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Chapter 328 Overflowing Killing Intent

Mysterious Black Yin mountain, Ghastly Puppet City.

Right now, countless heads bobbed up and down on the giant plaza at the peak of the Mysterious Black Yin mountain, an extremely bustling sight. Countless practitioners from all over the place were gathered here. For a time, various sounds and noises converged together before soaring in the skies, and spreading out into the distance such that it could be heard even a hundred meters away.

On some seats in the plaza sat some of Great Desolate Province’s famous sect leaders. With a quick look, one could tell that there were quite a few of them and even the Great Devil Sect’s Mu Lei and the Martial Alliance’s Wu Zong were amongst them. This kind of lineup was fairly grand.

“What does the Ghastly Puppet Cult plan on doing? I heard that they have invited almost all of the famous sects and factions in the Great Desolate Province over these past two days.”

“Heh, according to internal news I obtained, the Ghastly Puppet Cult plans on uniting the Great Desolate Province’s factions to form an alliance, in order to catapult themselves into the elite ranks of the Great Yan Empire.”

“What? Teng Lei’s ambition is actually this large? There are so many factions within the Great Desolate Province. Wanting to integrate all of them together is easier said than done! Moreover, the Great Devil Sect’s and Martial Alliance are not much weaker than the Ghastly Puppet Cult, how could they possibly permit this kind of thing.”

“Teng Sha had advanced to the advance Manifestation stage. Hence, it would be difficult to find an opponent for him in the entire Great Desolate Province. Together with the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s solid foundations, they might have a little qualifications to do so…”

“It will be difficult…”

On that incomparably large plaza, countless gazes looked towards the various seated leaders as whispers stealthily spread out.

In response to these numerous whispers, the sect leader’s expressions remained impassive, causing them to be unable to guess exactly what he was thinking.


Amidst the hubbub, a dong sound suddenly rang out. Immediately, the clamor in the plaza became much quieter as gaze after gaze looked towards the most front position. That was the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s position, and at the center was the Ghastly Puppet Cult leader, Teng Sha!

Under the attention from the crowd, Teng Sha slowly stood up, while a light smile emerged on his exceptionally grim face. Then, he cupped his fist and bowed at his surroundings before he said: “Since everyone here is gracious enough to show up at my Ghastly Puppet Cult, let me thank all of you first!”

Teng Sha’s words immediately caused several factions to cup their fists and return his greetings. After all, everyone knew that the Ghasty Puppet Cult was the most powerful faction around, and even Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance did not dare to offend them.

“Haha, everyone here must be wondering why I invited all of you.” Teng Sha smiled. Then, without further ado, he casually said: “I believe everyone here knows that even though our Great Desolate Province is the largest province in Great Yan Dynasty, our ranking is not the highest. In Great Yan Dynasty, the elite factions are still the Four Great Clans as well as those factions with powerful backgrounds.”

“They are the ones who call the shots in Great Yan Dynasty and they get to enjoy massive privileges. However, we can only occupy one region and this is truly frustrating.”

Over at the seats, Mu Lei, Wu Zong and rest gently furrowed their eyebrows, as if they knew what Teng Sha was going to say. Meanwhile, behind him, Mu Qianqian and Wu Ci were both sharp individuals as well. When they saw their fathers’ expression, their hearts sank as well.

“So what exactly does sect leader Teng Sha want?” Right now, another leader of a faction cupped his fists and asked.

“Based on any faction in Great Yan Dynasty alone, we are naturally unable to break into the elite ranks of Great Yan Dynasty. However, if we ally ourselves, we will be able to stand up against these top factions in Great Yan Dynasty. At that time, we will get to enjoy countless privileges that far exceeds what Great Desolate Province can offer. Everyone here will stand to benefit tremendously!” Teng Sha’s words held a certain allure.

“Sect leader Teng Sha wants to form an alliance?” Another faction leader opened his mouth and spoke.

“Yes.” Teng Sha smiled as he nodded his head. Then, his eyes slowly swept across the entire field before he finally stopped at Mu Lei and Wu Zong. Then, he smiled as he said: “What do you guys think of my suggestion?”

The entire place was quiet. Several people’s eyes from various factions started to glimmer. If this was a genuine alliance, it may be workable. However, this Teng Sha is extremely ambitious and his motive could not possibly be so simple. Therefore, many of them were worried that they would simply end up as tools for Teng Sha…

“What sect leader Teng Sha said does make sense. If we ally ourselves, we will no longer have to fear the so-called Four Great Clans as well as those large factions with an extremely solid background. Our status would definitely surge compared to right now.” Just as the crowd sunk into silence, an elder suddenly opened his mouth and spoke. His words indicated that he actually agreed with Teng Sha’s proposal.

“Haha, right now the Ghastly Puppet Cult is powerful and prosperous. Furthermore, with sect leader Teng Sha leading the way, if we form an alliance, he can definitely lead us till we can stand equal with the other top factions.” Another middle aged man with the back of a tiger and waist of a bear opened his mouth and spoke.

Shortly after the two of them spoke, several others factions followed and nodded their heads in approval. In a short period of time, Teng Sha’s suggestion seemed to have gain much support.

Mu Lei and Wu Zong’s eyes swept across the factions who were supporting the proposal, while a chuckle flashed across their face. They were both smart men and they naturally knew that these factions had long been bought over by the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Nonetheless, even though they knew this fact, their hearts were somewhat downtrodden. In this half a year’s time, Ghastly Puppet Cult had gotten increasingly powerful and they had secretly allied themselves with several factions. Technically speaking, they can be considered as the number one faction in Great Desolate Province. Therefore, this was extremely bad news for Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance…

Furthermore, if they chose to turn against the Ghastly Puppet Cult now, even if Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance joined forces, it would be quite difficult for them to fight back. After all, Teng Sha was at advanced Manifestation stage and it was enough to strike fear into anyone’s hearts.

“Mu Lei brother and Wu Zong brother, what do the two of you think?” In the plaza, Teng Sha suddenly smiled as his eyes turned towards the Mu Lei duo. Evidently, he understood that as long as he was able to subdue Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance, the entire Great Desolate Province would be the domain of his Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“This matter is very serious and we should consider it from a long term perspective.” Mu Lei and Wu Zong glanced at each other, before they both smiled. Right now, they did not dare to openly reject Teng Sha, hence, they could only drag for time.

When he heard their words, Teng Sha gently smiled. As if he did not know what Mu Lei duo were thinking of, after he casually muttered a few words, he suddenly waved his palm. Then, dozens of Ghastly Puppet Cult disciples lifted a giant stage and slowly walked out. Inside the cage, a gigantic Demonic Beast was now manically bashing against the steel cage, causing deep thumps to continuously sound out.

“What a powerful aura from that Demonic Beast! It is probably at initial Manifestation stage!” As they stared at that Demonic Beast inside the steel cage, a commotion immediately erupted in the plaza.

“Is that… Lin Dong’s Demonic Beast?!” Mu Qianqian and Wu Ci stared at the Demonic Beast in the steel cage, while their faces changed slightly. With regards to Little Flame, they were quite familiar.

“That Demonic Beast has probably reached initial Manifestation stage. However, it still failed to escape from the Ghastly Puppet Cult…” Mu Lei and Wu Zong’s expression were somewhat pained. Both of them knew that in a one on one battle, even if it were them, they probably could not subdue Little Flame. However, the Ghastly Puppet Cult was able to directly capture it. This undoubtedly demonstrated that the Ghastly Puppet Cult was way stronger than them…

“Teng Sha is obviously trying to show off the strength of his Ghastly Puppet Cult!” Mu Qianqian gently gritted her silver teeth as she spoke softly.

“I believe that most of you are unfamiliar with this wretched beast. Half a year ago, this wretched beast dove into the Mysterious Black Yin crevice together with that little bastard Lin Dong. However, while that little bastard died inside, this wretched beast survived. Right now this sect leader plans to skin this beast alive and use its fresh blood to mark our alliance!” A venomous smile that caused one to shiver emerged in Teng Sha’s eyes. Then, he directly launched a punch and directly blew apart the steel cage.


The metal cage exploded and the Little Flame within immediately planned to flap its blood wings to escape. However, before it could move, Teng Sha stepped forward. Then, he grasped his hand before a giant Yuan Power hand took shape in mid-air before viciously slapping onto Little Flame’s body.


Little Flame’s body heavily crashed into the plaza as enormous cracks spread out from below it. The scales all over its body broke while fresh blood frantically flowed out. It was an exceptionally pitiful sight.

“Offending my Ghastly Puppet Cult, even if it is just a beast, sect leader will make sure it loses the will to live and begs for death!”

Teng Sha’s venomous voice rang out in everyone’s ears, causing quite a number of people’s faces to twitch. This guy was clearly warning all of them…

“This bastard!” Mu Qianqian gritted her silver teeth. She did not expect that Teng Sha would actually be so tyrannical and cruel today.

Mu Lei and Wu Zong exchanged a look as their fists slightly clenched. Teng Sha’s words were clearly meant for the both of them. Looks like if they did not agree to the alliance today, a tragic battle would definitely ensure.

From his high location, the fluctuations in everyone’s expressions entered Teng Sha’s eyes as the sinister smile on his lips grew even wider.

“Evil creature, if you want to blame something, blame the fact that you followed a useless master!”

Teng Sha heartily laughed at the heavens while a ruthless aura burst out. Squeezing his fist, a giant Yuan Power hand slapped downwards with powerful force, heavily smashing towards the Little Flame which was already unable to move.


A loud ear-piercing noise suddenly rang out on the plaza as countless gazes concentrated on the center of the plaza. However, instead of the blood filled spectacle they expected, they suddenly saw a circle of almost solid like Mental Energy light screen spread out above Little Flame, protecting it!

In addition, when Teng Sha’s attack landed on the Mental Energy light screen, it merely caused violent ripples to spread out, and did not manage to break it!

This Mental Energy light screen was actually so strong!

Countless people’s thoughts came to a screeching halt at this moment, before they abruptly turned towards Little Flame, only to see a figure slowly appearing in front of it like a ghost…

“Lin Dong?!”

Countless gazes instantly converged on the red eyed young face that was filled with an endless, terrifying killing intent. Immediately, gasps of disbelief sounded out on the plaza, while the sinister smile on Teng Sha’s face slowly froze……

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