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Chapter 291: Qi Creation Stage

Countless light columns gushed out from the martial tablet and filled the horizons. This spectacle far exceeds that of everyone else previously. Furthermore, everyone in the crowd gasped in awe when they saw this sight, as they stared in disbelief at the countless light columns that filled the horizons.

“He is… indeed Lin Langtian. A martial arts that can cause such a commotion must be at Manifestation stage!”

“What a spectacle. The only one who can invoke such a reaction from the martial tablet is probably a legendary genius like Lin Langtian. To have someone like him, the Lin Clan will surely prosper without fail!”



As the crowd whispered in awe, the countless light columns danced before they finally gathered above Lin Langtian’s head. While the light column flowed, they faintly transformed into images of great plains, mountains and rivers. Meanwhile, an exceedingly formidable vibration emerged from within those glowing columns, and caused the entire Heaven and Earth to tremble.

“It is indeed a Manifestation stage martial arts!”

As they stared at the glowing great plains, mountains and rivers that were formed above Lin Langtian’s head, envy filled everyone’s faces. The emergence of a Manifestation Martial Arts will always lead to various peculiar spectacles. Based on the image of great plains, mountains and rivers above Lin Langtian’s head, it was evidently a genuine Manifestation Martial Arts!

Right now, shock was plastered on Lin Fan and the other Lin Clan elders’ face. A Manifestation Martial Arts. Even for their entire clan, that was considered as an invaluable treasure and heirloom. Since Lin Langtian was able to obtain another Manifestation Martial Arts, it would undoubtedly further cement his status within the clan as a legendary genius, and no one would surely dare to challenge him.

“Now that Lin Langtian had successfully obtained a Manifestation Martial Arts, I wonder what Lin Dong would receive?” Lin Fan and the rest turned to look at Lin Dong, who remained silent, as they softly spoke.

“Heh, Lin Fan. Do you really believe that their kid from the branch family can obtain a Manifestation Martial Arts? In terms cultivation and martial arts, Lin Langtian’s affinity with them is considered as legendary, and it is only right for him to obtain a Manifestation Martial Arts. However, regardless of how extraordinary that kid is, he cannot be compared to Lin Langtian!” When he heard his words, another skinny Lin Clan elder gently smiled and spoke. A tinge of mockery was contained within his tone.

Lin Fan furrowed his eyebrows. However, he did not speak any further. Now that Lin Langtian had successfully obtained a Manifestation Martial Arts, it was going to be quite difficult for Lin Dong to catch up to him. After all, even he had to admit that there was quite a huge distance between the two of them.

Under the awed stares from the crowd, Lin Langtian remained calm. Then, he lifted his head and looked at the gigantic glowing image of rivers and mountains above his head. A tinge of pride flashed across the deepest corner of his eyes. Evidently, he was fairly pleased with the results that he had obtained this time.

After he looked away, Lin Langtian cast a glance at Lin Dong, who was seated silently. Then, his lips formed a small curvature while a tinge of nonchalance hinged in between.


However, just as Lin Langtian was about to get off the stage, suddenly, an extremely vigorous shockwave erupted from that gigantic Manifestation Martial Tablet.

When they felt this vibration, the crowd’s attention instantly shifted before they all stared right at that Manifestation Martial Tablet!

“Boom Boom Boom!”

That vibration was just like tidal waves, each wave was heavier than before. Eventually, thunder-like roars actually emerged and ricocheted around this entire domain.

Under the bewildered stares from the crowd, thunderous roars echoed out from that Manifestation Martial Tablet. In fact, some people suddenly realized that their surrounding area seemed to have dimmed significantly. In fact, the Yuan Power within the Manifestation Martial Tablet began to exhibit signs of excitation.


Another earth-shattering loud roar. Then, above the Manifestation Martial Tablet, black glow, which covered the horizons, suddenly erupted forth. These black glow dashed through the clouds in an exceedingly domineering fashion before they scattered out in the horizons. In fact, the glowing images of great plains, mountains and rivers above Lin Langtian’s head was instantly smashed by that black lights!

The entire domain was instantly enshrouded in darkness. That darkness was just like a giant prison as it trapped this entire domain within it!

As they stared at this terrifying phenomena, a tinge of fear gushed across everyone’s faces. In fact, even Lin Langtian’s face froze.

However, just as the skies darkened, some exceedingly sharp practitioners suddenly realized that the potent Yuan Power inside this spiritual domain was quickly gathering near the Manifestation Martial Tablet. Furthermore, they were all shocked when they realized the spot they were gathering at was actually Lin Dong!

“How can Lin Dong cause such a phenomena!”

“What Manifestation Martial Arts is this? How can it be this terrifying?!”

“No. Gathering Yuan Power is one property of the Manifestation Martial Tablet. Lin Dong was likely able to communicate with the tablet’s soul and that is what caused the commotion!”

“That guy’s aura is becoming stronger. He wants to take this opportunity to breakthrough to Qi Creation stage!”


There were many elite practitioners in the arena and several of them had exceptionally keen eyesight. Immediately, gasped noises sounded out within the arena.

“What? That fellow had actually communicated with the tablet’s soul?” When they heard their gasped shouts, Wang Yan and the rest’s facial expressions changed. The elite Wang Clan practitioners face turned even uglier. Even though they knew about the existence of the Manifestation Martial Tablet Soul, that tablet soul was exceedingly well hidden and one could hardly detect it, much less communicate with it!

“Great fellow. Based on this sight, it seems like he wants to borrow the strength of the Manifestation Martial Tablet to absorb the Yuan Power inside this spiritual domain and breakthrough to Qi Creation stage!” Over at Lin Clan faction, Lin Fan and the rest were awed as they stared at this sight. They had never expected that not only could Lin Dong communicate with the tablet soul, he was also planning to borrow the strength of the tablet in order to absorb the Yuan Power inside the spiritual domain. Based on his absorption rate, it was going to be a simple feat for Lin Dong to breakthrough to Qi Creation stage.

The skinny elder’s face, which had previously mocked Lin Dong, now started to turn ugly. Even though he did not know how Lin Dong was lucky enough to communicate with the tablet soul, judging from this spectacular phenomenia, that fellow was evidently exceedingly lucky and he had likely obtained a pretty powerful Manifestation Martial Arts.

“Howl Howl!”

Under the bewildered and terrified stares from the crowd, that rich and pure Yuan Power gushed towards Lin Dong’s body just like a tidal wave. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s body was just like a black-hole. No matter how much Yuan Power gushed in, it seemed as if it would never exceed his body’s capacity. Furthermore, his physical body was quite powerful and he did not have to worry that this inflow would cause any damage to him.

Between Heaven and Earth, Yuan Power howled as darkness enshrouded the entire domain. Only the figure seated above the stone arena remained wrapped with a golden glow. He seemed exceedingly outstanding and resplendent.

This maniacal absorption rate continued for ten minutes, before Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. As he felt that formidable Yuan Power coursing through his body, he involuntarily lifted his head and released a deep roar!

His roar was just like thunder as it ricocheted endlessly throughout the entire domain. Meanwhile, right at this instant, Lin Dong’s aura violently broke through and officially ascended to Qi Creation Stage!

Based on Lin Dong’s original cultivation rate, he would need at least half a year’s time before he could ascend to Qi Creation stage. However, since he was able to communicate with the soul tablet, this gave him a tremendous edge. The Yuan Power inside this domain was exceedingly rich and after that previous injection, he had instantly skipped half a year’s worth of cultivation. Furthermore, thanks to his strong physical body, he was actually able to directly break through to Qi Creation stage!

As he sensed the Yuan Power inside his body, that were several times more powerful than before, a smile slowly emerged on Lin Dong’s face. Then, he extended his palm and touched that Manifestation Martial Tablet, before he conveyed his thanks to the tablet soul contained within.

As it received thanks from Lin Dong, that Soul Tablet gave him a fairly quick reply. However, this time around, its reply was in the form of a peculiar image. That image seemed to be that of a gigantic underground palace. Inside that palace, it was enshrouded with a frighteningly pure Yuan Power. Furthermore, on the ground of that palace, countless potent Pure Yuan Pills were stacked up just like small cliffs. In fact, hovering above the palace, Lin Dong even saw tens of thousands of fiery-red Yuan Pills. The energy contained within each of these pills caused Lin Dong’s skull to turn numb. That was because they were actually all valuable Nirvana Pills!

Lin Dong was stunned as he stared at this sight. Promptly, his eyes began to boil fervently. He instantly understood that this underground palace was probably the true treasure of that ancient sect!

“What is that?!”

Just as Lin Dong’s eyes boiled, he suddenly saw that in the middle of that underground palace, was an extremely large and hideous beast. Meanwhile, an ancient scent emerged from that ancient beast.

“It must have been a guardian beast left behind by that ancient sect to protect their treasures.” Lin Dong’s mind moved. Just as he was about to retreat, his eyes suddenly locked on to a throne in the middle of the large hall. At that spot, there was a corpse seated there!

That corpse sat quietly on the throne and it was filled with an ancient scent. However, Lin Dong could detect an exceedingly dangerous aura from its body.

Just as that dangerous sensation swarmed Lin Dong’s mind, that lifeless corpse suddenly lifted its head slowly. Then, a glint flashed across its hollow eyes, before a sharp pain suddenly emerged in Lin Dong’s head. Just as his consciousness was about to slip, he quickly retreated from that image.

After he recovered his senses, Lin Dong quickly took his palm off that Manifestation Martial Tablet. Cold sweat emerged on his forehead. That sensation given off by that mysterious corpse was simply too terrifying.

Right now, the darkness that enshrouded the domain as well as that earth-shattering phenomena had completely dissipated. When Lin Dong recovered his senses, he immediately turned around, only to discover that the entire arena was completely silent. Countless pairs of eyes stared right at him, while thick awe filled their eyes.

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