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Chapter 317 Mysterious Black Yin Crevice

Night enveloped the homologous Mysterious Black Yin mountain range. Ice-cold moonlight spilled downwards, dressing the mountain range in a thin layer of silk, an exceptionally peaceful and tranquil sight.

At this time, mostly Demonic Beasts ran amuck on the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range, and human practitioners did not dare to linger for too long. However, tonight was clearly an expected event.

Swish swish swish!

Extremely hurried wind sounds suddenly rang out in the quiet skies, immediately drawing the attention of some powerful Demonic Beasts. However, before these Demonic Beasts roar, they saw countless figures covering the sky like locusts in a distance. Violent wind sounds were like a squall as they instantly tore apart the tranquillity of the mountain range.

The powerful Demonic Beasts within the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range evidently had some intelligence. In the face of such an army of human practitioners, they rationally chose to stay silent. However, some of the more crafty Demonic Beasts stealthily concealed themselves in the forest, preparing to wait for an opportunity to kill some of human practitioners that were lagging behind.

Lin Dong naturally was not in the mood to pay too much attention to these sly hunters. He know that the most thorny problem this time was still the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s Teng Sha. The power of an advanced Manifestation stage was still too strong. If not for Little Marten’s help, Lin Dong could not possibly survive a single round.

Although he had charged out of Ghastly Puppet Cult’s encirclement, Lin Dong could feel Teng Sha’s aura firmly lock onto himself. No matter how he fled, the fellow would definitely give chase like a bone gnawing maggot until Lin Dong was killed and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol was taken back.

Moreover, besides Teng Sha and the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners, there were also countless factions and practitioners eyeing him. Once there was a chance, they would definitely make a move against Lin Dong and snatch the treasure. The situation now was already extremely grim, any little misstep and he would lose his life in this place!

Lin Dong’s gaze frantically flickered, while Little Flame also seemed to sense the danger and urgency of the situation as its wide blood colored wings maniacally shook, urging its speed to the max. It looked like a line of blood as it swept across the skies, the deadly winds resulting from its high speed directly cutting apart some giant trees below.

“Lin Dong, that fellow is still closely following us, and his speed is becoming faster and faster. If this continues, he will catch up to us sooner or later!” Little Marten stood on Lin Dong’s shoulder, a heavy look in its eyes as it gazed at the ominous aura looming behind them/

Lin Dong pursed his lips. He naturally knew that the situation was rather dire, but now, he had no other ideas besides fleeing, unless he was willing to give up on the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Yet, it there was no doubt that this was impossible for him. To obtain this object, god knows how much effort he had invested. Now that it was in his hands after much difficulty, he would absolutely not relinquish it even if he had to put his life on the line!

“Let’s first escape to the deeper area of the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range. There are still many powerful Demonic Beasts within this mountain range, as long as we ensure the situation continues to be chaotic, we will have a slight chance!” Lin Dong grimly said.


Little Marten also slowly nodded its head. They had indeed taken many risks to snatch the Devouring Ancestral Symbol this time, but as long as they managed to obtain it in the end, it would be worth it however huge the price!


Lin Dong’s palm patted Little Flame as the latter’s blood wings once again shook, bringing with it a low thunderous boom as they flew across the skies above the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range.

Not far behind Lin Dong, a huge group of Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners closely followed. At their front was Teng Sha. The him at this moment had an incomparably dark gaze as he stared at the blood light in the night sky. The latter’s blood had greatly exceeded his expectations.

“Humph, if you believe that you can escape by relying on this Demonic Beast, you underestimate this sect leader!”

Teng Sha’s expression was icy as he sneered. Vigorous Yuan Power suddenly condensed under his feet, immediately causing his speed to quicken. Later on, he actually left behind after-images in the sky while his figure swept across the skies at an astonishing speed, chasing the Lin Dong who was in front.

“Damnit, that fellow increased his speed!”

The sudden sonic booms from behind also caused Lin Dong’s expression to change. He knew that Teng Sha no longer planned on tangling with him any further.


As if it felt Lin Dong’s anxiety, Little Flame let out a low roar at this moment. Blood colored light instantly erupted from its body as the already wide blood wings actually expanded once again. At this moment, the wing looked exactly the same as the blood bat dragon’s, evidently, at this critical moment, the blood bat dragon’s blood power within Little Flame’s body had gradually shown its use.


The enormous blood wings stretched outwards and with a powerful shake, an after-image faintly appeared. In an instant, Little Flame’s figure appeared a hundred meters away.


Just as Little Flame’s body faded, a giant Yuan Power hand descended from the skies, viciously swatting at the place they had stopped at previously, swatting so hard that even the air exploded.

“That wretched beast!”

His attack swatting empty air, Teng Sha’s figure immediately appeared. He looked at the Little Flame, whose speed had risen substantially, and his complexion could not help but turn a little green. If it were not for this beast, Lin Dong would have been instantly killed by his blow.

Though he had missed, Teng She evidently did not intend to give up. His figure once again launched forward as he tenaciously gave chase. Formidable without equal Yuan Power spread out in the night sky, causing the Demonic Beasts below to fear recklessly charging up.

“God damnit, this son of a bitch truly does not plan on letting us off!” Dodging the previous strike had caused Lin Dong’s body to be covered in cold sweat, but he quickly felt the force once again pounce towards him and could not help but curse.

“Heh heh, you’ve snatched their treasure and still think about them letting you go, you must be dreaming!” Even at this time, Little Marten still let out some mocking words before saying: “We can only rely on this stupid tiger’s speed now. Fortunately, the blood bat dragon’s blood power was not wasted, or else I, grandpa marten, will first slaughter it.”

“We’ve miscalculated this time. We were under the impression all along that Teng Sha was at the initial Manifestation stage. If that was the case, we would have been able to rely on Little Flame’s speed to lose him. But now, we can only flee for our lives.” Lin Dong bitterly laughed. Although the current Little Flame was barely able to avoid Teng Sha’s attacks, this would after all not last for long. The power of an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner was too terrifying, even with their lineup, they could not contend.

In the following chase, though Teng Sha’s attacks became increasingly swift and deadly, thankfully, Little Flame’s condition was extremely good, and they nimbly avoided the attacks. While Teng Sha stamped his feet in rage, Lin Dong and Little Marten secretly sighed in relief.

However, just as Lin Dong had predicted, this chase could not continue. As they fled, they quickly entered deep into the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range. Immediately, a seemingly endless titanic natural crevice appeared to Lin Dong’s front.

It was not known how long the natural crevice was. In one glance, all one could see was a pitch-black darkness. No one knew how deep it was and an extremely terrifying Earth Terminus Cold Qi spouted out from the crevice like a fountain. As they collided, they formed into an extremely frightening disordered flow, densely covering the crevice and the sky above, like a natural barrier which directly obstructed Lin Dong’s front.

“The Mother Earth Mysterious Black Yin crevice!”

Staring at the crevice that had appeared before him, Lin Dong’s expression immediately changed. He had forgotten about this, the Mysterious Black Yin crevice was the most terrifying place in the Mysterious Black Yin mountain range. Even Manifestation stage practitioners did not dare to enter too deep. That frightening chaotic cold qi flow was able to easily tear a Manifestation stage practitioner to pieces!


Little Flame also felt how terrible the cold qi soaring out from the Mysterious Black Yin crevice into the sky was as it hastily slowed its speed. However, at this moment, Teng Sha from behind also swiftly appeared and upon seeing the situation, he could not help but heartily laugh at the sky.

“Lin Dong, looks like even the heavens do not want to help you. Sect leader wants to see where you can escape to next!”

Lin Dong’s expression was grim as he stared at the Earth Terminus Cold Qi that was frantically gushing out from the Mysterious Black Yin crevice while his eyes frantically flickered. He did not expect that he would actually be forced to such a situation.

Swish swish swish!

Not long after Lin Dong and Teng Sha appeared outside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice, the Ghastly Puppet Cult, the various other factions and practitioners also rushed over from far behind. Figure after figure floated in the sky like locusts.

When the practitioners who had arrived saw the Mysterious Black Yin Crevice before their eyes, they were stunned. Soon after, they could not help but shake their heads. They did not expect that Lin Dong’s escape route would instead force him into a dead end. Now, there was Teng Sha and the Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners to his front while the dangerous Mysterious Black Yin crevice was behind. No matter what, they were all dead ends for Lin Dong!

“Lin Dong, are you still not going to obediently hand over the treasure, my Ghastly Puppet Cult is fond of talented people, if you join my Ghastly Puppet Cult, perhaps you may still keep your life!”

“Right, if you don’t hand it over, this will be your grave today!”

“Hand it over!”

The Ghastly Puppet Cult practitioners were now delighted as shouts swiftly echoed out in the night.

Teng Sha had his hands behind his back, slight mockery in his cold eyes. At this time, he was no longer impatient to make a move, because there was no no way out for the current Lin Dong!

“Lin Dong, voluntarily give yourself up for capture or let sect leader break all four of your limbs and capture you?” Teng Sha’s icily smirked. A trace of cruel intent in his voice.

Lin Dong’s gaze frantically flickered. Soon after, he deeply inhaled as a maniacal smile spread from the corner of his mouth. A loud laughter sounded out, directly causing Teng Sha’s expression to turn completely dark.

“Voluntarily turn myself in for capture? Who do you think you are? If you want to take back the treasure, take out your capability!”

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