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Chapter 343: Elderly Man in Cotton Robes

The resplendent scorching sun gradually rose from the peak of the mountain while a vigorous energy ripple that could be seen with the naked eye continuously spread outwards, like a storm of energy that enveloped the mountaintop.

The rays of the scorching sun grew more and more dazzling, until a certain point when it finally reached its peak. Immediately, the rays shined in a hundred meter radius, causing countless Demonic Beasts within the deep mountains to be shocked as they cast their gazes towards the mountain peak in the distance. Even they felt a kind of fear from the energy there.

When the light reached the limit of its brightness, it finally started to slowly weaken. In the end, circles of light shrunk back, completely pulling back into the seated figure under Little Marten’s and Little Flame’s gazes.

Only when the light dimmed did they finally clearly see Lin Dong’s figure within. At this moment, the surface of the latter’s body had once again become normal as the light gradually vanished. So much so that even the previous glass color had completely disappeared. Now, Lin Dong’s body looked no different than an ordinary person’s, but… Little Marten could sense how terrifying the force flowing inside that the seemingly normal body was.

Lin Dong’s eyes opened at this moment, revealing pupils like the blazing sun. Later on, he slowly stood up and in that instant, the mountaintop slightly trembled.

When he stood up, Lin Dong’s right foot suddenly lifted before heavily stamping on the mountaintop!


When his foot landed, just like a energy hurricane, the energy mountain peak started to shake. Then, large cracks swiftly emerged beneath Lin Dong’s foot, before they instantly reached the hills of the mountain. Instantly, giant rocks started tumbling off the mountain peak as it gradually crumbled. Based on his physical strength alone, Lin Dong’s foot had completely crushed this entire mountain. Since when did his powers become this terrifying!

Lin Dong floated in mid-air, gazing down upon the caved in mountain top while delight bubbled in his eyes. After mastering the Great Sun Thunder Body, his physical body had undoubtedly once again become much stronger. With his current strength, even without using any Yuan Power, he would be able to blow away a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner with a single punch!

“Tch tch, not bad not bad…” Little Marten nodded its head in amazement as it sat on Little Flame’s head and it watched the destruction Lin Dong had wrought.

“Such a powerful Great Sun Thunder Body!” Lin Dong’s face was full of joy and could not help but exclaim in admiration. Soon after, his hand waved as a black hole spread out from the center of his palm and devoured all remaining traces of energy in the air.

“Passable I guess, the Great Sun Thunder Body is after all only an upper class body enhancing martial art. The might of some fully mastered Manifestation grade body enhancing martial arts are even more powerful, such that even lifting mountains would be an easy feat. I’ve once saw a practitioner who specialized in physical body cultivation. His Yuan Power cultivation was nothing special, but a punch from him could immediately turn a Nirvana stage practitioner to a bloody mist.” Little Marten lazily said.

Lin Dong helplessly shook his head. He naturally understood that although the Great Sun Thunder Body he practised was powerful, it was far from being the best, but still, it was enough to allow the current him to look down upon all practitioners in the Great Yan Empire on the same level as himself.

“How long did my training this time last?” Lin Dong’s tone changed as he inquired.

“About two months.”

“Two months. Time to leave for the Great Yan Province, or else, I might miss the clan gathering.” Upon hearing this, Lin Dong was a little taken aback. Soon after, he pondered for a while before directly leaping onto Little Flame’s back: “Let’s go, head straight for the Great Yan Province!”

When it heard Lin Dong’s command, Little Flame immediately released a low growl. Its blood wings flapped as it transformed into a flash of blood light and disappeared into the horizons.

As Lin Dong and gang left, the mountains here once again lapsed into silence. Only a caved in mountain peak was left as evidence to the terrifying power that had exploded here…

This silence lasted for about two hours, before the air suddenly undulated as an old man dressed in simple hemp garments abruptly appeared.

This elder looked extremely ordinary and he was wearing a plain cotton robes. He had a head filled with grey hair, and he seemed just like an ordinary elderly farmer. However, anyone knew that the way he seemingly appeared could not be accomplished by any ordinary elderly man.

Right now, this elderly man dressed in cotton robes slightly furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at that crumbling mountain peak. Suddenly, he grabbed at the empty space in front of him before he muttered to himself: “There is some Devouring Power left behind. Don’t tell me that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet has already been taken?”

“This old man has spent so much time and effort to travel from a distant land in order to obtain this Devouring Ancestral Symbol.I feel somewhat unwilling to just let someone else have it…”

The old man in cotton robes muttered to himself. He was not from Great Yan Empire and he previously got news of a secret, which is that the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was in the Great Yan Empire’s Great Desolate Province. Therefore, he immediately headed over.. However, when he reached the Great Watlands Ancient Tablet,that seal had been reactivated. Using his powerful abilities, plus the fact that the seal had just barely formed, he was lucky enough to head inside the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

However, when he headed into the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, that old man in cotton robes was attacked by the awoken Guardian Beast. After fighting continuously for two days, that old man in cotton robes chose to retreat. That was because he realized that the Ancestral Devouring Symbol was no longer in the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet…

“Now that the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet’s seal has been completely reformed, even I cannot enter inside. Thankfully, the Heavens do not fail me, I can still sense a little Devouring Power inside. Regardless of whether this vibration is caused by the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I must follow up!

When he thought of this point, that old man in cotton robes did not hesitate at all. Immediately, his figure flashed before he followed along the path where Lin Dong had disappeared.


Within the mountain range, the night sky gradually enveloped the horizon. After travelling for one whole day, Lin Dong finally directed Little Flame to stop at a small mountain cliff in order to take a break.

Lin Dong sat down below a large tree as he calmly absorbed the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth in order to replenish his Dan Tian and Yuan Dan.

“Lin Dong, along the way, I faintly sensed that somewhat is following us…” Just as Lin Dong was recovering, Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out.

“What?!” When he heard its words, Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly opened violently while his eyes turned fierce instantly.

“I am not certain as well. However, if this was true, the person following was must be extremely powerful. It is not someone you can handle!” Little Marten’s voice was extremely solemn.

“How can there be such a powerful practitioner in Great Desolate Province?” Lin Dong’s face swiftly changed. Though he had some enemies in Great Desolate Province, the most powerful one was Ghastly Puppet Cult. Could it be that there was someone more powerful than Ghastly Puppet Cult’s Teng Sha? If that was the case, how could he be content to stay in Great Desolate Province?

“Leave. Regardless of whether this is true, let’s leave immediately!”

Lin Dong suddenly stood up as he shouted decisively. However, just as he was about to command Little Flame to move, his face viciously changed as he turned to look towards the eastern direction. At that area, a soft splitting wind sound suddenly echoed out.

Though this splitting wind sound was extremely soft, it caused every hair in Lin Dong’s body to stand as an extremely dangerous sensation shrouded his heart.

“Such a fast speed.There is not time to escape. Little Marten, can you hide the vibrations from the Devouring Ancestral Symbol and Mysterious Stone Talisman?” Lin Dong’s face was ugly as he stared at the eastern sky and asked solemnly.

There were two powerful mysterious treasures on his body, the Mysterious Stone Talisman and Devouring Ancestral Symbol. If that mysterious powerful practitioner was headed for him, it was most likely because of these two treasures!

“Based on my current ability, it would be quite difficult. However, with the Mysterious Stone Talisman’s power, I doubt that he could sense the slightest vibration.” Little Marten instantly understood the gravity of the situation as he quickly responded to it. Promptly, he activated the Mysterious Stone Talisman, before a warm vibration quickly emerged from within Lin Dong’s palm and completely covered up the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s vibrations.

Just as Little Marten was covered by those vibrations, before Lin Dong could speak, his pupils suddenly shrunk. That was because he saw that at the distant horizon, rings of air ripples suddenly erupted. Promptly, an elderly man in cotton robes appeared in front of him just like a phantom.

That old man looked ordinary and his aura seemed extremely calm. However, under that calm surface, Lin Dong felt a terrifyingly fluctuations that was several times more powerful than Teng Sha.

“Nirvana stage!”

Lin Dong’s heart sucked in a breath of cold air. He never expected that this mysterious old man had actually reached the Nirvana stage. It’s no wonder Little Marten said that he could not hope to fight against that mysterious old man.


Little Marten deeply roared as it stared warily at that elderly man in cotton robes hovering in mid-air. It could also sense an extremely dangerous scent from the latter’s body.

In mid-air, that old man in cotton robe’s eyes locked on Lin Dong’s body. Promptly, a tinge of shock flashed across his eyes, before he smiled and said: “Half-step-to Manifestation, high-grade Symbol Master. Wow, this little fellow is truly a genius.”

Lin Dong face was solemn as he cupped his fist towards that old man in cotton robes: “This senior seemed to have followed me for quite a while. I wonder what your intentions might be?”

“Your Mental Energy is truly formidable and you can actually detect that I am tracking you.”

That old man in cotton robes gently smiled before he stared at Lin Dong and said: “This old man is here this time to find the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.”

After that old man’s voice landed, Lin Dong’s heart suddenly jumped. Indeed…

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