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Chapter 335: To Eliminate Weeds, You Must Cut The Roots

The black hole at the center of Lin Dong’s palm rapidly spread outwards as an incomparably powerful devouring power swiftly gushed out. Under the suctions of the devouring power, Teng Sha immediately felt waves of intense pain from his mind, as if all of his Mental Energy was being forcibly torn from his body.

“Lin Dong, let me off, I am willing to be your underling! I will give you anything you want!” Teng Sha had finally given up all hope, his hoarse voice urgently shrieking as he smelt the thick scent of death.

From Teng Sha’s point of view, as he faced certain death, there was nothing he would not do in order to keep his life. After all, he was a cold hearted and immoral man. In fact, previously, in order to halt Lin Dong, he even ruthlessly attacked Teng Lei and caused him to nearly die. Therefore, at this juncture, in order to keep his life, he would agree to any seemingly impossible request.

“Little brother Lin Dong, Teng Sha is a vicious man. If you allow him to live, there will certainly be trouble in the future!” Nearby, Mu Lei, Wu Zong and the rest were incomparably nervous as they watched. If Teng Sha was really allowed to live, no one in this place will be at ease. This kind of vicious character needed to be eliminated as soon as possible, hence they hurriedly shouted out.

Although they all wanted to kill Teng Sha immediately, the latter was in Lin Dong’s hands, and even Mu Lei and the rest did not dare to forcibly take action. After all, the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s fate was on display right before their eyes. The terrifying strength Lin Dong had shown caused fear to rise in their hearts. Who would dare to offend such a person?

Lin Dong apathetically shot a glance at the incomparably nervous Mu Lei and the rest. These fellows were worried that he would let Teng Sha keep his life and leave behind a potential disaster for them in future.

Although he could not be bothered with whether his actions would bring trouble to the Great Devil Sect and other factions, he did not intend on leaving behind any potential disaster for himself. Though having a advanced Manifestation stage practitioner as his underling was rather impressive, it was too great of a risk to take.

Lin Dong never believed that an ambitious and ruthless person like Teng Sha would willingly be a pawn in his hands. Hence, after staring apathetically at Teng Sha for a while, he spoke in an indifferent tone: “I am not interested in keeping a poisonous snake around me.”

After his words fell, Lin Dong no longer gave Teng Sha any opportunity to speak. The black hole abruptly spread out as invisible spirit like things were directly sucked out from Teng Sha’s body one by one, before completely burrowing into the black hole!


As the spirit in his body was devoured completely by the black hole, Teng Sha’s face froze, while fear and alarm filled his large and stretched eyes. Finally, under the stares of the crowd, he slowly crumbled down.

This infamous and feared Great Desolate Province Ghastly Puppet Cult leader, a vicious and cruel man had now finally died at this spot…

The instant Teng Sha fell on the ground, the entire chaotic Mysterious Black Yin mountain peak instantly turned silent. Elite practitioners from Ghastly Puppet Cult and other factions all stared in shock at that crumbling figure. For a moment, all of them were still in shock. After all, moments ago, this domineering cult leader who could awe the crowds had now turned into an icy cold corpse…

This dramatic change caused one to feel as if one was in a dream.

Lin Dong stared calmly at that icy cold corpse that was crumbling down. He had only arrived at Great Desolate Province less than two years ago. However, in less than two year’s time, the Ghastly Puppet Cult, which had been established here for several decades, had crumbled at his hands. In a manner of speaking, his accomplishments were truly fearsome.

“Teng Sha is already dead. Do the rest of Ghastly Puppet Cult still intends to resist? Do you plan to oppose against all the various Great Desolate Province’s factions?”

The silence on the mountain peak lasted for a while, before Mu Lei first recovered his senses. Instantly, his enraged roar sounded out and caused the elite Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners, who were still resisting a moment ago, to tremble in fear. Now that Teng Sha had been killed, it would undoubtedly a devastating blow towards their morale. Therefore, some elite practitioners immediately discarded the weapons in their hands and chose to surrender.

Teng Sha’s death signified the end of Ghastly Puppet Cult. Nonetheless, if Lin Dong were to rely on his own strength, even if he could kill Teng Sha, it would only severely wound the Ghastly Puppet Cult but he would not be able to destroy it. After all, it was impossible for Lin Dong to slaughter every member of Ghastly Puppet Cult. He could at most kill a few high level members and deliver a severe blow to the Ghastly Puppet Cult, however he could not truly exterminate them.

Moreover, after resting for a while, the Ghastly Puppet Cult may once again rise to become an elite faction in Great Desolate Province. However it’s a pity… Ghastly Puppet Cult was too arrogant and overbearing, and Teng Sha was even more domineering and even tried to forcefully create an alliance to subdue the other factions.

That was precisely why they would build upon this opportunity to destroy them. In fact, in the future, the Ghastly Puppet Cult will surely cease to exist as Great Devil Sect, Martial Alliance and the other factions will definitely not forgive the remaining Ghastly Puppet Cult branches. At that time, Ghastly Puppet Cult will completely disappear from the entire Great Desolate Province.

From today onwards, a top faction shall disappear from Great Desolate Province…

After Teng Sha died, Ghastly Puppet Cult lose the will to resist. Several high level members fled off while the rest of the elite practitioners, who had lost guidance from their commanders either fled or surrendered. In less than half an hour time, the Mysterious Black Yin mountain peak now had a new owner…

Mu Lei, Wu Zong and other powerful factions’ leaders stared at the corpses that littered across the Mysterious Black Yin mountain peak, while a feverish glint surfaced in their eyes. In the future, the Ghastly Puppet Cult shall cease to exist and all their previous territories and resources would naturally be reallocated. Therefore, all of them would stand to benefit tremendously from this.


However, just as Mu Lei and the rest were overjoyed at their great fortune, Mu Qianqian suddenly tugged his sleeves, while her eyes cast towards a young figure that was standing nearby.

When he heard Mu Qianqian’s voice and saw that young figure again, Mu Lei instantly regained his senses. Then, he hurriedly signaled Wu Zong and the rest to keep their emotions in check. After all, the main reason why the Ghastly Puppet Cult was exterminated was because Lin Dong came here for revenge. If he had not forcefully defeated Teng Sha and broken their Ghastly Puppet Cult’s Grand Defensive Formation, they would not have the guts to declare an all out war with the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, Lin Dong deserved most of the credit for this fight and they had no right to demand a share of the loot…

Wu Zong and the rest are all wise men. When they saw Mu Lei’s expression, they immediately awoke as well. Even though they were all considered famed elite practitioners in Great Desolate Province, at this juncture, none of them dared to grumble.

After that earth-shattering battle, Lin Dong’s figure was imprinted in their hearts just like that of a war deity. At this juncture, if Lin Dong asked them to form an alliance, even Mu Lei and the rest would not dare to object at all.

“Little Brother Lin Dong.”

A bunch of famed Great Desolate Province elite practitioners were all smiles as they cupped their fists and respectfully greeted him.

“Yeah? Have you finished dividing up the spoils?” Lin Dong turned around, before he glanced at Mu Lei and the rest and gently smiled.

“Haha, we wouldn’t dare to. Since Little Brother Lin Dong has not spoken, how would we dare to?” Mu Lei hurriedly smiled and replied.

“Sect Leader Mu is good with words.” Lin Dong smiled. As he stared at these sect leaders who were acting respectfully in front of him, his thoughts drifted away. Half a year ago, none of them even took him seriously. However, right now, their words were filled with fear and respect.

In just half a year’s time, Lin Dong had undergone a revolutionary transformation. And the source of this transformation was the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. This heavenly object was truly extraordinary.

Without the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it would be impossible for Lin Dong to reach half-step-to Manifesting stage in half a year’s time…

“I am not really interested in the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s territories. In fact, perhaps I have already stayed too long in the Great Desolate Province. These things should ultimately belong to all of you.”

When they heard his words, a unconcealed joy surged in Mu Lei and the rest’s eyes.

“Now that the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s old nest has been eradicated, there are still several branches scattered across Great Desolate Province. These loose ends are quite troublesome and I don’t want people giving me problems in the future. Therefore, I hope that you can help me get rid of these pesky problems.” Lin Dong calmly said. He could not possibly eradicate every Ghastly Puppet Cult branch division one by one. With Great Devil Sect and the other factions around, they could help him to finish off this task.

“Little Brother Lin Dong, don’t worry. In the future, these three words Ghastly Puppet Cult shall never appear in Great Desolate Province again. Furthermore, as soon as we catch wind of any plot against Little Brother Lin Dong, we would immediately report it to you!” Mu Lei solemnly echoed.

“Besides, this time around I expended quite a lot of resources as well. The Ghastly Puppet Cult is extremely wealthy and I can’t be bothered to ransack them. How about you guys hand me two million pure Yuan Pills and treat it as my compensation for finishing off Ghastly Puppet Cult?” Lin Dong gently smiled as he softly said.

“Two million pure Yuan Pills?”

When they heard this amount, Mu Lei and the rest were shocked, while their eyes gently glimmered. Promptly, they gritted their teeth before they said: “Alright. Don’t worry Little Brother Lin Dong. Give us one day to prepare and we will definitely deliver to you two million pure Yuan Pills.”

Two million pure Yuan Pills was perhaps an astronomical figure to most ordinary factions. However, for elite factions like Great Devil Sect, it was not out of their reach. Furthermore, as long as they could obtain the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s territories, two million pure Yuan Pills was a small price to pay. Most importantly, they did not dare to rebuff Lin Dong. Else, the Ghastly Puppet Cult could merely just be the warmup…

“Alright, I will give you guys one day. There is something inside the Ghastly Puppet Cult mountain that I am quite interested in. You guys stay here and clean up the mess. Do not disturb me.”

When he saw that Mu Lei and the rest were fairly tactful, Lin Dong smiled again. Without further ado, he directly turned around and drifted off. After devouring Teng Sha’s spirit, he had obtained some of his memories as well. Contained within these memories, he saw a somewhat peculiar place deep inside this Mysterious Black Yin Mountain and Lin Dong was fairly intrigued by it. Therefore, he wanted to find out just how special that place was…

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