul Treasure is unable to reflect, it will naturally be broken!” Lin Dong slowly explained.

“Even the third finger of your Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger was reflected, you…” At this point, a trace of alarm could be heard in Little Marten’s voice.

“Heh, no matter what, I will not let that fellow have an easy time today!”

A vicious look flitted across Lin Dong’s eyes. Soon after, with a thought, powerful Devouring Power swiftly unfurled from his body.


As the Devouring Power spread outwards, everyone watched in astonishment as the Yuan Power in the area suddenly screamed, transforming into currents of Yuan Power that poured into Lin Dong’s body.

As the Yuan Power poured in, Lin Dong’s Yuan Power which was originally seventy or eighty percent used up started to recover at an astonishing pace.

“Lin Langtian, you were happy too early. Did you truly believe that only you had this trick?”

Overwhelming Yuan Power floated around Lin Dong’s body as he slowly lifted his head and looked towards the suddenly frozen smile on Lin Langtian’s face while chuckling.

“This bastard, how can he dare to absorb Yuan Power in such a way?!”

Lin Langtian blankly stared at Lin Dong as he ferociously roared in his heart. This kind of Yuan Power needed to be refined before being used. Yet, the current Lin Dong seemed to have left out this step!

Of course, he was not the only one in shock. A look of disbelief also surfaced on the faces of the elders in the golden seating area.

“Lin Langtian, did you truly think that your Earthly Soul Treasure will ensure your victory? You must be crazy!”

Under countless shocked gazes, Lin Dong suddenly took a step forward. Immediately, the sky seemed to darken as black clouds suddenly gathered and enveloped the area.

“Wooo woo!”

Enormous Yuan Power vortexes swiftly formed, before gathering above Lin Dong as Yuan Power shockwaves frantically swept out.

This terrifying sight caused a chill to rise up in one’s heart!


Lin Dong’s hand seals rapidly changed. In the end, all the Yuan Power in his body transformed into a golden light pillar that burst out from his forehead, before connecting the Yuan Power vortexes.

As the Yuan Power vortexes covering the skies simultaneously spun, Lin Dong’s expression turned deathly pale. Yet, his eyes were still filled with a vicious look as his finger pointed out in the air at an extremely slow speed!

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Fourth Finger Breaking The Heavens!”

At the same time, a majestic thunder like rumbling sound reverberated across the land!

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