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Chapter 286: Displaying His Strength

His somewhat icy-cold shout swept across the arena just like a blizzard. His voice was filled with power and had an unquestionable tone. He sounded exceptionally formidable and domineering.

In his heart, Lin Dong knew that the eight of them who were seated on the stone arena had support from powerful factions. However, he was different. He was by himself and he had no faction to depend upon. Hence, the only thing he could rely upon was his own fist.

Moreover he understood that he had offended quite a number of people. Therefore, if he wanted to fight for a spot, there will definitely be several people who will go against him. If that was the case, there was no point in keeping a low profile. Instead, it would be better if he displayed his strength and forcefully dominate the field!

“That fellow…”

As she stared at that figure holding his ancient halberd while hovering in mid-air, Mu Qianqian’s face was filled with shock. She had obviously not expected that Lin Dong would be so forthright and directly demand for a seat. For the rest of them, they had all been extremely humble and friendly when asking for a spot in order to avoid displeasing others and creating unnecessary trouble. However, this was the first time she saw someone adopt a domineering attitude like Lin Dong.

“What an arrogant kid!”

Wang Yan, Teng Lei and the rest stared at Lin Dong, who was hovering in mid-air, before a cold chuckle flashed across their faces. In their opinion, Lin Dong’s move was extremely stupid!

Over at the Lin Clan faction, when Lin Ke-er saw this situation, a pained smile surfaced on her face. That fellow…

“Haha, that fellow is truly interesting. He is really courageous. Such a rare breed.” Standing beside Lin Ke-er, the elder who had halted Lin Langtian in front of the Ancient Wastelands Ancient Tablet, laughed as he said.

“It seems like there are some good seedlings in the branch family.” Another elder gently nodded his head, before he looked somewhat admirably at Lin Dong. Even though Lin Dong was still lacking compared to Lin Langtian, the strength that he had obtained had all been due to his own hard work. After all, he did not have access to luxurious resources like Lin Langtian did. Therefore, it was a pretty good accomplishment for him to reach such a stage.

“It’s a pity that he is too arrogant. For such a genius, it is easy for him to die young. I am curious as to how he would settle this situation now. Hopefully he would not embarrass himself and embarrass our Lin Clan.” The skinny elder which had supported Lin Langtian previously coldly chuckled as he said.

When he heard his words, that two elders furrowed their eyebrows before they glanced at one another. However, they did not speak any further. Lin Dong’s action was truly courageous; however, he was slightly rash.

“Is it Lin Dong? Snort, that kid is young, but he is truly arrogant!”

“Does he really believe that he is a Lin Clan genius? He is a mere branch family member with no status. What gives him the right to be so arrogant!”


Just as they expected, after Lin Dong shouted out, a commotion immediately erupted in the entire arena. Then, pairs of hostile eyes turned to stare Lin Dong. Even though he had defeated Wang Yan in front of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, this does not indicate that he had a right to have a spot. After all, besides Lin Langtian, the rest of them who were on the stone arena all relied upon the factions supporting them, before they could safely obtain a spot.

However, Lin Dong was all alone. Therefore, if he wanted to obtain a spot, there were several people who would surely object.

Lin Dong hovered in mid-air, before his piercing eyes swept across that noisy arena. His hands tightly gripped onto his ancient halberd, while Great Sun Thunder Yuan howled inside his body, while thunder roars faintly echoed out.

“Little bastard, who do you think you are! Why should you have a spot!”

This commotion did not last for a long time, before a venomous roar suddenly erupted in this arena. Then, dozens of figure suddenly dashed forth.

“That is Liu Kui from Ancient Sword Sect. He has actually came here as well.”

“Oh? Why is his arm broken? That fellow is at advanced Qi Creation stage, who could have hurt him tio such an extent?”

Lin Dong’s eyes stared coldly at the incoming Ancient Sword Sect members, before he solemnly banged the ancient halberd in his hand. Then, his icy-cold voice sounded out inside his arena: “Old dog, since I can break your arm, I can kill you as well. A friendly word of advice to you, for the sake of your Ancient Sword Sect, leave now!”

“What? Liu Kui’s broken arm was caused by Lin dong?”

After Lin Dong shouted out, tiny waves instantly erupted in this arena. In fact, a tinge of shock flashed across some Lin Clan’s elders eyes. Liu Kui’s strength was comparable to theirs. However, even though he was so skilled, his arm was still broken by Lin Dong? Could it be that Lin Dong’s strength far surpassess that which they had saw in front of the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet?

“Little bastard, if I don’t rip you into shreds today, I cannot relieve the anger in my heart!”

Liu Kui’s face was cringed as he stared venomously at Lin Dong. Then, he shouted: “Ancient Sword Sect disciples, get into formation!”


When they heard Liu Kui’s shout, dozens of Ancient Sword Sect disciples immediately agreed before they quickly spread out. Then, vicious blade auras lightning-quick gushed out from within their bodies.

At the same time, the Ancient Sword Sect elder which had a previous grudge with Lin Dong, quickly entered into the middle of the formation. Then, his hand-seals changed, before two exceedingly formidable blade auras emerged. Instantly, this whole area was filled with venomous sword auras. Faintly, it caused a prickly sensation on one’s skin.

“Ancient Sword Formation, Heaven Splitting Slash”

Liu Kui’s face was icy-cold. After he waved his remaining arm, countless formidable sword auras immediately emerged above the giant formation. Then, these sword auras lightning-quick gathered together, before a several meters tall blade shadow instantly emerged. An extremely formidable sword aura emerged from within and it seemed to forcefully split the surrounding air apart.

This Liu Kui obviously wanted to kill Lin Dong. When he attacked, he did not hold back at all. Furthermore, he knew that based on his current situation, he posed little threat to Lin Dong. Therefore, once he made his move, he immediately combined the strength of all his elite Ancient Sword disciples and formed into a giant formation and launched their signature killing move at Lin Dong!

As they stared at that giant blade shadow that stood between Heaven and Earth, several people’s faces turned solemn. Even an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner would be forced to evade such a formidable attack!

“Little bastard, let’s see how arrogant you can be today!” Liu Kui’s face was cringed, before he waved his hand. Then, that giant blade shadow spit through the heavens as it immediately slashed towards Lin Dong’s head. A deep sounding air explosion continuously formed below the blade as explosive noises continuously sounded out.


As he faced such a powerful combined attack from Ancient Sword Sect, Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk. Promptly, his body instantly turned into a glass-like colour, while his body swelled up. Evidently, he had activated Jade Thunder Body and Demonic Ape Transformation.

Resplendent Great Sun Thunder Yuan manically undulated on Lin Dong’s body. Finally, it transformed into a several inches large golden horn on the tip of his ancient halberd. On top of his dragon horn, it gave off an indestructible feel!

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd, Heavenly Dragon Halberd!”

When that golden dragon horn appeared, Lin Dong violently waved his ancient halberd, while the Yuan Power inside his body unceremoniously poured forth. Then, golden glow filled the horizons, before a deep dragon roar instantly sounded out within this arena.

While that golden glow flowed, a giant golden dragon shadow slowly emerged under the countless bewildered stares from the crowd.


However, this time around, the Heavenly Dragon Halberd was evidently different from before. It not only seemed more life-like, but on top of the dragon’s head, an extra golden dragon horn actually appeared. This dragon horn was formed because Lin Dong had fully activated the Ancient Dragon Ape’s blood in his body. Together with his Heavenly Dragon Halberd, the strength of his combined attack was unparalleled!

This was the most powerful attack that Lin Dong could execute!

Lin Dong’s face was cold, while he jerked the ancient halberd in his hand. Golden light flowed, before that golden dragon directly dashed forth. Then, under countless stares from the crowd, it solidly slammed against that giant blade shadow!


An earth-shattering roar sounded out in this arena, while a vicious shock wind and blade aura manically swept forth, and even caused scratch marks to appear on that solid stone-wall arena.


While countless pairs of eyes stared at the spot where the golden dragon and blade shadow had clashed, suddenly, wave of savage energy shockwaves gushed forth. Then, cracks began to fist emerge on that giant blade shadow!


Lin Dong’s eyes were cold and piercing. After he shouted out, thousands of resplendent golden glow erupted from that golden dragon horn. Then, with a loud bang, that giant blade shadow instantly erupted into blade auras that filled the horizons and rained down on the arena, causing deep scratch marks to appear.

“Buzz buzz!”

After that blade shadow was broken, Liu Kui and the rest of the elite Ancient Sword Sect practitioners instantly turned pale. Promptly, they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, before their lifeforce began to weaken!


As they witnessed this sight, several elite practitioners sucked in a breath of cold air as they stared in awe at that young figure, hovering in mid-air. The latter had actually destroyed the combined attack from the Ancient Sword Sect on his own?!

“Who else?”

After he forcefully defeated the Ancient Sword Sect, Lin Dong’s eyes turned increasingly cold. He solemnly banged his ancient halberd, before his voice echoed out just like thunder.

When they heard Lin Dong’s thunder-like shout this time, the arena quietened down. Even though Lin Dong was all by himself, the strength that he had displayed caused several people to reevaluate him…

“If no one else objects, then this ninth seat shall belong to me!” After his eyes swept coldly across the crowd, when he saw that no one had answered, Lin Dong slowly spoke.

“Haha, young people nowadays are so arrogant. If you want to obtain that spot, you still have to ask my Wang Clan for permission!” After Lin Dong finished speaking, a cold chuckle rang out.

Lin Dong’s eyes were cold as he slowly tilted his head and stared at the spot where the Wang Clan was located. At that area, Wang Tong chuckled as he stood up. When he stood up, several elite Wang Clan practitioners also stood up. Based on their actions, they were evidently going to use their superior numbers to oppress him and thoroughly destroy Lin Dong’s hopes of obtaining a spot!

“Wang Clan is finally making a move!”

As they stared at Wang Tong, who had just stood up, a commotion erupted in the arena. Some people even looked sympathetically at Lin Dong. Even though he had forcefully beaten the Ancient Sword Sect, the elite Wang Clan practitioners were a class above the Ancient Sword Sect…


Lin Dong lifted his head before he exhaled a puff of white smoke. A vicious expression slowly emerged in his eyes. Regardless of who they were, no one will stop him from obtaining this ninth spot today!

Even if it were the Wang Clan! They will not stop him!

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