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Chapter 305 Nine Sky-Shaking Steps

Boom boom boom!

In the sky above Great Puppet City, black clouds suddenly gushed about, covering the sky as it turned dark. Terrifying Yuan Power whizzed about, causing loud booming thunder-like sounds.

As they stared at the sky which had changed color in an instant, shock surfaced on the countless people’s faces within Great Puppet City. Was this the might of a Manifestation martial art? Once used, it was actually able to show signs of changing the area, with such power, it was worthy of the name manifestation indeed.

“Manifestation martial art…”

At the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance branch division areas, the practitioners on both sides wore solemn expressions as the stared at the rumbling black clouds in the sky. Faintly, they could sense the terrifying power that was swiftly congregating from the land.

“That bastard!” Teng Lei’s eyelids rapidly jumped due to being so astonished by the strange scene in the sky, but soon after, his heart filled with envy. How could this kind of martial art land in the hands of a nameless younger generation like Lin Dong!

“Even if you possess a Manifestation martial art, you are definitely not Cao Zhen’s match. When you are defeated, I will use all means to force you to hand over the Manifestation martial art!” Teng Lei’s gaze flickered with viciousness as a sinister look appeared on his face.

“Boom boom!”

Lin Dong’s body hovered in the sky, allowing the black clouds above him to rumble as they pleased. Wave after wave of exceptionally vigorous Yuan Power was like a tide as they continuously poured out from within before finally transforming into golden light that scattered about the land. However, this kind of scattering was not dissipating into nothingness but instead swiftly absorbing the nearby Yuan Power while scattering!

Golden Yuan Power wrapped around Lin Dong’s body, and combined with the intensely billowing black clouds , he looked just like a god that governed over heaven and earth, an exceptionally impressive sight.

In the sky, vigorous Yuan Power swiftly gathered and quickly condensed to form an enormous hundred meter large golden finger under the attention of countless eyes.

The huge finger was enormous beyond comparison, like a pillar that towered to the heavens. It was densely covered in various incomparably profound patterns which looked like symbols of nature and were full of extremely overwhelming power.

However, compared when he had previously used the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, it was clearly extremely different. Previously, it was a whole true huge finger, but now it was merely half a finger!

That’s right, the huge golden colored finger was merely half a finger, but even if that was so, its might was already earth-shaking!

“Woo woo!”

The huge golden finger took shape as storms swiftly formed around it, an extremely tyrannical sight.


The storm that filled the sky raged. Lin Dong’s eyes suddenly turned cold as his finger abruptly jabbed downwards through the air. Immediately, the land shook as the enormous golden half finger instantly descended. In that instant, it was as if the sky was being forcibly torn apart.

“Humph, I will show you today that before my half-step-to Manifestation strength, your so-called Manifestation martial art is simply useless!”

Cao Zhao raised his head to the sky, appearing especially arrogant and tyrannical as he spoke. As a half-step-to Manifestation practitioner, he indeed had the right to be arrogant and no one would dare to question his words at all.

When his shout fell, Cao Zhen abruptly took a step forward. Blood colored Yuan Power exploded from his body like a volcano with a loud bang. In the blink of an eye, a blood colored light filled the surrounding hundred meter space!


Upon seeing Cao Zhen’s resistance, Lin Dong coldly shouted as an extremely powerful undulation suddenly unfurled from the golden half finger of light. Instantly, the Yuan Power around Cao Zhen actually swiftly hardened, like a prison, causing him to be unable to dodge.

“Wanting to bind me with just your Qi Creation stage strength, absurd!” When he sensed the solidifying Yuan power around him, Cao Zhen’s pupils shrank as he furiously roared. Blood colored Yuan Power frantically started to revolve, forcefully jolting back the solidifying Yuan Power.

“Great Blood Yuan Technique, Nine Sky-Shaking Steps!”

After pushing back the solid Yuan Power, Cao Zhen swiftly regained his movement. Overflowing blood colored Yuan Power enveloped him as he suddenly stepped forward like a flash of lightning.

Boom boom boom boom!

As Cao Zhen stepped forth, the sky instantly shook. Vigorous without equal blood colored Yuan Power surged around his body like a dragon for every step he took, an extremely horrifying sight.

Nine steps!

Cao Zhen took a total of nine steps and as his final step landed, his clothes billowed without wind while his full head of scarlet blood red hair danced even more manically!

After nine steps, Cao Zhen’s aura was now practically powerful to the limit. In the face of this kind of aura, even an ordinary advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner could only crawl or kneel. This kind of aura was not something the Qi Creation stage was able to bear!

“Nine Sky-Shaking Steps. This is a grade nine martial art and was the martial art Cao Zhen had obtained from the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet that year. It was this martial art that allowed him to stand far above the same cultivation level and even massacre the entire Power to Yuan Sect!”

As they stared at the terrifying Cao Zhen in the sky, the color of the people’s faces in Great Puppet City changed. Astonishment surfaced in the eyes of even the Great Devil Sect and Martial Alliance practitioners. This grade of martial art plus Cao Zhen’s now half-step-to Manifestation strength. Exactly how terrifying was this kind of power?

At this time, although everyone knew that Lin Dong knew an even more powerful Manifestation martial art, many people still started to lean towards Cao Zhen. After all, there was still a huge disparity between the two’s true power.

A initial Qi Creation stage and a half-step-to Manifestation. This was an entire level of difference! To bridge this kind of gap was crazily difficult!

“Younger generation one, you only have the Manifestation martial art but do not have the power to utilise it. Truly a waste. You might as well gift it to me so as to avoid sullying the Manifestation martial art name! Haha!”

In the sky, after taking nine steps, Cao Zhen’s aura had reached the peak. He fearlessly lifted his head and gazed at the enormous descending heavenly-pillar-like golden finger. He could sense the terrifying pressure gushing out of the huge finger but was not the slightest bit afraid as he wildly laughed before punching forth!

“Boom boom boom!”

Cao Zhen’s punch seemed to have exploded the air in this area. Countless sonic booms formed due to this punch, booming across the heavens with vast momentum.


As the punch flew, earth-shattering blood colored Yuan Power frantically gushed forth. In the end, it directly transformed into a huge hundred meter large blood colored python which roared at the sky. It gave off vigorous without equal energy undulations as it charged forward, unyielding as it violently clashed against the huge golden colored finger with a loud bang!


The world seemed to become quiet in the instant of collision. Later on, golden light and blood colored light suddenly exploded. The entire sky was filled by the two terrifying energy colors!

The whole Great Puppet City shivered in the face of this explosion as countless people hastily retreated in alarm. Yuan Power light screens quickly enveloped their bodies, afraid that they will be affected by the energy undulations.

While they retreated, countless gazes also locked onto the sky, only to see the booming descending golden colored half finger actually being withstood by the huge blood colored python, completely not allowed to descend an inch further!

The sky twisted at the place where golden colored half finger and huge blood colored python contacted. Wave after wave of extremely powerful energy undulations were just like solid ripples as they swiftly spread outwards, emitting thunderous booming noises.

“Haha, younger generation one, the Manifestation martial art is merely so in your hands. It’s better for you to just sincerely hand it over!”

Thunder boomed across the sky as Cao Zhen’s wild and proud laughter resounded across the horizon.

“Cao Zhen actually withstood Lin Dong’s Manifestation martial art. Truly formidable. As expected of a half-step-to Manifestation practitioner!”

“That’s right. The gap between the half-step-to Manifestation and Qi Creation stage i simple too huge! Looks like even a Manifestation martial art is unable to make up for it!”

Upon hearing Cao Zhen’s wild laughter, gasps sounded out in the city.

“Uncle Cao Zhen, kill that brat and take his Manifestation martial art plus high class Symbol Puppet!” When he saw Cao Zhen gain the upper hand, Teng Lei was delighted as he shouted.

“Did you hear that younger generation one? Do you really want me to personally do it?!” Cao Zhen’s blood hair danced as he heartily laughed.

“To actually appear so delighted. Do you truly believe that the Manifestation martial art only has this little bit of capability? Foolish frogs at the bottom of the well!”

However, in response to Cao Zhen’s wild laughter, the expression of the Lin Dong in the sky was indifferent. Golden light flickered in his eyes as his icy chuckle descended.

As Lin Dong’s icy laughter sounded out, the golden light in his eyes grew increasingly intense. He abruptly stepped forward and once again pointed in the air!

“Boom boom!”

A finger pointed forth as boundless Yuan Power instantaneously gushed out of Lin Dong’s body without reserve. Immediately, golden light circled around the golden colored half finger below and under the attention of countless eyes, the half finger actually swiftly extended and in the end finally successfully grew into a complete finger!

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Imprisoning The World With One Finger!”

Resplendent golden light gushed about in the horizon. The huge finger was like a world pillar that joined heaven and earth as it once again pressed down with a loud bang.


As it pressed downwards this time, the land instantly darkened, causing the almost hundred meter large huge blood colored python exploded almost instantaneously under countless astonished gazes!

Staring at this scene, the crazy grin on Cao Zhen’s face and the joy on Teng Lei’s face also instantaneously froze as matchless horror swiftly spread from the depths of their eyes…

This was the true power of the Manifestation martial art!

Unstoppable destruction!

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