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Chapter 337: Acting Decisively

“Do you mean, the Mysterious Stone Talisman?”

Lin Dong’s eyes turned to look at his own palm while he was slightly taken aback. Promptly, he quickly regained his senses while delight swiftly gushed into his eyes.

“Yes.” Little Marten nodded it’s head before it said: “ The Mysterious Stone Talisman is filled with mysteries. Based on its strength alone, it is able to seal the Blood Soul Puppet. In the future, if you continue to train with it, you can probably subdue it.”

“Are you certain that we are able to seal the Blood Soul Puppet with the strength of the Mysterious Stone Talisman alone?” Lin Dong gripped his palm before he involuntarily asked. This was no laughing matter. At that time, if he truly released the Blood Soul Puppet and he was unable to seal it, then he would probably become the first casualty of that Blood Soul Puppet.

“Even though I am not totally confident, I believe that we have at least a seventy percent chance.” Little Marten hesitated for a moment before it said.

“If you can advance to Nirvana stage, you can easy activate the Stone Talisman and seal this Blood Soul Puppet.”

When he heard its words, Lin Dong involuntarily rolled his eyes. If he was at Nirvana stage, he would no longer have to fear this Blood Soul Puppet. Nonetheless, he felt slightly uncertain when he heard from Little Marten that there was only a seventy percent chance of succeeding. After all, if he did not handle this matter properly, it would probably cause a huge problem. Even though he was powerful enough to fight against an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner, in front of this peculiar Blood Soul Puppet, his battle ability is probably nothing much at all.

“Kid, everything has its risks. If you can subdue this Blood Soul Puppet, there would be hardly anyone in the entire Great Yan Dynasty that can threaten you…”

“Even though you managed to defeat Teng Sha, based on my estimates, that fellow is probably just an average advanced Manifestation practitioner. You have trained inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice for half a year. In this half a year’s time, I believe that Lin Langtian should have already advanced to initial Manifestation stage. In fact, since he has the backing of the wealthy Lin Clan, I would not be surprised if he had already broken through to advanced Manifestation stage.”

Little Marten’s eyes were slightly solemn as he stared at Lin Dong and said: “Furthermore, let me tell you this. Previously, I felt an extremely peculiar sensation hidden deep within his body. That fellow is definitely no ordinary man. Even though your strength has surged significantly , if the two of you really fought, the outcome would still be uncertain.”

“What is inside his body?” Lin Dong’s face gently changed. Little Marten had never told him about this matter.

“I am not certain as well. I only felt it for a instant when when we were in front of the Martial Manifestation tablet, before that sensation immediately slipped away. Therefore, even I am not certain of it. Perhaps it could just be a mistake. Nonetheless, it’s always best to be prudent.” Little Marten deeply echoed.

“This Lin Langtian not only possess extraordinary cultivation talent but he possess extremely good fortune as well. Therefore, it is not impossible that he would have had a chance encounter over all these years. Furthermore, with the full backing of the Lin Clan, notwithstanding the younger generation members, even in the entire Great Yan Dynasty, most factions’ leaders could not hold a candle to him. “

“Right now, you and Lin Langtian have completely fallen out. When you go and attend the next Family Meeting, he would surely make a move on you. However, if you can subdue this Blood Soul Puppet, you would have nothing to fear!”

Lin Dong was silent while his eyes glimmered. Originally, he believed that after he obtained the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, his strength had surged tremendously and this would allow him to easily dismiss Lin Langtian. However, after hearing Little Marten’s words, he finally realized that he had underestimated his rival.

Furthermore, even if Lin Langtian had not reached advanced Manifestation stage, his strength would surely not lose out to Teng Sha. At the very least, in front of the Manifestation Martial Tablet, Lin Langtian also obtained a powerful Manifestation martial arts. Furthermore, what caused one to be most wary of him was that no one knew how many Manifestation martial arts Lin Langtian actually had. Based on Lin Clan’s status in Great Yan Dynasty, Lin Dong would not believe they did not actually possess a few Manifestation martial arts.

In that case, Lin Langtian’s battle ability would be truly terrifying. If Lin Dong fought with him, it would be like a battle between two tigers and it would be extremely fierce.

Moreover, the most important thing was that Lin Langtian was the most prized genius in Lin Clan’s history. If he chose to fight with Lin Langtian, he would likely encounter some resistance from within the Lin Clan. At that time, Lin Dong would need an ace up his sleeve to suppress the Lin Clan.

Right now, this mysterious Blood Soul Puppet was a practically a god given gift!

“Alright, let’s give it a go!” After contemplating for a while, the hesitation in Lin Dong’s eyes finally dissipated before he solemnly nodded his head and spoke deeply.

No matter what, for the upcoming Family Meeting, he wanted to give the most dazzling performance and no one shall stand in his way!

When it heard his words, Little Marten nodded his head. Promptly, its eyes somewhat solemnly turned to look at that dark cave before it said: “This seal is fairly mysterious. However, the energy source comes from the Yin Energy gushing out from the ground. Once we shut off the Yin Energy, this seal will crumble on its own.”

“At that time, when that seal is broken, I shall activate the Mysterious Stone Talisman and seal the Blood Soul Puppet within the stone talisman. Heh, once that Blood Soul Puppet is inside the Mysterious Stone Talisman, it would have to surrender eventually!”

“Alright, let me shut off the Yin Energy!”

Lin Dong deeply exhaled. Then, he took a step forward while his eyes remained tightly locked on that bloody shadow, that was being held down by several large metallic chains. Next, he twirled his palm before the back hole in his palm started to extend itself. Promptly, he concentrated his mind on that black hole causing it to swiftly extend itself.

“Wu Wu!”

As that black hole extended itself, swarms of powerful Devouring Force erupted forth. Instantly, all the Yin Energy that was gushing out from beneath the ground were swiftly swallowed by the black hole. Not even a trace of Yin Energy could slip by.

Just as the Yin Energy was shut off, the symbols on the large metallic chance actually started to gradually dim down. Meanwhile, the light flowing across them gradually got weaker until eventually, small cracks begun to appear on those large metallic chains.

Lin Dong stared solemnly at this sight, while his eyes remained locked on that bloody figure. Suddenly, his eyes shrunk violently . That was because he realized this blood statue had actually suddenly shook. At the same time, an exceedingly vicious shockwave slowly emerged from that bloody figure, and it seemed just like a vicious wild beast that had just awoken.


Standing beside Lin Dong, Little Flame also released a series of deep growls while all the bloody scales over his body started to squirm. It was as if it had also detected an extremely dangerous aura from that bloody figure.

Xi Xi Suo Suo…

All of the symbols spread around the cave’s walls started to dim down one by one. It seems like the strength of this large formation was swiftly dropping.

“Hua la la…”

As all these symbols starting to dim down, suddenly, inside the dark cave, a deafening hua-la-la sound suddenly emerged from the metallic chains. When they heard this sound, Lin Dong and Little Marten’s eyes froze. That was because they saw that right now, the bloody shadow that was being tied down by those large metallic chains, was slowly lifting its head.

The instant that bloody shadow lifted its head, two blood-red eyes appeared in front of Lin Dong. There was not a trace of emotion within those eyes. Instead, it was filled with endless cruelty and viciousness just like that of a wild beast.

“Blood Soul Puppet has awoken…”

As he was being stared by those blood-red eyes, Lin Dong’s entire body turned icy-cold. At the same time, all of the potent Yuan Power inside his body started to quickly gush forth just like a tidal wave.


The redness in that Blood Soul Puppet’s eyes intensified. In the next instant, a beast-like growl suddenly sounded out from its mouth. Promptly, it shook its body before it completely shattered all the chains binding onto its limbs. After they lost the power from the seals, those metallic chains would obviously be unable to bind that Blood Soul Puppet.

“Blood… Blood…”

That Blood Soul Puppet was dragging along a near one dozen meter long metallic chain. After it was freed by that seal, its blood-red eyes were tightly locked onto Lin Dong’s body. The bloody sensation that emerged from the latter’s body caused the redness in it’s eyes to intensify.

“Hua la!”

As the red hue in it’s eyes intensified, that Blood Soul Puppet’s figure flashed before it lightning-quick appeared in mid-air above the cave. Then, those large metallic chains brought forth a wu wu breaking wind sound before they viciously flew towards Lin Dong. Furthermore, at the same time, a peculiar bloody energy was stuck on those large chains.

When he saw that Blood Soul Puppet’s incoming attack, Lin Dong was stunned. He could sense just how formidable that bloody energy was. Therefore, he naturally did not dare to forcefully counter against it as he quickly retreated.


When those metallic chains were flung against the floor, the entire ground started to vibrate, while a near hundred meter cracks was directly blown apart. This sight caused every hair on Lin Dong’s body to stand. If that attack landed on his body, he would probably be ripped apart instantly…

“Hua la la!”

After his first attack failed, the redness in that Blood Soul Puppet’s eyes intensified. Then, that metallic chains danced just like a giant python as it once again flew viciously towards Lin Dong.

Right now, that Blood Soul Puppet had just been freed and therefore its senses were slightly dulled. However, as it slowly recovered, its power became increasingly terrifying. At that time, based on Lin Dong’s ability alone, he would not be able to dodge its attacks.

Hence, when he saw that it was attacking again, Lin Dong hurriedly shouted out: “Little Marten, quickly do it now!”

Over at the other side, Little Marten’s expression was solemn as its claws quickly danced. Suddenly, a white beam flew out from within its claws and hung in mid-air above the cave. Instantly, a series of milkly white light beams poured forth. Once these light beams appeared, they immediately transformed into countless energy threads before they gushed down from every direction. Then, they wrapped themselves around that Blood Soul Puppet and tightly binded it…

“It worked!”

When he saw this sight, Lin Dong was instantly delighted.

“It’s not going to be so simple!” However, Little Marten chose to shake its head helplessly.


After Little Marten’s voice landed, a bloody arm forcefully cut through that cocoon formed from energy threads, just like sharp blade while a terrifyingly killing intent slowly emerged causing Lin Dong’s expression to turn increasingly grim. That Blood Soul Puppet’s strength was recovering at a terrifying rate…

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