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Chapter 288: Occupied

“I will not kill you this time. If you continue to press your luck, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

After he sat on the praying mat, Lin Dong waved his sleeves before that Symbol Puppet flung its palm and viciously threw a flustered Wang Tong towards the Wang Clan members.

It was not that he did not want to kill him. After all, he hated that old fellow into his bones. However, there were tons of elite Wang Clan practitioners around. Therefore, if he really killed him, then they would surely fight with him till the bitter end and they would not let him take this seat peacefully.

Furthermore, even though his high-grade Symbol Puppet was extremely powerful, in order to execute such a powerful attack as before, he would need to spend a ton of pure Yuan Pills. Based on Lin Dong’s current savings, he could not sustain this for a long time. Therefore, it was best for him not to press the Wang Clan too harshly.

Wang Tong’s face was pale as he was being supported by his elite Wang Clan practitioners. Then, he lowered his head to look at the mid-tier defensive Soul Treasure vest that he was wearing. Right now, on the surface on his vest, there were actually cracks there. If it were not for this vest, that Symbol Puppet’s palm attack would have caused him to be severely injured. Nonetheless, he was still in a pretty sorry state currently.


When he heard Lin Dong’s shout, a tinge of redness gushed onto Wang Tong’s face and caused him to be so infuriated till he nearly vomited a mouthful of blood. However, before he could holler his reply, two elders beside him hurriedly walked over and halted him. The battle strength that Lin Dong had displayed indicated that they must re evaluate their strategy.

“I wonder how that bastard managed to obtain a high-grade Soul Treasure. For now, we can only let go of this matter, else even Wang Yan may be involved and miss out on this opportunity.” A Wang Clan elder softly said.

“Yeah, that kid has totally exceeded our expectations. Even if we joined forces and killed him, we would likely have to pay a costly price as well. Right now, the men that we have brought for this journey, are unable to kill him without suffering any casualties ourselves!” Another elder nodded his head and said.

When he heard their words, that Wang Tong’s face was steely green. However, in the end, he could only grit his teeth bitterly. Then, he sat down on the ground and began to recuperate.

After the Wang Clan chose to calm down, the giant arena turned silent. A gentle breeze swept across the arena and brought out the unique ancient scent that was peculiar to this ancient spiritual domain. Moments later, the crowds began to gradually recover from the shock that they experienced after that lightning-quick battle previously. However, a tinge of awe remained in their eyes.

Lin Dong’s battle with Wang Clan was akin to a flash in the pan. Though he did not make a move personally, the results of that battle was clear. In fact, when several sharp practitioners saw that golden high-grade Symbol Puppet, their faces were immediately plastered with envy. A high-grade Soul Treasure was an extremely rare treasure. Even the Ghastly Puppet Cult only possessed two of them. However, they never expected that Lin Dong actually had one as well. It was no wonder he did not fear the Wang Clan at all. It turns out that he actually had such an ace up his sleeve.

“Hehe, that fellow can actually force the Wang Clan to back down. He is indeed talented!”

“I never expected that there was such a talent among our branch family members. It seems like we will have a good show to look forward to during next year Family Meeting.”

Over at the Lin Clan faction, thick awe filled Lin Fan and the other elders’ faces. Promptly, they involuntarily praised him softly.

The Wang Clan was always obnoxious and they were rarely willing to back down. However, the current situation made them realize that in order to defeat an obnoxious person, one had to be even more obnoxious than him. Just like what Lin Dong did, when he directly thrashed them into submission!

Though his action were domineering and obnoxious, he was able to pressure Wang Tong and the rest. Even though he could not defeat them in a real fight, the Wang Clan could not afford the price of doing so. Furthermore, Lin Dong was all by himself and he had nothing to lose. Therefore, in a real death match, the outcome would likely be quite gruesome.

“That guy…” Lin Ke-er’s anxious heart now began to stealthily calm down. Her jade-like hands softly patted her busty chest, while she eavesdropped on the conversation between the two elders beside her. Then, her eyes involuntarily looked at that young figure seated on top of the praying mat, before a peculiar glint involuntarily shone in her eyes.

One year ago, though Lin Dong was able to pique her interest, he was far from being able to stun her. However, now that they had met again, Lin Dong caused her to be deeply in awe. Not only was he able to defeat Wang Yan, who was a famed genius from Wang Clan, he was able to force the entire Wang Clan to back down in such a domineering fashion right in front of the crowd and secure the ninth spot.

His dramatic transformation caused Lin Ke-er to be totally stunned. Was this the same young man from one year ago, that was hideously oppressed by Lin Langtian’s aura in the old tomb?

Lin Dong sat quietly on top of that praying mat, while light beams gathered on it. With regards to the peculiar stares from the crowd, he did not mind it at all. Then, with a flick of his mind, that high-grade Soul Puppet immediately appeared beside him. Just like a loyal bodyguard, it’s face was emotionless. However, no one dared to underestimate it.

Right now, on the other eight praying maps, seven pairs of eyes swept across Lin Dong with a complicated expression. After all, Lin Dong was the first one to secure his own spot using his own strength and without relying on his supporting faction.

“Heh, Lin Dong you are truly suave!” Wu Ci from Martial Alliance raised his thumbs and pointed at Lin Dong. There was a tinge of admiration contained in his eyes. If he were in his shoes, based on his own abilities, he would likely be unable to secure a spot.

Lin Dong replied with a friendly smile. The formidable and domineering expression on his face seemed to have softened.

“Snort, you merely relied on the strength of your Symbol Puppet. What is there to be proud of?” Nearby, Wang Yan chuckled as he said.

“If you did not reply upon your Wang Clan, I can easily blow you away with a single slap.” Lin Dong casually smiled as he said.


When she heard his words, that Mu Qianqian and Huangpu Jing involuntarily covered their red lips, while the latter even glanced at Lin Dong. The questioning expression that was previously in her eyes had now disappeared. After all, Lin Dong’s actions have thoroughly proved his own ability.


Wang Yan was enraged till his face turned steely green. Just as he wanted to vent his anger, after he saw the Symbol Puppet standing behind Lin Dong, he could only begrudgingly give up. Then, he chuckled as he said: “You can be haughty now. However, anyone who offend my Wang Clan will surely learn to regret it!”

Lin Dong was nonchalant as he chose to ignore him. Then, he lowered his eyes and cast a glance towards that figure, that was seated in front. That figure had sat down there quietly since the start and he was just like a statue and he did not move at all. Even as he was seated at that spot, he did not flinch at all. Based on his actions, it seems like the events that transpired previously did not bother him at all.

It was a silent type of nonchalance.

Lin Dong smiled though he did not speak any further. Then, he slowly closed his eyes and began to recuperate as well. Right now, Lin Langtian had the right to look down upon him. However, Lin Dong believed that this situation will not last for a long time.

The humiliation his father suffered after he was disabled and being forced down on his knees inside the old tomb due to his aura. Even up till now, Lin Dong still clearly remembered these events. In fact, the motivation behind why he chose to leave his parents and abandon the comforts of his home in order to venture abroad alone, endure countless painful training sessions and stumble all alone in this chaotic Great Desolate Province, largely stemmed from Lin Langtian.

After Lin Dong occupied the ninth seat, there was only one final spot remaining on the stone arena. Once again, an exceedingly fierce battle erupted over the possession of this final spot. After countless challenges and changes, a faction called the ‘Bliss Valley’ finally emerged victorious and obtained the final spot on the praying mat.

Right now, all ten spots were finally occupied. As they stared at the ten figures on top of the stone arena, sighs began to rang out in the arena. It seems like it was a difficult matter to stand out amongst all these heroes…

After that tenth spot was occupied, after approximately ten minutes, a commotion finally emerged from that Manifestation Martial Tablet, as a peculiar glowing halo slowly spread out from that Manifestation Martial Tablet before it enshrouded the entire stone arena and wrapped all ten of them inside.

When that glowing halo extended till his body, Lin Dong could clearly feel an icy cold sensation sweeping across his body. Immediately, before he could react, his consciousness slipped while a glowing swirl slowly emerged on top of that Manifestation Martial Tablet.

When that glowing swirl appeared, an irresistible suction force emerged from within. Then, a trace of Mental Energy from Lin Dong seemed to defy his command, as it floated away from his body and entered into that glowing swirl.

“Buzz buzz!”

On top of the stone arena, ten figure sat down quietly just like statues. Meanwhile, a bizarre buzzing sound, just like an ancient chime, leisurely sounded out from within that Manifestation Martial Tablet. As that sound reverberated across the arena, it caused one’s heart to calm down.

As they stared at that ten unmoving figures on top of the stone arena, several people began to turn curious and grow in anticipation. They knew that in the following moments, all ten of them will be imparted with a Martial Arts manual from the Manifestation Martial Tablet. However, the grade of the Martial Arts obtained will have to depend on their own talent and respective fate.

“I wonder who will be able to obtain a Manifestation Martial Arts manual this time around…”

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