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Chapter 289: Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger

When Mental Energy was sucked in the whirlpool of light, a wave of disorientation also washed across Lin Dong’s mind. Stars spun before his eyes as changes immediately appeared in the surrounding scenery.

The stone platform and the huge plaza quietly disappeared. In their place was an endless starry sky. Lin Dong floated within this vast starry space but did not panic. Instead, his gaze scanned around as he observed his surroundings.

Countless lights streaked across the starry space before his eyes, and within these lights, one could faintly sense energy undulations of differing strengths.

“Are these the martial arts within the Manifestation Martial Tablet?” Lin Dong watched the shooting star like existences. Faintly, there seemed to be images flashing within, as if someone was displaying a martial art.

While he stared at the overwhelming number of shooting stars, Lin Dong’s heart was filled with astonishment. The collection within the Manifestation Martial Tablet was actually this humongous.

Lin Dong slowly walked across this starry space while gazing at the shooting stars which contained martial arts. Moments later, his hand grabbed out and easily caught a shooting star.

The shooting star condensed in Lin Dong’s palm before the star light finally scattered, gathering together to form an ancient-looking book. On the book, a few ancient words flashed into appearance.

“Upper category grade six martial art, Heavenly Luo Palm!”

Lin Dong casually glanced at this upper category martial art before releasing it. A grade six martial art was clearly far from being able to satisfy his appetite.

As he continued his stroll, Lin Dong once again caught some shooting stars, but the highest grade among them was only a grade seven martial art. This caused Lin Dong to be a little disappointed.

“If you continue this way, even if you spend ten times the amount of time, you will likely be unable to obtain a satisfactory martial art.” While Lin Dong’s eyebrows were furrowed over this matter, light gathered at his shoulder as Little Marten suddenly appeared and said.

“You were actually able to follow me in?” When he saw Little Marten appear, Lin Dong was shocked as he asked.

Little Marten let out a weird laughter before waving its claws: “Kid, stop dilly dallying. Head to the deeper area of the Manifestation Martial Tablet. It would be best to try if you can communicate with the martial tablet spirit. Only then will you be able to obtain something truly good!”

Lin Dong lightly nodded his head, and did not hesitate too much as his figure moved, swiftly dashing towards the deeper area of the starry space. Shooting stars streaked passed his body, but this time, he did not have any interest in catching them one by one to examine.

While he was rushing to the deeper area of the starry space, Lin Dong spread his Mental Energy outwards like a spider’s web, each thread reaching out in hopes of contacting the martial tablet spirit.

However, no matter how Lin Dong probed, he was still completely unable to sense the tablet spirit. This caused him to feel somewhat helpless, yet, this was normal when he thought about it. If it was so easy to communicate with the tablet spirit, ordinary people would have long ago taken all the benefits and it would never come to his turn.


While Lin Dong tried to communicate with the martial tablet spirit, he suddenly felt his body gradually slow down. An invisible power was being emitted from the starry space, and was showing signs of pushing him out.

“This is a kind of rejection nature of the Manifestation Martial Tablet. If you intend to head deeper in to obtain more profound martial arts, you will have to withstand this repelling force.” While Lin Dong was puzzled of this, Little Marten lazily opened its mouth to explain from his shoulder.

Lin Dong gently nodded his head, as his eyebrows quickly furrowed. Although this kind of repelling force was not extremely strong, it felt as if it was impossible to withstand. If this continued, it would not be easy to reach the deeper area of the starry space.

“Buzz buzz!”

Just as Lin Dong was frowning over this, his palm suddenly emitted a faint buzzing noise. Next, a circle of milky white light slowly spread out under Little Marten’s and his astonished gazes. In the face of this light, the repelling force unexpectedly completely disappeared. It was as if the repelling force in this place was extremely afraid of the light.

“This is…” Lin Dong’s face was full of shock. Soon after, his hand suddenly clenched: “Is it the mysterious stone talisman?”

“Heh, this Manifestation Martial Tablet is at most a quasi-heavenly Soul Treasure. Before the stone talisman, it does not have any right to be even the least bit arrogant.” Little Marten was also shocked for a while before it chuckled and said.

The milky white light lingered in front of Lin Dong, before suddenly flying towards a certain area to the front.

“The stone talisman has found the tablet spirit location, quickly follow it!” Upon seeing this, Little Marten hurriedly said.

“Okay.” Joy rose in Lin Dong’s heart as he hastily caught up to the light in front. As the light flew, the strong repelling force swiftly dissipated, and did not obstruct Lin Dong at all.

This lasted for several minutes, before resplendent light suddenly erupted from the starry space slightly in front of them. The starry space squirmed as a huge ball of light slowly appeared before Lin Dong’s eyes.

The light ball was extremely large. Faintly, one was able to see a huge tablet shadow within it as an ancient aura was emitted from within.

“Is this the Manifestation Martial Tablet’s tablet spirit? To think that it was hidden here.”

Lin Dong curiously sized up the huge light ball. From within the light ball, he could sense a type of spirit undulation and a consciousness-like existence.

The milky white light was like a fish as it swam around the light ball. Though the two were completely different, every time the milky white light swam over, the huge tablet shadow would hastily avoid it, as if it was extremely afraid.

“The tablet spirit consciousness is still not strong and remains at an ignorant and primal stage. Contrary to what one will expect, this is the most suitable for communication. Kid, do it.” Little Marten said.


Lin Dong nodded his head and withdrew his gaze as his body slowly floated upwards, while trying his best to make his heart become calm. His hand gently touched the light ball, as a sliver of Mental Energy was transferred in to conduct a primitive communication with the ancient tablet spirit.

Lin Dong’s Mental Energy did not contain any negative emotion, but was gentle and serene. Combined with the stone talisman light lingering about on the outside, the communication was not as difficult as expected. Hence, in a short few minutes, a ray of light spread out from the tablet spirit and slowly wrapped around Lin Dong’s body.

When Lin Dong’s body was covered by the tablet spirit, the scene before his eyes once again began to change. The starry space disappeared, and its place was a piece of nothingness.

In the nothingness before him stood pillar after pillar of incomparably huge pillars of light. An permanent and ancient aura spread out from these light pillars.

Lin Dong was stunned as he stared at the light pillars that stood within the nothingness. Around these light pillars were countless floating lights in the shape of men, beasts and swords, an extremely bizarre sight.

“Manifestation martial arts!”

As he stared at these huge light pillars, Lin Dong deeply inhaled a breath of cold air. Only Manifestation martial arts would be such a spectacular sight to behold. Compared to this place, the shooting star martial arts he had seen outside previously were simply not worth mentioning, and not the least bit comparable!

Lin Dong’s gaze was extremely excited as it swept across the martial art light pillars which contained tyrannical undulations. He could sense that any martial art here was likely fiercer than even his strongest move!

The wealth of this ancient sect was indeed unimaginably terrifying.

He licked his somewhat burning lips, yet, Lin Dong did not immediately chose a martial art. Instead, moved forward and slowly walked towards the inside of the light pillars.

As he walked past each martial art light pillar, he could sense the heart palpitating undulations emitted from within, while Lin Dong’s palm also became itchy, wishing he could take away all the martial arts here.

The huge martial art pillars stood within the nothingness, and Lin Dong strolled within them. As walked increasingly deeper into the center of the light pillar, he discovered that the repelling force which had originally already disappeared, had now surfaced once again. Moreover, its power was extremely terrifying, as if the tablet spirit was unwilling to allow Lin Dong to go any deeper.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong’s gaze flashed as he slowly lifted his hand. Immediately, a circle of milky white light rippled from the mysterious talisman inside his palm. The light condensed in front of him, transforming into ray of light which forcibly tore apart the frightening repelling force!


With the help of the stone talisman’s might, the repelling force that even a Manifestation stage practitioner could do nothing about was easily neutralized by Lin Dong, as he slowly stepped forward.

As he made this step, the lights before his eyes flickered, and Lin Dong saw an incomparably huge pitch-black finger silently towering in the nothingness nearby. A scalp numbing undulation slowly spread out from the huge pitch-black finger, and even ripples appeared within the nothingness.

In the dark nothingness, a huge pitch-black finger silently towered, like a demon god’s finger, shaking the earth and filled with endless killing intent and coldness!

In that instant, Lin Dong firmly stared at the huge black finger. The patterns on the huge finger were exactly like prison after prison, imprisoning heaven and earth. Every mark appearing incomparably mysterious and cryptic.

This kind of martial art could be said to be universally shocking!


Using all his strength to inhale a breath of icy air, Lin Dong barely managed to suppress the waves churning in his heart. Later on, his eyes concentrated on the center of the huge black finger. There, were a few pitch-black as ink ancient characters. In the darkness, they flashed with a strange light.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger!”

The simple and ancient characters quietly flickered, as an unspeakably domineering aura quietly rippled in the nothingness. A sign of the how much glory this martial art had once brought.

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