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Chapter 346 Clan Gathering!

The Great Yan Province. It could be considered as the Great Yan Empire’s most bustling province, because the Great Yan Province was also known as the royal province, and the imperial capital of the Great Yan Empire sat within this enormous province.

When talking about area, perhaps the Great Yan Province was not as vast as the Great Desolate Province, but it was the place with the greatest concentration of powerful practitioners in the Great Yan Empire. Moreover, some of the Great Yan Empire’s true top tier factions were located here. Compared to these factions, the Great Desolate Province’s Ghastly Puppet Cult, Great Devil Sect and other factions were indeed a little lacking.

From a certain point of view, the Great Yan Province could be called the core of the Great Yan Empire!


When Lin Dong walked out of the deep mountains and gazed at the region before him, a strange feeling arose in his heart. In many Lin Clan branch family members’ eyes, the Great Yan Province was a holy land in their hearts. Many branch family members strove all their lives to break away from their branch family status to become a true clan member.

Among them was Lin Dong’s grandfather, Lin Zhentian.

However, Lin Dong had never intensely felt this kind of feeling. He was not in reverence towards the humongous Lin Clan, and only felt a sense of unfamiliarity.

If it were not for Lin Xiao, Lin Zhentian, plus the numerous grudges with Lin Langtian, Lin Dong would not even bother to take part in the so-called clan gathering.

However, in everything that happened, there were no ifs. The current him was very much looking forward to the clan gathering. In the old tomb two years ago, Lin Langtian had solely relied on his aura to oppress Lin Dong to a sorry state, but now, it was likely that the pressure from the former’s aura was already unable to move Lin Dong’s body at all…

Two years of training. He was already no longer the youngster who needed to hide his hatred for Lin Langtian deep in his heart.

“Let’s go. Head directly for Lin City. The clan gathering should start tomorrow and it’s really going to be quite a rush, but we should be able to make it.”

There were two main cities in the Great Yan Province, the first was known as the imperial city, where the imperial capital was located, while the second was known as Lin City, where the Lin Clan resided. The fact that Lin City was able to stand side by side with the imperial city was testament to exactly what kind of status the Lin Clan had in the Great Yan Empire.

Lin City sat in the northwestern area of the Great Yan Province and was a bustling area that was easy to access. This city was also truly one of the finest cities in the Great Yan Empire. Regardless of whether it was grandness or liveliness, the number of cities in the Great Yan Empire that could compare to it would not exceed the number of fingers on one’s hand.

Currently, Lin City was practically the most bustling place in the entire Great Yan Empire. Countless practitioners and factions had rushed from everywhere, causing the population of Lin City to reach a rather terrifying level.

Of course, this popularity was naturally due to the Lin Clan gathering organized by the Lin Clan. In this clan gathering, all of the younger generation Lin Clan and branch family members would show off their prowess here, and the champion’s name will instantly be known to the whole world.

No one doubted the talent the Lin Clan possessed, because in each clan gathering, the final victor would always stand at the summit of the Great Yan Empire!

Lin City was extremely vast and majestic. City walls that were several hundred of meters spread outwards, further than the eye could see. There were elite Lin Clan guards both inside and outside the city. These guards all had powerful presences and stern eyes, clearly a well trained bunch. In Lin City, one had to restrain one’s temper no matter what faction one hailed from, because this place was under the rule of the Lin Clan!

From a certain point of view, this place was the Lin Clan’s personal territory and was not owned by the Great Yan Empire!

At the center of Lin City was a battle arena so tremendous that it would cause one to stare in awe. The battle arena took up almost tens of thousands of meters, a grand and majestic sight. A boundless atmosphere seemed to soar into the skies, causing one to involuntarily gasp in admiration.

This giant battle arena that could accommodate millions of people was were the most important clan gathering of the Lin Clan was held!

At this moment, the incomparably titanic battle arena was already overflowing with people. The black mass of the crowd spread outwards, countless voices converging together before directly soaring up into the clouds, causing even the clouds ten thousand meters in the air to be torn apart.

The battle arena had inner and outer areas. The outer areas were for normal people, while the inner areas were for the various famous practitioners and factions in the Great Yan Empire. In this place, one would be able to see practically eighty or ninety percent of the Great Yan Empire’s top factions. Even in the Great Yan Empire, factions that were able to do this were rare…

The center area of the battle arena was exceptionally fantastic. It was not an ordinary plaza but an extremely humongous conical space. The upper area was narrow while the lower area was wide and was filled with several hundred enormous platforms. These platforms were very clearly split up. The higher one went, the less platforms there were, especially at the highest point which was practically on the same level as the gigantic battle arena. There, stood only a single platform.

Evidently, the participants of the clan gathering needed to ascend from the lowest platform. On the platform at the very top, one would have a showdown with one’s final opponent!

At this moment, there were already figures criss crossing on that unique site within the battle arena as wave after wave of vigorous Yuan Power erupted. Evidently, the clan gathering had already begun!

“Xuan City branch family, Lin Dongtian wins!”

“Lin Clan, Lin Hua wins!”


The atmosphere in the humongous battle arena fiery to the max. Countless eyes converged on the young people from the Lin Clan and branch families. When every firm low shout rang out, a deafening cheer would accompany it because this was the sound that decided victory or defeat.


Vigorous Yuan Power suddenly exploded on an arena. Soon after, one of the two criss crossing figures was directly blown back in a sorry manner, flying out of the arena and heavily landing on the ground as he immediately vomited a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Lin Clan, Lin Yang wins! Yan City branch family, Lin Hong loses!”

Upon hearing the cold shout that rang out, countless gazes immediately shot towards the figure that had been blown out of the arena, some of them containing traces of mockery.


Under the attention of these gazes, the figure on the ground immediately clenched his fist tightly.

“Useless branch family trash, still thinking of fighting with this young master. Humph, you are from the Yan City branch family right? Your branch family produced a very arrogant Lin Dong? Truly a piece of trash that has an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities, yet he still stare to offend big brother Lin Langtian. Heh, Let me review some news to you, in this clan gathering, your Yan City branch family will not pass even a single battle!” On the arena, a youth in embroidered clothes sneered as he looked down on the figure below.

“It will be better for you to obediently roll back to a lousy place like Yan City and tell that trash called Lin Dong, there are some people that he cannot afford to offend!”

“You’re the damn trash!”

The figure abruptly lifted his head, his eyes blood red. That familiar face was actually Lin Hong!

The current him was incomparably furious as he glared at the youth looking down upon him from above. His figure moved and was just about to charge up onto the platform but was directly flipped over by strong wind that gushed over in an instant.

“You’ve already lost the match and have no right to ascend the stage again!” Beside the youth, a middle aged man appeared as he coldly glanced at Lin Hong and said.

Lin Hong crawled up from the ground. Just as he was about to crazily charge up again, two hands stopped him. He turned his head to look and found Lin Zhentian and the rest.

“Grandfather!” As he looked at Lin Zhentian, Lin Hong could not help but be somewhat ashamed as he lowered his head.

“Go sit down first.” Lin Zhentian’s body seemed to be trembling a little. The jeers and mocking gazes that shot over from all around caused him to once again return to the day eight years ago. Fortunately, he had experienced too much and his aged face did not seem to be affected too badly. However, Lin Hong still heard a sense of powerlessness in his voice.

The party slowly turned around under many gazes in glee at their misfortune and returned to the very remote corner seats that had been prepared for them. From the position of their seats, one could tell that they had a very low status here.

When Lin Hong returned to his seat, he saw another figure also seated there and was a little stunned as he said: “Lin Xia, you…”


The figure lifted her head, a pained smile revealing itself on her pretty face as she softly sighed.

“Don’t mind it too much, it is not your fault this time. We have been targeted.” Lin Zhentian sighed and consoled them.

“Father, what does that mean?” Upon hearing this, to his side, Lin Xiao’s and the rest’s expressions immediately changed as they asked.

“Did you not see, Lin Hong’s and Lin Xia’s opponents are from the main clan, and their strengths had reached the Form Creation stage. This kind of odds do not appear normally.” Lin Zhentian bitterly laughed as he continued: “Furthermore, take a look again at the seats we have been given, these are practically the worst of all the branch families.”

“Now… among the four places we have, Dong-er has yet to appear so we can only depend on that lass Qingtan next. Over these two years, her progress is not slower than the Dong-er at that time…” Lin Zhentian lifted his head and looked towards an arena in the distance. A the slender and elegant figure in light green was there, looking quick and agile like a fairy, a beautiful sight in this humongous arena.

In the current Lin Family, there was only Qingtan who had yet to suffer a defeat.

“Father, don’t worry. When Dong-er returns, all the humiliation will be taken back!” Lin Xiao gently patted Lin Zhentian’s shoulder and consoled in a low voice.

When he heard this name, a gratified smile revealed itself on the old man’s aged face as he slowly nodded his head.

He was waiting. Lin Xiao was waiting. All of them were waiting.

Waiting for that person’s return.

When that time came, they would stand proud and happy!

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