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WDQK Chapter 30: A Minor Accomplishment

Lin Dong knew that there were two methods to acquire more energy: From elixirs or from Yuan Power.

The likelihood of the former was comparatively less. Based on the ability of the stone talisman to refine pills, it did not seem to be too interested in the energy contained in elixirs. Therefore, he had to rely on Yuan Power.

As this realization dawned on Lin Dong, he hesitated for a moment before he slowly closed his eyes. As he felt the Yuan Power Seed within his body, a weak glow suddenly emerged at the center of Lin Dong’s palm. A weak trace of Yuan Power simmered below the skin on his palm. However, the Yuan Power was unable to break out from body. After all, based on his current ability, he had yet to reach that level of mastery over Yuan Power.


Nonetheless, just as Lin Dong frowned, while gripping onto the Stone Talisman, it suddenly jolted and he could suddenly feel streams of energy within him being violently sucked out by the Stone Talisman.

Due to that suction force, the small trace of Yuan Power simmering below the skin on Lin Dong’s palm was instantly swallowed up by the Stone Talisman. However, the Stone Talisman was not satisfied, as Lin Dong felt the suction force extend into his body and continue to absorb more Yuan Power from the Yuan Power Seed within him.

This sudden change caused Lin Dong’s face to turn pale. This Yuan Power Seed was the fruits of his labour after more than half a year of training, if it was completely sucked dry by the Stone Talisman, all his hard work would have gone down the river…

Just as Lin Dong panicked, a sharp pain abruptly emerged from his palm. He hastily turned to look, only to see that the Stone Talisman had unexpectedly started to embed itself into his palm!

The rate at which the Stone Talisman was fusing with Lin Dong’s palm quickly sped up. Just as he hurriedly tried to pluck it out, the Stone Talisman had already slipped into his palm. However, his palm was completely unharmed with not a single scratch on his skin.

As the Stone Talisman slipped into Lin Dong’s palm, the suction force gradually became weaker, until it eventually disappeared.


Lin Dong suppressed the panic in his heart as he turned to look at his palm, only to find a row of faint glowing symbols. These symbols looked like they were imprinted underneath the skin of his palm, and were hard to find unless one looked closely.

These symbols were not foreign to Lin Dong as they were exactly the same symbols on the Stone Talisman.

As he gazed at the mysterious symbols, Lin Dong stood at a loss for words. He could vividly feel that the Stone Talisman had entered his palm. Perhaps it was because of this physical connection, Lin Dong now felt an increased familiarity with the Stone Talisman.

As he attempted to interact with the Stone Talisman inside his palm, Lin Dong closed his eyes, and instantly, he was brought into the Spiritual Domain. In there, the brightness of the third glowing shadow seemed to have recovered slightly.

“As expected, the Stone Talisman needs Yuan Power in order to perfect martial arts…”

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Dong nodded his head as he finally grasped one of the mysteries behind the Stone Talisman. He closed his eyes and retreated from the Spiritual Domain. Ever since the Stone Talisman entered his body, he could now enter the Spiritual Domain whenever he wanted.

“The Yuan Power in my body is too weak. Hence, the Stone Talisman is still unable to perfect Wonder Gate Seal. I guess this martial arts is indeed rather complex…” Lin Dong muttered to himself as he curled his fingers into a fist.

“Looks like I will have to first improve my strength as quickly as possible…”

Lin Dong softly sighed. He finally understood that the Stone Talisman required a huge amount of Yuan Power in order to perfect higher-level martial arts. Previously, when it encountered a Level 1 martial art like Penetrating Fist, it could easily perfect it. However, now that it had encountered a higher-level martial arts, which was furthermore incomplete, it needed the support of vast quantities of Yuan Power.

Upon this thought, Lin Dong decided to temporarily suppress his desire to master Wonder Gate Seal. As he sat down on his bed, he took out a bottle of Stone Talisman Ling Liquid and dripped a few drops into his mouth. Soon after, his body began to absorb streams of pure medicinal power as his Yuan Power seed gradually grew…

In the following month’s time, Lin Dong decided to seclude himself. He was rarely seen walking about in the Lin Family as he focused all his time and effort on training.

Thanks to help from the Stone Talisman Ling Liquid, various Elixirs Pills and his tireless training regime, he managed to achieve significant progress.

Within a month’s time, the Yuan Power Seed within Lin Dong’s body had grown in size by a few times. In fact, the Yuan Power contained within far surpasses the amount he had during the Family Competition. Though he had yet to advance to Tempered Body 8th Layer, it was only be a matter of time.

As for the 1st chapter of Wonder Gate Seal, Lin Dong had been ceaselessly practising it during this period. Hence, he had became more and more proficient and could now better use Yuan Power and Hand-Seal Methods in tandem. However, with regards to the 2nd chapter of Wonder Gate Seal, regardless of how hard he drilled, Lin Dong was still unable to activate any Yuan Power in conjunction with it. Perhaps, his strength was still too weak.

Nonetheless, his hard work over this month had indeed paid off.

In the dense forest, Lin Dong sat atop a stone block with his eyes tightly shut. Faint traces of sweat were visible on his body, indicating that he had just went through a period of vigorous training.

As Lin Dong sat with his eyes closed, traces of Yuan Power floating in the air were constantly flowing into his body in tandem with his breathing and nourishing every part of his body.

Of course, the trickling Yuan Power was unable to satisfy Lin Dong’s demand. Therefore, he gently swallowed a Flaming Crimson Reishi Pill.

As the pill entered his body, a powerful medicinal power instantly exploded in his body. In that instance, Lin Dong could sense an invigorating feeling constantly coursing through his bones and tissues.

As the medicinal power coursed through his body, it was refined by his channels into traces of Yuan Power which then assimilated into his Yuan Power Seed.

“Buzz buzz.”

As more and more Yuan Power flowed into his Yuan Power Seed, the Yuan Power Seed which had never moved before suddenly trembled slightly. A faint mist that was previously surrounding the Yuan Power seed turned into a glowing halo as it spiralled around the Yuan Power Seed.

Just as the glowing mist turned into a halo, Lin Dong could clearly feel that the Yuan Power Seed within him had started to flow along his channels and move towards his lower abdomen. However, just as the Yuan Power Seed reached the end of his inner body’s channel, an invisible resistance appeared. It was like an invisible wall that immediately stopped the Yuan Power Seed in its tracks.

Faced with the obstruction of the invisible wall, the Yuan Power Seed tried to forcibly barge through. However, after a few tries, there seemed to be little effect and it could only grudgingly give up…

“Tempered Body 8th Layer…”

After the Yuan Power Seed was blocked off by that invisible force, Lin Dong slowly opened his eyes. As he exhaled deeply, a look of excitement flashed in his eyes.

His Yuan Power Seed had grown several times in magnitude since the Family Competition. Based on his current progress, he should be already at Tempered Body 8th Layer.

“That invisible barrier should be the Dan Tian Barrier. If I can break through this barrier, my Yuan Power Seed would be able to enter into my Dan Tian and lay its roots securely in there, forming a stable foundation for training…”

Lin Dong murmured to himself. When the Yuan Power Seed laid its roots into his Dan Tian, it is a major sign that one was about to advance to Tempered Body 9th Layer. However, based on his current situation, he still had to work hard for a period of time before he could reach that step.

Nonetheless, progressing from Tempered Body 7th Layer to 8th Layer in merely one month’s time was already a remarkable achievement. Therefore, it would be overly ambitious to aim for 9th Layer now. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day…

As he leaped off the stone block, Lin Dong straightened his body. With a serious expression on his face, he formed a complicated hand seal.

In the instance the hand-seal took shape, a special aura emerged from his body and filled the air.

Lin Dong’s hand-seals swiftly changed as he formed several complex hand seals in a short span of time. Following his changing hand-seals, the Yuan Power Seed within his body constantly emitted streams of Yuan Power, which rapidly flooded towards Lin Dong’s palm.


As the glow on Lin Dong’s palm gradually became brighter, he  suddenly let out a roar as he slammed his palm onto a solid rock boulder.


Upon contact, the rock boulder instantly exploded, as rock shrapnels scattered in every direction.

Panting heavily, a flushed Lin Dong stared at the rock debris. A look of uncontrollable delight in his eyes. He was finally able to execute the first move of Wonder Gate Seal after he had advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer…

This overwhelming might outshined even his Penetrating Fist 10th Echo. Level 3 Martial Arts are indeed in a league of their own!

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