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Chapter 325 Deep into the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice

Thick Earth Terminus Cold Qi pervaded the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Under the shroud of this cold qi, the Mysterious Black Yin crevice had practically become a desolate land that no one dared to step into.

However, at this moment, a figure quietly sat in mid-air in the depths of the crevice. Around his body, countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi that was enough to cause Manifestation stage practitioners to feel fear, were like a huge python as they whizzed about. Even if an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner like Teng Sha saw this scene, he would likely be so astonished that his soul would depart his body.

However, the figure was rather calm. He serenely cast a glance at the surrounding Earth Terminus Cold Qi that had once again gathered as a faint smile surfaced on his face. With a flip of his hand, a black hole spread out above his head as a terrifying devouring power exploded outwards. In a few breaths, it completely devoured all the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in the vicinity. For a time, this area actually became rather empty…

“The amount of Earth Terminus Cold Qi here is becoming lesser and lesser…”

After completely devouring the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in the area, a bright light glimmered in Lin Dong’s eyes. Traces of cold qi diffused out from the pores all over his body, like a layer of cold qi armor which looked extremely hard.

Lin Dong spit out a ball of white qi, feeling the inside of his Dantian as his eyebrows furrowed: “Still no signs of a breakthrough…”

Even since he had successfully took control of the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’, Lin Dong had spent two whole months in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice devouring the Earth Terminus Cold Qi. The effects of these two months of cultivation could be said to be extremely bountiful. It had directly allowed Lin Dong to leap from the initial Qi Creation stage to the peak of the advanced stage.

With this speed, anyone else would have become crazy with joy, but Lin Dong was not satisfied. Borrowing the devouring power of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, even an ordinary one year of cultivation was completely unable to compare to these two months in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Yet, Lin Dong felt that this speed was not surprising at all.

Moreover, his target this time was not the advanced Qi Creation stage, but to breakthrough to the Manifestation stage!

After the day when he had exchanged blows with Teng Sha, Lin Dong very clearly understood how powerful the Manifestation stage was, what’s more, Teng Sha was at the advanced Manifestation stage, and his strength was incomparably tyrannical. However, Lin Dong was confident that as long as he stepped into the Manifestation stage, he would absolutely be able to completely suppress that fellow till he had no chance for a come back!

Half a year ago, he had been forced to escape into the Mysterious Black Yin crevice by Teng Sha, narrowly escaping death. If it was not for the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, the current him would likely be unable to leave the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Thus, the grudge between both parties had already reached the level where they could not live under the same sky. When he leaves the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, Lin Dong would definitely once again charge into Ghastly Puppet Cult and make Teng Sha pay his debts in blood!

To do this, Lin Dong needed absolute power, because what he needed to face was not Teng Sha alone, but the entire Ghastly Puppet Cult. Hence, just the power of a high level Soul Symbol Master was still not enough!

Therefore, he needed to break through to the Manifestation stage.

“The speed at which you’re absorbing the Earth Terminus Cold Qi is too fast, plus, the Yuan Power in your body is already nearing saturation. If you want to progress a step further, you need an even greater stimulus.” Little Marten appeared on Lin Dong’s shoulder and said.

“An even greater stimulus?” Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed and suddenly looked towards the darkness below.

“You can’t be thinking of enter the deepest area right?” Upon seeing this, Little Marten was alarmed. The extreme depths of this Mysterious Black Yin crevice. No one knew where it led to, but it was obviously an extremely dangerous place. In there, Manifestation stage practitioners could not even protect themselves.

“The Earth Terminus Cold Qi blows out from below, hence there must be a source below. As long as I find the source, I will definitely be able to attack the Manifestation stage with the aid of devouring power!” Lin Dong explained.

“It’s too dangerous.” Little Marten muttered. It did not deny that this way would be effective, but below was clearly not as calm as this area.

“Riches and honor are obtained through danger. I’ve even passed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol test, what can the darkness here amount to?” Lin Dong chuckled. If it was before, perhaps he would feel that the darkness here was frightening, but after experiencing the Devouring Ancestral Symbol’s world of darkness, the darkness here was not child’s play to him.

Moreover, given Lin Dong’s current strength, it was enough to kill an initial Manifestation stage practitioner even without relying on Little Marten. With the duo’s combined force, even if they encountered a practitioner on the level of Teng Sha, they would be able to fight, and would no longer be forced to sorrily flee like half a year before.

When it heard Ling Dong say so, Little Marten had nothing more to say. Now that Lin Dong had become much stronger, when they joined hands, even if there was danger in the depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, a full retreat should still be possible.

Upon seeing Little Marten had no objections, Lin Dong’s body moved, golden Yuan Power enveloping his body as he directly transformed into a flash of golden light that streaked across the darkness and flew towards the depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice.

Golden light swept across the darkness, appearing extremely dazzling. As Lin Dong swiftly penetrated into the depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, the Earth Terminus Cold Qi also grew increasingly berserk. Various cold qi condensed into chaotic flowing streams, causing one to be unable to move a single step.

However, in the face of these layers after layers of obstructions, Lin Dong merely waved his hand as a black hole appeared and wrapped around his body before he barbarically charged forward. Every where he passed, no matter chaotic flowing streams or Earth Terminus Cold Qi were practically devoured in an instant.


This kind of resistanceless travelling lasted for about ten minutes before Lin Dong’s body slowed down little by little while his eyes looked downwards. A deeply black ground had appeared, but this was clearly not the deepest area because there was an extremely humongous crevice on the ground. No one knew exactly how far this crevice extended, as wave after wave of tornado like Earth Terminus Cold Qi spouted out from the crevice, ultimately whizzing upwards. Evidently, most of the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice had come from this humongous crevice.

“This is a Earth Terminus Cold Qi source, looks like our luck is not bad.” Staring at the humongous and dark crevice, Little Marten joyfully remarked. If Lin Dong was able to directly devour the Earth Terminus Cold Qi here, he could try attacking the Manifestation stage.

“There’s something here.”

Lin Dong’s eyebrows lightly furrowed as he stared at the depths of the crevice. There, he sensed an extremely obscure yet intensely savage aura. The aura was expertly concealed, and if Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had not reached the high level Soul Symbol Master stage, he would be unable to sense the existence of that thing.

Upon hearing this, Little Marten was stunned. Its claws lightly waved as it let out a strange laugh: “There is indeed a bastard hiding here, I did not think that Demonic Beasts would be able to survive in the depths of the Mysterious Black Yin crevice.”

“Watch me force it out!”

Lin Dong took a step forward and with a thought, vigorous without equal Mental Energy burst forth, directly condensing into a giant Mental Energy spear that was about ten meters large before him. Pointing in the air, the giant Mental Energy spear violently swept forth with a swish sound, viciously shooting into the dark crevice.


As the giant Mental Energy spear shot into the crevice, a mournful and sad cry immediately echoed out. The ground instantly started to shake as an enormous figure emerged from the crevice at an alarming speed, while a fishy smelling black light pillar shot towards Lin Dong.


In response to the formidable attack that was shooting towards him, Lin Dong coldly snorted. With a flip of his hand, a black hole appeared at the center of his palm and directly devoured the black light, before he cast his gaze towards the enormous figure.

At this moment, the enormous figure crept on the ground. Looking at its body, it was actually a black demon spider that several tens of meters large. This demon spider had about ten blade like claws and there were eight sinister black eyes on its head, eyes filled with extreme savageness and ferocity.

“Eight Eye Earth Devil Spider!”

Gazing at this Demonic Beast, Lin Dong’s expression slightly trembled with fear. This brute was an extremely powerful Demonic Beast, just its aura alone was able to compare to an initial Manifestation stage practitioner. It was likely not to be outdone even by the Ancient Dragon Ape.

“Heh, the Demonic Beast in the depths of this Mysterious Black Yin crevice is indeed powerful.” Little Marten was evidently somewhat astonished, but soon after, it chuckled and said: “Leave it to me, you go devour the Earth Terminus Cold Qi.”


Lin Dong muttered in reply as he nodded his head. As a Celestial Demon Marten, Little Marten was able to somewhat suppress these Demonic Beasts, and from the looks of it, this fellow was obviously interested in this Eight Eye Earth Devil Spider.

After agreeing, Lin Dong’s figure moved directly towards the Earth Terminus Cold Qi source. When the Eight Eye Earth Devil Spider saw this, it immediately let loose a furious cry, but before it could charge forward, Little Marten appeared in front of it, stopping it in its tracks.

The two beasts did not make any unnecessary movements as they faced off and instead ferociously charged forward. Immediately, waves of violent energy frantically unfurled…

While the two beasts clashed, Lin Dong had already appeared above the Earth Terminus Cold Qi source. Without further ado, he sat down in the air as a gigantic black hole swiftly extended outwards. Immediately, the ground trembled as countless enormous black dragon like Earth Terminus Cold Qi whizzed out from the humongous crevice, filling the area as they gushed towards the black hole behind Lin Dong!

The Earth Terminus Cold Qi here was several times richer than above, and every portion of cold qi was like an enormous dragon. In the face of such cold qi, even an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner would undoubtedly die, but Lin Dong was able to rely on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol power to barbarically devour!

“Devil Ape Transformation!”

A low roar sounded out from Lin Dong’s throat as his body instantly swelled. An enormous devil ape phantasm appeared around his body and frantically absorbed portion after portion of terrible Earth Terminus Cold Qi.

Boom boom!

As the enormous dragon like Earth Terminus Cold Qi poured into his body, Lin Dong’s aura, which had originally stopped at the advanced Qi Creation stage, once again slowly started to grow!

Although this growth was tiny, if this continued, he would truly be able to step through the entrance of the Manifestation stage and advance to Manifestation!

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