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Chapter 351 A Single Punch

Ten rounds!

When these words of Lin Dong were heard, the entire place erupted in an uproar. The younger generation of the clan looked at the former as if he was a lunatic. Within the Lin Clan, Lin Qing’s and Lin Mu’s talent were second only to Lin Langtian. In addition, the two of them were twin brothers, hence their coordination was unparalleled. Even an initial Manifestation practitioner would find it difficult to defeat their combined might, yet, Lin Dong actually dared to say that he would beat them in ten rounds?

From what they could see, this could not longer be described as arrogant, but ignorance and inviting humiliation to oneself!

While the younger generation of the clan sneered and ridiculed, the umber black brow of Lin Ke-er who was among them slightly knitted together while her pupils firmly stared at Lin Dong’s figure. Although she was rather shocked that Lin Dong was able to defeat Wang Yan previously at the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, truth be told, even though Wang Yan was reputed to be a genius, he was rather lacking compared Lin Qing and Lin Mu.

Speaking such insane words at such a place was truly not suitable at all.

“Ke-er, is this the Lin Dong you spoke of that had defeated the Wang Clan’s Wang Yan? He hasn’t showed his skills but his arrogance is indeed not weaker than Wang Yan’s.”

While Lin Ke-er was frowning, a woman’s laughter sounded out to her side. She involuntarily tilted her head, only to see several pretty women crowding around behind her. These women were considerably good looking and had many suitors among the clan’s sons. Upon seeing all of them in one place, the surrounding clan sons also hurriedly crowded over.

“Hehe, little sister Lin Xue is right, this Lin Dong does not have much skill yet he speaks of rather big things. Let’s see if he still has the face to spout such nonsense when he loses at the hands of big brother Lin Qing and Lin Mu.” One of the clan’s sons spoke in a fawning manner to the beautiful young lady who had spoken to Lin Ke-er, while the rest of them quickly agreed and laughed.

“It is very rare nowadays to see someone who dares to be so arrogant in front of big brother Lin Langtian…” The beautiful young lady known as Lin Xue smiled sweetly. Soon after, she looked at Lin Ke-er and continued: “Ke-er, do you think Lin Dong truly has the qualifications to challenge big brother Lin Langtian?”

“You can watch and see for yourself.” Lin Ke-er replied in an indifferent manner.

“Hee hee, I seldom see you mentioning a branch family member from time to time, could it be that you like this Lin Dong?” Lin Xue moved forward, rather pleased with herself as she chuckled.

“However, it looks like Lin Dong is going to humiliate himself quite a bit today.”

Lin Ke-er’s umber black brow knitted together, but she could not be bothered with this young lady who was so infatuated with Lin Langtian that no medicine could save her. It was likely that in her heart, all men besides Lin Langtian were trash like existences…

Yet, similar mockery was rather common in the battle arena at this moment. After all, they were truly unable to accept Lin Dong’s actions.

“Humph, foolish and arrogant brat, you actually dare to make such a statement. Let’s see how you retrieve your face when you lose!” On the golden seating booth, a grey-haired elder’s eyes turned cold as he sneered.

To one side, Lin Langtian apathetically looked at Lin Dong. Even an initial Manifestation stage practitioner would find it difficult to win the combined might of the Lin Qing and Ling Mu brothers, plus, Lin Dong’s aura was only at the half-step-to Manifestation, yet he actually dared to make such a bold statement? One truly did not know whether he had a trump card or he was courting death.

“Since Lin Dong has such a heroic spirit, Lin Qing and Lin Mu, the two of you shall keep him company.” The black robe elder who seemed to have a rather high status waved his hand at this moment and commanded in an indifferent tone.


Upon hearing the black robe elder’s words, Lin Qing and Lin Mu coldly shouted as they moved and neatly flew onto the highest arena. Their ice-cold gazes locked onto Lin Dong. The attitude the latter had displayed had clearly caused them to become extremely angry.

The duo did not waste any time, once they appeared, they fiercely stamped on the ground as two half-step-to Manifestation auras exploded in an instant. Vigorous Yuan Power undulations rippled in the arena, emitting waves of powerful pressure and drawing several cried of alarm.

“Lin Dong right? I truly want to see today what kind of qualifications you have to dare to force the both of us off the arena in ten rounds!” Vigorous Yuan Power undulated around Lin Qing as he stared and Lin Dong and sneered.

“I truly hope that you are not just an embroidered pillow, or else, this will be too boring!” Lin Mu also spoke in an indifferent manner. Their status in the clan were not ordinary, even if they could not compare to Lin Langtian, they were still among the top three. After encountering a branch family member like Lin Dong who dared to speak to them in such a way, how could there not be rage in their hearts.

“Shall we start?”

However, Lin Dong seemed to ignore the duo’s anger as he slowly extended his hand. His voice was calm, not the slightest bit affected by the duo’s vigorous and powerful auras.


Lin Dong’s flat tone was undoubtedly akin to a spark that completely ignited the fury in the Lin Qing duo’s hearts. The duo’s eyes immediately turned ice-cold as their bodies charged forward. Vigorous Yuan Power swiftly condensed at the center of their palms, causing low sonic booms sounds as they viciously targeted Lin Dong’s vital points at crafty angles.

The duo displayed an astonishing coordination. They attacked as if they were one, causing it to be difficult to defend.

However, in the face of the duo’s extremely well coordinated attack, Lin Dong’s expression was not disturbed at all. His body did not move, as steady as a rock, while his palms flipped, forcibly and completely stopping the incoming punches half a meter from his body!

“Pa pa pa!”

In the arena, Lin Dong’s body did not even tremble when he caught the duo’s attacks, and only the muffled noise fist and palm hitting swiftly sounded out.

As they watched the exchange in the arena, the expressions of some of the more discerning onlookers immediately grew somewhat solemn. Everyone could tell that Lin Dong had easily dealt with the Lin Qing duo’s combined attack. His palms seemed to have become an iron wall, causing the Lin Qing duo’s attacks to be unable to reach his body!

From this move alone, they could tell that Lin Dong indeed had some ability to back up his wild words. However… this was still not enough to defeat the Lin Qing duo in ten rounds!

Every gaze in the enormous battle arena was gathered at this place. They held their breaths as they quietly watched the dizzyingly quick and violent attacks, while they continued to count the number of rounds in their minds…

In the remote seating booth, Lin Zhentian and the rest were incomparably tensed as they gazed at the highest arena, their faces a little shocked that Lin Dong was actually able to be as steady as Mount Tai in the face of the combined might of the two half-step-to Manifestation Lin Qing and Lin Ken, which was enough to contend against an initial Manifestation stage practitioner. Yet, a little anxiousness showed in their eyes. Although it was a stalemate in the arena, ten rounds will be quickly used up.

“This Lin Dong indeed has some ability…”

The intense fight in the arena also caused the main clan members to be somewhat surprised. They had originally thought that Lin Dong would quickly crushed, but the scene before their eyes made them understand that Lin Dong’s strength was indeed enough to rival the Lin Qing and Lin Mu duo.

When Lin Ke-er saw this, she also stealthily sighed in relief, secretly a little astonished at Lin Dong’s progress. In the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, Lin Dong’s strength was only at the initial Qi Creation stage, to think that he was already this strong after a short year.

“Humph, it’s already the eighth round, yet that fellow is still defending like a tortoise. When the tenth round arrives, his wild claims will naturally crumble!” To the side, Lin Xue sneered and said. She seemed to be unwilling to see Lin Dong show any impressiveness. Though even she now had no choice but to admit that the Lin Dong who showed no signs of being defeated even in a two versus one situation, was one of the pinnacle existences in the clan.

In the golden seating area, the elders watching the exchange were a little silent for a time, especially the grey-haired and black robe elders, whose expressions were slightly ugly. They could naturally tell that till now, Lin Dong had not once truly attacked. On the other hand, the Lin Qing duo’s full force offense was unable to successfully penetrate the half a meter radius around Lin Dong’s body.

The difference between the parties could have considered to have truly revealed itself at this moment.

Lin Langtian’s hands which were originally rubbing together on the table had already completely stopped at this moment. He stared at the arena and finally opened his mouth as a voice akin to an old well without ripples sounded out: “A little capable, however, it is already the ninth round…”


Vigorous Yuan Power undulations abruptly spread out in the arena. Countless gazes watched, only to see that Lin Qing and Lin Mu were actually jolted back several steps. In contrast, from start to end, that figure had not moved even half a step backwards.

It was already clear who was stronger and who was weaker, but at this moment, nine rounds had already passed!

“Lin Dong, you are indeed very strong, however, I’m afraid it’s time for you to pay the price of your arrogance!” The expression on the current Lin Qing was rather ugly, but soon after, he deeply inhaled as he icily declared.

He acknowledged Lin Dong’s strength, but they still did not believe that Lin Dong would be able to completely sweep them off the arena in a single round.

“You’ve overestimated yourselves.”

However, Lin Dong slowly shook his head at Lin Qing’s icy voice. He stared at the duo, his body slightly twisting and finally took the initiative for the first time and stepped forward.

“The reason why I will make my move in the tenth round is because I have no grudge with you. I have already given enough face, next, it’s time to take a look at your capabilities…”


The instant he stepped forward, the immense conical arena seemed to shiver as a suffocating pressure suddenly unfurled from Lin Dong’s body like a storm.


When they sensed the suffocating pressure, Lin Qing’s and Lin Mu’s abruptly contracted. Their bodies furiously backed away while the Yuan Power in their bodies was urged out without reservation.

“Sky Shattering Devil Tablet Palm!”

Vigorous without equal Yuan Power suddenly burst out from the Lin Qing duo’s bodies. Soon after, it directly condensed into a giant Devil Tablet above the duo’s heads.

The Devil Tablet floated in the sky, emitting an astonishing pressure. One could tell that the Ling Qing duo had used everything they had. This Yuan Power undulations were enough to contend against an initial Manifestation stage practitioner!


A low roar sounded out from the Lin Qing duo’s mouths as the giant Devil Tablet instantly descended, bringing with it an extremely ferocious destructive force as it viciously slammed down upon Lin Dong under the watch of countless nervous gazes.

Swish swish swish!

In response to the Lin Qing duo’s final attack, Lin Dong’s figure suddenly became as indistinct as mist. His body stepped in the air like a wisp of green smoke, and after each step he took, an afterimage would appear behind him. In the blink of an eye, nine afterimages appeared in the sky.

Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!

When the ninth afterimage appeared, the aura emitted from Lin Dong’s body suddenly reached a terrifying level.

At the same time, a resplendent scorching sun floated up from Lin Dong’s body. Immediately, a pure energy storm formed around Lin Dong.


When the scorching sun appeared, a fist flew out, solidly smashing into the Devil Tablet under countless watching gazes!

Instantly, a shocking Yuan Power storm unfurled in the sky at a frightening speed.


The storm filled the skies as an icy shout suddenly echoed out!


As the shout faded, cracks instantly spread out on the giant Devil Tablet. In the end, the Devil Tablet condensed from the full might of the Lin Qing duo directly exploded under countless shocked gazes!


In the sky, the duo’s complexions instantly turned deathly white as they wildly vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. Their bodies shot out like artillery shells, heavily cutting a kilometer long mark in the arena…….

As they gazed at the two unsightly marks on the arena, the silent arena burst into an uproar…

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