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Chapter 347: Powerful Qingtan

Several pairs of eyes locked onto the far northern corner of the peculiar large conical arena. Of course, the reason why most of their attention had gathered here was because of a young lady’s appearance.

The lady was dressed in simple yet elegant green clothes and she had a slim and flexible figure. Her skin was soft and jade-like, and though she barely wore any makeup, her beautiful eyes continuously darted around, inviting several sons of the clan to stare longingly at her. After all, even in the entire Lin Clan, there were hardly any ladies that could compete with her beauty and aura.

In two years, the little girl that had always tagged along with Lin Dong like a shadow had finally become a prim and proper lady.

This young lady was naturally Qingtan!

The young lady stood silently in the middle of that arena, paying no attention to the commotion around. Occasionally, a pair of intelligent eyes would turn to look at the surrounding skies. Unfortunately, the figure that she had constantly longed for in her heart did not appear.

“Yan City branch family, Lin Qingtan shall battle Lin Clan member, Lin Feng!”

In the middle of the arena, a middle aged man glanced at Qingtan as a little awe flashed across his eyes. Even an experienced and worldly man like him was attracted to the young lady’s extraordinary beauty and aura. However, as if he recalled something suddenly, he involuntarily shook his head secretly and solemnly echoed out.


As that middle aged man’s voice faded, a wind sound instantly echoed in the arena. A figure nearby dashed over, performing a suave somersault in mid-air and landed deftly in the middle of the arena.

The figure was approximately twenty years old and was fairly good looking as well. He was dressed in silk robes and he looked just like a rich princeling, giving him a slight advantage in terms of looks. After he landed on the ground, he also revealed a gentle and kind smile towards Qingtan. It seems like he wanted to display his graceful demeanour. However, the fiery passion in the latter’s eyes told him that his wish was going to be unfulfilled.

“Lin Clan, Lin Feng.”

“Lin Qingtan.”

Qingtan calmly glanced at Lin Feng, before she gently furrowed her beautiful brows. She had realized that Lin Feng was actually an advanced Qi Creation stage elite practitioner. With this kind of strength, he would be considered fairly strong even in the entire Lin Clan. Why did she encounter him immediately?

“Haha, sister Qingtan, please give me some pointers!” Lin Feng smiled gently as he said. As he stared at Qingtan, he secretly felt somewhat regretful in his heart. If his opponent was not from the Yan City branch family, he could perhaps go easy on her and let her pass. Unfortunately, before the clan gathering began, Lin Langtian had already instructed them not to let any Yan City branch family member pass through the first round.

“Lin Dong is really a reckless and stupid fellow. Of everyone to offend, why did he choose to offend big brother Lin Langtian? Now, he has even implicated his whole branch family… ” Lin Feng silently shook his head as he secretly chuckled inside his heart.

“Oh shit, Qingtan’s opponent is actually Lin Feng. In fact, that fellow is considered to be an elite even among the entire Lin Clan. It is said that he has successfully broken through to the advanced Qi Creation stage. Even though Qingtan has improved by leaps and bounds over the past two years, she is merely at the initial Qi Creation stage. Her odds of victory this time around is fairly slim!”

Seated in a secluded corner of the stands, Lin Zhentian and the rest looked at Qingtan’s opponent, their expressions suddenly changing.

“Seems like someone is deliberately plotting against our Yan City branch family.” Lin Xiao’s expression was grim as he solemnly said.

“It must be that bastard Lin Langtian. Qingtan previously mentioned that he had a grudge with Lin Dong. That bastard truly does not intend to let us off!” Lin Mang gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“Be quiet! Do you want to ruin all of us?” Lin Zhentian commanded in a low voice. What was Lin Langtian’s status in Lin Clan? Based on their current abilities and status, the latter could easily ruin them with a single thought.

After he was scolded by Lin Zhentian, Lin Mang could only unwillingly sit down.

“Don’t panic. That lass Qingtan has improved tremendously over these past two years. Previously, she went to the deep mountains by herself to train for a year, resulting in her direct advance from the perfect Yuan Dan stage to the initial Qi Creation stage. Based on her strength, even if she faced Lin Feng, who is one rank higher than her, she should be able to handle him.” Lin Zhentian opened his mouth as he consoled the group. Right now, both Lin Hong and Lin Xia had been defeated. If Qingtan was disqualified as well, the Yan City branch family would become the first faction to be completely eliminated. That would be simply too embarrassing…

When they heard Lin Zhentian’s words, Lin Xiao and the rest also nodded their heads. Right now, they could only count on Qingtan’s performance…


“Get ready, the competition is about to begin!”

Under the attention of countless individuals, when that middle aged man in the arena saw that both parties had arrived, he also gently nodded his head before he promptly waved his hand and shouted out solemnly.


The instant the middle aged man’s voice faded, an exceedingly powerful Yuan Power vibration instantly erupted from Lin Feng’s body, demonstrating the full prowess of an advanced Qi Creation practitioner.

To Lin Feng’s front, Qingtan gently lifted her long and beautiful arms before a similarly formidable Yuan Power shockwave emerged. However, what caused everyone to be shocked was that Qingtan’s Yuan Power was filled with an icy sensation, just like millennium ice.

“Haha, with me, Lin Feng, standing in your way, your Yan City branch family will be the first ones to be sent packing!”

Lin Feng laughed heartily, before he promptly stomped his foot on the ground. His figure swept forth as formidable Yuan Power quickly gathered at the center of his palm.

“Dry Wind Palm!”

After Lin Feng executed his palm attack, a vicious and maniacal wind quickly materialized beneath his palm, bringing with it a formidable Yuan Power vibration as he thrust his palm towards Qingtan.

As she faced Lin Feng’s attack, Qingtan’s beautiful face remained calm. Her slim and elegant fingers jutted out as two streams of cold yin Yuan Power formed into a swirl at her fingertips, before swiftly tapping against Lin Feng’s palm.


Palm and fingers collided, as an exceedingly formidable energy shockwave instantly swept forth. Though Lin Feng was at the advanced Qi Creation stage, he was actually unable to gain the upper hand.

“What a peculiar Yuan Power!” After his attack was countered, Lin Feng’s brows gently furrowed. Even though Qingtan’s Yuan Power was not as potent as his, her attack was extremely formidable. Previously, that cold yin Yuan Power not only easily ripped his palm wind apart, but it even tried to tunnel into his body and damage him. However, he was eventually able to stop it.

After blowing Lin Feng away, Qingtan did not give the latter much time to rest. Immediately, her beautiful figure flashed while her slim lily-white hands, which were wrapped in cold yin Yuan Power, became sharp like blades as she attacked Lin Feng’s vital points.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As he faced Qingtan’s attack, Lin Feng coldly snorted before he swiftly stepped forward and fought back. As the two of them exchanged blows, Yuan Power continuously flowed. In mere minutes, the two of them had fought for nearly a hundred bouts However, what caused everyone to be shocked was that even though she face a powerful advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner, Qingtan was never on the losing end!

This scene allowed a nervous Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest to stealthily heave a sigh of relief.


After their palms collided, Yuan Power violently swept forth causing both of them to continuously retreat several steps. It seems like they were evenly matched.

“You are quite skilled indeed. It seems like I cannot be negligent at all. If I really allow you to pass, big brother Lin Langtian will surely blame me!”

After his figure was blown back, Lin Feng’s eyes slightly darkened. Promptly, his eyes turned cold, before he stomped his foot against the ground. Under the stares of the crowd, he directly lept into mid-air while streams of powerful Yuan Power quickly unfurled from within his body.

“Today, I shall show you branch family members what clan martial arts are!”

Lin Feng arrogantly hovered mid-air while he moved just like a dragon snake. His fist danced as he moved, causing several blurry figures to appear as an exceeding domineering force quickly swept across the entire sky.

“Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist!”

Formidable Yuan Power quickly gathered under Lin Feng’s fist. Finally, it faintly formed into the shape of a dragon elephant. Meanwhile, an unconcealable domineering aura swept forth. In fact, even the sound of a dragon’s roar and a elephant’s grunt could be heard!

After all, dragon elephants were extremely vicious beasts. Hence, his fist truly had the scent of a thousand beasts descending. One could tell that this martial art was fairly famous in the Lin Clan.

Lin Feng’s actions obviously drew the attention of several clan members. Especially when they saw that Lin Feng had actually been forced to execute ‘Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist’, a tinge of shock flashed across their eyes.

Qingtan lifted her head and stared at the ‘Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist’ that Lin Feng had executed as a serious expression arose in her eyes. She could also sense just how powerful this martial art was. Immediately, she did not dare to negligent at all, as her beautiful lily-white hands gently criss-crossed before they spread out like a lotus flower.

Buzz buzz!

As her hands formed into a peculiar seal, cold yin black Yuan Power suddenly gushed out from within her body. It swiftly gathered on her palm before it transformed into a several meter large black ice lotus.

“Heart Lotus Seal, Crushing the Heart and Soul!”

Qingtan’s mouth opened slightly as a cold voice rang out. Soon after, an alarming cold qi erupted from within the black ice lotus, before it howled forth. Under stares of the crowd, it solidly slammed against Lin Feng’s ‘Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist’!


A loud sound echoed in mid-air. Lin Feng coldly smiled as he stared at the point of impact. Based on his advanced Qi Creation strength and the fact that he had used this grade eight martial art, ‘Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist’, no one in the Lin Clan, who was at the same cultivation stage, could rival it, let alone a Qingtan who was merely at the initial Qi Creation stage!

“Crack crack!”

However, Lin Feng’s sneer did not last for long, before it suddenly froze. He had seen layers of black cold qi suddenly gushing out from within that black ice lotus. Instantly, his ‘Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist’ froze before it turned into chunks of black ice!


Large chunks of black ice instantly exploded as countless sharp ice shrapnel shot out, filling the skies before flying towards Lin Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Countless ice shrapnel exploded in front of Lin Feng as threads of cold yin qi quickly attacking his body, as if they wanted to freeze his heart and blood.

“Buzz! Chii!””

Under countless bewildered stares from the crowd, Lin Feng fell hideously from the air and immediately vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood. Within that mouthful of blood was actually some black crushed ice.

“You have lost.” Qingtan softly said.

Lin Feng’s expression was grim as he wiped the blood and ice at the corner of his mouth, while a maniacal glint flashed across his eyes. Promptly, his fingers pressed on a dark-red pill that had appeared between them before he immediately popped it into his mouth.

After the pill entered his mouth, a hideous scarlet red instantly gushed up in Lin Feng’s eyes. Promptly, his aura began to start turning savage, while maliciousness flowed within his eyes.

“Like I said before, your Yan City branch family must be the first ones to be eliminated. I did not plan to do this, however, you are the one who asked for it!”

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