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Chapter 299 Curse Power

Ten humongous Yuan Power bone palms were frozen in the sky. They blocked the sky and sun while full of destructive power which continuously surged downwards, tearing extremely terrifying cracks on the ground.

However, these Yuan Power bone palms did show any signs of landing. It looked as if they were locked in the air or stuck in the sky, unable to move even the slightest bit.

Below these Yuan Power bone palms, the black symbol silently floated like an invisible wall protecting Lin Dong, seemingly weak but unable to be broken.

“This is…”

Lin Dong gazed in astonishment at the frozen Yuan Power bone palms before looking towards the mysterious skeleton that had knelt down in the sky. In the end, his eyes finally locked onto the black symbol above him. This was the thing that the black eyed old man had left him in the altar so as to break the seal on the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’.

Little Marten also paused its movements because of this scene as it muttered in astonishment: “That old fellow seems to have an extremely high status in this ancient sect.”

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head while cautiously observing the mysterious skeleton. His hand tightly gripped the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, not daring to relax in the slightest.

Under Lin Dong’s nervous gaze, the black symbol suddenly emitted some black light. As the black light shined down, the enormous Yuan Power bone palm actually started to crumble. In a short few moments, it transformed into specks of light which filled the sky before slowly scattering.

“Buzz buzz!”

After breaking the Yuan Power bone palm, the black symbol suddenly gave off a strange buzzing noise. Under this buzzing noise, the red light in the mysterious skeleton’s eyes gradually faded. In the sky, it respectfully bowed three times to the black symbol. Faintly, a vague voice that seemed to originate from ancient times sounded out, causing one to feel a sense of sadness.

This once great and powerful ancient sect had now transformed into desolate ruins. Only an ancient will still stubbornly protected this space.

Lin Dong gently sighed as the fierce look in his eyes gradually weakened. He solemnly cupped his fists together and bowed towards the kneeling mysterious skeleton. Relying on a will to protect the sect, this kind of person should be a true hero who he was alive and hence worthy of respect.

In the sky, the mysterious skeleton bowed three times before once again standing up. It looked towards Lin Dong and suddenly beckoned with its hand, a suction force gushed out as the Qiankun bag Lin Dong had snatched from Lin Langtian flew out.

As the Qiankun bag flew out, Lin Dong was momentarily stunned. Soon after, he helplessly let out a bitter laugh and did not make a move to snatch it back. He knew that if it were not for the black symbol today, the mysterious skeleton would not so easily let them off. Since that fellow was determined to retrieve these Nirvana pills, it only meant that his luck was not enough.

Under Lin Dong’s somewhat regretful gaze, the Qiankun bag landed in the mysterious skeleton’s palm. With a jolt, the Nirvana pills within all flew out, transforming into perfectly round fiery-red pills which floated in mid-air. Waves of vigorous without equal energy was emitted from them. It was as traces of strange flames covered these pills.

As these flames rolled about, they condensed into various tiny birds and phoenixes, like a phoenix nirvana, an extremely magical sight.

Hundreds of Nirvana pills hovered around the mysterious skeleton. Soon after, its bone hands waved as the Nirvana pills suddenly started to spin at high speeds. Threads of strange black qi slowly diffused out from the Nirvana pills before tunneling into the mysterious skeleton’s body.

As he stared at this sight, Lin Dong was immediately stunned. He could feel an extremely sinister and mysterious undulation from the strange black qi…

“Lucky fellow, there was actually curse power within these Nirvana pills!” To one side, when Little Marten saw the danger disappear, it dispersed the purplish black energy. It gazed at the strange black qi and suddenly remarked in an alarmed voice.

“Curse power? What is that?” Lin Dong was taken aback as he curiously inquired.

“Heh heh, an extremely vicious means in ancient times. If the Nirvana pills filled with curse power were consumed by someone, not only would he be unable to break through to the Nirvana stage, his body and even mind would be corroded by the curse power, and in the end, he would become a puppet-like existence.” Little Marten let out a strange chuckle as it replied.

“Kid, you’ve truly escaped calamity this time. If you were allowed to take away and consume these Nirvana pills, you will have truly suffered in the future.”

Cold sweat covered Lin Dong’s head as he heard this. Never did he think that the ancient sect methods would be so vicious, and even these Nirvana pills would be so odd.

“What a pity, I truly should have left these things to Lin Langtian.” After fearfully thinking about it for a while, Lin Dong suddenly remarked. If he knew that something had been done to these Nirvana pills, he should have just directly handed them over to Lin Langtian. When all was said and done, him snatching these Nirvana pills had instead allowed Lin Langtian to escape a catastrophe. This truly caused Lin Dong to feel a little depressed.

While Lin Dong stamped his feet from being depressed and frustrated, the mysterious skeleton in the sky had already completely absorbed the curse power within the Nirvana pills. With a wave of its bone hands, these Nirvana pills once again returned to the Qiankun bag and under Lin Dong’s shocked gaze, the bag was thrown back to him.

As he stared at the Qiankun bag that floated in front of him, Lin Dong was clearly in a daze. Moments later, he suddenly grabbed it and looked to the mysterious skeleton in surprise. The other party had actually voluntarily helped him remove the curse power within these Nirvana pills…

After getting rid of the curse power within the Nirvana pills, the mysterious skeleton once again slowly bowed towards the black symbol before turning and leaving. Faintly, an endlessly aged, coarse and vague voice passed through space and echoed around the plains.

“Master… I will protect… sect… even if my body dies and my will fades, I will protect…”

When he heard the coarse voice that echoed at his ears, Lin Dong was a little taken aback. His eyes looked towards the far off mysterious skeleton as respect filled his heart. Even if the body died, that will still controlled its body to guard the sect. This will, how strong could it be.

“The cohesiveness of the ancient sect is truly astonishing, however, it’s a pity that they were still unable to escape their destruction…” Little Marten mumbled.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head. He could imagine what a tyrannical existence this ancient sect was at its heyday. With such bonded disciples, there was no worry of the sect going out of fashion.

“We’ve really profited from the disaster this time. Not only did we keep our lives, even the hidden danger was eliminated.” Lin Dong tossed the Qiankun bag in his hand and smiled. If it was not for the mysterious skeleton, they would likely have been unable to discover the curse power inside the Nirvana pills. If by any chance the Nirvana pills were consumed, the consequences would truly be too severe.

“Let us first leave this place. That ghastly thing relies on its will to guard this place, for it, we are after all trespassers.” Little Marten prompted.

Lin Dong nodded his head. This time, if it were not for the black symbol’s sudden appearance, it would likely be a different situation. Moreover, even if they relied on Little Marten’s ability to escape this disaster, the calamity of the Nirvana pills would be unavoidable. All in all, it is possible to say that the black symbol had saved them twice.

“Let’s go.”

The energy vortex originally on the plains had already been forcibly destroyed by the mysterious skeleton in the battle previously. Hence, Lin Dong could only find another exit. He flipped onto the tiger’s back and with a wave of his hand, Little Flame opened its blood colored wings as it transformed into a red flash which flew towards the horizon.

Without the mysterious skeleton chasing them, Lin Dong was undoubtedly much more relaxed and no longer urged Little Flame to increase its speed. The haul from this Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet trip could be regarded as rather large. Not only did he obtain a high class Symbol Puppet, he had also obtained an astonishingly formidable Manifestation martial art, the ‘Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger’.

Although he did not manage to achieve a victorious outcome when he used it before, Lin Dong had relied on it to withstand a blow from the mysterious skeleton. From a certain point of view, this already proved the might of this martial art. Though that attack was merely a casual blow of the mysterious skeleton, it would already enough to allow Lin Dong to be proud of himself. After all, even in the entire Great Yan Empire, that mysterious skeleton was likely an invincible existence…

With Little Flame’s speed, Lin Dong once again few for about several tens of minutes before finding an energy vortex that led to the outside world. Around this vortex, many panicked and frightened practitioners were frantically dashing in. Evidently, they had already been horrified by the mysterious skeleton’s terrifying power. Even if they were now told that the mysterious skeleton had already returned, it was likely that no one would dare to stay behind in the ancient tablet space to seek treasures…

“Go, we’ll first leave this place.” As he stared at the exit, Lin Dong felt a weight off his shoulders as he sighed in relief. The ancient tablet space journey was truly considered as being surrounded by danger. If it were not for their luck, they would have forfeited their lives and be buried within this desolate ruins.

“Heh, Teng Lei, you wanted to leave me to die, yet you would never have imagined that this young master’s life is great. Wait till I come out, I will definitely cause a huge commotion in your Ghastly Puppet Cult!”

A cold light flickered in Lin Dong’s eyes. Although Wang Tong and Lin Langtian had also tried to sabotage him, debts must be paid one by one. Since he was currently in the Great Desolate Province, he would first find trouble for the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Moreover, the ‘Devouring Ancestral Symbol’ was in the Ghastly Puppet Cult’s hands. Since that was so, these debts will be paid starting from here!

A vicious look flashed across Lin Dong’s face as Little Flame transformed into a red flash and dashed into the energy vortex, before disappearing from sight…

Clearly, next will be the showdown between Lin Dong and the Ghastly Puppet Cult!

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