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Chapter 297 Seizing the Treasure and Fleeing

“Lin Dong, hand it over!” Lin Langtian’s complexion was green as he stared at the Lin Dong who had caught the Qiankun bag, and ferociously shouted.

“In your dreams!”

Lin Dong sneered, not giving the Lin Clan genius the slightest bit of face. These no good bastards, they actually planned on leaving him here. Although there were also other stable exits in other places, now that the mysterious guardian was chasing them, how could there be any time for them to rush to another exit!

From Lin Langtian’s nervous look and the mysterious guardian’s action to snatch back the Qiankun bag, the items stored inside should be treasures the former had collected from the underground palace. Since this thing had landed in Lin Dong’s hands, there should absolutely be no reason to spit it back out.

“You dare to disobey my words?” Upon seeing Lin Dong actually rebuff him, Lin Langtian’s eyes turned dark. Given his status in the Lin Clan, let us not mention an insignificant branch family member like Lin Dong, even some of the elders in the clan did not dare to go against Lin Langtian at all. Hence, the scene before his eyes undoubtedly caused him to feel that his dignity was being challenged.

“What do you think you are? If you have the ability come out!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. He hated Lin Langtian’s super arrogant tone the most and immediately unceremoniously sneered in reply.


Upon hearing this, killing intent burst forth from Lin Langtian’s eyes. He actually could not bear the fury in his heart and wanted to kill Lin Dong.

“Lin Langtian, if you’re going to court death don’t drag us into it. That ghastly thing has already caught up, it clearly will not let anyone bring the treasures out of the ancient tablet space. Whoever holds those things will be pressured continuously, if you really cannot part with it, go out yourself, we will not accompany you!” When he saw that Lin Langtian was about to make a move, Wang Tong immediately shouted.

Their operation this time could be considered as a crushing failure. Moreover, after they entered the underground palace, they simple had no time to obtain the treasures before the mysterious skeleton was awoken. As they fled, only Lin Langtian was swift enough to collect some Nirvana pills. This caused them to be rather envious, but fortunately, these items were now snatched away. This undoubtedly caused Wang Tong’s and the rest’s hearts to become a little more balanced. Hence, they naturally would not let Lin Langtian take a risk to snatch it back again.

After hearing Wang Tong’s shout, Lin Langtian became a little more clear headed. He took a look at the far off storming mysterious figure behind as a deep fear rose in his eyes. He understood that with his current power, he was absolutely unable to even exchange half a move with the mysterious skeleton.

“Lin Dong, you’d best survive. In the clan gathering next year, I will let you know in front of the whole clan that since I could easily cripple your father, I can also easily beat you till you become worthless. Branch family members should have petty and low attitudes, having delusions of challenging the dignity of the clan will naturally bring punishment!” Lin Langtian’s expression was sinister as he venomously declared.

“At that time, I will let you know exactly who will become trash!” Lin Dong unwaveringly stared at Lin Langtian as a vicious expression also surfaced on his face. He undoubtedly hated the latter to the core!

“I will wait for you, you useless thing. However, you’d better pray that you survive first!”

Lin Langtian deeply inhaled, suppressing the fury in his heart. Without further ado, he directly turned around and dove into the crack.

“Truly a pity about that high class Symbol Puppet. Lin Dong, this ancient tablet space will be your grave!” Teng Lei maliciously laughed.

“Little bastard, this old one has long ago told your excessive arrogance will receive its just deserts. Haha.” Wang Tong also maliciously chuckled, the gaze with which he looked at Lin Dong was exceptionally full of ridicule.

“Old fogey Wang Tong, piece of shit Teng Lei, don’t be prematurely happy!” Lin Dong’s expression was dark as he retorted.

“Haha, kid, wait till you pass this trail before you speak those words.” Wang Tong and Teng Lei let out a hearty laugh as their figures dove into the crack. With a wave, the crack exploded. The remaining vigorous Yuan Power undulations disturbed the space in the area, and if one wanted to once again tear open a crack, one would need to completely disperse these undulations. However, at that time, the mysterious skeleton would likely already arrive. These fellows clearly did not plan on giving Lin Dong the slightest chance of escaping.

“Those shameless bastards!”

Upon seeing this scene, Little Marten could not help but curse in rage.

When the surrounding practitioners saw the crack close, they involuntarily let out a series of curses, but soon after, they hastily scattered and fled towards other exits.

Lin Dong’s coldly stared at the place Lin Langtian, Wang Tong and the rest had disappeared before grasping the Qiankun bag in his hand as Mental Energy quickly invaded it. Immediately, his expression turned rather exciting because he had found that this Qiankun bag was actually full of Nirvana pills, and there were at least several hundred!

Waves of frightening Yuan Power rippled in the Qiankun bag. This kind of undulation caused Lin Dong to stare blankly into space. He had painstakingly charged into the stone pavilion only to obtain two Nirvana pills from the skeleton. Never did he imagine that so many pills had actually directly appeared inside this Qiankun bag.

“God damnit. No wonder Lin Langtian looked as if his parents had died. It turns out that he had obtained so many Nirvana pills in the underground palace!” The corners of Lin Dong’s mouth drew back as he said.

“Heh, that fellow’s appetite is not small. No wonder the mysterious skeleton gave chase with the intent of taking this thing back.” Little Marten released a weird laugh. Soon after, it stroked its face with its claws and said: “However, now that you’ve snatched the Qiankun bag, doesn’t it mean that the mysterious skeleton… will be chasing after you?”

The smile that had just formed on Lin Dong’s face instantly froze. Soon after, his abruptly patted Little Flame: “Quick, run!”

As Lin Dong’s hurried shout fell, Little Flame immediately spread out its blood tinged lightning wings, transforming into a bolt of lightning as it swiftly flew off.

Lin Dong understood that Nirvana pills were a necessary to attack the Nirvana stage, and this kind of thing was also extremely difficult to obtain. He believed that even some advanced Manifestation stage practitioners would drool at these hundreds of Nirvana pills. Hence, he naturally did not have any intention of giving it away. Even if holding onto these things would draw the mysterious skeleton to kill him, if it did not come to a crucial point, no one would bear to give up. Even Lin Dong did not have that kind resolution, after all, there was always danger when seeking riches…

“Boom boom!”

While Lin Dong frantically fled,

“It has indeed come!”

While Little Flame did its best to run away, the aura behind them locked onto Lin Dong. Immediately, a wave of numbness spread across his scalp, however, there was no other way at this time. If he did not want to lose the Nirvana pills he obtained, he could only desperately flee…

Thus, a strange sight immediately appeared in the vast ancient tablet space. To the front, a figure desperately struggled, while not far behind him, the weather rumbled and the world changed color, as if doomsday has come…

While fleeing for his life, Lin Dong encountered many other people with the same destination, however, these unfortunate fellows’ speed were far from being able to keep up with Little Flame’s, and they just happened to be on the same path as Lin Dong. Immediately, they exploded into bloody mists, a sight that made one’s blood turn cold.

“Lin Dong, quick, endure for a little while more and we’ll reach the next exit!” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulder, looking back at the mysterious skeleton which drew nearer and nearer as it said in a strained tone. If it was at its peak, it would naturally not fear this mysterious skeleton. Unfortunately, it was now not at its full power, hence it still needed to keep a low profile…

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong secretly grumbled, it was useless to rush him as they now depended on Little Flame to escape. If not for Little Flame’s speed, their fate would likely be not much different than those unfortunate fellows.


As if it understood the urgings of man and marten, Little Flame abruptly released a roar and the blood color on its lightning wings actually suddenly became even thicker. A layer of blood colored scales grew out, covering the lightning wings in the blink of an eye, so much so that the wings’ area increased substantially.

At this crucial moment, Little Flame seemed to have once again refined some of the blood bat dragon’s blood power it had devoured previously.


Enormous blood colored wings unfolded outwards, and with a burst of strength, gales formed below the wings. Little Flame’s speed abruptly soared, leaving behind a faint blood colored after-image in the sky.

Little Flame’s sudden rise in speed caused Lin Dong to be taken aback, but soon after, he was delighted. At this speed, even a Manifestation stage practitioner would be unable to keep up.

Under Little Flame’s high speed flying, after several minutes, a huge energy vortex appeared on the nearby plains. It was the exit which led to the outside world!

At this time, there were still quite a number of people surrounding the energy vortex, however, when they saw the storm that was unfurling in the distant skies, their faces instantly turned deathly white as they flocked to the energy vortex, not daring to be even the slightest bit slow.

“Little Flame, quick, charge out!”

Currently, Lin Dong was also wildly delighted. With a low shout, Little Flame’s blood wings shook, bringing in its wake strong winds as it made it beeline for the energy vortex.


However, just as Little Flame was about to enter the vortex, a furious and bizarre noise seemed to burst out from the storm behind them. The Yuan Power of the land instantly boiled, swiftly gathering above the energy vortex before actually condensing into a Yuan Power wall that was several hundred meters large that completely enveloped the energy vortex.

The blood colored light that was Little Flame’s charging figure suddenly came to a halt as they stared at the seemingly heavenly pillar-like Yuan Power blockade before them. Lin Dong’s heart immediately turned ice-cold, this method was truly too frightening…


Lin Dong swallowed a mouthful of spit and slowly turned his head, only to see the violent storm descending onto the plains. Immediately, the ground cracked as an ash gray skeleton stepping on hurricanes slowly floated out from the black clouds. Its bone hands spread out as a aura of death stealthily gathered.

“We’ve really done it this time…”

As he watched at the mysterious skeleton’s actions, Lin Dong’s scalp instantly numbed.

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