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Chapter 300 Strength Upgrade

In the deepest part of the Great Desolate Ancient Plains, a humongous Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet quietly stood. The ancient tablet gave off an incomparably majestic energy undulation. Circle after circle of energy vortex continuously formed above the ancient tablet, and from time to time, some ragged groups of people would charge out of the vortex in fear.

When these people came out, they heavily sighed in relief. Not daring to stay any longer, they hastily escaped in groups away from the Great Desolate Ancient Plains like startled birds.

Evidently, these guys had all been truly frightened by the mysterious skeleton inside the ancient tablet space. Now that they had escaped after much difficulty, they would naturally not dare to stay here any more.


An energy vortex whirled above the ancient tablet as a blood colored shadow flew out and soon after appeared in the sky. It was Lin Dong who had successfully escaped from the mysterious skeleton’s hands.


While gazing at the scenery of the outside world, Lin Dong let out a heavy sigh of relief. Although the outside world Yuan Power was far from being as vigorous as the ancient tablet space, it gave him a sense of safety.

“Looks like the four great clans, the Ghastly Puppet Cult and the other factions have already retreated.” Lin Dong sat on the tigers back as he scanned his surroundings. Currently, there were very few people around the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. It was no longer as grand as when they were about to enter. Evidently, the factions that had escaped from the ancient tablet space had already swiftly left this area.

“Those gutless scoundrels!” The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth raised as he sneered in his heart. However, it was good that they had left. His current condition was not good as he had practically used all his strength in the previous exchange with the mysterious skeleton. He was still worrying that situation would become a little troublesome if Teng Lei and the rest were waiting outside for him. Now that they had gone, it gave him a period of time to recuperate.

“What do you plan on doing now?” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder. Though it had not used its last resort to bring Lin Dong away, its condition was also not very good and its eyes were slightly dim.

“Let’s first find a place to have a good rest.” Lin Dong pondered for a while before replying. This time, Little Marten and Little Flame had reaped some rather good benefits. In particular, Little Marten had obtained the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit. If it was successfully refined, Little Marten’s strength would definitely not be weaker than the Manifestation stage. For Lin Dong, this was undoubtedly a huge help.

As for Little Flame, it had also obtained the blood bat dragon’s blood power. When it completely assimilated this blood power, its strength should soar. At that time, Lin Dong would truly possess the qualifications to challenge a huge faction like the Ghastly Puppet Cult.

Hence, the top priority now was to let Little Marten and Little Flame quickly refine the Demonic Spirit and blood!

Little Marten was fairly in favor of Lin Dong’s words and when he saw this, without wasting any more time, he patted Little Flame as the latter shook its enormous blood wings and swiftly flew towards out of the Great Desolate Ancient Plains.

The Great Desolate Ancient Wastelands was now rather chaotic and thus the Ghastly Puppet Cult naturally did not have any thoughts of leaving behind men to see if Lin Dong was dead or alive. Hence, his exit from the Great Desolate Ancient Plains was extremely smooth. Afterwards, he found a quiet and nice spot…

“Kid, next I will go all out in refining the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit. The matter of protection will fall to you!” Once they landed from the sky, Little Marten figure swept onto a boulder beside the lake and sat down. It opened its mouth as a blood colored light flew out from its body and transformed into a mini fierce-looking blood bat dragon which continuously roared at Little Marten.

“Heh heh, being refined by grandpa marten is your good fortune!”

When it saw the constantly roaring blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit, Little Marten let out a weird laughter. A purplish black ball of light shot out from its mouth and directly wrapped around the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit as a frightening corrosive power diffused out bit by bit, preparing to completely refine the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit…


While Little Marten started to refine the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit, Little Flame also released a low roar and lay on the ground. Circle after circle of blood colored light constantly seeped out from its body as it quietly lay flat on the ground, allowing the blood colored aura to constantly flow outside its body. However, as it silently lay there, its aura gradually became ferocious, as if a faint and formidable pressure was spreading out from Little Flame’s body, causing some of the Demonic Beasts in the nearby forests to hastily flee in shock…

As he gazed at the marten and tiger entered a cultivating state, Lin Dong could only helplessly shake his head. He waved his sleeve and summoned the high class Symbol Puppet before casually flinging several thousand Pure Yuan pills into its body, allowing it to guard this place like a statue. Ever since he had taken care of the two old fellows who wanted to snatch the blood bat dragon’s corpse, Lin Dong’s purse had clearly expanded a little and was now able to support a little expenditure.

After doing this, Lin Dong let out a sigh of relief before gently closing his eyes and gradually entering into a cultivation state, absorbing the Yuan Power of the land into his body bit by bit to fill is already dried up Yuan Dan and Dantian…

Within the deep forest, a human and two beasts quietly entered into a cultivation state besides the lake. Only a Symbol Puppet faithfully stood guard to one side, vigorous energy undulations rippling about its body, causing some of the Demonic Beasts to not dare to come forward even the slightest bit.


Lin Dong’s cultivation lasted for half a day before ending. When he opened his eyes, Little Marten and Little Flame still gave no signs of awakening. In front of Little Marten, a purplish black light ball slowly spun, faintly, one could see the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit within it. However, the Demonic Spirit now no longer roared, and its figure had become much more illusionary.

As for Little Flame, it was shrouded in blood colored light just like a huge blood ball which completely wrapped around Little Flame’s body.

When he saw this, Lin Dong was helpless and could only continue to silently wait for the outcome of the two beasts’ cultivation.

This wait lasted for five whole days. During these five days, Little Marten and Little Flame did show any activity at all. Yet, Lin Dong was able to faintly sense that the two beasts’ auras were swiftly becoming stronger…

In the morning of the fifth day, when the black clouds were torn apart and sunlight shined down to reflect off the clear waters of the lake, Lin Dong’s lightly shut eyes suddenly opened as he swiftly turned towards Little Marten’s direction. At this moment, wave of after wave of strange undulations were spreading out from the purplish black light ball in front of the latter.

As these undulations spread, faintly, there seemed to be an extremely low pitch roar being emitted from Little Marten’s body. The roar was extremely strange. It was not a dragon’s roar but the power contained within was not weaker than a dragon’s in the slightest.

Under Lin Dong’s nervous gaze, Little Marten’s eyes which had been tightly shut for five days opened in a flash. Within its eyes, purplish black light flowed, meanwhile, an extremely powerful aura exploded from its body like a storm!


The serene surface of the lake exploded with a loud bang as water vapour filled the air. Later on, this water vapour actually combined with some Yuan Power, forming a tremendous figure that was several hundred meters large above Little Marten’s head!

The figure was shaped like a marten and its incomparably enormous purple wings unfolded, hiding the sky and covering the earth as an overflowing and terrible aura that could swallow the world slowly gushed forth!

As the unique and terrible aura spread out, All of Demonic Beasts in the mountains immediately released roars of fear. It looked as if they had seen something terrifying.

“Is this the Celestial Demon Marten’s true body?”

Lin Dong stared in shock at the enormous figure. From this figure, he could feel an extremely terrifying undulation. Even existences as powerful as the blood bat dragon and the Ancient Dragon Ape were far from being able to compare to this kind of undulation.

“Looks like the Celestial Demon Marten is indeed rather renowned in the Demonic Beast world.” Lin Dong rubbed his chin. No wonder Little Marten was normally so proud of itself, it turns out that there was a reason for this.

“Hua hua!”

The huge figure did not last for long before starting to surge as it transformed into a pillar of qi which was directly gulped down by Little Marten. It patted its stomach in satisfaction as it stood up on the boulder. Although its body was still mini like before, its figure was much more material than it was previously. Clearly, refining the blood bat dragon’s Demonic Spirit had allowed its power to recover a little.

“You’ve succeeded?” Lin Dong was also a little joyful as he asked.

“That old fogey Hua Gu from before, grandpa marten is now able to turn him to mince meat with a single slap!” Upon hearing this, Little Marten could not help but proudly declare.

When he saw that this fellow had again become so proud of itself, Lin Dong could only spread out his hands. As expected, no matter how its strength rose, that character would never change the slightest bit.


While Lin dong was delighted over the end of Little Marten’s cultivation, nearby, a world-shaking tiger roar abruptly rang out.

Lin Dong’s gaze swiftly turned, incomparably happy as he watched the red light all over Little Flame swiftly condensing at this moment. In the end, under Lin Dong’s nervous gaze, it slowly condensed into a palm-sized mini blood tiger.

This mini blood tiger was a little illusionary, yet it gave off an inexhaustibly lively aura. Furthermore, the light within the tiger’s eyes were full of spirit and intelligence.

Evidently, with the help of the blood bat dragon’s blood power, Little flame had finally successfully formed a Demonic Spirit. From now on, its power would rise greatly!

The current Lin Dong’s battle power was now truly tyrannical!

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