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WDQK Chapter 31: Monster

In the dense forest, Lin Dong put away his fists, feeling some weakness in his body. Based on his current strength, executing Wonder Gate Seal once took up a huge chunk of his Yuan Power reserves. Thankfully, the force generated was truly tremendous and definitely worth the cost.

“Yuan Power Seed now is unable to store too much Yuan Power. It would be much better if I could quickly advance to Tempered Body 9th Layer…”

Once he reached Tempered Body 9th Layer, he will finally be able to open his Dan Tian. The Dan Tian had a far larger reserve compared to the Yuan Power Seed. When he reaches that stage, he could then freely expend his Yuan Power.

“During this period of training, I have almost exhausted all of my Elixir Pills…”

As he thought about his training, Lin Dong’s eyebrows knitted together. In less than half a month, he had advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer. However, this had came at a huge cost to him. He had expended a large amount of Stone Talisman Ling Liquid. Moreover, his Elixir Pills had almost been completely used up. Right now, he only had 2 Flaming Crimson Reishi Pills left…

Overall, this half a month’s training, had nearly depleted Lin Dong’s collection of resources.

“I must find a way to secure more elixirs…”

Lin Dong softly sighed as a serious expression surfaced on his face. Based on the current strength he displayed, he could get some resources from the Lin Family. However, he did not care much for Elixir Pills refined from lower grade elixir. Yet, he also knew that Grade 3 elixirs were costly items and even the Lin Family did not possess too many of them. In fact, he was already very fortunate to receive two stalks of Flaming Crimson Reishi as an encouragement gift previously.

“Lin Dong-ge.”

Just as he was racking his head over this problem, a sweet voice sounded out from the dense forest. He turned to see Qing Tan hop over like a butterfly with a joyous glow on her rosy cheeks.

“Qing Tan, what’s up?” Lin Dong casually asked with a smile as he glanced towards her while he lifted up a section of the shattered rock boulder.

“Ling Dong-ge, I now possess Yuan Power!”


The piece of rock in his hands fell to the ground with a thud as Lin Dong turned and stared blankly at Qing Tan.

“Yuan Power? Have you reached Tempered Body 6th Layer? How is that possible?!”

After overcoming his initial shock, Lin Dong regained his wits and a look of utter astonishment surfaced on his face. Even though Qing Tan had been harping about training for some time now, she had always slacked off. After all, Tempered Body training was indeed very tiring and unsuitable for some girls.

Based on his calculations, even if he secretly helped her, Qing Tan would need half a year before she could reach Tempered Body 6th Layer. However…, out of the blue, she came by to announce that she already possessed Yuan Power!

This was practically unheard of! It was even more ridiculous than the Stone Talisman.

As Lin Dong stood, overwhelmed with shock, Qing Tan extended her jade-like palm. On her hands, a light glow shimmered and its familiar pulse indicated that it was indeed Yuan Power…

“How could this be?” Lin Dong exclaimed as he sucked in a deep breath of air. He had never witnessed Qing Tan hard at work. How could she suddenly possess Yuan Power?

If his training speed was considered astonishing, then Qing Tan’s speed can only be described as ethereal.

“I don’t know either… When I woke up this morning, I felt like something was wrong with my body. And then, I discovered this…” Qing Tan coyly said as she stuck out her tongue.

Lin Dong’s expression gradually turned serious as he grabbed onto Qing Tan’s delicate hands. Even though her hand felt soft and smooth on the surface, upon applying a little pressure, one could clearly feel that her bones possessed an exceptional tenacity. This result could only be accomplished after one has trained in Tempered Body for a long time.

As Lin Dong continued his careful examination, he suddenly discovered that beneath that toughness seemed to be a slight chill.

“It must be due to the Chilling Cold in her body!”

Suddenly, a light bulb lit up in Lin Dong’s head. Previously, he had discovered that even though the Chilling Cold within Qing Tan’s body was violent and savage, it was highly beneficial for a Tempered Body practitioner. Of course, this benefit could only extend to Qing Tan and Lin Dong, who had the Stone Talisman.

Over the past decade, this Chilling Cold would periodically flare up causing Qing Tan to be in massive pain every time. Qing Tan would be in massive pain. Perhaps, parts of her body gradually transformed due to constant attacks by this Chilling Cold.

Though only tiny part of the Chilling Cold entered and strengthened her body, they accumulated in her body bit by bit. Now, even though Qing Tan did not train hard, her body’s muscles and bones had already been strengthened multiple times until Yuan Power eventually appeared. With the right conditions everything will easily fall into place.

Even though she did experience day after day of tough training, her body had naturally given rise to Yuan Power…

“Qing Tan’s body must have some difference from others.”

Lin Dong slowly suppressed the shock in his heart. He had never heard of anyone who possessed a Yuan Power Seed without physically tempering one’s body. If news of this got out, how devastated would those individuals desperately training to reach Tempered Body 6th Layer be?

Of course, this was not the whole truth. After all, ever since she was young, Qing Tan would be gruesomely tortured by the Chilling Cold every time it flared up. Therefore, in a way, she had actually payed a different kind of price to gain this naturally occurring Yuan Power Seed.

“Do not tell anyone else about this matter. Let’s talk to Father when he returns and ask for his opinion…” Lin Dong said after a moment of hesitation.

“Yes.” Qing Tan nodded her head obediently. She knew that this matter was very strange and if news got out, it might draw some trouble.

“Lin Dong-ge, it’s nearing the end of the month in a few days. The bazaar in Qingyang Town will be exceptionally crowded. How about we go and take a look?” Qing Tan pleaded as she begged Lin Dong with puppy eyes.


Lin Dong was stumped. This Bazaar was an event jointly organized by some of the more successful merchants in Qingyang Town and all sorts of items will be sold there. Hence, it was extremely popular place. In fact, it was arguably one of the most popular spots in Qingyang Town.

“Yeah. Lin Xia-jie and the rest have all went too…” Qing Tan continuously nodded her head. She was a young and lively girl and naturally these places piqued her interest. However, as she was still grounded by Lin Xiao, she did not dare to go on her own. Therefore, she tried to rope in Lin Dong.

As Lin Dong muttered to himself as an idea suddenly sprung up in his head. Right now, he desperately needed elixirs and naturally he did not have the funds required to purchase the exorbitant elixirs that he needed. However, he had the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid and his last two Flaming Crimson Reishi Pills…

These two items are definitely valuable. In particular, the Flaming Crimson Reishi Pills were especially prized. Furthermore, these items all contain exceedingly pure Ling Qi, compared to normal elixirs, they were much more potent. Therefore, it was almost assured that there will be many people clamouring to buy these items from him.

However, he could not sell too many of these items as that might arouse other’s suspicion.

Moreover, Lin Dong was highly reluctant to part with any of his Stone Talisman Ling Liquid or Elixir Pills.

However, once he sold these items, it will be an easy matter buy the elixirs that he required…

As he stumbled upon this thought, Lin Dong could not help but smile as he felt a weight lifted off his chest. He had finally found a solution to this thorny problem.

“Alright, lets go visit the Bazaar.”

After he made up his mind, Lin Dong did not want to waste any more time and he quickly agreed with a chuckle.

When she saw that Lin Dong was willing to accompany her to the Bazaar, Qing Tan’s eyes curled into a crescent moon. Her sweet expression was truly mesmerizing.

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